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h istorl cal r cen tre has been converted. into a 3- k'i I CJ metre pedestnen zone
(the largest in Europe),

lea ding to the maio ret rchaec log ieal sites

r\arcl:r!aeologlca I park',
recon structlnq

-to a Iatg e deg neethe ancient fa noscape. Either 011 foot 0 r by' ke,


the ~IGrand Pro'menadell
'1'5 a n u nforgettabl,e

experience, a real joumey throu g h history ...

Wa king
The toli r st:.a ,at llhe '~p:le o-f Cliljliflpla n z.at!s rts ('6th C. e.,C.)I' ,one of tm~ Ilargest In a flblqul~ and ~Io:ilely the Hadria n~ Ard1, (1::H A.D,}, w~lch 'forms tlhe, ,5ymbolk: ,efllbranos' 1((1 '~t1e (lilty, From tl'I~~ walkirng .along Dlonysslou ~Op9g~i~tJ SUeet
YOiJIPG55the anQielfi~ iheal1e (i~'DiOIfiYSSOS(5~h G, B.C.') where most of ~rne w-arb by SnpIlocIe5r Euripidesl .A.~llylos anti; Ahistfi;pha nBS were pafmrnedr tile FiJli15 of the A5k1~pieioh (.Stll c. r B.C.) and tile Stoal of EUriilerres (2001 c. 11.C,) and from ~Ilffe to the Odeiorll of lHerodes Moc!U5f whidl W.a5 built in 1,61 A. D. ~lfidl ls oowad'ay.s the ViEnLre of: 'ljfie Atllieiii5 Fe5~i'!falS perl\JrrnanGe5"~ from thelFe you climlD' up to the sacre~ rod;; of the ACIrOpolis, 'Che sIte GFsome of the most impOlittalrlt masterpieces of 'li'!'oiritliWide ,architeebUi"e i:lHlldi.a rt -the P~,opy.laeal'tine tem pie of ~rneA.i!rneneNlike and tine Ererntlieion~he moffit renowned of whidl is: tine Pallthll:~oorn remlPl~, bu ilt by C'allicriltes and ] ~im1G, durl rlg the Stln c. B.C. .a 001 glorioti5ly decorated bV famous soulptor Ph i~ia5, Qrilly 300m a~~1' !from the sacred rod< of tine ,A.'Gropol~5tands s tine impressive new A.cropalis MU5elJjm~ wi; idl hOll-ses: 41000 priceless finds rrom the A.ttopcli5:

(ioml ng ,down from tJhe:PiC~DOlis YOOI ,@ iiriV!E, a~ '~he Arelo$ F'i!l!jOS~, tIfJ~, most amdent law eeu it of ~he 'MJfId. Or;ilPQSi~ It lis Ph IIQ~Pf.I'O!J Hill~ wltlh Its ooa!J~ffiul OO~DIajI IItilile 'f'oods; ami ttle Romt! 11 ffiQiliJmerrt l1y lIi'Ie,.$ame rlame om its ttJp'~while dMeby is: 'mile PnfY~~'W!l€ re '~tle CiliZeflS (if an(jiern~, A~tllEfiS used ~o assemble and exelitt lltieir' demnoorattic rights.


w.a Iking

farthff alorilg tJile pediesbriiaH"I woad ~tOu ~liIiive at the Aneient, Agcrn,r '~he commerclal, paliti:t.all andl rei igiolJ5 cenl:riE of anciernt ,A.then~ 'fv.~ththe Thmnple of HephaisttG-5milSidereri to be tine best-preserved temple of greek anti!! uily, N:earnYr yoU! will firnd 'btle R'Omi:iirn AgOfiil witln the fa I'Ji'ieidI V1TJOiNff of ~ Winds:'"' -(i!.st c. IB, C,} and

Haod ni!3ii'ilf,s liocary (,UJ A.D,) ,
Flrol'1fl dl5jl

there, \.iia EilfiiIO!J.i5trffi~

yOiJl arrnve at the

KeAmeiko.5r '!fie la~e5tt CMletery of the anCiiernt witln im,pre:-..ssv.etomb sculptures and steiae.


