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Date: 8 November 2011

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Item 5(c) of the provisional agen a (!O"#2011#$%)

Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement and relevant provisions of Security Council resolutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Report by the Director General

A. Introduction
1& 'his report of the Director !eneral to the (oar of !overnors an ) in parallel) to the *ec+rit, -o+ncil) is on the implementation of the N.' *afeg+ar s /greement1 an relevant provisions of *ec+rit, -o+ncil resol+tions in the Islamic 0ep+blic of Iran (Iran)& 2& 'he *ec+rit, -o+ncil has affirme that the steps re1+ire b, the (oar of !overnors in its resol+tions2 are bin ing on Iran&% 'he relevant provisions of the aforementione *ec+rit, -o+ncil resol+tions 2ere a opte +n er -hapter "II of the 3nite Nations -harter) an are man ator,) in accor ance 2ith the terms of those resol+tions&4 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
1 'he /greement bet2een Iran an the /genc, for the /pplication of *afeg+ar s in -onnection 2ith the 'reat, on the Non6.roliferation of N+clear 7eapons (IN8-I0-#214)) 2hich entere into force on 15 9a, 1:;4& 2 'he (oar of !overnors has a opte ten resol+tions in connection 2ith the implementation of safeg+ar s in Iran: !O"#200%#$: (12 *eptember 200%)< !O"#200%#81 (2$ November 200%)< !O"#2004#21 (1% 9arch 2004)< !O"#2004#4: (18 =+ne 2004)< !O"#2004#;: (18 *eptember 2004)< !O"#2004#:0 (2: November 2004)< !O"#2005#$4 (11 /+g+st 2005)< !O"#2005#;; (24 *eptember 2005)< !O"#200$#14 (4 8ebr+ar, 200$)< an !O"#200:#82 (2; November 200:)& % In resol+tion 1:2: (2010)) the *ec+rit, -o+ncil: affirme ) inter alia) that Iran shall) 2itho+t f+rther ela,) ta>e the steps re1+ire b, the (oar in !O"#200$#14 an !O"#200:#82< reaffirme Iran?s obligation to cooperate f+ll, 2ith the I/E/ on all o+tstan ing iss+es) partic+larl, those 2hich give rise to concerns abo+t the possible militar, imensions of the Iranian n+clear programme< eci e that Iran shall) 2itho+t ela,) compl, f+ll, an 2itho+t 1+alification 2ith its *afeg+ar s /greement) incl+ ing thro+gh the application of mo ifie -o e %&1 of the *+bsi iar, /rrangements< an calle +pon Iran to act strictl, in accor ance 2ith the provisions of its / itional .rotocol an to ratif, it promptl, (operative paras 1@$)& 4

'he 3nite Nations *ec+rit, -o+ncil has a opte the follo2ing resol+tions on Iran: 1$:$ (200$)< 1;%; (200$)< 1;4; (200;)< 180% (2008)< 18%5 (2008)< an 1:2: (2010)&

!O"#2011#$5 .age 2

%& (, virt+e of its 0elationship /greement 2ith the 3nite Nations)5 the /genc, is re1+ire to cooperate 2ith the *ec+rit, -o+ncil in the eAercise of the -o+ncil?s responsibilit, for the maintenance or restoration of international peace an sec+rit,& /ll 9embers of the 3nite Nations agree to accept an carr, o+t the ecisions of the *ec+rit, -o+ncil)$ an in this respect) to ta>e actions 2hich are consistent 2ith their obligations +n er the 3nite Nations -harter& 4& In a letter ate 2$ 9a, 2011) B&E& Dr 8ere, o+n /bbasi) "ice .resi ent of Iran an Bea of the /tomic Energ, OrganiCation of Iran (/EOI)) informe the Director !eneral that Iran 2o+l be prepare to receive relevant 1+estions from the /genc, on its n+clear activities after a eclaration b, the /genc, that the 2or> plan (IN8-I0-#;11) ha been f+ll, implemente an that the /genc, 2o+l thereafter implement safeg+ar s in Iran in a ro+tine manner& In his repl, of % =+ne 2011) the Director !eneral informe Dr /bbasi that the /genc, 2as neither in a position to ma>e s+ch a eclaration) nor to con +ct safeg+ar s in Iran in a ro+tine manner) in light of concerns abo+t the eAistence in Iran of possible militar, imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme& On 1: *eptember 2011) the Director !eneral met Dr /bbasi in "ienna) an isc+sse iss+es relate to the implementation of Iran?s *afeg+ar s /greement an other relevant obligations& In a letter ate %0 *eptember 2011) the /genc, reiterate its invitation to Iran to re6 engage 2ith the /genc, on the o+tstan ing iss+es relate to possible militar, imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme an the actions re1+ire of Iran to resolve those iss+es& In a letter ate %0 October 2011) Dr /bbasi referre to his previo+s isc+ssions 2ith the Director !eneral an eApresse the 2ill of Iran Dto remove ambig+ities) if an,E) s+ggesting that the Dep+t, Director !eneral for *afeg+ar s (DD!6*!)) sho+l visit Iran for isc+ssions& In his repl,) ate 2 November 2011) the Director !eneral in icate his prepare ness to sen the DD!6*! to D isc+ss the iss+es i entifie E in his forthcoming report to the (oar of !overnors& 5& 'his report a resses evelopments since the last report (!O"#2011#54) 2 *eptember 2011)) as 2ell as iss+es of longer stan ing) an ) in line 2ith the Director !eneral?s opening remar>s to the (oar of !overnors on 12 *eptember 2011) contains an /nneA setting o+t in more etail the basis for the /genc,?s concerns abo+t possible militar, imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme& 'he report foc+ses on those areas 2here Iran has not f+ll, implemente its bin ing obligations) as the f+ll implementation of these obligations is nee e to establish international confi ence in the eAcl+sivel, peacef+l nat+re of Iran?s n+clear programme&

. Facilities Declared under Iran!s "afe#uards A#ree$ent
$& 3n er its *afeg+ar s /greement) Iran has eclare to the /genc, 15 n+clear facilities an nine locations o+tsi e facilities 2here n+clear material is c+stomaril, +se (FO8s)&; Not2ithstan ing that certain of the activities being +n erta>en b, Iran at some of the facilities are contrar, to the relevant resol+tions of the (oar of !overnors an the *ec+rit, -o+ncil) as in icate belo2) the /genc, contin+es to implement safeg+ar s at these facilities an FO8s&


'he /greement !overning the 0elationship bet2een the 3nite Nations an the I/E/ entere into force on 14 November 1:5;) follo2ing approval b, the !eneral -onference) +pon recommen ation of the (oar of !overnors) an approval b, the !eneral /ssembl, of the 3nite Nations& It is repro +ce in IN8-I0-#11 (%0 October 1:5:)) .art I&/& 'he -harter of the 3nite Nations) /rticle 25& /ll of the FO8s are sit+ate 2ithin hospitals&

$ ;

lant 8& Fuel &nric'$ent . -o+ncil) Iran has not s+spen e its enrichment relate activities in the follo2ing eclare facilities) all of 2hich are nevertheless +n er / +ction Ball (& 10& (et2een 15 October an 8 November 2011) the /genc.ilot Fuel &nric'$ent . containment an s+rveillance&10 'he conse1+ences for safeg+ar s of the seal brea>age in the fee an 2ith ra2al area11 2ill be eval+ate b.lant and .ro +ction Ball (& :& /s of 2 November 2011) 54 casca es 2ere installe in three of the eight +nits in . Iran) eight +nits are planne for .) an a pilot lo2 enriche +rani+m (FE3) pro +ction facilit.) the res+lts of 2hich the /genc. )atan*+ Fuel &nric'$ent . Iran as being fe 2ith 38$ on that ate containe $208 centrif+ges& Not all of the centrif+ges in the casca es that 2ere being fe 2ith 38$ ma. >g of lo2 enriche 38$) 2hich 2o+l res+lt in a total pro +ction of 4:22 >g of lo2 enriche 38$ since pro +ction began in 8ebr+ar. 2010) for the state p+rpose of pro +cing 38$ enriche +p to 20J 362%5 for +se in the man+fact+re of f+el for 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 8 'he 54 installe casca es containe approAimatel.lant -F&.sical inventor. for samples ta>en +p to $ 9arch 2011& .ro +ction Ball / an . the /genc.: .8E. to the relevant resol+tions of the (oar of !overnors an the *ec+rit.I"& 12& (ase on the res+lts of the anal.lant -. previo+sl.1.) 2hich 2as first bro+ght into operation in October 200%& It has a casca e hall that can accommo ate siA casca es) an is ivi e bet2een an area esignate for the pro +ction of FE3 enriche +p to 20J 362%5 (-asca es 1 an $) an an area esignate for 0ID (-asca es 2) %) 4 an 5)& 14& In the pro +ction area) Iran first began fee ing lo2 enriche 38$ into -asca e 1 on : 8ebr+ar. (incl+ ing the fee ) pro +ct an tails)) as 2ell as all installe casca es an the fee an 2ith ra2al stations) are s+bGect to /genc.8.F&.ro +ction Ball (& /ccor ing to the esign information s+bmitte b.+ 'here are t2o casca e halls at +ction Ball /) %. 8000 centrif+ges< the %.. con +cte a ph. mo ifie 15 of the casca es to contain 1. casca es eclare b. is c+rrentl.ilot Fuel &nric'$ent . 200. since 8ebr+ar. safeg+ar s& %. 200. of 2hich 2ere eclare b.!O"#2011#$5 . have been 2or>ing& 'he /genc. verifie that) as of 1. 200.+ .ro +ction Ball /) 2ith 18 casca es in each +nit& No etaile esign information has . Iran in the Design Information H+estionnaire (DIH)& 1%& .I") at 8E. eval+ating& 11& Iran has estimate that) bet2een 18 October 2010 an 1 November 2011) it pro +ce 1.& -ontrar. (!O"#2011#2:) para& :)& In line 2ith normal safeg+ar s practice) small amo+nts of n+clear material at the facilit. (e&g& some 2aste an samples) are not s+bGect to containment an s+rveillance& 11 12 10 : !O"#2011#2:) para& 10& 0es+lts are available to the /genc..sis of environmental samples ta>en at been provi e for . is a research an evelopment (0ID) facilit. October 2010) a total of %1%5 >g of lo2 enriche 38$ ha been pro +ce since the start of operations in 8ebr+ar.age % %. Iran as being fe 2ith 38$&8 7hereas initiall. +pon completion of its assessment of the .4 centrif+ges each& 'o ate) all the centrif+ges installe are I061 machines& /s of 2 November 2011) installation 2or> in the remaining five +nits 2as ongoing) b+t no centrif+ges ha been installe ) an there ha been no installation 2or> in .12 an other verification activities) the /genc. has operate as eclare b.&: 'he n+clear material at 8E. each installe casca e comprise 1$4 centrif+ges) Iran has s+bse1+entl. verification (. has concl+ e that the facilit. &nric'$ent Related Acti(ities .

