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Saturn's Transit in Libra - an outlook
Saturn's transit schedule in Libra
Entry on 15.11.2011- Constellation-Chitta-3 (Libra)
Exit on 02.11.2014: Constellation-Visaka-4 (Scorpio)
In between Saturn will turn retrograde and becomes direct. There could be a
slight variation in dates due to different almanacs being followed.
ochaara implications of Saturn's transit into Libra
During his sojourn in Libra sign, Saturn will be transiting across the
constellations of Chitta (2 & 3), Swathi, and Visakha (1, 2, & 3). With the
entry of Saturn into Libra it will be the beginning of Sade-Sathi for those
born in Scorpio sign (Vrischika raasi) and end of Sade-Sathi for those born
under Leo sign (Simha Raasi). For Kanya (Virgo) raasi it will be the last leg
of Sade-Sathi while for Thula (Libra) it will be Janma Shani or 2
leg of
Sade-Sathi. Those born under the Moon sign of Meena (Pisces) raasi will
experience the effect of Ashtama Shani and for those born in Cancer
(Karkataka), Aries (Mesha) and Capricorn (Makara) it will be Kantaka Shani.
For Cancer sign it is also called as Ardhaashtama Shani.
Zodiac Sign Shani Gochaara
Virgo Sade-Sathi (Last leg)
Libra Sade-Sathi (2
Scorpio Sade-Sathi (1
Pisces Ashtama Shani
Cancer Ardhaastama Shani
Aries & Capricorn Kantaka Shani

Moorthi Nirnaya
Gemini, Leo & Capricorn Swarna Moorthi
Taurus, Libra & Aquarius Rajatha Moorthi
Aries, Virgo & Sagittarius Thamra Moorthi
Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces Loha Moorthi
In general malefic planets like Saturn produce adverse results as Swarna
Moorthi and Loha Moorthi, average to good results as Thamra Moorthi and
favourable results as Rajatha Moorthi.
irth star Vs Saturn's transiting constellation

Transit Saturn in*
Birth Star
(drop down)
Aswini, Makha, Moola Pratyak Saadhana Naidhana
Kshema Pratyak Sadhana
Krittika, UttaraPhalguni,
Vipat Kshema Pratyak
Rohini, Hasta, Sravana Sampath Vipat Kshema
Mrigasira, Chitta,
Janma Sampath Vipath
Ardra, Swathi,
Janma Sampath
Punarvasu, Visakha,
Mithra Parama-
Pushyami, Anuradha,
Naidhana Mithra Parama-
Aslesha, Jyesta, Revathi Saadhana Naidhana Mithra
*In between Saturn turns retrograde when the above results gets modified
As a rule, Naidhana thara and Janma Thara gives very bad results, Pratyak
and Vipat thara gives bad results, Sampat thara, Sadhana thara and Mithra
thara gives good results and Paramamithra thara gives very good results.
The results enumerated above should not be applied as it is. They may get
modified based on the overall planetary position and strength in the natal
chart, placement of Saturn and its position, aspects of benefic planets,
running Dasa-Bhukti etc, transit of planets like Jupiter, Rahu and Kethu etc.
During Saturns sojourn in Libra other major astrological transits would be
Jupiter moving into Taurus and further into Gemini, Rahu-Kethu moving into
Libra & Aries and further into Virgo & Pisces respectively. Saturns transit or
entry into Libra marks the beginning of a new phase in Gochaara as his
Libran influence will be felt precisely for a period of more than2 years.
Though technically the transit will be for 2 years, effectively it will be for
almost three years before Saturn finally moves into the next sign. This is
due to Saturn assuming retrograde motion in-between.
Libra is a sign of exaltation for Saturn and the sign Lord Venus is a natural
friend of Saturn and as such Libra is Saturns most friendly and comfortable
sign. Next transit of Saturn into Libra will take place only after 30 years. An
airy sign Libra is natural 7
house in the zodiac. Generally 7
house is
known as Kalathra sthana indicating marriage, association/relations with
others. A sign of equilibrium Libra, indicating balance and justice, Saturn the
celestial judge in Libra indicates more discipline and commitment in ones
relationships with a balance of mind and righteousness.
Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu

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