does not restrict itself on IIf to these u nlq ue a rchaeoloq ka I 5 ires.
Howe-verl our tau r of en r:hantrn g Ath ens,
T!'rIe ~1ie'Fi11
''400F\f~r'' Qf tfi'!e an~a i5: Pi!tmi!'ll~s str~tr


'Itlhe fooos!:I,IFf

raeree is OOIlQ~~t~'j'

r€lllflil'ildi Ilg strmnglly. Of tIh@ Middle Et~st lRIere ~r@ $iW~tecI. ,among Otl'1l@F:S, 'liihg: ~da5$ical m'aI'i~!"IS

Plali.':>alttJe.lMtlens' Qld9$t dllsbtilct. has been IIfIt'laDlted , wltlhQut Interr!.!!pttlml sil'K-e arJtlq'!ji~" Wfj IIi:lJng 'It! rough '~he narrow la byn nbhlm~ sbreets IIntedl wlllh OO!.!!5eS and mnanslO'!)$ '!'rom ~he time ,of 1Jhe Thrtl:1i1'l oc-cupablon and '~he 1~1~lca~ ~ (l9~h c,). you willi el1lOO!.!!n~r flndeflt >fIilOitIJlUmefltB. scores O'f By,Ulntroo cMu'urctUi!s alfld rem nants of tthe Gttoiffnaiil :SemI1tlary. 'et a I.}. Ttltere are a lso some !nteresbllilg

of ti'!@: 'lFOI.N1i'! 1f!I~llt th@ MUII!'Jicipall f.t!lrt,& (wI1~!fe m~tt; 'fiB!'!!iii ~I v~b!~ , are sold) ~ Ild spaoous
SqllJ8IFi!:. tltl!!!


build! flg$ {mo.squesr a lIrkiSn

baiti~, a Musl~m ca~1' DFlirs.
'brad ItIDnall

museums, lots OJ picillYres!I!Je
as we! I as .shop$ selling Greek [prod uee,


~ol1lfid~!i'Y of ,A!1:tJ~~~. !listQfii~~ centm ~I~ are the pidure:sq I.If: n~iglh'bol,!lrl'1loods of M~ kliiy.i~n Ili (WIl'l~F~ the new AcrQpd!is Ml,!ISeufIil :!it8I!"l d$); A Ii'! 0 P'@'bFil~QIl~r !hissio, I~~mfiei kos ,~t!''j{1 ~);"Qu F~,@iOr as well as t:h~ GiiI~ ares, v.lit~ the former G~s,WQnks, which now lh~'!t~ been turned i!'llOO ~ C:l!,JIbUF@1 altre of tihg: At'hI1!:!l$ rn unidpil!!ity c



'Conti tlullllg ifroTIl PIa,ka! you arrh;e at MomasbhrakJ,r ii!I (h~rattsrlstl~ araa of "~d"" A_~tlSr with narrow W'eets ,fj i1d sil1all bulldl t\g$ wtiere 11Ie, (lity~ tmdltrufUl'1 DaZctlar (IFiea Ma nket) 15held., ~ to It Is iItls P~1i1 areal' a tliatiJ!tIDml'l oolglhooti moodl whklh du~lng '~he paSIZf~J \jear.$ nas ,e-vOlflfOO lllfl~ Ofi~, of me most Important "(,entre5;"" ,of the '~n'$ n IglhtliFIE. lHiowe,vef. tlhe,' ' mea rf" ,of '000 hlsto~lcal O:!IfI~reIs ttle tradlUcma I c~n'wnerdal :area. w!tlh more iltiaiil 2r.500 soops .m all Ij:jJnast which spre~ out ever me :streets SUrr{(illllfldlit'lgtlhe ooi1flmercla~ Ermnou ,$breet