is contin+ing 2ith its assessment of the res+lts of the . has operate as eclare b.2.18 an other verification activities) the /genc. 2ith a revise DIH in 2hich it state that the p+rpose of 88E. 2as the pro +ction of 38$ enriche +p to 5J 362%5) an that the facilit.20&8 >g of lo2 enriche 38$ ha been fe into the casca e(s) in the pro +ction area since the process began on : 8ebr+ar.age 4 the 'ehran 0esearch 0eactor ('00)&1%)14 *ince 1% =+l. for samples ta>en +p to 5 9arch 2011& !O"#200:#. 2010) an that a total of . this pro +ction 2o+l ta>e place 2ithin t2o sets of t2o interconnecte casca es) an that each of these casca es 2o+l consist of 1.I" at .4 centrif+ges& Iran 2as reporte to have 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 1% 14 !O"#2010#28) para& :& '00 is a 5 97 reactor 2hich operates 2ith 20J 362%5 enriche f+el an is +se for the irra iation of ifferent t. >g of 38$ enriche at 8E. 2as the pro +ction of 38$ enriche +p to 20J 362%5) as 2ell as 0ID& Iran informe the /genc. con +cte a .!O"#2011#$5 .8E.4) para& :& .lant 20& In *eptember 200:) Iran informe the /genc.pes of targets an for research an training p+rposes& !O"#2010#28) para& :& !O"#2011#2:) para& 14< !O"#2011#54) para& 15& 5) in the 0ID area 15 1$ 1.stem& Once the assessment of the .I" has been complete ) the /genc. of Hom& In its DIH of 10 October 200:) Iran state that the p+rpose of the facilit.%&. has concl+ e that the facilit. 5:&8 >g of nat+ral 38$ 2as fe into centrif+ges in the 0ID area) b+t no FE3 2as 2ith ra2n as the pro +ct an the tails are recombine at the en of the process& 1:& (ase on the res+lts of the anal. that initiall.I"& Iran has estimate that) bet2een 14 *eptember 2011 an 28 October 2011) a total of 44&.)& 18 1: 0es+lts are available to the /genc. Iran ha previo+sl.lant (88E. 2as to incl+ e 0ID as 2ell as the pro +ction of 38$ enriche +p to 5J 362%5& 22& /s previo+sl. 2as being b+ilt to contain 1$ casca es) 2ith a total of approAimatel. res+lts of the .) para& 1.I" sho2 an improvement to the operator?s 2eighing s. all of 2hich 2ere +n er vac++m) an $$ I064 centrif+ges in -asca e 4) none of 2hich ha been fe 2ith 38$& In -asca es 2 an %) Iran has been fee ing nat+ral 38$ into single machines) 106machine casca es an 206machine casca es of I061) I062m an I064 centrif+ges& 18& (et2een 21 /+g+st 2011 an 28 October 2011) a total of approAimatel.& In the 0ID area) as of 22 October 2011) Iran ha installe 1$4 I062m centrif+ges in -asca e 5)1. 2010) Iran has been fee ing lo2 enriche 38$ into t2o interconnecte casca es (-asca es 1 an $)) each of 2hich consists of 1$4 I061 centrif+ges&15 15& (et2een 1% an 2: *eptember 2011) the /genc. 2as fe into the t2o interconnecte casca es an that approAimatel. Iran in the DIH& %. $ >g of 38$ enriche +p to 20J 362%5 2ere pro +ce & 1$& 'he preliminar. reporte ) Iran provi e the /genc. 2ith another revise DIH in =+ne 2011 in 2hich the state p+rpose of 88E.)) locate near the cit. in icate its intention to install t2o 1$46centrif+ge casca es (-asca es 4 an (!O"#2011#. %000 centrif+ges&1: 21& In *eptember 2010) Iran provi e the /genc. that it 2as constr+cting the 8or o2 8+el Enrichment . >g of 38$ enriche +p to 20J 362%5 ha been pro +ce & 'he /genc. an verifie that) as of 1% *eptember 2011) . 2ill be able to etermine 2hether the operator?s better sampling proce +res have res+lte in a more acc+rate etermination of the level of 362%5 enrichment&1$ 1.sis of the environmental samples ta>en at .8E. Fordo/ Fuel &nric'$ent .

of the Islamic 0ep+blic of Iran) . /pril 2011 i not in icate the presence of enriche +rani+m&22 %. Dr /bbasi +ring an intervie2 2ith the Islamic 0ep+blic Ne2s /genc.& No centrif+ges ha been installe in the area esignate for 0ID p+rposes& 25& 'he /genc.s f+el s2ap tal>s over: I0N/?) /gence 8rance . one large c. October 2011) as anticipate in its letter to the /genc. verifie that Iran ha installe all 1.!O"#2011#$5 .)& KIran *pecifies Focation for 10 Ne2 Enrichment *ites?) 8ars Ne2s /genc. is +nable to verif.lin er 2ill be immobiliCe at the fee ing station& 24& D+ring an inspection on 2% an 24 October 2011) the /genc. o+n /bbasi) KIran to 'riple . the /genc. Ot'er &nric'$ent Related Acti(ities 2.& 'he /genc. is still a2aiting a s+bstantive response from Iran to /genc. +p to 2. Iran concerning the constr+ction of ten ne2 +rani+m enrichment facilities) the sites for five of 2hich) accor ing to Iran) have been eci e ) an the constr+ction of one of 2hich 2as to have beg+n b.E) after 2hich Iran 2o+l stop the D20J f+el pro +ctionE at NatanC&20 2%& On 1.ears&25 Iran has not provi e information) as re1+este b.ress article of %1 /+g+st 2011) citing remar>s ma e b. the en of the last Iranian .lin er 2as immobiliCe at the fee ing station& /t the re1+est of Iran) the /genc.ear&2%)24 In /+g+st 2011) Dr /bbasi 2as reporte as having sai that Iran i not nee to b+il ne2 enrichment facilities +ring the neAt t2o .0.lin er containing the FE3 on 8 November 2011) an the c. 8ebr+ar.&2$ /s a res+lt of Iran?s lac> of cooperation on those iss+es) the /genc. etache the seal on the c. 2010) at http:##222&presi ent&ir#en#L/rtIDM20255 & .age 5 eci e to Dtriple its (pro +ction) capacit. 2ill etach the seal on the c.) 1$ /+g+st 2010& !O"#2010#4$) para& %%& KIran atomic chief sa.resi enc.&21 2$& 'he res+lts of the anal. 8ebr+ar.sis of the environmental samples ta>en at +ction of 20J6Enriche 3rani+m?) 8ars Ne2s /genc.lin er containing FE3 in the form of 38$ an one small c. in its letter of 18 /+g+st 2010) in connection 2ith its anno+ncement on . is being constr+cte accor ing to the latest DIH provi e b. ha been connecte to the facilit. reporte ) altho+gh Iran has provi e some clarification regar ing the initial timing of) an circ+mstances relating to) its ecision to b+il 88E.& 2$ -ite on the 2ebsite of the . re1+ests for f+rther information in relation to anno+ncements ma e b.lin er containing eplete +rani+m (D3) in the form of 38$& /ccor ing to Iran) the FE3 2ill be +se for fee ing an the D3 2ill be +se for line passivation& On 24 October 2011) the /genc. at an eAisting efence establishment) a itional information from Iran is still nee e in connection 2ith this facilit.) 8 =+ne 2011& !O"#2011#2:) para& 20& 'he res+lts i sho2 a small n+mber of particles of eplete +rani+m (!O"#2010#10) para& 1. 2010 that it possesse laser enrichment technolog. Iran& /s previo+sl.lin er containing the D3) an the c. ate 11 October 2011) Iran transferre from 8E. that 88E. that the main po2er s+ppl. to 88E. an report f+ll. contin+es to verif.ear (20 9arch 2011) or the start of this Iranian . on these matters& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 20 21 22 2% 24 25 Dr 8ere.4 centrif+ges in each of t2o casca es) neither of 2hich ha been connecte to the cooling an electrical lines) an ha installe $4 centrif+ges in a thir casca e& 'o ate) all the centrif+ges installe are I061 machines& Iran informe the /genc.

et to receive a repl. on 1$ October 2011& It is onl. is a hot cell compleA for the separation of ra iopharmace+tical isotopes from targets) incl+ ing +rani+m) irra iate at '00& 'he 9IN 8acilit.)) para& 1< *#0E*#180% (2008)) para& 1< *#0E*#18%5 (2008)) para& 4< *#0E*#1:2: (2010)) para& 2& 28 'he 9IN 8acilit.& 'he /genc. 2as ongoing an the coolant heat eAchangers ha been installe & /ccor ing to Iran) the operation of the I0640 0eactor is planne to commence b. an the other facilities to 2hich the /genc. access to the heav. -o+ncil) Iran is oblige to s+spen its reprocessing activities) incl+ ing 0ID&2. October 2011) the /genc. to monitor the stat+s of B7.)) para& 1< *#0E*#180% (2008)) para& 1< *#0E*#18%5 (2008)) para& 4< *#0E*#1:2: (2010)) para& 2& %0 !O"#2010#10) paras 20 an 21& . (200.%. to the relevant resol+tions of the (oar of !overnors an the *ec+rit. carrie o+t a DI" at the I0640 0eactor at /ra> an observe that constr+ction of the facilit. 7ater .ro +ction (9IN) 8acilit. appears to be in operation& 'o ate) Iran has not provi e the /genc. 5raniu$ %on(ersion and Fuel Fabrication %2& /ltho+gh it is oblige to s+spen all enrichment relate activities an heav. 2ater relate proGects) Iran is con +cting a n+mber of activities at 3-8 an the 8+el 9an+fact+ring . to that letter) an is again rel. safeg+ar s&2: %0& On 1. that the initial tests of 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 2..age $ D. (200$)) para& 2< *#0E*#1.lant (89.4. can confirm that there are no ongoing reprocessing relate activities in Iran& &.4..& (ase on recent images) the B7. carrie o+t an inspection an esign information verification (DI") at '00 on 15 October 2011) an a DI" at the 9IN 8acilit. *#0E*#1$:$ (200$)) para& 2< *#0E*#1. (3-8) in or er to ta>e samples&%0 F.lant (B7.%.&28 'he / on satellite imager. -o+ncil) Iran has not s+spen e 2or> on all heav. 2ater store at the 3rani+m -onversion 8acilit. (200$)) para& 2< *#0E*#1. carrie o+t a DI" at 3-8 +ring 2hich the /genc.) on 1. /+g+st 2011) the /genc. 2ater relate proGects) incl+ ing the constr+ction of the heav. the en of 201%& %1& *ince its visit to the Beav. observe the ongoing installation of the process e1+ipment for the conversion of 38$ enriche +p to 20J 362%5 into 3%O8& D+ring the DI") Iran informe the /genc.) in a letter to Iran ate 20 October 2011) re1+este f+rther access to B7.!O"#2011#$5 ...+rs+ant to the relevant resol+tions of the (oar of !overnors an the *ec+rit. safeg+ar s& %%& 5raniu$ %on(ersion Facility+ On 18 October 2011) the /genc. 2ith respect to '00) the 9IN 8acilit. processing an.ro4ects 2:& -ontrar. In a letter to the /genc. ate 15 +ction . (200. 2ea(y 3ater Related . Re1rocessin# Acti(ities 28& .b en+m) Io ine an Nenon 0a ioisotope . has contin+e to monitor the +se of hot cells at '00 an the 9ol. has . has access that the /genc.) at Esfahan 2hich) as escribe belo2) are in contravention of those obligations) altho+gh both facilities are +n er /genc. +rani+m targets& 2: *#0E*#1. is not c+rrentl. 2008) Iran state that it D oes not have reprocessing activitiesE& In that conteAt) the /genc. 2ater mo erate research reactor) the Iran N+clear 0esearch 0eactor (I0640 0eactor)) 2hich is s+bGect to /genc.

