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Writing a Good Title and Description

Writing a Good Title and Description

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Published by: shemida on Nov 13, 2011
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Wr|t|ng a good t|t|e and descr|pt|on

In th|s art|c|e

WrlLlng an effecLlve LlLle
WhaL Lo avold ln your LlLle
WrlLlng an lnformaLlve descrlpLlon
WhaL Lo avold ln your descrlpLlon
Lxamples of LlLles and descrlpLlons

?our llsLlngƌs LlLle and descrlpLlon are your adverLlsemenLŸan opporLunlLy Lo lnform and exclLe buyersŦ
A good LlLle and descrlpLlon provldes a clear plcLure of your lLemţ whlch lncreases your chances LhaL
buyers wlll flnd and bld on or buy your lLemŦ
Wr|t|ng an effect|ve t|t|e
Make a clearţ compelllng flrsL lmpresslon by wrlLlng a greaL LlLle for your lLemŦ
Pere are some elemenLs of an effecLlve LlLleť
O use mulLlpleţ descrlpLlve keywords LhaL clearly convey whaL you are selllngŦ use all 80
O lnclude your lLemƌs brand nameţ arLlsLţ or deslgnerŦ
O lnclude lLemŴspeclflc aLLrlbuLesŦ lor exampleţ lf selllng shoesţ lnclude slzeţ colorţ and condlLlonŦ
O SLaLe exacLly whaL your lLem lsţ even lf your LlLle repeaLs Lhe caLegory nameŦ
O CmlL puncLuaLlon marks and asLerlsks
O 1ry noL Lo lnclude ƍwowƍ or ƍlookŦƍ 8uyers donƌL search for words llke LheseŦ
O uonƌL worry abouL creaLlng a grammaLlcally correcL senLenceŦ
O uonƌL overuse acronymsŦ
O uonƌL use all capsŦ
What to avo|d |n your t|t|e
lollow e8ayƌs rules by avoldlng LlLles LhaLť
O lall Lo sLaLe Lhe naLure of Lhe lLemŦ
O ConLaln webslLe addressesţ emall addressesţ or phone numbersŦ 1he excepLlon ls Lhe sale of
domaln namesŦ
O ConLaln profane or obscene languageŦ
O use Lhe followlng words ln an aLLempL Lo markeL or adverLlse Lhelr lLemť
O ÞrohlblLed
O 8anned
O lllegal
O CuLlawed
O use any oLher descrlpLlve word LhaL may brlng lnLo quesLlon Lhe legallLy of an lLem by elLher
governmenLal or e8ay sLandardsŦ
O lnclude brand names oLher Lhan Lhe speclflc brand name used by Lhe company LhaL
manufacLured or produced Lhe lLem youƌre llsLlngŦ 1hls ls called keyword spammlng and lsnƌL
allowed on e8ayŦ 1hese Lypes of llsLlngs wlll be ended and Lhe lnserLlon fee for Lhe llsLlng
auLomaLlcally credlLedŦ
Learn more abouL e8ayƌs search and browse manlpulaLlon pollcyŦ
Wr|t|ng an |nformat|ve descr|pt|on
Pere are some quesLlons Lo conslder when wrlLlng your lLem descrlpLlonť
O WhaL ls Lhe lLem?
O WhaL maLerlal ls lL made of?
O When was lL made?
O WhaL company/arLlsL/deslgner/auLhor made lL?
O WhaL condlLlon ls lL ln?
O ls Lhe lLem newţ usedţ or sLlll under warranLy? 8e sure Lo menLlon any flaws or repalrsŦ
O WhaL are lLs dlmenslons?
O WhaL counLry/locaLlon ls lL from?
O uoes lL have any noLable feaLures or marklngs?
O uoes lL have a speclal background or hlsLory?
O WhaL ls your meLhod of paymenL? 8e clear abouL paymenL meLhods you accepLţ and be as
speclflc as you can abouL your shlpplng cosLsŦ
1ell your sLoryŦ Many sellers have found LhaL addlng a creaLlveţ human approach Lo Lhelr descrlpLlons
boosLs blds and salesŦ Conslder lncludlng polnLs of lnLeresL such asť
O WhaL you especlally llke abouL Lhe lLemŦ
O Who you Lhlnk lL would appeal Lo and why
O An lnLeresLlng sLory abouL Lhe lLem (for exampleţ how you acqulred lL)Ŧ
O Pow Lhe lLem mlghL be usedŦ
O PlghllghL Lhe value and savlngs for buyersŦ
What to avo|d |n your descr|pt|on
Avold lncludlng Lhe followlngť
O AnyLhlng LhaL lsnƌL LrueŦ
O ÞrohlblLed and resLrlcLed conLenL (see e8ayƌs prohlblLed and resLrlcLed lLems)Ŧ
O lLem descrlpLlons copled wordŴforŴword from oLher sources (for exampleţ ecommerce webslLesţ
oLher e8ay llsLlngsţ manufacLurer webslLesţ eLcŦ)
O 1rademarked logosţ unless you have permlsslon Lo use LhemŦ
When you are flnlshedţ spell check your LlLle and descrlpLlonŦ
amp|es of t|t|es and descr|pt|ons
amp|e 1

Mob||e Þhone w|th SIM CardŦ New |n 8o

lLem compleLely new! l boughL lL 2 monLhs agoŦ
Ŵ230 hours baLLery duraLlon
Ŵvlbracall agenda of 100 conLacLs
ŴWelghLť 80 grŦ
ŴCall duraLlonť 300 mlnuLes
Ŵ32 dlfferenL Lones of calls (SÞn) SlM
ŴScreen of 96x64 plxels wlLh 4 gray Lones and 1l1 screen
amp|e 2

Made|man so|d|er act|on f|gure |n or|g|na| bo

Madelmanţ second generaLlonŦ very well preserved for lLs ageŦ
ŴArms and legs are Ckţ sllghL scraLch on lefL armŦ
ŴPelghL of 2 and a half lnchesŦ
Ŵ1he acLlon flgure ls ln Lhe orlglnal boxŦ

Þlease conLacL me wlLhln 3 days afLer Lhe llsLlng endsŦ l prefer Lo be pald wlLh ÞayÞalŦ Þlease donƌL forgeL
Lo leave me leedback afLer you geL your lLem!
amp|e 3

Superb|ke V|deogame for ÞC Ŷ Cr|g|na|ţ Never Cpened

ŴCreaL and exclLlng race of moLorblkes across 10 dlfferenL counLrles vldeogame has orlglnal box +
ŴMlnlmal requlremenLsť Wlndows 93Ŵ98Ŵ2000ţ ÞenLlum 2000ţ 200Mhzţ 32 Mb 8AMţ 100 Mb avallable ln
Lhe hardwareţ 4 Mb Craphlcs card
Ŵ1he lLem ls new and was a glfLţ lƌm selllng lL because l already have lL!!!

Þlease see my oLher vldeogames by cllcklng V|ew se||er's other |temsŦ ÞaymenL by cash on dellveryŦ l
charge acLual shlpplng cosL Lo your areaŦ 1hanks for your lnLeresL!

 f ¾ ¾ f °– ¾f  O O f¾f  °f €  ¯  .

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O O O  ¾f f°°f  € f ¾¯f°–¾"  ¾f f¾½ nf fn–° ¾" Jf¾¯  €½f¯ °" n ff ½f¯ °¯  ¾fnn ½ f°  f¾ ¾½ n€nf¾nf°f ¾½½°–n¾¾  @ ¾ .f°¾  ¾f €° ff °–fn f ¯f°f½½fn  ¾n½°¾ ¾¾  ¾f° ¾f ¾ .

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