,to the Panathenai kDIll (Kallimi3irmaro) S!t3d i!lJ1IiIl1 'iiJIlere the, "first Glymr;:!i'c Gime5 in modem !history (1896)1 \¥Bre held. fnllm there, GOsSilllg tne Meltz areal the road leads '':fClu the First Cemeteryl the to ofd'E:St one in AttHll:i'~ bi;lsica Ily an ourltd OOF sculptullre dlisJlilav with a !Mei3iltih af '!,i\lorniJIerITui mon uraental '~l]Imt!slOCJ,:nBS, From Gmornial SlllJli31l'e ~1l"In5; lPatissjon stre:e_tt:~ a bus-y sttreet mh inrer,:es'ting buildings", a monast whi:Ch

ere the lNeocla;ssjca1ma nslons of the Polytechnic
School and the NiCI inlli3 I Al1l:111asolagical Mus€!lJ1IiIl1 t liiJhklll ralllks amorng tIrE leadiflgl m I.ISeUms in the !MOrid and llla5!i::s mire art treasures from the rN~lilhr{: ,e~ up'to th~: PiOfi1f!~fil period- Clo~ to tn~


lis, tl~





l!'!@i'g'hbOlllrl~godl; ~)l;ljtiofl~1 I!;i rne~ting !j)i!iri'l~ ,iii ~ nome to m~IilY ,s'budell'ts, and I!;irti&ULFrom IE~lflChi~j ,crossi rtg '~8: ~@ap~li district" YVlI.I 'caFh eli mb '~IiI~ verd~n~ L~ootW$ frilll!. fuull'f! iittstop you Il~~~ ~ 'V'iew of tn~ @I!'!timdity~ ,~III 'tti''18: way to, ttle ~_ On th~ otlll~r side of tIfI@ h III is th@ Kolofil~'ki dli~bi~ 'who~~ bOlll!"ldl~ty ls ~il issls Soph~~ A\i"~I'iII!,J~. Q!iI~


tl"!~ most 9 fi!llndios~ $'bT~ts O'f Athen~ with b~l:IIl.!ItilfuJ bl,!liJdi~;s ~ndl m~!yy museums {iQy,l~dic ,A~ ~1W!k:il Byzi!lll'il'iiIiln~ ~mjl Chri~i~1!'I Ml,Js~umnl rN;;!tion~1 Q!II~~ Irtc,). ]n, Kolonilki, one of tlll~ ~kI;o;s, to ~&: iliIli'!dI lb€ ~Ii'!i you '1.'11111 'find rn~I!'!Y !ilIlod~rm ~l!,Jrarrts,i' Ib(!lutjOlI!,J~iii! ~ ~f~i while it ls 'JI.fOrtl1ll,OOnil~' tom~ ,8 stfiilll 1tJ F~g'h th€ C:!!!rnl!ir,ijl


wibh th~ir ,~rt d'fi;oo, art



The sourthem suburbs '!l'F tne dtv~ located 0111 tIile cmalt: of the Si}l"OrnilCGulf~ offer many opJxlrituniliiies ba tal:ie a \'l[;alk:alDng the seaside, while ¥OLllwiill ,aISiJI find lI1I1anv bea utiFu I ong.anised and! free beachies", la rg e s'hlIpping centers a rn:I rni:ghtc'1!lJbs.~especially dur~ng tile sum niter) .. On the opposite dil'ect:iiJIrn~ illl tIlle- MaTOOssi suburb (1II0n1lh offthe IDelltre) are: tne f.a.c'illitiffi of the Qlymp.ic AtIl'leti[ Cerntre· of AJiJheJl§", wiheFe'tne mna]Clrrity of the a~hlE:ti1[ ,evernts were· h.ell:l dur~ng tlhe 2QO.ill At:t815 0Iym pic Ga rnBS~ tile iii rst illl :2 151: cernbury; Kifissia ~[l1lJ1rth, CIt Mall'[]IL.lIssi} is a ISiJI worttli'l a v;isi~ w'il:.rn its ibeaUlbiff,ul'Villllas a 00 im p.F5;si\;'e mansions.

But apit!! t from all these, Athens r 15 the Idee I base '00 visit some of the greatest a nd most 'fa molts 51 g hits a rid a rchaeo log ical sites in Attica a nd ne~rbv areas

MOF'OOVerf, YOLll may vis~ a f1!)ongst otners, ttile neiglllbo!lJrirng of Pi'rae!lJsf, 'Greece'S mai n JKIrt hvhiich nO!ilJadlays. forms CIne big OOfig lomerate 'l.vitth A'!iihel1S)~ 'Illhe Da phm Monas.terv (11 iklinl 'Nestl~ one of tile mast significa nt Byzal!T~ine. manu flilen'Q;;.off the country ('1!.2th c) with, U lli!Jlue lilIlosai'cs., title Kai.sXlriani fi.'1Dllamrr (5 ~rliI eas.t}~ \i'I.If1ich was founded illl the 2rnd C:eI1l~Llryi. the Ca pe Sou nio {SS, km solJlljh) wiith its. asmlllisfling v,iew and tIlle. temple (If p.~don (5tih I[. B.c.)1. 'Followillig i3I wonderfu I route along the CQ~ the area tile battlE: of Mamlmn (4'91)