reporte ) Iran informe the /genc. . 2o+l be shippe to '00 for irra iation an post6irra iation anal. sche +le to start on $ *eptember 2011) ha been postpone an 2o+l not involve the +se of n+clear material& %4& /s previo+sl. >g of +rani+m in the form of 3O-%1 an pro +ce abo+t 185&$ >g of nat+ral +rani+m in the form of 3O2) an f+rther in icate that some of the pro +ct ha been fe bac> into the process& In a letter ate 8 October 2011) Iran informe the /genc. 2011) it ha fe into the process :58&. receive ne2 information& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 %1 %2 %% 'his 2as ta>en from Iran?s stoc>pile of importe 3O. for testing p+rposes& G. that a fresh f+el ro of nat+ral 3O2 man+fact+re at 89. at 89.lant+ /s previo+sl. ate %1 9a.& On 22 October 2011) the /genc. estr+ctive testing on the ro an that onl. concerne abo+t the possible eAistence in Iran of +n isclose n+clear relate activities involving militar. to pro +ce f+el pellets) 2hich 2o+l then be sent to '00 for Dperformance test st+ iesE& %5& In a letter ate 4 October 2011) Iran informe the /genc. to pro +ce test pellets& Iran has also starte +sing 38$ enriche to %&%4J 362%5 to pro +ce 3O2& D+ring the DI") Iran f+rther informe the /genc. reporte ) in a DIH for 89. that $&8 >g of D3 in the form of 38$ ha been processe an that Iran ha pro +ce 11% g of +rani+m in the form of 3O2 that met its specifications& /ccor ing to Iran) this 3O2 has been sent to 89.lant for the pro +ction of nat+ral +rani+m in the form of 3O2& D+ring the DI" on 18 October 2011) the / +ction . in or er to Dcon +ct research activities an pellet fabricationE& %$& Fuel 6anufacturin# .pe f+el ro containing nat+ral 3O2 that ha been man+fact+re at 89. imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme an actions re1+ire of Iran to resolve these&%% *ince 2002) the /genc. that) since 2% =+l.loa for a missile) abo+t 2hich the /genc. of the postponement of the pro +ction of nat+ral 38$) involving the +se of +rani+m ore concentrate (3O-) pro +ce at the (an ar /bbas 3rani+m . carrie o+t an inspection an a DI" at 89. that it ha transferre abo+t 1 >g of this 3O2 to the 0ID section of 89. that this 3O2 2o+l also be sent to 89.& In a letter ate %0 /+g+st 2011) Iran informe the /genc. the Director !eneral have i entifie o+tstan ing iss+es relate to possible militar. sche +le to restart on 2% October 2011& In a letter ate 11 October 2011) Iran informe the /genc.revio+s reports b. that) from 11 November 2011) it inten e to +se 3O.!O"#2011#$5 . has become increasingl. relate organiCations) incl+ ing activities relate to the evelopment of a n+clear pa. too> a sample of this 3O-& D+ring the same DI") Iran informe the /genc. in =+l. that Dfor the time beingE it ha no plans to con +ct +ce at the (an ar /bbas 3rani+m .(!O"#200%#.5) /nneA I) para& 8)& !O"#2010#4$) para& 2$& !O"#2011#2:) para& %5< !O"#2011#.) /ttachment< !O"#2010#10) paras 40@45< !O"#200:#55) paras 18@25< !O"#2008#%8) paras 14@21< !O"#2008#15) paras 14@25 an /nneA< !O"#2008#4) paras %5@42& .lant) originall.ossible 6ilitary Di$ensions %8& .ro +ction . an confirme that Iran ha starte to install some e1+ipment for the fabrication of f+el for '00&%2 D+ring the inspection) the /genc. verifie five f+el plates containing nat+ral 3%O8 that ha been pro +ce at the 0ID laborator.age . 2011 that it 2o+l start 0ID activities at 3-8 for the conversion of 38$ enriche +p to 5J 362%5 into 3O2& D+ring the aforementione DI") Iran informe the /genc. non6 estr+ctive testing 2o+l be con +cte at '00& %. 2011) Iran informe the /genc. carrie o+t an inspection an a DI" at '00 an confirme that) on 2% /+g+st 2011) Iran ha starte to irra iate a protot. has reg+larl.sis& On 15 October 2011) the /genc. this conversion line) originall.

on all o+tstan ing iss+es) partic+larl.stematic approach to information anal. informe & In line 2ith that statement) the /nneA to this report provi es a etaile anal. those 2hich give rise to concerns abo+t the possible militar. -o+ncil reaffirme Iran?s obligations to ta>e the steps re1+ire b. the (oar of !overnors in its resol+tions !O"#200$#14 an !O"#200:#82) an to cooperate f+ll. to ate 2hich has given rise to concerns abo+t possible militar. applications) others are specific to n+clear 2eapons& 45& 'he information in icates that prior to the en of 200% the above activities too> place +n er a str+ct+re programme& 'here are also in ications that some activities relevant to the evelopment of a n+clear eAplosive evice contin+e after 200%) an that some ma. on this matter& 40& 'he Director !eneral) in his opening remar>s to the (oar of !overnors on 12 *eptember 2011) state that in the near f+t+re he hope to set o+t in greater etail the basis for the /genc.sis itself is base on a str+ct+re an s. provi ing access 2itho+t ela. relate in ivi +als an entities (/nneA) *ections -&1 an -&2)< Efforts to evelop +n eclare *ection -&%)< path2a. to be) overall) cre ible& 'he information comes from a 2i e variet. imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme) incl+ ing b. militar.sis 2hich the /genc. +ses in its eval+ation of safeg+ar s implementation in all *tates 2ith comprehensive safeg+ar s agreements in force& 'his approach involves) inter alia) the i entification of in icators of the eAistence or evelopment of the processes associate 2ith n+clear6relate activities) incl+ ing 2eaponiCation& 42& 'he information 2hich serves as the basis for the /genc. November 200:)& *#0E*#1:2:) paras 2 an %& . imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme& 41& 'he anal.age 8 %:& 'he (oar of !overnors has calle on Iran on a n+mber of occasions to engage 2ith the /genc.s for the pro +ction of n+clear material (/nneA) oc+mentation from a 'he ac1+isition of n+clear 2eapons evelopment information an clan estine n+clear s+ppl. still be ongoing& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 %4 %5 9ost recentl. net2or> (/nneA) *ection -&4)< an 7or> on the evelopment of an in igeno+s esign of a n+clear 2eapon incl+ ing the testing of components (/nneA) *ections -&5@-&12)& 44& 7hile some of the activities i entifie in the /nneA have civilian as 2ell as militar. the /genc.sis of the information available to the /genc. s+bstantive 2a. 2ith the /genc.?s anal. in !O"#200:#82 (2.?s o2n efforts an from information provi e b. in an. imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme&%4 In resol+tion 1:2: (2010)) the *ec+rit. to all sites) e1+ipment) persons an oc+ments re1+este b.&%5 *ince /+g+st 2008) Iran has not engage 2ith the /genc.!O"#2011#$5 .sis an concerns) as i entifie in the /nneA) is assesse b. the /genc. on the resol+tion of all o+tstan ing iss+es in or er to eAcl+ e the eAistence of possible militar. of in epen ent so+rces) incl+ ing from a n+mber of 9ember *tates) from the /genc. Iran itself& It is consistent in terms of technical content) in ivi +als an organiCations involve ) an time frames& 4%& 'he information in icates that Iran has carrie o+t the follo2ing activities that are relevant to the evelopment of a n+clear eAplosive evice: • • • • Efforts) some s+ccessf+l) to proc+re n+clear relate an +al +se e1+ipment an materials b.Os concerns so that all 9ember *tates 2o+l be >ept f+ll.

