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2012 MUSE Rate Card

2012 MUSE Rate Card

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Why advertise with MUSE International?
Audience Profile
More than 5,000 MUSE people at more than 700 hospitals worldwide enjoy MUSE International membership. MUSE membership consists of a crosssection of users, decision-makers and managers from virtually every area in the healthcare facility.

Geographic Composition
MUSE International members represent 48 United States, Canada (Yukon, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Alberta), Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Ireland, Scotland and England.





Analysts / Specialists / Coordinators Clinical / IT / Finance Managers / Directors CIOs / CFOs / Other C-level / VPs / Physicians / Pharmacists Informaticists

55% 33%

9% 3%

“Close to 5,000 people at more than 700 hospitals worldwide enjoy MUSE membership!”




Direct links to your website Capture attention using a video ad!

MUSE Matters is a digital magazine, published three times per year. A typical issue contains educational articles, messages from the MUSE CEO and Chair, member profiles, MUSE event promotions and highlights, current hot-topic stories and directories. Appropriate photos and graphics compliment the written content, making the magazine a high quality publication. Advertisers receive numerous benefits: - Direct links to your website - Seamless, instant click access to registration for upcoming MUSE events - Option to forward articles, or the full magazine, to colleagues - Linked, interactive table of contents - Editorial, keyword and topic search features - Searchable archives - Selective print capability - Environmental sensitivity In addition, the digital format allows multiple creative opportunities: • Increase the appeal of your advertisement by incorporating animation. With the use of flash animation, the reader instinctively looks at the message. • Capture reader attention using a video advertisement. This cutting-edge technology dramatically enhances the readers experience. • Reach your target audience using interactive formats, such as incentive-based advertisements to increase website traffic and secure leads.



MUSE Matters Advertising Rates
*Note: All rates are quoted in US dollars Full Page (8.5”x11”) 1/2 Page Vertical (3.75”x10”) 1/2 Page Horizontal (7.75”x5”) Commercial Member Directory Listing w/ Link $1000 $700 $700 $75 per category
Full Page 1/2 Page Vertical 1/2 Page Horizontal

Commercial Member Directory Listing - text only $50 per category

Special International Conference Print Version of Spring Edition
Full Page (8.5”x11”) 1/2 Page Vertical (3.75”x10”) 1/2 Page Horizontal (7.75”x5”) $5000 $2500 $2500

Design a unique video ad or utilize animation within your ad!
Contact the MUSE advertising account manager for more information: advertise@museweb.org. Would you like to create something you don’t see here? Let us know what you’d like to do.

Video (maximum of two per issue) Animation $1000 surcharge $500 surcharge

Mechanical Requirements
- All fonts must be embedded or outlined - Accepted Digital Formats: PDF (perferred), EPS, PSD, AI - No bleeds required, Resoultion of 300dpi

Priority Placements
Within Related Article Two-Page Spread (maximum of one per issue) First Right Page After Cover Back Cover Inside Front Cover Across From the Table of Contents $600 surcharge $500 surcharge $400 surcharge $400 surcharge $350 surcharge $350 surcharge

Click here for MUSE Matters Advertising Order Form

Multiple Issue Discounts
Commitment to Two Issues Commitment to Three Issues Commitment to Three Issues and the International MUSE Conference Program 15% 5% 10%




MUSE Web Advertising Rates



Would you like every person who registers online for a MUSE event to see your message? If so, secure your space to advertise on the MUSEWeb. The MUSE website is the primary point of organization contact, accessed by close to 5,000 MUSE members from more than 700 hospitals, as well as many potential members searching for information.

The MUSEWeb includes:

- Details about upcoming events

- Links to event registrations - Library filled with PowerPoints from previous events - MUSE on Demand programs - Active forums - Member lists - Testimonials
$650 $600 $550 $225 on the

Horizontal Banner

Wide Skyscraper

Vertical Rectangle

Vertical Rectangle

Advertising Rates (sold quarterly)
Wide Skyscraper (160x600) Horizontal Banner (600x90) Vertical Rectangle (160x400) Vertical Rectangle (160x200) Available placement options for each webpage are indicated MUSE Web Advertising Form.