B.C.) witln Ute Tomb {Iff Mcll[r~nonr 'mile ail'dJaeolog~Gal sittes of ElelUSlrla (2.3; [kin west)r of Ampliiia reiOn {4B km 00 mtlea 5lt) I of VRivron (313 km east) .a 00 Ramnnau6; (oose to MallCltlhon)l as well as tine 'WOrlIdfffllil SIJi':r'filJooi ~ lIfIiJiJ..in'taiin ml3issifs of Pam i~na'r
P'eiil rei il [100 H'r.'Iii:ettos.


D lsooverl ng the soul of a city is much more til an a q I.JI ick tou r a round its monuments and sig'i'rtseei ng. Athens III perti cula r is a dty th at offers a great: SLJ m of choices, easily accesslble an d vis ltor fri end Iy a round th e year.

..,.soopplngl? AtiMens Is ttl.e pelfl~ pl:aoo f~r soopplng thernpy'! In the city cen:tre arrtd H1te 9!Jb!'Ufba:YOll wi III tlnd Il.IXl!MU6 ~'er)lntmentt stm-:es
,a001 srn:all I nl:imate 5iMOPS with all ttlifl: bra oo,-rn:!-i1il:e$ (itf fashlon~, as, well as malllV Greek IProo !JICllS.,Take,a stroll In Eiliflnou stree~. one >& tl'le best iHlr!8f1a: fair


tlheme ptJrk: I n _~thens~, nile thetlil~tic .... AdventJJ..lfe ~rl(Y a~ IMalakasa (40 km oortlh frem AltlJens), a ild the \'A'WeaI ~~bglcali Palik'" (~I.!li:slde Al!htems)r ene the la ilJ@t moo, In the 19a1KatllS.

the \'Alloll

Fun Pallkrr; 'It!e

'!) rea test



and tlhe, 2.5m) shops In the tl(J~J,I~ona~

Ready for...

commni2r.u.:a1 area of the, city :;eliing a wide ra nge ,o~· prOOljcis, get aroullld In KOI@nakl alfe@ WlleI'e ~L! will ft 00 li'rI~mv ,selling expet1lSl'!Ie'brands andl high coutJure an{il ifeeI title cosFIOOpollban ,1:ilr In V~ljkm.JffiStlolU $tr;eet 'Olll~, ,of the tI ippest afl~' 'Ire~diest In li5ut'(!r;!'e with lIt!e I~re£ll'tllol.l:;' deslglt1lei' boublqll!2S ,lima H1te WCiirld-renowned jewelleiiY srofi2S. Ola:oover the "'oohtarnlan-dlie'" :fihops seillngi clothes. old' reeords, ~~ a 001 ha ooHliIrifde ,jevM!II'efy ,In Exaiid1ia area and 'bhe ,5el1l5atIDna'lfilea


.•. a ,!f~1 Flil? Ot1le adlw111V d~"t have ,to get om a f~rry ro 'l.tJe 1$lands to ,et1ljcry.S'Wlmmlnlj 11m l!he Aegeal1 Sea. AltIefls has 'boo ufllqu~, privilege of e ffeifI_i'lg1 a Woole, stJiI_i'lg1 of beaches along' the Apollo

new and

Mark~tt In McmMl1rakll, dlspl8l~it1lg 9 ret balfg~l!1S ,on seoofl~i hand goods.