carrie o+t a . cooperation 2ith the /genc.& /s reporte previo+sl. implementing its / itional .art to its *afeg+ar s /greement&%8 I.#22) 2% 9a. the (oar on 21 November 200% an signe b. Iran in 200%) remains in force& Iran is f+rther bo+n b. 200$& 'his material ha been +n er /genc. is implementing a comprehensive safeg+ar s agreement b+t 2hich is not implementing the provisions of the mo ifie -o e %&1&%$ 'he /genc. to the relevant resol+tions of the (oar of !overnors an the *ec+rit. is still a2aiting receipt from Iran of +p ate esign information for the I0640 0eactor) an f+rther information p+rs+ant to statements it has ma e concerning the planne constr+ction of ne2 +rani+m enrichment facilities an the esign of a reactor similar to '00&%. re1+ests for Iran to confirm or provi e f+rther information regar ing its statements concerning its intention to constr+ct ne2 n+clear facilities is that it 2o+l provi e the /genc. -o+ncil resol+tion 1:2: (2010) to Dcompl. 2ill not be in a position to provi e cre ible ass+rance abo+t the absence of +n eclare n+clear material an activities in Iran +nless an +ntil Iran provi es the necessar.< nor is there a mechanism in the *afeg+ar s /greement for the s+spension of provisions agree to in the *+bsi iar. Additional . Iran on 18 December 200%) altho+gh it has not been bro+ght into force& Iran provisionall. 200. (=BF) to verif.rotocol bet2een December 200% an 8ebr+ar.& %.age : 2. esign) constr+ction an commissioning phases& Iran remains the onl.?s meas+rement of this material 2as 1:&8 >g less than the operator?s eclaration of 2. >g& In a letter ate 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 %$ In accor ance 2ith /rticle %: of Iran?s *afeg+ar s /greement) agree *+bsi iar. operative paragraph 5 of *ec+rit. seal since 200%& 40 41 !O"#200%#.0&. /rrangements cannot be change +nilaterall. an 2itho+t 1+alification 2ith its I/E/ *afeg+ar s /greement) incl+ ing thro+gh the application of mo ifie -o e %&1E& !O"#2010#4$) para& %2& *ee para& 2.) Iran?s response to /genc.rotocol 48& -ontrar.)) the mo ifie -o e %&1) as agree to b. Desi#n Infor$ation 4$& 'he mo ifie -o e %&1 of the *+bsi iar. /rrangements !eneral . of esign information for ne2 facilities as soon as the ecision to constr+ct) or to a+thoriCe constr+ction of) a ne2 facilit. the mo ifie -o e %&1 of the *+bsi iar. %8 %: Iran?s / itional . /rrangements !eneral .an 9+ltip+rpose 0esearch Faborator. -o+ncil) Iran is not implementing its / itional . f+ll. *tate 2ith significant n+clear activities in 2hich the /genc.rotocol 2as approve b.5) paras 20@25 an /nneA 1< !O"#2004#%4) para& %2) an /nneA) paras 10@12< !O"#2004#$0) para& %%) an /nneA) paras 1@. Iran bet2een 1::5 an 2002&40)41 'he /genc.I" at the =abr Ibn to Iran?s *afeg+ar s /greement provi es for the s+bmission to the /genc. in the proGect efinition) preliminar. eAplaine in the Director !eneral?s reports (see e&g& !O"#200.& . has been ta>en) 2hichever is the earlier& 'he mo ifie -o e %&1 also provi es for the s+bmission of f+ller esign information as the esign is evelope earl.rotocol&%: 7. of this report an !O"#2011#2:) para& %.rotocol& 'he /genc.) incl+ ing b.) inter alia) n+clear material) in the form of nat+ral +rani+m metal an process 2aste) relate to the conversion eAperiments carrie o+t b. 2ith the re1+ire information in D +e timeE rather than as re1+ire b. Ot'er 6atters 4:& In /+g+st 2011) the /genc. 4. /rrangements& 'herefore) as previo+sl.!O"#2011#$5 . implemente its / itional .

informe the /genc. -o+ncil resol+tions) to ta>e steps to2ar s the f+ll implementation of its *afeg+ar s /greement an its other obligations) incl+ ing: implementation of the provisions of its / itional . the eAtensive information available to it) the /genc.!O"#2011#$5 .o2er . imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme as i entifie in the /nneA to this report& 55& 'he /genc. not implementing its / itional .() in or er to con +ct a research proGectE& /s of 15 October 2011) this activit. to resolve this iscrepanc. for the p+rpose of provi ing clarifications regar ing possible militar. fin s the information to be) overall) cre ible& 'he information in icates that Iran has carrie o+t activities relevant to the evelopment of a n+clear eAplosive evice& 'he information also in icates that prior to the en of 200%) these activities too> place +n er a str+ct+re programme) an that some activities ma. still be ongoing& 54& !iven the concerns i entifie above) Iran is re1+este to engage s+bstantivel.& itional information on this matter& 'he /genc. an to its *afeg+ar s /greement< s+spension of enrichment relate activities< s+spension of heav. i entifie recent . the non6 iversion of eclare n+clear material at the n+clear facilities an FO8s eclare b. *ec+rit. as 1::2) that paragraph 2 of IN8-I0-#15% (-orr&)) 2hich correspon s to /rticle 2 of Iran?s *afeg+ar s /greement) a+thoriCes an re1+ires the /genc. contin+es to verif. to see> to verif. Iran +n er its *afeg+ar s /greement) as Iran is not provi ing the necessar.I" at =BF& +ring the 5$& 'he Director !eneral +rges Iran) as re1+ire in the bin ing resol+tions of the (oar of !overnors an man ator. 2itho+t ela. 2ater relate activities< an ) as referre to above) a ressing the /genc. ha . is 2or>ing 2ith Iran 50& /s previo+sl. has serio+s concerns regar ing possible militar. carrie o+t an inspection at the (+shehr N+clear . cooperation) incl+ ing b. imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme& /fter assessing caref+ll. /rrangements !eneral . note that the reactor 2as in operation& Iran s+bse1+entl. 2ith the /genc. of its intention to Dtransfer some of spent f+el assemblies (BE3 Phigh enriche +rani+mQ -ontrol 8+el Element (-8E) an *tan ar 8+el Element (*8E)) from spent f+el pool (R9.rotocol) the /genc. "u$$ary 52& 7hile the /genc. imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme) in or er to establish international confi ence in the eAcl+sivel. that the reactor has since been sh+t o2n for ro+tine maintenance& to begin& 51& On 2 an % October 2011) the /genc.?s serio+s concerns abo+t possible militar. both the non6 iversion of n+clear material from eclare activities (i&e& correctness) an the absence of +n eclare n+clear activities in the *tate (i&e& completeness) (see) for eAample) !O"#O0&8$4) para& 4:)& .rotocol< implementation of the mo ifie -o e %&1 of the *+bsi iar. is 2or>ing 2ith Iran 2ith a vie2 to resolving the iscrepanc. peacef+l nat+re of Iran?s n+clear programme& 5.age 10 2 November 2011) Iran provi e a to tr. is +nable to provi e cre ible ass+rance abo+t the absence of +n eclare n+clear material an activities in Iran) an therefore to concl+ e that all n+clear material in Iran is in peacef+l activities&42 5%& 'he /genc.lant) +ring 2hich the /genc. reporte ) in a letter ate 1: =+ne 2011) Iran informe the /genc.E) to reactor core (R9.& 'he Director !eneral 2ill contin+e to report as appropriate& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 42 'he (oar has confirme on n+mero+s occasions) since as earl.

rotocol 2as approve b. imensions< *ection () 2hich provi es a general escription of the so+rces of information available to the /genc. 200$) Iran notifie the /genc.rotocol to its *afeg+ar s /greement (2hich it i in December 200% follo2ing (oar approval of the teAt)) an that) prior to its entr. the (oar of !overnors on 21 November 200%) an signe on behalf of Iran an the /genc. confirme a n+mber of significant fail+res on the part of Iran to meet its obligations +n er its *afeg+ar s /greement 2ith respect to the reporting of n+clear material) the processing an +se of +n eclare n+clear material an the fail+re to eclare facilities 2here the n+clear material ha been receive ) store an processe &2 *pecificall. 2istorical O(er(ie/ 2& *ince late 2002) the Director !eneral has reporte to the (oar of !overnors on the /genc.) it 2as iscovere that) as earl.#22) para& 12)& !O"#200%#.5) /nneA 1< !O"#2004#8%) paras 85@8$& !O"#200%#. access to locations the /genc.0s an earl. change reports) provi e esign information 2ith respect to facilities 2here the +n eclare activities ha ta>en place an ma e n+clear 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 1 2 % 4 5 $ !O"#200%#40) para& %& !O"#200%#40) para& %2< !O"#200%#. of that information< an *ection -) 2hich reflects the /genc. 1:80s) an contin+ing into the 1::0s an 2000s) Iran ha +se +n eclare n+clear material for testing an eAperimentation in several +rani+m conversion) enrichment) fabrication an irra iation activities) incl+ ing the separation of pl+toni+m) at +n eclare locations an facilities&% 4& In October 200%) Iran informe the Director !eneral that it ha a opte a polic. 200%) 2hich provi es for the s+bmission of esign information on ne2 n+clear facilities as soon as the ecision to constr+ct or to a+thoriCe constr+ction of s+ch a facilit. 2ater pro +ction plant at /ra>&1 %& (et2een 200% an 2004) the /$$e 1& 'his /nneA consists of three *ections: *ection /) 2hich provi es an historical overvie2 of the /genc. is ta>en&5 In November 200%) Iran anno+nce its intention to sign an / itional .5) para& 48< !O"#2004#8%) paras 85@8$< !O"#2005#$.sis of the information available to it in the conteAt of relevant in icators of the eAistence or evelopment of processes associate 2ith n+clear6relate activities) incl+ ing 2eaponiCation& A. on 18 December 200% (!O"#2004#11) para& 5)& In to 2hich it agree in 8ebr+ar.?s concerns abo+t the nat+re of Iran?s n+clear programme& *+ch concerns coinci e 2ith the appearance in open so+rces of information 2hich in icate that Iran 2as b+il ing a large +n ergro+n n+clear relate facilit.rotocol&$ 5& (et2een 200% an earl. of f+ll isclos+re an ha eci e to provi e the /genc. 2ith a f+ll pict+re of its n+clear activities&4 8ollo2ing that anno+ncement) Iran grante the /genc.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA . re1+este to visit) provi e information an clarifications in relation to the origin of importe e1+ipment an components an ma e in ivi +als available for intervie2s& It also contin+e to implement the mo ifie -o e %&1 of the *+bsi iar.5) paras 1% an 15& !O"#200%#40) para& $& Iran stoppe implementing the mo ifie -o e %&1 in 9arch 200. as the late 1:. an its assessment of the cre ibilit.rotocol (!O"#200$#15) para& %1)& . 200$) Iran s+bmitte inventor. /rrangements !eneral .?s efforts to resolve 1+estions abo+t the scope an nat+re of Iran?s n+clear programme) in partic+lar regar ing concerns abo+t possible militar. (!O"#200.5) para& 18& 'he / itional . that it 2o+l no longer implement the provisions of the / itional . into force) Iran 2o+l act in accor ance 2ith the provisions of that . at NatanC an a heav.ossible 6ilitary Di$ensions to Iran!s )uclear .) para& 4& !O"#200%#.age 1 A))&9 .?s anal.

