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Brand Valuation Process

Brand Valuation Process

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Published by Mrudul Dagli

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Published by: Mrudul Dagli on Nov 13, 2011
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8rand valuaLlon

1o know Lhe exacL value of a brand Lhere are several facLors LhaL has Lo be looked lnLoŦ 1he
followlng sLeps have Lo be Laken when dolng brand valuaLlonŦ Conslder markeL SegmenLaLlon brandţ
flnanclal analysls of Lhe brandţ demand analysls of Lhe brandţ and compeLlLlve bench marklng of Lhe

8randlng lnfluences Lhe consumers purchaslng hablLsţ and well known brands wlll sell fasLer Lhan
less known brands

MarkeL SegmenLaLlon of Lhe brand Ŷ brands performs well ln dlfferenL markeLs and when evaluaLlng
your brandţ lL ls very lmporLanL Lo segmenL Lhe markeL by spllLLlng Lhe brands markeL lnLo nonŴ
overlapplng and homogeneous (harmonlzedţ ldenLlcalţ sLandardlzedţ conslsLenLţ unlformţ all Lhe
same) markeL of consumersŦ

MarkeL segmenLaLlon ls done followlng some sLeps and crlLerla lncludlng producL and servlcesţ
brand dlsLrlbuLlon channels avallableţ cusLomers purchaslng paLLerns of Lhe brandţ purchaslng
sophlsLlcaLlon (complexlLyţ clevernessţ superlorlLyţ dlfflculLyţ sLyleţ classlness)ţ markeL geographyţ
exlsLlng and new cusLomersţ cusLomer's preference eLcŦ afLer spllLLlng Lhe markeL segmenLţ you
value your brand each segmenL and Lhe LoLal segmenL brand valuaLlon wlll add up Lo Lhe value of Lhe

llnanclal analysls of Lhe brand Ŷ afLer dolng markeL segmenLaLlon evaluaLlon one has Lo do flnanclal
analysls by ldenLlfylng and forecasLlng Lhe revenue and earnlngs from lnLanglble generaLed by Lhe
brandŦ 1he easlesL sLep Lo calculaLe Lhe lnLanglbles earnlng by compuLlng brand revenue and
deducLlng all operaLlng cosLs lncludlng Laxesţ and caplLal employed

uemand analysls of Lhe brand Ŷ Lhe demand analysls wlll help flnd Lhe role brand has played Lo drlve
demand for Lhe producL and servlces ln Lhe selecLed markeL where brand are belng soldŦ uurlng
demand analysls all process LhaL drlve demand Lo Lhe brand are ldenLlfled and deLermlned Lo whaL
degree each drlver has conLrlbuLed Lo Lhe brand demand

CompeLlLlve bench marklng of Lhe brand Ŷ brand valuaLlon lnvolves compeLlLlve bench marklng
whlch deLermlne boLh sLrengLh and weakness of Lhe brandŦ 1hls brand valuaLlon analysls also
lnvolves Lhe evaluaLlon of Lhe brand's markeLţ brand sLablllLyţ brand leadershlp poslLlonţ brand
growLh sLrengLhţ brand supporL

8rand valuaLlon ls used as a sLraLeglc Lool Lo ldenLlfy and maxlmlzed your reLurn on brand
lnvesLmenLţ brand valuaLlon also helps ln flnanclal plannlngţ legal advlce and any oLher LransacLlon
needed Lo be done on Lhe brand llke acqulslLlon and mergersŦ 8rand valuaLlon helps ldenLlfy brand
values ln Lhelr markeL hence need noL Lo be lgnoredţ brand valuaLlon helps compare your brand wlLh
oLher companles asseLs and lLs compeLlLlve advanLages

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