...haflllllg ~Llrn~ibh YOUT chi Idretil" Stroll arou 001 ~lite National 'Gardlern where you will riilla CI small pjnd wiUn d iJeks~, !:Ii 5ii11'1311aQ1 'tlI1e EIO'tallilica1 MiJS8iJ11'1'11 z .a childrern;s libn;ary iiillctl a playglfoumd. V~5i~ ~.Ile ,0; il{]tffIiS Mus€:wm ,aMI '!fie M[js8um M Gre:eJt
in Pllaka~ ~Iite 'I'IPI~ netariu mi"l'of itlne. IEiJlgeillide..s ootatiUifilr one o~· Fc!u the biggest and better' equipped d,igital, plaliiietiJ r'iUliili5 iill '~he 'tvo:rlil~ tti'Je'!';Q}ulaiiidriS INl:rilJrail ,a;lltl'reti;'S ~ bo~ 51tuated

C:o@~, on IV 20'-00' FfOmn cl[y cerrb~, aOOMsllJlle ttt'rte by ,car;. public buses, tram or evefl yoltJU' blkoe,ror a real SPOItDllIe ~fl!Oe~ Many of '~hem are organl zecJ~ Qffiarirrtg cha l'ig1f!{II ~bins, ~lf-sf!liVlce restau rants and wiltJ6r sport: facilities., I,n tiMe,gli'eaTIeii affia ,or Mica (00 iIrIOfla tihan .SO ]l;J111ltrom the city centre)r Y<!iiJ can Find less ~wde.d t1hough ~!Aally n ce and ~rg~ nlzed beadh!2S. .•.relaxlngl tmrnl.lgh golf? The Golf ,00ufS€~ ~ted In GIy:fadi3I, a seaside suburb of ~lbllefls,lsi an liS-hole • Pair-72 course. n is landscaped witlh iTlrll:ti:re trees and shlrtjbbeny ama F:requemtly hosts 51g hi Ili C!lmt

and li~~ "Qa la" Cenrmre), ~he 'I'IHellelflic Cosmos}.! Ipre.5Entting' tine ClI['KJiellitt reek g hi5tJJty in ,a vili1tiJIa i'ffiiIlibl 'booa~re. Enjoy yourself in I


.•.reachlthg ~ to;p7 MOlIDt &ilVIiilBttoSr Pen~~~ or' Pairrnitliia (ltxafteal 30 km noli'ttlilWE!-st and Ilmtiiitg one of Gre~ National !barb} seem to be '!Ala iting: for' \j!]U. AttfLaI IIi'lOiJlflltaiiii5,1 .... ng affeir [II wliiole ~ jrj af tldil5: th I'fiIJQ h wontlerfbl iIIatu ral 5cetilery~,several mysrnc 'ca\!e5 as weill as i:lrndmt and Ryza nl:jne monuments. People who lo\te hmelbaek riding.!' mourrtain lDi ke 011" rod c~mnbing~will a~5Dbe at '~oor bes~ meirs.

For a city so steep-ed in myth and h istory~ Athens seems to be surprl 5i ng Iy modern. Aithoug h yo u can see Pa rthenen 100 mi ng I'argIE from a'imost a ny cornell contem ~orary Athens seems to pay same ettermon on liv Ing fa i today -efter-h CI urs bars, Greek fol k musk sta FS a nd beach parti es 'till dawn.
ln Psyni~ the LlIpnising dlistrict ibe'b.iveern ,At:hina5 a lid EnmDLlI streets, Yo!lJ'lll 'firndl SCIme ,M AlthertS' navest and mDSt: popular rest:a!lJrants.r coffee shops, dLllbs and galleries. NearrtD.Vl two more dlr~rnru, re beillg a IFevrta liiZed:, 1K;_erallllleikos and Gazif, home of tne A:ltihellS MLlIni'cipall CLlIltural1 Center '"Tec:hrlDpDIi.s1T (a fnrrner IGas '\J'iJo:r'ks) as weill as of numerous trendy' IFeSItilU rants, coffee shops anal dubs ~(ea'bJJrirng g reek, etihnicl daace, Itmrnge or rock music) andthe iimpressi'lle mew IBernaki M'LJ§BLInrI BUlilaliIIg.