2008) Iran s+bmitte to the /genc. contin+e to receive a itional information from 9ember *tates an ac1+ire ne2 information as a res+lt of its o2n efforts& 'he /genc. to be either close ) complete or no longer o+tstan ing11& 'he remaining iss+es 2hich nee e to be clarifie b. ha share 2ith it (s+ch as ac>no2le gement of names of people) places an organiCations)) Iran?s assessment 2as foc+se on eficiencies in form an format) an ismisse the allegations as having been base on Dforge E oc+ments an Dfabricate E ata&14 :& 'he /genc.: the circ+mstances of Iran?s ac1+isition of the +rani+m metal oc+ment) proc+rement an research an evelopment (0ID) activities of militar. referre to as the D2or> planE) (IN8-I0-#. in light of Iran?s a missions concerning its contacts 2ith the clan estine n+clear s+ppl. 2008) the fo+r items i entifie in the 2or> plan as Dpast o+tstan ing iss+esE) an the t2o items i entifie as Dother o+tstan ing iss+esE) ha been etermine b.age 2 material available for /genc. an 9a. the /genc. an the earl.) para& $< !O"#200.#58) para& 25& . share 2ith Iran information (incl+ ing oc+mentation) on the allege st+ ies) an so+ght clarifications from Iran&1% In 9a. 1::0s) an that) in 1:8. verification& Iran also ac>no2le ge that it ha +tiliCe entities 2ith lin>s to the 9inistr.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA .#58) paras 18) 2%) 25< !O"#2008#4) paras 11) 18) 24) %4& !O"#2008#15) paras 14@15) 25& !O"#2008#15) para& 1$& !O"#2008#%8) para& 15& 10 11 12 1% 14 .a>istan confirme ) in response to an /genc.) Iran an the /genc. agree on D3n erstan ings of the Islamic 0ep+blic of Iran an the I/E/ on the 9o alities of 0esol+tion of the O+tstan ing Iss+esE (generall.) in 2hich reference 2as also ma e to a reconversion +nit 2ith casting e1+ipment&8 Iran f+rther ac>no2le ge that it ha receive a pac>age of information relate to centrif+ge enrichment technolog. 8 !O"#2004#11) para& %. trie 2itho+t s+ccess to engage Iran in isc+ssions 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 . b. a 9ember *tate& 'his last information) collectivel. page assessment of that information& 7hile Iran confirme the veracit. vehicle to accommo ate a ne2 pa. participants in that net2or> an information 2hich ha been provi e to the /genc. contin+e to see> clarification of iss+es 2ith respect to the scope an nat+re of Iran?s n+clear programme) partic+larl. 2008) p+rs+ant to the 2or> plan) the /genc. net2or> in 1:8.& In /+g+st 200. in1+ir. 8ebr+ar. Iran relate to the allege st+ ies) together 2ith other matters 2hich ha arisen in the co+rse of resolving the siA other iss+es an 2hich nee e to be a resse in connection 2ith the allege st+ ies) specificall. companies belonging to efence in +stries&12 8& (et2een 8ebr+ar. in 2005) in icate that Iran ha been engage in activities involving st+ ies on a so6calle green salt proGect) high eAplosives testing an the re6engineering of a missile re6entr. relate instit+tes an companies that co+l be n+clear relate < an the pro +ction of n+clear e1+ipment an components b.& Iran has state that the interme iaries offere the reconversion +nit 2ith casting e1+ipment on their o2n initiative) not at the re1+est of the /EOI& Iran also state that it i not receive the reconversion +nit (!O"#2005#$. referre to as the Dallege st+ ies oc+mentationE) 2hich 2as ma e >no2n to the /genc.) it ha receive a han 2ritten one page oc+ment offering assistance 2ith the evelopment of +rani+m centrif+ge enrichment technolog. Iran ac>no2le ge that it ha ha contacts 2ith interme iaries of a clan estine n+clear s+ppl. a 11. of some of the information 2hich the /genc.11)& (. imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme& .) para& 14)& : !O"#2005#8.loa &10 /ll of this information) ta>en together) gave rise to concerns abo+t possible militar. +n eclare activities&. that also incl+ e a 15 page oc+ment (hereafter referre to as the D+rani+m metal oc+mentE) 2hich Iran sai it i not as> for an 2hich escribes) inter alia) processes for the conversion of +rani+m fl+ori e compo+n s into +rani+m metal an the pro +ction of hemispherical enriche +rani+m metallic components&: $& 'he /genc.a>istan (!O"#2008#15) para& 24)& !O"#200$#15) para& %8& !O"#200.) that an i entical oc+ment eAiste in . of Defence in some of its previo+sl. net2or>) information provi e b.

is still a2aiting s+bstantive responses from Iran to /genc. %redibility of Infor$ation 12& /s in icate in paragraph $ above) among the information available to the /genc.ear (!O"#2010#4$) para& %%)& 20 21 22 !O"#2010#4$) para& 18& !O"#2011#54) para& 4%& 8+rther specific eAamples are escribe belo2 in *ection .) the /genc.) that it ha eci e to constr+ct ten a itional enrichment facilities (the locations for five of 2hich ha alrea .@1.lant)&1. Iran in the conteAt of those verification activities&22 Importantl. 18 1: !O"#2010#$2) paras %4@%5& !O"#2008#%8) para& 11& !O"#200:#. imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme&21 . from the isc+ssions 2ith these in ivi +als is consistent 2ith the 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 15 1$ 1. compleA an interconnecte nat+re) sho2ing research) evelopment an testing activities over time& It also contains 2or>ing level correspon ence consistent 2ith the a. has been able) not2ithstan ing Iran?s lac> of engagement) to refine its anal. net2or> (see paragraph %5 belo2)& 'he information obtaine b.)18 'he /genc. has contin+e to receive) collect an eval+ate information relevant to possible militar. the information it ha provi e ) to 1+estion the 9ember *tate abo+t the forensics it ha carrie o+t on the oc+mentation an the information reflecte in it) an to obtain more information on the +n erl.&20 11& 'he /genc. been i entifie )1: an that it possesse laser enrichment technolog. imensions to Iran?s n+clear programme& /s a itional information has become available to the /genc.) the /genc.age % abo+t the information) an information&15 finall. in ivi +als sai to have been involve in the allege activities) financial recor s) oc+ments reflecting health an safet.?s practice) that information has been caref+ll.& !O"#2010#10) para& %1< !O"#2010#28) para& %1< !O"#2010#4$) para& %1& !O"#2010#10) para& %%& In /+g+st 2010) Iran informe the /genc. re1+ests for f+rther information abo+t its anno+ncements) in 200: an 2010 respectivel. is the allege st+ ies oc+mentation: a large vol+me of oc+mentation (incl+ ing correspon ence) reports) vie2 graphs from presentations) vi eos an engineering ra2ings)) amo+nting to over a tho+san pages& 'he information reflecte in that oc+mentation is of a technicall.ear (9arch 2011) or the beginning of the neAt . has also ha irect isc+ssions 2ith a n+mber of in ivi +als 2ho 2ere involve in relevant activities in Iran) incl+ ing) for eAample) an intervie2 2ith a lea ing fig+re in the clan estine n+clear s+ppl. verification activities an information provi e b. arrangements) an other oc+ments emonstrating man+fact+ring techni1+es for certain high eAplosive components& 'his information reinforces an ten s to corroborate the information reflecte in the allege st+ ies oc+mentation) an relates to activities s+bstantiall. 2rote to Iran in October 2010 to inform it abo+t this a itional 10& (et2een 200. in a timel. near Hom (the 8or o2 8+el Enrichment . that the constr+ction of one of these facilities 2as to start at the en of the c+rrent Iranian . eAamine & 'he /genc. not informing the /genc. to a. has receive information from more than ten 9ember *tates& 'his has incl+ e proc+rement information) information on international travel b.) the res+lts of /genc.of this /nneA& . an criticall. manner of the ecision to constr+ct or to a+thoriCe constr+ction of a ne2 n+clear po2er plant at Dar>hovin1$ an a thir enrichment facilit.sis of possible so+rces& 1%& In a ition to the allege st+ ies oc+mentation) the /genc.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA . has also ha several meetings 2ith the 9ember *tate to clarif. has ac1+ire information as a res+lt of its o2n efforts) incl+ ing p+blications an articles ac1+ire thro+gh open so+rce research) satellite imager. implementation of a formal programme& -onsistent 2ith the /genc. be.on those i entifie in that oc+mentation& 14& In a ition to the information referre to in paragraphs 12 an 1% above) the /genc. an 2010) Iran contin+e to conceal n+clear activities) b.4) paras . the /genc.

?s abilit.sis of Iran?s n+clear programme on an ac1+isition path involving high enriche +rani+m (BE3)& (ase on in icators observe b. 9ember *tates 2hich in icates that the activities referre to in *ections -&2 to -&12 2ere) at least for some significant perio of time) manage thro+gh a programme str+ct+re) assiste b.& 8or ease of reference) the fig+re belo2 epicts) in s+mmar. in connection 2ith efforts to resolve the /genc. fin s the information +pon 2hich . 9ember *tates) an that ac1+ire thro+gh its o2n efforts) in terms of time frames an technical content& 15& /s in icate in paragraph 8 above) Iran has ac>no2le ge certain information reflecte in the allege st+ ies oc+mentation& Bo2ever) man.& 7ithin its n+clear programme) Iran has evelope the .!O"#2011#$5 /nneA .of this /nneA is base to be) overall) cre ible& %. )uclear &:1losi(e De(elo1$ent Indicators 1.sis pertinent to the evelopment of an BE3 implosion evice& %.?s 2or> has concentrate on an anal. form) 2hat the /genc. has) to ate) foc+se its anal. a visor. Iran prior to the en of 200%& 'he /genc. Iran) an thro+gh its o2n en eavo+rs) the /genc. +n erstan s of the programme str+ct+re) an a ministrative changes in that str+ct+re over the . bo ies) an that) o2ing to the importance of these efforts) senior Iranian fig+res feat+re 2ithin this comman str+ct+re& 8rom anal. has been able to constr+ct 2hat it believes to be a goo +n erstan ing of activities +n erta>en b.?s general >no2le ge of the Iranian n+clear programme an its historical evol+tion) the /genc. of the ans2ers given b. goo +n erstan ing of activities in Iran after the en of 200% is re +ce ) +e to the more limite information available to the /genc. the /genc. Iran to 1+estions pose b. consi ering reprocessing irra iate n+clear f+el to eAtract pl+toni+m)2% the /genc. has been provi e 2ith information b.sis of this information an information provi e b. Iran itself& It is overall consistent in terms of technical content) in ivi +als an organiCations involve an time frames& (ase on these consi erations) an in light of the /genc. in icators that Iran is$$e $ana#e$ent structure 18& 'he /genc. of in epen ent so+rces) incl+ ing from a n+mber of 9ember *tates) from the /genc.?s concerns have been imprecise an #or incomplete) an the information has been slo2 in coming an sometimes contra ictor. to enrich +rani+m to a level of +p to 20J 362%5) eclare to be for +se as f+el in research reactors& In the absence of an. the /genc.ears& /ttachment 1 to this /nneA provi es f+rther etails) erive from that information) abo+t the organiCational arrangements an proGects 2ithin that programme str+ct+re& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 2% Nevertheless) there are) an have been in the past) activities in Iran relevant to the pro +ction of pl+toni+m& .age 4 information provi e b.?s concerns) rather than ispel them& 1$& /s in icate above) the information consoli ate an presente in this /nneA comes from a 2i e variet.?s o2n efforts an from information provi e b. +n eclare parts of Iran?s n+clear programme) have ten e to increase the /genc. 2004 (see paragraph 1: belo2)) an a pattern of late or after the fact ac>no2le gement of the eAistence of previo+sl. in connection 2ith Iran?s n+clear activities) the /genc. to constr+ct an e1+all.& 'his) combine 2ith events s+ch as the ismantling of the Favisan6*hian site in late 200%#earl.1. .