Mechanical Requirements
File Size gif / jpg: 20KB Flash: 40KB Acceptable file formats - Static banners (non-animated) -JPG, GIF Animated banners -SWF (Adobe Flash) (backup GIF required) -Animated GIF Video -FLV (max datarate = 600 Kbps) URLs -Provide the URL that the banner will link to, e.g.: http://www.yourdomain.org/ -Flash file (SWF) must have the proper link embedded in the file

(maximum of one on the MUSE website at any one time) Pop-up $800 surcharge Video $675 surcharge Animation $500 surcharge

Preferred Placements (sold quarterly)
Home Page $450 surcharge Unique User Profile Page $225 surcharge Career Center Page $225 surcharge Events Page $200 surcharge MUSE on Demand Page $100 surcharge Library Page $100 surcharge About MUSE Page $100 surcharge Specific Event Page (Not including the International Conference) $75 surcharge *Advertising placements for the International Conference webpage is a benefit available only to the event's premier sponsors and cannot be purchased separately.

Multiple Quarters Discount
(Applicable orders purchased made in conjunction with first quarter advertisements) Commitment to Two Quarters 5% Commitment to Three Quarters 10% Commitment to Four Quarters 15%

Click here for MUSE Web Advertising Order Form


MUSE Career Center
Through the new Career Center section of the MUSE website, job seekers and employee searchers alike have access to the most effective job searching and recruiting capabilities to find a perfect match. The MUSE Career Center will focus on bringing employers in the healthcare field with eligible qualified candidates. Job seekers will find a unique opportunity to connect with employers and recruiters who are posting jobs specific to their areas of focus. Candidates can post their resumes anonymously, search through job postings, and setup personal job alerts. By using the recruitment service, employers are given exceptional access to the MUSE membership. An employer’s job posting will reach a large number of highly skilled passive and active job seekers. The MUSE Career Center distinguishes itself from generalist job boards in a number of ways. These include:

Several pricing options are available for Career Center advertising:
MUSE Member 30-day Job Posting 30-Day Job Posting + Healthcare Administration Job Board Network $175 NonMember $290



(This product bundle includes a single job posting along with secondary exposure for your job posting on all sites in this Job Board Network for a small additional cost! Click here to see a listing of Network member sites). This option allows the user to post to MUSE and The Healthcare Administration Network which encompasses the more administrative end of healthcare jobs.

- a highly targeted focus on employment opportunities in a certain sector, location, or demographic; - anonymous resume posting and job applicationenabling job candidates to stay connected to the employment market while maintaining full control over their confidential information; - an advanced Job Alert system that notifies candidates of new opportunities matching their own preselected criteria; - access to industry-specific jobs—and top-quality candidates—often not seen on Monster, CareerBuilder, or HotJobs.

30-Day Job Posting + Healthcare Job Board Network



(This product bundle includes a single job posting along with secondary exposure for your job posting on all sites in this Job Board Network for a small additional cost! Click here to see a listing of Network member sites). This option allows the user to post to MUSE and the Healthcare Network.

Resume Purchase 30-Day Package: Unlimited Jobs and Resumes

$30 $550

$50 $1,000

(This product is the best deal! Post an unlimited jobs and resumes for 1 month!

Advertising Agencies: Please note that these prices are net.




2012 International MUSE Conference Program (Print)


May 29 – June 1

Full Page Bleed 8.75”w x 11.25”h

1/2 Page Vertical 3.75”w x 10”h

1/2 Page Horizontal 7.75”w x 5”h

1/4 Page Vertical 3.75”w x 5”h

Commercial Directory Listing Text Only

2012 International MUSE
Conference Program (Print)
The International MUSE Conference Program is the exclusive publication of the annual international conference. It is read by all attendees and features valuable information, such as exhibitor booth locations, educational session abstracts, Big Event details, and much more. This is your opportunity to increase your booth traffic, build brand recognition and establish relationships with your potential customers and clients!

