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Published by: Nurhaziqah Arquilato Omar on Nov 13, 2011
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Kuala Belait : Social Aspect

19 114 227

Consumer Exercise Health

Social Aspect Analysis
Based from the graph, we could see that the number of people in Kuala Belait who consumed ‘Nasi Katok’ is quite high with the total of 227 people.  Unexpectedly, the number of people of different age group doing exercise is also high with the total of 114 people.  Based from this statistics, we assumed that the population rarely consume it as they prefer healthier choice of home made cooking.

The statistics we obtained also proves that the health issues faced by the people is less with the total of 19 people which mostly consist the ageing population.  Also, most of the population there are also consist of the foreigners so they prefer healthier choice of food.

Kuala Belait: Economic Aspect

$5 and below $10 -$19





0 12 and below 13-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50 and above

Economy Aspect Analysis

From the economy aspect, since there are not many stalls available except for some branches near to construction sites, there are less access and hence less favoured. Even so, the largest total population who purchased ‘Nasi Katok’ is dominated by the working population(20-29).This might be caused by compact busy time and at that age, some of them prefers to buy rather than cook their own food.

Kuala Belait : Environmental Aspect
30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Young Dependent Population Working Population Ageing Population

Yes No

Environmental Aspect Analysis

From the bar graph shown, there are three different age group, This consist of working, young and ageing population.

For the young population, most of them agreed that the materials used affects the environment.

However, the majority of the working population with the number of 25 disagree. This might be caused by the lack of awareness and exposure especially in education. Furthermore, the ageing population which consist the total of 4 population also disagree with the same reason stated above.

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