It is wi'de.1V ~nl)'!,~rn tl1a~ Gr'~ enJoy t1hei r nightli'fe and tlha~ iI:Iley d Drn'tt'think of dliirnrner urnti~et l:eas~ 9 d
clock i n '~B evening (even la~,er dI!lJring summertime}. Amu lid mnidrni:ght, the party' mary' Il"IOOVeon to ,a dub (01" m!lJsi'c ,alid darnci~l. 'V.DLlI ~oLII!JI IPlIObi31bliy'try' at IBDslt, OI1l[e 00, Iive title looLJzou'ki;a 'BXperience.

tern 00) it is more than certa·in tlfJa~you will m1lf1d a lat oF rnoite5 yeaii'" round. Altilialfls,maintai IlS rnoce 15ilan 100 adi\!\E: thea~rica~ SCffIe~ 35 well as v>arliou5 liVe music and dance :stages. Everry 5iJ1liliiliier-r the iHlellelflit IFesl1rival Feabune5, fa mDllS IGreek ana Mt8Qrn a rlli5t5 at the 'Od'£on o~ Heredes Attirus alfll] other Yeiflue5. SeveffCl11jazz, rock and pap sitars iTIni3iKe ,appearane:-as at the .outdoor ar'lilphj~~toE:r' near ltiie top ef ilyrnbettlU5 Hill dlU~frlg the suli1lirnef". Rook'ii,!ave feslillV'alr Atlnei15 DarilCe Festi'olal arnd ~E:ral moce l inti ivitJwl a ppearaiilee5 i n d ubs, lineatre5 alfld

"footlball g~QIJlfld5seem 'ttl! form alfl iI1reta5'~ilflg;l' jO)'flJl ni:g htliFe menu felt' IPeople of .alll ages; ,a00 lifestyle a pproaches, Wlria!E1fff YOIJ 'firlii31lly deCide to do.l mere is. one 'lTIing you may be de~ilflitely, sure about ,Athelfl5 is, 'b1le ideall,ci'qr tt!li live h[rJt tlnlry a true expenienter Ibut a lso CI lreal ainU] IPlIi'e '!EnipttimiOIfl ...

If YDU are 'Fond of anciellt

d ral!lflalf, modem




theatre eled:roil-da 008 a 111:1


Thesselon ikl is a yo uthful rnetropol i5 with an intriguing rnu Iti-eth nic history and a!n a rt:y' COIJ nte rcu Itu re, a Iively modem place" bustl i ng with life and movement. You may here enj,oy a great lifrestyle with all yO!J r se nses,


a day o
,area witlh its VDlJI1:h meetil!lg points, '1ilhE: Internationa I Trade Fair gll"O!lJl!lds'l iI:Ile, The:ssaloniki C!Jl1icert IHalll1 the Nationall 'Theater of Nolf'lthem Greeee stages a 001 '~E: LaZ3IJi~t Manas~e:rv' {H!H36}1 1!l0W used {or C!!JItural events. 'Viisit tine splendid! AJrcti3e:alogicall ML.!Lseum~tiIle Folk and Elhnograprni'c iM!lJ5eUlIl1llI the: Staite IM!lJseuJI!1nf o Corrtell1llporalrY ,;i!!.'~ 'IililE lfhe§alnn'il!ji 111 E[lilal M L.tsetHlil ... et, a I.

_- -=---=:_:...... _ .•.

Sbrdl~ alollg the Nill:is Aven 00 (J1!l the \-oalterfrnnt with lots ,O'F caiTffi and bars and a l!lflagniFiic:ent: 'View o{ tile ,[lipall sea OF the ""Neal Pa~a Ii'a'" (f',!ffi!'!.1 -i6astem- Sea"frol!lt}1 tbe mew "rrend;¥ of the I['iliy~ with theme pa rks, lakes, cyc~ing routes, IplavglFOOfld_s/ 'tenlllis, ,a00i basketball fiellis and il:Jr.aoksfur sltate-bl)a Nfs5" [)rilllk VDLJlrCDITIf.ee ill1the im pressive ltieallJfX-ai"ts,Aris,-. totelaus Square, '1tihE: "heart" o{ the dty or in IElel'll:h-,
erias Square,