lanE& 9ohsen 8a>hriCa eh (9ahaba i) 2as the EAec+tive Officer of the /9/D .age 5 9inistr. (!O"#2004#$0) paras 42@4$< !O"#2004#8%) paras :$@105)& 2. 2000s) the .B0-)) an 2ere overseen) thro+gh a *cientific -ommittee) b. (93') Orchi Office) Orchi *cientific 0esearch -entre Instit+te of /pplie . of Defence /rme 8orces Fogistics (9OD/8F) E +cation 0esearch Instit+te (E0I) -reate in 1:8:#:0 to coor inate Defence 0ID *cientific -ommittee 2ith office at E0I 1:8: 1::8#:: 2002 2004 200$ /+g 2008 2010 8eb 2011 Organisation of Defensive Innovation an 0esearch (*.B0activities 2ere consoli ate +n er the D/9/D . of DefenceE& Iran has state f+rther that those activities 2ere stoppe in 1::8&25 In late 200%#earl.ossibl.B0. vehicle& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 24 25 !O"#2004#8%< !O"#200%#.sics 0esearch -entre (.roGects *ection for / vance Development -entres /pplications I 'echnologies (*/D/') . of Defence (!O"#2004#8%) paras 100@101)& 2$ /ccor ing to Iran) the site 2as cleare in 200%#2004 in or er to ret+rn the lan to the local m+nicipalit.lan 2as on Orchi *treet in 'ehran& is 'ehran 9ale> /shtar -ompleAes 3niversit. 9ember *tates) b. receive information from 9ember *tates 2hich in icates that) sometime after the commencement b.lan come from the allege st+ ies oc+mentation 2hich) as in icate in paragraph $ above) refer to st+ ies con +cte in three technical areas: the green salt proGect< high eAplosives (incl+ ing the evelopment of eAplo ing bri ge2ire etonators)< an re6engineering of the pa.lan . the Defence In +stries E +cation 0esearch Instit+te (E0I)) establishe to coor inate efence 0ID for the 9inistr.h.sics 0esearch -entre (. . so name beca+se one of the locations +se b.sics (I/.loa chamber of the *hahab % missile re6entr. of the etails of the 2or> sai to have been con +cte +n er the /9/D .lan) the eAec+tive affairs of 2hich 2ere performe b.lan appear to have been con +cte +ring 2002 an 200%& 21& 'he maGorit. 9ost of the activities carrie o+t +n er the /9/D .h. the late 1::0s or earl.2as create 2ith the p+rpose of Dprepare ness to combat an ne+traliCation of cas+alties +e to n+clear attac>s an acci ents (n+clear efence) an also s+pport an provi e scientific a vice an services to the 9inistr. of Defence /rme 8orces Fogistics (9OD/8F)& Iran has confirme that the . cleare the site&2$ 20& /ccor ing to information provi e b.ND) .) 2as also locate at that site) an that) altho+gh some of the biological activities contin+e there) the main obGective 2as to +se the capabilities of +niversities in Iran (in partic+lar at the 9ale> /shtar 3niversit. near Esfahan) for the e +cation an 0ID nee s of the 9inistr.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA .B0-) Departments /9/D .B0.sics (I/.h. the /9/D .2as establishe in 1:8: at Favisan6*hian) in 'ehran& Iran has state that the . 2004) Iran completel. Iran in the late 1:80s of covert proc+rement activities)24 organiCational str+ct+res an a ministrative arrangements for an +n eclare n+clear programme 2ere establishe an manage thro+gh the . the DOrchi OfficeE&2.) 1:& 'he /genc.5) /nneA 1& /t 2hich time) accor ing to Iran) the centre 2as change to the (iological *t+ ies -entre& Iran also state that) in 2002) the Instit+te of /pplie .

sit+ation in Ira1 an neighbo+ring co+ntries at that time) 2or> on the /9/D . . 2as not in a position to emonstrate to Iran the connection bet2een . several 9ember *tates that) for instance) Rimia 9aa an 2as a cover compan. in ivi +als associate 2ith the /9/D . the sensitive nat+re of the 2or> 2hich ha been +n erta>en& 24& 'he /genc.rocure$ent acti(ities 25& 3n er the /9/D . 2008) the /genc.2. activities) some 2ith possible n+clear applications& 'he 2or> in the */D/' -entres re2 on reso+rces at Iranian +niversities 2hich ha laboratories available to them an st+ ents to o the research& 2: 'he information in icates that) in his ne2 role) 9r 8a>hriCa eh merge the */D/' -entres into compleAes 2ithin 93') >no2n as D.lan 2hile also being +se to help 2ith proc+rement for the /tomic Energ. itself or been ma e >no2n to it&%2 /mong s+ch e1+ipment) materials an services are: high spee electronic s2itches an spar> gaps (+sef+l for triggering an firing etonators)< high spee cameras (+sef+l in eAperimental iagnostics)< ne+tron so+rces (+sef+l for calibrating ne+tron meas+ring e1+ipment)< ra iation etection an meas+ring e1+ipment (+sef+l in a n+clear material pro +ction environment)< an training co+rses on topics relevant to n+clear eAplosives evelopment (s+ch as ne+tron cross section calc+lations an shoc> 2ave interactions#h.roGect 5 an .lan 2ere res+me later) an that 9r 8a>hriCa eh retaine the principal organiCational role) first +n er a ne2 organiCation >no2n as the *ection for / vance Development /pplications an 'echnologies (*/D/') 28) 2hich contin+e to report to 9OD/8F) an later) in mi 62008) as the hea of the 9ale> /shtar 3niversit.lan) Iran?s efforts to proc+re goo s an services allege l.roGect 5 an .roGect 111) an hence a lin> bet2een n+clear material an a ne2 pa. has receive from 9ember *tates in icates that) o2ing to gro2ing concerns abo+t the international sec+rit. has been informe b. for chemical engineering operations +n er the /9/D .NDE& !O"#2008#4) para& %2< !O"#200$#15) para& %:& !O"#2008#4) para& 40& . p+rs+ant to a Dhalt or erE instr+ction iss+e in late 200% b. carrie o+t +n er the /9/D . OrganiCation of Iran (/EOI)&%1 2$& In a ition) thro+gho+t the entire timeline) instances of proc+rement an attempte proc+rement b.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA .namics)& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 28 'he information in icates that */D/' consiste of at least seven centres) each responsible for carr.?s assessment of the information containe in that oc+mentation) the green salt proGect (i entifie as .) the / o+t specific 0ID 2or>& 'he activities 2ere establishe as overt 2or> applicable to conventional militar. is concerne beca+se some of the activities +n erta>en after 200% 2o+l be highl.) e1+ipment an 2or> places 2ere either cleane or ispose of so that there 2o+l be little to i entif. private companies 2hich 2ere able to provi e cover for the real p+rpose of the proc+rements& 'he /genc. 2011) 9r 8a>hriCa eh move his seat of operations from 93' to an a Gacent location >no2n as the 9o Geh *ite) an that he no2 lea s the OrganiCation of Defensive Innovation an 0esearch&%0 'he /genc. vehicle st+ ies (i entifie as . relevant to a n+clear 2eapon programme& %.age $ 22& /ccor ing to the /genc. has been a vise b. has other information from 9ember *tates 2hich in icates that some activities previo+sl.lan 2as stoppe rather abr+ptl.roGect 111)& /s of 9a.roGect 5) to provi e a so+rce of +rani+m s+itable for +se in an +n isclose enrichment programme& 'he pro +ct of this programme 2o+l be converte into metal for +se in the ne2 2arhea 2hich 2as the s+bGect of the missile re6entr. ro .ar is 'ehranE& %0 %1 %2 Rno2n from its 8arsi initials as D*. of 'echnolog. the /genc.loa evelopment programme& 2%& Information the /genc.roGect 5&1%) 2as part of a larger proGect (i entifie as . a 9ember *tate that) in 8ebr+ar. 2as sho2n oc+ments 2hich establishe a connection bet2een .roGect 111& Bo2ever) s+bse1+entl. senior Iranian officials& /ccor ing to that information) ho2ever) staff remaine in place to recor an oc+ment the achievements of their respective proGects& *+bse1+entl.lan of e1+ipment) materials an services 2hich) altho+gh having other civilian applications) 2o+l be +sef+l in the evelopment of a n+clear eAplosive evice) have either been +ncovere b. (93') in 'ehran&2: 'he /genc. involve a n+mber of ostensibl.

)uclear co$1onents for an e:1losi(e de(ice %1& 8or +se in a n+clear evice) BE3 retrieve from the enrichment process is first converte to metal& 'he metal is then cast an machine into s+itable components for a n+clear core& %2& /s in icate in paragraph 5 above) Iran has ac>no2le ge that) along 2ith the han 2ritten one page oc+ment offering assistance 2ith the evelopment of +rani+m centrif+ge enrichment technolog.& In 2008) the Director !eneral informe the (oar that: it ha no information at that time S apart from the +rani+m metal oc+ment S on the act+al esign or man+fact+re b.) in icates that Iran ma e progress 2ith eAperimentation aime at the recover.a&%5 'he information in the Fib. eclare once the /genc.lan& 2:& Information ma e available to the /genc.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA . Iran to conceal activities involving n+clear material) create more concern abo+t the possible eAistence of +n eclare n+clear facilities an material in Iran& %.ilot 8+el Enrichment .) in 2hich reference is also ma e to a reconversion +nit 2ith casting e1+ipment) Iran also receive the +rani+m metal oc+ment 2hich escribes) inter alia) processes for the conversion of +rani+m compo+n s into +rani+m metal an the pro +ction of hemispherical enriche +rani+m metallic components& %%& 'he +rani+m metal oc+ment is >no2n to have been available to the clan estine n+clear s+ppl. a 9ember *tate) 2hich the / pac>age) 2hich 2as first revie2e b. 9ember *tates in icates that) altho+gh +rani+m 2as not +se ) >ilogram 1+antities of nat+ral +rani+m metal 2ere available to the /9/D . Iran of n+clear material components of a n+clear 2eapon or of certain other >e. the same net2or> to Fib.lant at NatanC an the 8or o2 8+el Enrichment .sics st+ ies)%% an that it ha not etecte the act+al +se of n+clear material in connection 2ith the allege st+ ies&%4 28& Bo2ever) as in icate in paragraph 22 above) information containe in the allege st+ ies oc+mentation s+ggests that Iran 2as 2or>ing on a proGect to sec+re a so+rce of +rani+m s+itable for +se in an +n isclose enrichment programme) the pro +ct of 2hich 2o+l be converte into metal for +se in the ne2 2arhea 2hich 2as the s+bGect of the missile re6entr.) an is also >no2n to be part of a larger pac>age of information 2hich incl+ es elements of a n+clear eAplosive esign& / similar pac>age of information) 2hich s+rface in 200%) 2as provi e b.< !O"#2004#12) paras %0@%2& %$ . components) s+ch as initiators) or on relate n+clear ph. of +rani+m from fl+ori e compo+n s (+sing lea oAi e as a s+rrogate material to avoi the possibilit. net2or> that provi e Iran 2ith assistance in eveloping its centrif+ge enrichment capabilit. Iran an onl. %. 2004) incl+ e etails on the esign an constr+ction of) an the man+fact+re of components for) a n+clear eAplosive evice&%$ %4& In a ition) a 9ember *tate provi e the /genc. vehicle st+ ies& / itional information provi e b.uisition 2. b. /genc.lant near Hom) 2ere covertl..<. of +ncontrolle contamination occ+rring in the 2or>place)& %0& In a ition) altho+gh no2 eclare an c+rrentl. +n er safeg+ar s) a n+mber of facilities e icate to +rani+m enrichment (the 8+el Enrichment . 2as ma e a2are of their eAistence b. members of the net2or> at ifferent locations& 'hat collection incl+ e oc+ments seen in Fib. )uclear $aterial ac.age .0. eAperts in =an+ar.a) along 2ith more recent versions of those oc+ments) incl+ ing an +p6 ate electronic version of the +rani+m metal oc+ment& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 %% %4 %5 !O"#2008#15) para& 24& !O"#2008#%8) para& 21& 'he same net2or> 2as also the so+rce of an +nsolicite offer to Ira1 in 1::0 for the provision of information ealing 2ith centrif+ge enrichment an n+clear 2eapon man+fact+ring (!O"#IN8#1::8#$) *ection (&%)& !O"#2004#11) para& . so+rces other than Iran& 'his) ta>en together 2ith the past efforts b. eAperts 2ith access to a collection of electronic files from seiCe comp+ters belonging to >e. b+ilt b. has been able to eAamine irectl.lant an .