Advertising Rates
Full Page (Full Color) $1650 1/2 Page (Full Color; Horizontal or Vertical) $1150 1/4 Page (Full Color; Vertical Only) $600 Commercial Member Directory Listing - text only $200

Special Placement (all full page and full color)
2 Page Spread Back Cover, Full Page Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover Across from Table of Content $3000 $2400 $2200 $2200 $2200

Mechanical Requirements
-Resoultion of 300dpi -All fonts must be embedded or outlined -Accepted Digital Formats: PDF (perferred), EPS, PSD, AI -The color space must be CMYK (flat and PMS colors must be converted to CMYK)

Click here for International Conference Program Advertising Order Form


MUSE Advertising Deadlines

MUSE Matters
Edition Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Fall 2012 Deadline April 5 July 12 October 9


Quarter 1st Quarter (April – June) 2nd Quarter (July – September) 3rd Quarter (October - December) 4th Quarter (January - March)

Deadline March 15 June 15 September 15 December 15


May 29 – June 1

2012 International MUSE Conference
March 25

Upload Artwork to http://www.museweb.org/muse_drop_box_files_and_graphics

Advertising Policies and Procedures
- All advertising must be submitted to MUSE for review, and if determined objectionable will not be accepted. - MUSE will determine the amount of advertising to be accepted relative to the ad/text ratio. - Premium positions are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space will be secured upon receipt of full payment. - Companies who have purchased a specific priority placement for all issues or quarters in a year will be given right of first refusal for the following year. All other advertising will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
With the exception of advertisements on the Career Center web pages, MUSE will not accept an ad that's primary focus is recruitment. Any recruitment information has to be 1/3 or less of the impact of any given ad. Components of the advertisement that will be considered when assessing impact includes, but is not limited to, i size, location of recruitment copy, color and contrast. The decision of whether an ad fits within these guidelines lies completely with MUSE. It is recommended that a company wanting to include recruitment information in their advertising work closely with MUSE during the creation of the ad in order to avoid any unnecessarily expenses, delays or inconvenience. MUSE reserves the right to limit the number of ads on any given webpage page, the number of specific types of ads on a specific webpage or on the website as a whole, or to refuse to publish adds that are deemed inappropriate for the MUSE audience, based purely on what MUSE judges to be in the best interest of MUSE and the MUSE membership.

- Advertisers may secure space for multiple issues. Full payments for any multiple issue advertising must be made in advance. All payments are non-refundable. - Ads will not be accepted without a completed and signed MUSE Matters advertising insertion order form or a completed online insertion order form. - Credit card payments are accepted. Checks are to be made payable and mailed to MUSE. Advertising rates are non-commissioned; all rates shown are net. Advertisers agree to pay all expenses incurred in connection with preparing submitted copy, artwork, and photo images camera -ready in accordance with the published mechanical requirements. - Advertisers agree to pay all expenses incurred in connection with collection, including attorney fees. - Ad size measurements are from rule line to rule line. All ad positions are at the publisher’s option. There will be no adjustments, reinsertion or refunds made because of the position in which an advertisement has been placed. Only premium positions are guaranteed. -The publisher’s liability for errors shall not exceed the cost of space occupied by an ad published incorrectly. Credit will be allowed for the insertion only. Claims for errors must be made within 10 days of the published date. Credit will not be considered if copy or corrections received sign-off approval, and/or were submitted after published deadlines. The publisher assumes no liability for the omission of an ad from any edition in which such advertising was scheduled or ordered. In the event of such an omission, the advertiser may select another edition for publication or cancel such advertisement without cost or penalty. -The advertiser assumes liability for advertising published and agrees to assume all responsibility for claims or actions occurring against the publisher on behalf of the ad. -The publisher reserves the right to amend the terms, conditions, and rates specified in this document at any time without prior written notice.

Editorial Contributions Articles of an educational nature are accepted. Articles should be topical, relevant, interesting and contain no marketing or promotional material. All articles are reviewed and edited by MUSE for content, format and grammar. No guarantee is given that a submitted article will be published. Materials submitted must not infringe upon any copyrights or other rights. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that all facts and statements in the articles are true, fair, and accurate. Articles are to be submitted electronically, preferably as a Word document. Photos, graphics, charts, and other such materials are permitted.


Commercial Member Directory
Advertisers are listed in the MUSE Matters Yellow Pages. Please complete the form below. For further information, contact commercial@museweb.org

Company Name: Company Address: City:

______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________







______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sales Contact: Phone:


Other Phone:




Please choose ONE category that best represented your organization:
Archiving and Scanning Clinical Consulting Disaster Recovery Document Management Emergency Financial Hardware Imaging Interfaces Mobile Computing Recruitment Scheduling Scripting Security Training Wireless

Contact the MUSE Commercial Member Coordinator
Tel: 877 491 4703 ext.2

Have Y Company Listed our
Email: commercial@museweb.org

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