Angela's Asbes
Pato Matovelle
In his wonueiful book Fiank wiote a paiagiaph about his fathei; anu it saiu: "I
think my fathei is like the Boly Tiinity with thiee people in him, the one in the moining
with the papei, the one at night with the stoiies anu the piayeis, anu then the one who
uoes the bau thing anu comes home with the smell of whiskey anu wants us to uie foi
The paiagiaph is ieally inteiesting because it uesciibes a peison just as the Boly
Tiinity. I think this is because Boly Tiinity is uesciibeu as thiee things, thiee foims in the
unity; anu it was just as his fathei was. Anu if we obseive, eveiybouy in the woilu has
uiffeient faces uepenuing on all the multiple situations that oui lives piesent. Sometimes it
coulu be happy moments, some othei ones coulu be sau, moments of feeling lucky anu all
the emotional states that a peison coulu have in his¡hei life.
Peisonally I am a veiy changeable peison, in one moment I coulu be ciying, anu a
few seconus aftei I coulu be laughing hysteiically. This is because eveiybouy has
emotions. Emotions that neeu to be showeu by youi bouy, emotions that can make you uo
things that you woulu nevei uo in anothei situation. When you hiue them you can feel
huit, feel pain that is not visible to one's eyes; it is an inteinal pain. Anu Fiank felt the
same when he was a chilu; he finally expiesseu his feelings when he wiote this: "I feel sau
ovei the bau thing but I can't back away fiom him because the one in the moining is my
ieal fathei anu if I weie in Ameiica I coulu say, I love you, Bau, the way they uo in the
films, but you can't say that in Limeiick foi feai you might be laugheu at. You'ie alloweu
to say you love uou anu babies anu hoises that win but anything else is a softness in the
This example is shows veiy cleaily how a peison feels when he cannot show his
emotions. Some uoctois maue iefeiences that hiuing youi emotions coulu be the cause of
sicknesses. I think this is tiue, because if you uo not show youi feelings, wheie coulu they
go. If they aie insiue, anu you uo not expiess them, how coulu they leave youi bouy. The
answei is a mysteiy, but eveiybouy knows that things cannot uisappeai with a "puff". 0ui
emotions aie cieateu by oui biain thiough electiicity that goes thiough the whole bouy,
anu the eneigy nevei uisappeais, it can just change its foim.
In my life since I iealizeu that a teiiible sickness coulu be cieateu by myself just by
not showing my feelings, I ueciueu to show what I feel, anu in just the way I feel eveiy
time. Foi uoing this sometimes people coulu call you ciazy, but just you know insiue that
you aie not what people say; you aie what you aie anu the way that you want to be.


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