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Create a qualitative free-body diagram showing forces acting on stationary and m oving objects Identify applications of Newton s laws in real-life situations Identify differences in forces acting on a moving object in outer space versus o n Earth or other planets, and offer a reasoned hypothesis about how each would m ove Analyze data on the masses of planetary bodies and explain the effect of planeta ry mass on gravity and the effect of gravity on potential jump height Performance task in Physics You are a health consultant asked whether ascending and descending from high ris e building riding an elevator affects and employees health. You will determine h ow does a person s weight vary as he/she ascend and descend in an elevator from at least a minimum of 10 floors and a minimum of 6 times a day (3 times ascending, 3 times descending). You will do this by placing a weighing scale under you fee t while you are on board the elevator as it ascend and descend. Other than varia tions in weight, include in your report the effects in the person s blood pressure (in terms of the rush of blood as you experience it) when there is a sudden sto p when they ascend and descend. Write your report in the format of laboratory activity report with your conclusi on as the recommendation. Attach a picture of your group performing the activity and describe each picture. There should be at least three pictures and all the members will be seen in the pictures. Grouping would be that of the laboratory grouping. Pass your work on August 26, 2008.

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