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Published by: Stephane Nols on Nov 12, 2011
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MTS is Europe’s premier electronic market in fixed income securities with daily volumes
exceeding €85 billion and over 500 unique counterparties. MTS’ state-of-the-art
technology delivers efficient and effective solutions, which combined with expert
knowledge and client-focused consultancy, benefits all market participants, including
issuers, primary dealers, and market makers.

MTS supports the full chain of pre-trade, trade execution and post-trade capabilities
across cash and repo markets, and also provides independent benchmark market data
and comprehensive fixed income indices. Its platforms are used daily by a very wide
number of diverse counterparties, ensuring optimum liquidity.

The group also includes MTSNext, the company that manages the EuroMTS Indices, the
first range of independent, transparent, real-time and tradable Euro-zone fixed income

Trading method: Firm quotes

Participants: Dealers

Price contributors: 500 unique counterparties

Minimum trading size: Varies per MTS market

Charges: Varies per MTS market

Sector coverage: Tradable products on the MTS markets comprise EUR denominated and
Local currency government bonds, inflation-indexed bonds and Treasury bills, Quasi
Government bonds (Supra, Sovereign and Agency Bonds & Government Guaranteed
Bonds), and EUR Covered bonds. In addition, Bond Vision is the multi -dealer-to-client
electronic market for trading bonds (see section ii).

Price Data available:

Pre-trade prices: executable
Real-time tradable prices from the only electronic system offering data across the entire
European Government, Quasi-government and covered bond markets:
• Best bid / offer quotes, market depth and last traded price, all complete with
related volumes;
• Actual traded prices or prices live on the MTS platform at which MTS
participants may deal
• No indicative prices; and
• MTS market-making system ensures narrow bid-offer spreads and continuous,
aggressive pricing on a wide range of products, irrespective of market


Credit ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Post-trade prices: real time to participants, real-time under subscription to non MTS
participants via market data vendors.

Distribution through other vendors: Real-time pricing information AND other
information data are available Bloomberg, BIT Market Service, Class Editori, CarryQuote,
Exchange, Data International, Fixnetix, Il Sole 24 Ore, Interactive Data, SIX Telekurs,
Sungard and Thomson Reuters. Free trials are available on request.
Contact information:info@mtsmarkets.com; Tel +44 (0)20 7797 4090

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