John A.

Flocter & Gramble Cincinnati, Ohio Brand Manager • Initiated $10M television/Internet “Island Vacation” promotion to introduce new Shine brand detergent; surpassed rst year’s sales targets in three months. • Mentored and supervised ve junior brand managers, each of whom was promoted to brand manager (company traditionally promotes 25%). • Analyzed daily sales volumes and identi ed opportunity to increase price point in Midwest, resulting in a 26% margin improvement and $35M in new pro ts.2 • Secured “safe supply” of vital chemical components from alternative suppliers, ensuring 99% order ful llment. • Persuaded management to review existing operations; currently leading Manufacturing Review Committee, which will table its nal report in June 2012. • Received “High Performer” award, given to the top 3% of all Brand Managers, based on sales, pro ts and a 360-degree review. 2007–2009 XYZ Technologies, Inc. Chicago, Illinois 3 XYZ is a 17-employee, venture-funded, video-software start-up. Business Development Manager • Established software-bundling relationships with Moonvideo and Audio4, resulting in $1M in new revenue, representing 30% of total rm revenue. • Managed group of six Web developers, three graphic designers and three copywriters in New York City and Beijing, 4 completing specialized product launch Web site on time and under budget. • Created and chaired industry trade group (Independent Video-Software Producers), successfully lobbying for XYZ products as the standard for the market. Summer 2006 FCB Public Relations, Inc. Tokyo, Japan Public Relations Intern FCB is a boutique public relations rm with o ces in Tokyo and Seattle. • Led Japanese consumer products rm through internal branding development exercises, creating new employee retention strategy. • Designed surveys and identi ed more than 400 respondents, completing market research that drove the launch of a new Japanese food product. Education 2006 Experience 2009–Present

University of ABC Bachelor of Arts –Economics, Honors • Dean’s Honor List (Top 5% of Class),5 2004, 2005, 2006. • Captain, NCAA Division I Rugby Team, 2002–2006. 6 • Treasurer, ABC Student Government; managed $200,000 in student funds. • Publication, Interest Rate Fluctuations in Canada, Cambridge Press, 2005.7

Cleveland, Ohio

Personal Community: Big Brother, 2008–Present. Languages: Swahili (near uency), French (pro cient), Japanese (basic). 8 Interests: Play ice hockey three times a week; enjoy Japanese cooking; have travelled to 27 countries.


substantial your job is/was. can be helpful. 18 mbaMission: Resume Guide . 7. Be careful of using too much emphasis in the document and limit such use to your name.Notes: 1. elected positions and awards re ect the high esteem others hold for you and can often be more impressive in the reader’s eyes than self-reported accomplishments. Notice how the larger font and surrounding white space really make the name stand out. Doing so o ers insight into how reports at all. . list the number and titles of direct reports. Only the name is needed here. position titles. and if space allows. Whenever possible. brand managers hold can vary widely across companies. is is especially important with positions of this kind. 6. 4. 2. in which the responsibilities 3. especially those that include a leadership role (as this one does). When applicable. Numbers have far greater impact than adjectives. Titles like vice president and director are often given to people who have no 5. Listing language pro ciency not only reveals your range of abilities in this area.© mbaMission Inc. Be sure to include a company description if the company is not commonly known. but can also re ect positively on your work ethic and character. because both admissions committees and employers often see such activities/roles as a re ection of hard work and strong character. disclose the criteria for an award or honor if you believe doing so will increase the achievement’s impact. Athletic accomplishments. company names and university names. Publications. 8. Be as quantitative as possible when listing your accomplishments.

2005–2008 2003–2005 Education 2003 University of QRS Orlando. June 2003. Senior Consultant 2 Representative project work includes the following: • Top-ten North American commercial bank 3 – compiled business requirements into systems design for a custom investment management system. Organized all events. publicly traded insurance company – retooled information systems. Southeast Region Financial Services Group Representative project work includes the following:1 • Top. esis: “Using Black-Scholes option valuations techniques to model u outbreaks. resulting in an 11% reduction in the time from application to funding and a substantial increase in capacity. Florida Bachelor of Science.mbamission. resulting in a 20% cost reduction. privately held insurance company – evaluated business requirements for a universal life system and selected platform systems for acquisition. coaching and refereeing soccer. Completed a detailed cost/bene t analysis that resulted in $5M in annual savings. • Arizona Department of Transportation – designed and programmed a custom revenue tracking system. Clement Church School. Analyzed the business and technology strategy and recommended alternative migration strategies. Lincoln Park High School girls soccer 19 .” published in Applications Digest.000). playing. Illinois Manager.5 Coach. Sta Consultant Representative project work includes the following: • Commonwealth Edison4 – designed and programmed department cost system. coordinated transportation and oversaw practices. resulting in a 24% reduction in system costs. Migration resulted in closing a redundant 75-person operation center and $11M in annual North American commercial bank – translated business requirements into systems design. • $15B manufacturer of consumer products – led a team that identi ed business process improvements for the item processing operations. • Top. magna cum laude. Leadership Personal www. Certi ed Financial Planner. Racing sailboats ( nished second in 2005 Mackinac). ultimately leading the team to win the county championship for the rst time in school history. implemented on time and on budget. Anchor Ball Planning Committee. 2006. Coordinated more than 85 volunteers and set a record for funds raised (over $250. • Top.Patricia Johnson Experience 2008–Present Hughes Allan Hamilton Chicago. Head. leading to a 27% decrease in administrative costs in the rst year of operation.

seen it all and understand such things. or authorized to do so. Too many MBA candidates list only the minimum information for 20 mbaMission: Resume Guide . Otherwise. be careful. a short company description may have a greater impact.© mbaMission Inc. you can “mask” your client engagements. addition to volunteer commitment. 2. e admissions committees have 4. which means the reader remains unaware of anything of note that the candidate may have achieved. (2) the name is well known and (3) you think it will make the accomplishment 5. the use of the “representative project work” or “representative transactions” approach highlights the most substantial accomplishments while leaving the door open to discuss other experiences during an interview. For banking and consulting resumes. 3. Skillful resume readers know that rapid promotions speak volumes about a person’s skills and abilities in a way that self-reported accomplishments do not. While you may be tempted to leave out earlier titles.Notes: 1. Including bullets under a community endeavor can be important in revealing accomplishment in such activities (organization/date). To maintain con dentiality. . Consider using the actual name of the company for which you consulted if (1) you are comfortable and/ more impressive.