Something is creeping inside my skin, Gnawing and crawling, on the last bits of humanness left inside, Telling me to let

go of the niceness, And transform into something fearsome. All the angels are gone, All the fairies went back to the story books, Charms long turned to ashes All the roses have gone black, Now I have seen the real face of the world. Emotions no longer show, Tears…. Who needs them? Love has a new color, black! Pain has become sweeter, And relations have gone sour. Anger and disgust are the only virtues And I can feel them tingling on the edge of my skin Making my skin burn. Slowly, they will creep to my soul And will engulf it completely. This time I wont come back, I wont take back what I said, Wont wish to turn back the time, And this time I wont cry, But, on the contrary, I will enjoy the show.

Shh…. They are listening Though they pretend to be deaf. You may think they are blind But they are judging your each step. They hide beneath those friendly faces, Watching and learning, Prying on you, day by day. You don’t know yet, but they’re waiting. Waiting for you to fall, Fall for those beautiful misty eyes.

you’ll see. who’s responsible for all the hurt. Till then. They will rule your thoughts. After that. oh yes. And there’s no way you can avoid them. will turn your world around. And for all the sugary lies.And for hearts that are born from hellish fires. And as they possess you slowly and slowly. you’ll be. you’ll be a toy And they will crush your heart. you can blame no one. you can cry and pray! . And for this. Their touch. For you’ll be the one. They will have you someday. You will have to face them sooner or later. You will be their slave forever.

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