!O"#2011#$5 /nneA . is concerne that Iran ma.age 8 %5& In an intervie2 in n+clear eAplosive evice) an a itional component) >no2n as a m+ltipoint initiation s. 2ith a cop. 2ith a member of the clan estine n+clear s+ppl. Iran is nee e in connection 2ith the above& %. the t2o researchers at an international conference later in 2005&%8 (oth papers in icate that s+itable high voltage firing e1+ipment ha been ac1+ire or evelope b. has share 2ith Iran information provi e b.) Iran?s evelopment of s+ch etonators an e1+ipment is a matter of concern) partic+larl.stem referre to belo2& %.stem that can be +se to 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 %.6. is one at 2hich fissionable material is able to s+stain a chain reaction in s+ch a manner that the rate of reaction increases& . recogniCes that there eAist non6n+clear applications) albeit fe2) for etonators li>e E(7s) an of e1+ipment s+itable for firing m+ltiple etonators 2ith a high level of sim+ltaneit. an provi e the /genc.) a 9ember *tate provi e information in icating that) +ring the /9/D . Iran) +ring the perio 2002@200%) of fast f+nctioning etonators) >no2n as DeAplo ing bri ge2ire etonatorsE or DE(7sE as safe alternatives to the t. Detonator de(elo1$ent %8& 'he evelopment of safe) fast6acting etonators) an e1+ipment s+itable for firing the etonators) is an integral part of a programme to evelop an implosion t. net2or>) the /genc. of abo+t one microsecon 2hen firing t2o to three etonators together) n+clear evice& Incl+ e among the allege st+ ies oc+mentation are a n+mber of oc+ments relating to the evelopment b. 2ith a short +n ate oc+ment in 8arsi) +n erstoo to be the specifications for a etonator evelopment programme) an a oc+ment from a foreign so+rce sho2ing an eAample of a civilian application in 2hich etonators are fire sim+ltaneo+sl. an the /ir Defence In +stries !ro+p of 'ehran& D*+percriticalE ensit. 2or>) not involving n+clear material) for the fabrication of nat+ral an high enriche +rani+m metal components for a n+clear eAplosive evice 2as carrie o+t& %. Iran& /lso in 2008) Iran tol the /genc. t2o Iranian researchers at a conference hel in Iran in 2005& / similar paper 2as p+blishe b. achieve E(7 technolog. in connection 2ith the possible +se of the m+ltipoint initiation s. that it ha evelope E(7s for civil an conventional militar. net2or>& %$& / itionall.& Iran also provi e the /genc. the n+clear s+ppl. applications for s+ch technolog. a 9ember *tate 2hich in icates that Iran has ha access to information on the esign concept of a m+ltipoint initiation s.lan) preparator. 2as tol that Iran ha been provi e 2ith n+clear eAplosive esign information& 8rom information provi e to the /genc. Initiation of 'i#' e:1losi(es and associated e:1eri$ents 41& Detonators provi e point so+rce initiation of eAplosives) generating a nat+rall. of a paper relating to E(7 evelopment 2or> presente b. applications an ha achieve a sim+ltaneit. that) before the perio 2002@2004) it ha alrea .stem) can be +se to reshape the etonation 2ave into a converging smooth implosion to ens+re +niform compression of the core fissile material to s+percritical ensit.5.a b. have obtaine more a vance esign information than the information i entifie in 2004 as having been provi e to Fib.& Not2ithstan ing) given their possible application in a n+clear eAplosive evice) an the fact that there are limite civilian an conventional militar. are steps in the evelopment of an BE3 n+clear eAplosive evice) clarification of etonator escribe for +se in the n+clear evice esign referre to in paragraph %% above& %:& In 2008) Iran tol the /genc. +ring that intervie2) the /genc. iverging etonation 2ave& In an implosion t. %8 %: !O"#2008#15) para& 20& 'he a+thors of the papers have affiliations to 9ale> /shtar 3niversit.& Bo2ever) Iran has not eAplaine to the /genc.& %: 42& 'he /genc. its o2n nee or application for s+ch etonators& 40& 'he /genc.& /s the conversion of BE3 compo+n s into metal an the fabrication of BE3 metal components s+itable in siCe an 1+alit.

stem) s+ch as that escribe above) can be +se in a n+clear eAplosive evice& Bo2ever) Iran has not been 2illing to engage in isc+ssion of this topic 2ith the /genc.namicE is +se beca+se material is compresse an heate 2ith s+ch intensit. the same 9ember *tate in icates that the large scale high eAplosive eAperiments 2ere con +cte b. ro . in 2hich the same initiation s.loa into the chamber of the *hahab % missile re6entr. the 2or> of a foreign eApert 2ho 2as not onl.namic eAperiments can be esigne to sim+late the first stages of a n+clear eAplosion& In s+ch eAperiments) conventional high eAplosives are etonate to st+ .age : initiate effectivel. an sim+ltaneo+sl. the effects of the eAplosion on specific materials& 'he term Dh. has been informe b. Iran of the high eAplosives initiation s. vehicle (.lin rical geometr. ro .) in icates that Iran has man+fact+re sim+late n+clear eAplosive components +sing high ensit. 2ydrodyna$ic e:1eri$ents 4. step in a n+clear 2eapon evelopment programme is etermining 2hether a theoretical esign of an implosion evice) the behavio+r of 2hich can be st+ ie thro+gh comp+ter sim+lations) 2ill 2or> in practice& 'o that en ) high eAplosive tests referre to as Dh.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA .loa 2hich) accor ing to the allege st+ ies oc+mentation) 2ere given to the engineers 2ho 2ere st+ . has strong in ications that the evelopment b. has been able to confirm in epen entl. >no2le geable in these technologies) b+t 2ho) a 9ember *tate has informe the /genc. a high eAplosive charge over its s+rface&40 'he /genc. Iran in the region of 9arivan& 44& 'he /genc. to assist Iran in the evelopment of a facilit. b. Iran in at least one large scale eAperiment in 200% to initiate a high eAplosive charge in the form of a hemispherical shell& /ccor ing to that information) +ring that eAperiment) the internal hemispherical c+rve s+rface of the high eAplosive charge 2as monitore +sing a large n+mber of optical fibre cables) an the light o+tp+t of the eAplosive +pon etonation 2as recor e 2ith a high spee strea> camera& It sho+l be note that the imensions of the initiation s.=.roGect 111) (see *ection -&11 belo2)& 8+rther information provi e to the /genc. 2008) Iran state that the s+bGect 2as not +n erstan able to Iran an that Iran ha not con +cte an.stem an high eAplosive charge referre to in paragraph 4% above) albeit in connection 2ith non6n+clear applications& 'his 2or>) together 2ith other st+ ies ma e >no2n to the /genc. be replace 2ith s+rrogate materials&41 48& Information 2hich the /genc. ro .& One necessar.namic eAperimentsE are con +cte in 2hich fissile an n+clear components ma. that s+ch a esign concept eAists an the co+ntr. n+clear62eapon *tates that the specific m+ltipoint initiation concept is +se in some >no2n n+clear eAplosive evices& In its 11. has been provi e b. has revie2e p+blications b.namic e1+ationsE are +se to escribe the behavio+r of fl+i s& .ing ho2 to integrate the ne2 pa.stem is +se in c. b. the same 9ember *tate referre to in the previo+s paragraph escribes the m+ltipoint initiation concept referre to above as being +se b.sics an its applications& 45& 8+rthermore) the /genc.?s concern abo+t the activities escribe in this *ection erives from the fact that a m+ltipoint initiation s. 9ember *tates) some of 2hich the /genc. of origin of that esign concept& 8+rthermore) the /genc. that it begins to flo2 an miA li>e a fl+i ) an Dh.stem an the eAplosives +se 2ith it 2ere consistent 2ith the imensions for the ne2 pa. page s+bmission to the / referre to in the oc+ment& 4%& Information provi e to the /genc.) 2or>e for m+ch of his career 2ith this technolog. has been able to verif. in the n+clear 2eapon programme of the co+ntr. in 9a. thro+gh three separate ro+tes) incl+ ing the eApert himself) that this person 2as in Iran from abo+t 1::$ to abo+t 2002) ostensibl. materials s+ch as t+ngsten& 'hese components 2ere sai to have 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 40 !O"#2008#15) /nneA) *ection /&2) Doc+ment %& 41 B. activities of the t. an techni1+es for ma>ing +ltra6 isperse iamon s (D3DDsE or Dnano iamon sE)) 2here he also lect+re on eAplosion ph.stem) an its evelopment of the high spee iagnostic config+ration +se to monitor relate eAperiments) 2ere assiste b. of his origin& 'he /genc. ro . has receive information from t2o 9ember *tates that) after 200%) Iran engage in eAperimental research involving a scale o2n version of the hemispherical initiation s. has been able to eAamine irectl.) co+l also be relevant to improving an optimiCing the m+ltipoint initiation esign concept relevant to n+clear applications& 4$& 'he /genc.& %. this foreign eApert an has met 2ith him& 'he /genc.

