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Department ť AdmlnlsLraLlon Ǝ P8 Þost ť P8 LxecuLlve Þay Sca|e In Lacs]year ť 3Ŵ4 NoŦ of posts ť 16

Age L|m|t ť 21Ŵ30 Grade ť AŴ3 Lxper|ence]Çua||f|cat|ons ť M8A/ÞCu8M wlLh 1 year expŦ Descr|pt|on
Þos|t|on Summaryť
Worklng under Lhe supervlslon of P8 Manager (SLaLe)ţ Lhe fullŴLlme P8 LxecuLlve oversees and
manages all Lhe general acLlvlLles of P8 and oLher Lask as asslgned by P8 ManagerŦ

key kesu|ts Areať
1) 8ecrulLmenL and selecLlonť
ŴCoordlnaLesţ negoLlaLes and llalses wlLh employmenL and adverLlslng agenLs on servlce feeţ ŴŴ
ŴadverLlsemenL recrulLmenL and lnLervlew schedulesŦ
Ŵ Arranges lnLervlews for all levelsŦ
ŴÞrepares leLLer of offer/AppolnLmenL Lo selecLed candldaLes
ŴConducL LxlL lnLervlews aL Lhe Llme of employee reslgnaLlonŦ

2) 1ralnlng and developmenLť
ŴConducLs orlenLaLlon program Lo new employeesŦ
ŴLvaluaLes Lhe effecLlveness of Lhe respecLlve Lralnlng programs by obLalnlng feedback from Ŵ

3) CompensaLlon and beneflLsť
ât¢ ALLends Lo employeesât` grlevances and complalnLsŤ provldes guldance lf necessaryŦ
ât¢ Þrovldes feedback Lo Lhe managemenL Lo enhance a beLLer and cordlal worklng envlronmenLŦ
ât¢ Crganlzes corporaLe evenLs such as companyât`s dlnnerţ corporaLe Lrlpţ and famlly day eLcţ
process employee engagemenL programmesŦ

4) P8 AdmlnlsLraLlonť
t¢ 8evlewsţ updaLes and malnLalns proper flllng of lnsurance pollcyţ performance appralsal form and
Lralnlng schedulesŦ
ât¢ AsslsLs AccounLanL ln plannlng and preparlng annual headcounL reporL and updaLlng Lhe
organlzaLlon charLŦ
ât¢ 8evlews compensaLlon and beneflLsŦ
ât¢ May need Lo drafL agreemenL/conLracL leLLersŦ

3) P8 ManagemenLť
lnvolves ln yearly manpower plannlng and expanslonŦ
1akes charge of P8 consulLancy pro[ecLs by appolnLlng P8 consulLanLs for speclflc P8 pro[ecLsŦ
AsslsLs ln drafLlng ouL annual leLLer and promoLlon leLLerŦ
AdmlnlsLers Lhe P8 procedures are adhered LoŦ
Pandles monLhly payroll and yearly forms for employees
Manages and appralses subordlnaLesât` performance and Lhelr career advancemenLŦ

know|edge and Sk|||sť
Cood wrlLlngţ analyLlcal and problemâtrsolvlng sklllsŦ
knowledge of uaLabase ManagemenLţ Cood worklng knowledge ln CompuLers