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winfile development documentation this file contains notes on the conventions used while developing winfile.exe.

it is broken into several sections: o o o o o o o o window definitions window relationships message conventions variable conventions utility functions source file organization segmentation etc.

window definitions -

window relationships -

message conventions fs_changedisplay: this message causes the window to alter the contents of what it's displaying. it is valid for directory and search results windows. there isn't a return value. wparam indicates the type of change being made: cd_path changes the path directory window displays including a filespec with wildcards. valid only for directory windows. lparam points to the new path. if lparam is null, this is the refresh command. cd_view loword(lparam) contains the new set of view flags. valid only for directory windows. loword(lparam) contains the new sort flags.

cd_sort lparam -

depends upon the setting of wparam.

fs_getdirectory: this message stores the window's current directory in the buffer pointed to by lparam. it is valid for the tree and directory mdi windows. the path is returned in upper case and always ends with a backslash. ex.: wparam "e:\pre\", "c:\" maximum length of string



lptstr to buffer will contain the directory path

fs_getdrive: this message returns the single letter designation of the window's current drive. it is valid for tree and directory mdi windows. the letter is returned in upper case. ex.: wparam lparam 'c', 'a' unused unused

fs_getselection: this messages returns a near pointer to a string containing the names of the window's selected file(s seperated by spaces. the string is returned upper case. no path info in included unless a directory is selected. the directories includes full path info and not terminated with backslash. the hiword of the return is a bool indicating if the last selected item is a directory or not. ex.: wparam lparam "foo.txt loo.loo e:\dir" true if only the latest file selected should be returned unused

note: the sender is responsible for localfree()ing the returned string. variable conventions window words each mdi child window has the following extra bytes allocated with it: gww_view gww_sort gww_attribs the "current" view flags for the window the "current" sort flags for the window the "current" attributes to display

note: the tree window contains the "system wide" versions of these flags. the search window is hard coded to view_nameonly, idm_byname, and attr_default. in addition, mdi children have the following extra bytes which are specific to them: gww_hwndlb gww_hdta (directory) the hwnd of the window's list box (directory) the handle of the directories dta list

utility functions -

source file organization -

segmentation -

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