In Vitro FertilizationEmbryo Transfer

Millicent Grace S. Bombase

What is In Vitro FertilizationEmbryo transfer?
- is a procedure that allows couples

who cannot conceive normally to have a child - woman's egg and man's sperm are taken out of the body and fertilized in a laboratory, then put back into a woman who can carry the pregnancy to term.

What does IVF- ET violate?
• Inviolability of Life - unused or unwanted zygotes are disposed or allowed to die • Stewardship - an artificial procedure and substitutes the conjugal act

• Nonmaleficence - genealogical bewilderment syndrome - lead to incest or inherited disease (unknown biologic lineage) - parents esp. mother is psychologically harmed • Justice - limited to the rich only - public funds: more essential needs abandoned

• Respect for person - man (eggs, sperms) become commodities - baby not anymore a gift but a product of other’s will • Personalized Sexuality - Separation of the unitive and procreative aspect of marriage

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