Be .atl:rii:lcteril by the University


tiis~oJ]Irv;. ",val}:;jflgl ;allJllIg tile ns nrm-II streets of ,;i!!.I'llD Poli (01(11 :town qua rtter)~ ~n whi'c'h mal'llY lllotalble eJoijaaples af ottomal!l r alild 'bradiitiDna I maiced!JllIian: ,aIFchitectufol:: stiill standi am;! halVe a romantic din IlEF ITbr 'MD 'in ,allittle tavern by the: B:yza ntirre 'WiI11I'5 and! the HeptaPY'!!ion castle '-yOUl 'I.-'i:illnever ro:rg;et iIfIe 'iJi&v. Smell tne a~oma or' 'BXO~C SPices ill the tradiiti[mal marketts: tne MDdiall1a'l which lis housed ii'll a redangUllar b!lJildilllgl of 1922~ with pedimented fu~de al!ld glass lFOllf; tiMe' Ka pa ni or '\llaI1s [lila 1ikEt~ ,iliithona6; :Sq!lJal',e and tltie 'LoIiJJoUldadikat ~.IiteIr.i31IfY' fil[]l."i/e:I' mill r kelt). Freel iI::Ille, 6~mppjl!lg temperail::wre, rise,. as yD!lJ wal k on tne g lam 0 1l"O!lJS: rtJiitropoleos Stlr8~ "irsi'rmislkii Street ,and EITnOU Str,eet areal or 'Nal!lder around the modem shi!lppil!lg centres of iIfIe c'illy.

IRe ve8 Ii tne city'S rnlmrul

Go ,a' swim to the beaches near the my or t'l] Hal kill iki dlis'brid:1 one of 1tihe most beeutiful, popu lar and u p-scaled IDUlliist areas i"n Greece. p.a~{tn bute to title sign'iffiical1l~ an: IhaeoJogica I sites oD'F Vel"gina~ wi~h the spectacular Rayal lJ:"omhs 'I]I'F 'tttlte anci'ent city rugai ail'ildl off IPihilipt:l(li withl its dlistiill1di';,;lE i31nci'erlt tJMeatre,. as well as 'ttO' fiiI:ournt Atihosl whi'ch "hmts .... 'tvifernliy' alill1azing IByzal!lti'oo monasteries ill an u nrii va Iled! landscaoe, 'Fargett:tD expenence the unlquetaste a 001 of' the lrenowned all 'Di'iJer Gr,eece loeall C!!Jis:iIilEr:rnezedes sUlcih a;s; tzierosa rmedes, IrmydCipilaro, SJiicy peppelfS with cheese OF' shJlifed S!Q uid as well ,a;s;he d'eli:C'io!lJslrysweet trlgolila a nd the 'bradi't '~onall crea rmy lbiJugatsa.


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Nig:htl ire in Thessa 1:0 ni k i is exceptional and buzzing 24 hours a day. In habitants of Macedon fa (a pilEd seem almost to live for that: and enjoy every m inuts, 'from sunset ti II dawn.
One' may beglnl 'Iioilbh the !'\~'Itt' {Wl)11} i1!Ilontjl tJhe harnoo r 'F1f'oIifl ~Ji'lstot~lous, Sq,iJa re all 'it!e '!M[,!Y oo-y~t1td 'boo W'ti ite Tt!fwer .a 00 oori~nue In one >0r tJMe iEleg,ant 'rest.a uranl5~ ~l!lZenles titlld taverns :5~ad amund toVi.lll Later en, '~he 'party mQYe.5 ~l)i tJhe n UFOOt'9!JS eluDs ,~rtd bait'S, whlon ~y op8n 'till late at nlg ht (,attlllally, ea rly lin 'tthe mornl 119). Th~ woo p.refer '~ oouwukl music can ctlO!D!i}9: rrem a wJde range of d'i61ce5 In tIMearea, near '~he AI~rt A 161: or ti1i&!, dty's nl.glh~lIfe evolves aroundl \'Or~ylo,s~; , an ,old 1Ii.i~l1id~ill that bas been !OOfIverttedto a OOMplex o~ dl!!b$ a rKll~ urants, LrJdadilta -dlstlilet nsar tJhe, haifDour -a former ~fJlfll;)lliIg dla$$ area, w~l{h has lbeen d~IQ;~ Into ani area devo~edl ~JQ ,et1l~erlain rmmt- as ~II as t1hraa rea lne.tJf Uile University s.~em to 00 'Iillle pla~s;-'k!J-be, ]n few WOO'ds, Th~sa 101'1114s .a, (QSFiOO~liban eJ1y I y~lJ! may never have efloog h >O'f, so, just let Its spini~ elill,ertalt1l Y<!IU!,·,.

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