Componenis of gioupwaie
Pasi, pieseni and fuiuie gioupwaie
Gioupwaie funciion
Gioupwaie feaiuies
Gioupwaie iool aiiiibuies
Gioupwaie iools
Success sioiy
Example of applicaiion
What |s Co||aborat|ve system (Groupware)?
Co!!abovation systcm (a!so vcIcvvcd to
as gvoupwavc) is an inIovmation systcm
that cnab!cs pcop!c to communicatc
c!cctvonica!!y with cach othcv in ovdcv
to so!vc pvob!cms, makc dccisions, and
pcvIovmothcv Iovms oI joint wovk.
ComponenLs of Croupware (1lme/Þlace maLrlx)
Gioupwaie is subdivided by iwo
imc: Useis inieiaci ai ile same
iime (synclionous) oi diffeieni iime
P!acc: Useis in ile same locaiion
(colocaied) oi sepaiaied (iemoie).
Croupware from Lhe pasL Lo Lhe fuLure
Croupware funcLlon
liee C's
i. Communicaiion
:. Collaboiaiion
¸. Cooidinaiion
Croupware Lool aLLrlbuLes
ocumcnt managcmcnt
A documcnt managcmcnt systcm ()
is a computcv systcm ov pvogvam uscd to
tvack ov stovc c!cctvonic documcnts ov
imagc oI papcv documcnts.
Uscv managcmcnt
It is a pavt oI a sccuvc systcm, which
contvo! pvivi!cgcs and vo!cs Iov a uscv ov
gvoup oI uscvs, and a!so, it !cts thc uscv
to contvo! its own soItwavc cnvivonmcnt.
Croupware Lool aLLrlbuLesŧŦ (conLlnulngŧ)
Pvojcct ]ask anagcmcnt
Pvojcct managcmcnt hc!ps managcvs to
dcIinc pvojccts and tasks, and assign
thcm to a uscv ov a gvoup oI uscvs, and
I!owthc !iIccyc!c pvoccduvc.
ccuvity in gvoupwavc too!s is onc oI thc
impovtant pavt that shou!d bc takc into
account, bccausc gvoupwavc too!s avc
bascd on wcb, and using pub!ic nctwovk
(Intcvnct) which makcs thcm vu!ncvab!c.
Croupware Lools
few success sLorles
Coca Co|a 8ott||ng Company Un|ted cuts operat|ona| costs w|th SAÞ and I8M
(Lotus Notes Ǝ Lotus Dom|no)
O !ith thc LPAR tcchno!ogy, Coca Co!a Bott!ing
Company Unitcd no !ongcv nccds vooms Iu!! oI
scvvcvs to mcct gvowing busincss dcmands. AP
soItwavc on ystcm i scvvcvs oIIcvs hugc
vc!iabi!ity and sca!abi!ity advantagcs, at gvcat!y
vcduccd opcvationa! costs.! ikc Ncighbovs,
Vicc Pvcsidcnt oI InIovmation cchno!ogy, Coca
Co!a Bott!ing Company Unitcd.
O ouvcc: liip:]]www-
#Used as the foundat|on of a un|f|ed |nfrastructureţ ShareÞo|nt 2010 and De|| products
can de||ver new and |nnovat|ve ways for |nformat|on workers to f|nd each otherţ
connectţ and co||aborateŦ"
Ÿohn Mcvayţ MlcrosofL lllance Ǝ ÞroducL uevelopmenLţ uell
O Dell offeiings in ile communicaiions and
collaboiaiion mailei aie based on SlaiePoini,
addiess all SlaiePoini woilloads, and include
soluiions ilai paii SlaiePoini wiil Dell pioducis as
ile foundaiion foi a unified infiasiiuciuie.
O Benefii:
· A flexible, single poini of coniaci foi eveiy level of
ieclnology need - fiom poini puiclases of laidwaie oi
sofiwaie io full, end-io-end soluiions.
· A siandaidized SlaiePoini IP sei enables Dell io
delivei SlaiePoini implemeniaiions cosi-effeciively,
wiil minimal iisl foi ile cusiomei, and wiil a fasiei
@eamspace Lnterpr|se Server at 8MW Germany
le BMW Gioup in Municl las used ile
ieamspace Enieipiise Seivei license since
:ooi. le seivei is insialled ai ile daia
piocessing ceniei of ũ POIN AG in
Geimany. BMW and ileii paiineis access
ileii ieamspace via Inieinei. le main
way ieamspace is used ai BMW is in
advanced iiaining wiilin ile luman
iesouices division. In ile coniexi of
Blended Leaining, ieamspace is used in a
iange of seminais and woilslops io
enable a close iuioiing of eacl iiainee by
ile faciliiaiois afiei ile iniiial iiaining is
lanl you foi youi lind aiieniion.


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