of the compressive shoc> of the sim+late core of a n+clear evice& 4:& Other information 2hich the /genc.>. Iran is of partic+lar concern to the /genc. compleA) the /genc. ro . 2000s alleging that Iran 2as con +cting high eAplosive testing) possibl.archin militar. in connection 2ith compleA calc+lations relating to the state of criticalit.namic eAperiments s+ch as those escribe above) 2hich involve high eAplosives in conG+nction 2ith n+clear material or n+clear material s+rrogates) are strong in icators of possible 2eapon evelopment& In a ition) the +se of s+rrogate material) an #or confinement provi e b. 6odellin# and calculations 52& Information provi e to the /genc. b.0 >ilograms of high eAplosives) 2hich 2o+l be s+itable for carr. t2o 9ember *tates relating to mo elling st+ ies allege to have been con +cte in 2008 an 200: b. can be lin>e to other information receive b.& It is therefore essential that Iran engage 2ith the /genc. a chamber of the t. the / in icate above) co+l be +se to prevent contamination of the site 2ith n+clear material& It remains for Iran to eAplain the rationale behin these activities& %. obtaine information in 2005 from a 9ember *tate in icating that) in 1::. available at that time) the /genc. that there 2as nothing to s+pport this information& 'he /genc. an provi e an eAplanation& 5%& 'he /genc.) the /genc. high eAplosives& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 42 /n De1+ation of stateE is a thermo . ro 9onte -arlo metho olog.lin er an some of its esign feat+res (s+ch as its imensions)) an that it 2as esigne to contain the etonation of +p to .& /ccor ing to that information) the st+ ies involve the mo elling of spherical geometries) consisting of components of the core of an BE3 n+clear evice s+bGecte to shoc> compression) for their ne+tronic behavio+r at high ensit.age 10 incorporate small central cavities s+itable for the insertion of caps+les s+ch as those escribe in *ection -&: belo2& 'he en +se of s+ch components remains +nclear) altho+gh the. the foreign eApert referre to in paragraph 44 above) the /genc. ro .thing of relevance& 51& B. 2as permitte b. 2008) Iran a vise the /genc. 9ember *tates in icates that Iran constr+cte a large eAplosives containment vessel in 2hich to con +ct h.namics calc+lation centre& 'he /genc. has also been provi e 2ith information o+t the t. concerning eAperiments involving the +se of high spee iagnostic e1+ipment) incl+ ing flash N ra.archin militar. has been provi e b. obtaine from a 9ember *tate in the earl.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA .) representatives from Iran ha met 2ith officials from an instit+te in a n+clear62eapon *tate to re1+est training co+rses in the fiel s of ne+tron cross section calc+lations +sing comp+ter co es emplo.sical con itions (s+ch as temperat+re) press+re) vol+me or internal energ. a 9ember *tate in icating that) in 2005) arrangements 2ere ma e in Iran for setting +p proGects 2ithin */D/' centres (see *ection -&1 an /ttachment 1)) inter alia) to establish a ataban> for De1+ation of stateE information42 an a of eAperiments escribe in paragraph 4% above& 50& /s a res+lt of information the /genc. in association 2ith n+clear materials) at the .) to monitor the s. compleA& / large earth berm 2as s+bse1+entl.namic e1+ation escribing the state of matter +n er a given set of ph.lin rical obGect at a location at the .namic eAperiments& 'he eAplosives vessel) or chamber) is sai to have been p+t in place at . has seen& 'he application of s+ch st+ ies to an.lin er an a neighbo+ring b+il ing) in icating the probable +se of high eAplosives in the chamber& 'he /genc.) an shoc> 2ave interactions 2ith metals& In a letter ate 14 9a. has been able to confirm the ate of constr+ction of the c.iel & 'he information also i entifies mo els sai to have been +se in those st+ ies an the res+lts of these calc+lations) 2hich the /genc. i entifie a n+mber of areas of interest) none of 2hich) ho2ever) incl+ e the location no2 believe to contain the b+il ing 2hich ho+ses the eAplosives chamber mentione above< conse1+entl. constr+cte bet2een the b+il ing containing the c. of a soli sphere of +rani+m being compresse b.thing other than a n+clear eAplosive is +nclear to the /genc. has obtaine commercial satellite images that are consistent 2ith this information& 8rom in epen ent evi ence) incl+ ing a p+blication b.) an a etermination of the s+bse1+ent n+clear eAplosive .?s visits i not +ncover an. Iran to visit the site t2ice in 2005& 8rom satellite imager.)& .archin in 2000& / b+il ing 2as constr+cte at that time aro+n a large c. has also been provi e 2ith information from a ifferent 9ember *tate that) in 2005) a senior official in */D/' solicite assistance from *hahi (ehesti 3niversit.

has information provi e b. a ifferent 9ember *tate that these arrangements irectl.ear programme) from aro+n 200$ on2ar s) on the f+rther vali ation of the esign of this ne+tron so+rce) incl+ ing thro+gh the +se of a non6 n+clear material to avoi contamination& 5. a ifferent 9ember *tate that Iran ma. that 9ember *tate) is a oc+ment) in 8arsi) 2hich relates irectl. the /genc. also have eAperimente 2ith s+ch components in or er to assess their performance in generating ne+trons& *+ch components) if place in the centre of a n+clear core of an implosion t.& !iven the importance of ne+tron generation an transport) an their effect on geometries containing fissile materials in the conteAt of an implosion evice) Iran nee s to eAplain to the /genc. Iran +ring the perio 2002 to 200% +n er 2hat 2as >no2n as . its obGectives an capabilities in this fiel & %. o+t a test of a n+clear eAplosive evice& In partic+lar) the /genc.roGect 111& 8rom that information) the proGect appears to have consiste of a str+ct+re an comprehensive programme of engineering st+ ies to eAamine ho2 to integrate a ne2 spherical pa. an /mir Rabir 3niversit. also has information from a 9ember *tate that 2or> in this technical area ma. have contin+e in Iran after 2004) an that Iran embar>e on a fo+r .namic co es in the mo elling of Get formation 2ith shape (hollo2) charges& *+ch st+ ies are commonl. +se in reactor ph.?. are an in 2hat irection an at 2hat spee the. has information from a 9ember *tate that Iran has +n erta>en 2or> to man+fact+re small caps+les s+itable for +se as containers of a component containing n+clear material& 'he /genc. a 9ember *tate that Iran ma. are going& 44 8or eAample) the shape (hollo2) charge st+ ies sai b.11.10. eAperimentation 2hich 2o+l be +sef+l 2ere Iran to carr. net2or> allege l. %onductin# a test 58& 'he /genc. )eutron initiator 55& 'he /genc. n+clear62eapon *tates& %. has been informe b.sics or conventional or nance research44) b+t also have applications in the evelopment of n+clear eAplosives& %. over long istances bet2een a firing point an a test evice locate o2n a eep shaft& / itionall. into scientific literat+re p+blishe over the past eca e has reveale that Iranian 2or>ers) in partic+lar gro+ps of researchers at *hahi (ehesti 3niversit. 9ember *tates to have been carrie o+t b. provi e to Iran& 5$& 'he /genc. to the logistics an safet. of the motions an interactions of ne+trons 2ith materials 2hich are +se to see 2here the. have planne an +n erta>en preparator.) among the allege st+ ies oc+mentation provi e b.) have p+blishe papers relating to the generation) meas+rement an mo elling of ne+tron transport&4% 'he /genc.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA .namics to the mo elling of etonation in high eAplosives) an the +se of h.age 11 54& 0esearch n+clear evice an compresse ) co+l pro +ce a b+rst of ne+trons s+itable for initiating a fission chain reaction& 'he location 2here the eAperiments 2ere con +cte 2as sai to have been cleane of contamination after the eAperiments ha ta>en place& 'he esign of the caps+le) an the material associate 2ith it) are consistent 2ith the evice esign information 2hich the clan estine n+clear s+ppl. the -entre for 0esearch an Development of EAplosion an *hoc> 'echnolog. 2as also informe b. vehicle of the *hahab % missile& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 4% 'he mo elling of ne+tron transport refers to the st+ . for con +cting a n+clear test& 'he /genc. Inte#ration into a $issile deli(ery (e'icle 5:& 'he allege st+ ies oc+mentation contains eAtensive information regar ing 2or> 2hich is allege to have been con +cte b.) also >no2n as D9E'8/TE) have conventional militar. has also fo+n ) thro+gh open so+rce research) other Iranian p+blications 2hich relate to the application of etonation shoc> . reflect those 2hich have been +se in n+clear tests con +cte b. ro . has information that Iran has con +cte a n+mber of practical tests to see 2hether its E(7 firing e1+ipment 2o+l f+nction satisfactoril.loa into the eAisting pa.loa chamber 2hich 2o+l be mo+nte in the re6entr. applications (s+ch as for eveloping armo+r piercing proGectiles)) b+t can also be +se to evelop comp+ter co es 2hich can then be a apte to mo el n+clear eAplosives& . arrangements that 2o+l be necessar.

loa chamber& $1& D+ring these st+ ies) protot. are highl.roGect 111& $2& 'he allege st+ ies oc+mentation also sho2s that) as part of the activities +n erta>en 2ithin . has is in electronic format an so co+l have been manip+late ) an that it 2o+l have been eas. the *ecretariat to the 9ember *tates in the technical briefing 2hich too> place in 8ebr+ar. 2o+l stan +p to the vario+s stresses that 2o+l be enco+ntere on being la+nche an travelling on a ballistic traGector.loa chamber an its contents to eAamine ho2 the. vehicle 2ith the gro+n & Iran 2as sho2n this information) 2hich) in its 11.?s assessment as it 2as presente b. to fabricate&45 Bo2ever) the 1+antit. has st+ ie these reports eAtensivel. relevant to a n+clear 2eapon programme& components 2ere allege l.loa into the re6entr. or fabrication& 7hile the activities escribe as those of . 2o+l stan +p in practice to sim+late la+nch an flight stresses (so6calle Denvironmental testingE)& 'his 2or> 2o+l have complemente the engineering mo elling sim+lation st+ ies referre to in paragraph $0 above& /ccor ing to the information reflecte in the allege st+ ies oc+mentation) 2ithin .age 12 $0& /ccor ing to that oc+mentation) +sing a n+mber of commerciall. of man+fact+re components& $%& Iran has enie con +cting the engineering st+ ies) claiming that the oc+mentation 2hich the /genc. are both internall.?s vie2) it is not li>el.roGect 111 engineering st+ ies on the ne2 pa. to have been the res+lt of forger.) in conG+nction 2ith eAperts from 9ember *tates other than those 2hich ha provi e the information in 1+estion) carrie o+t an assessment of the possible nat+re of the ne2 pa. Fu*in#@ ar$in# and firin# syste$ $4& 'he allege st+ ies oc+mentation in icates that) as part of the st+ ies carrie o+t b. the engineering gro+ps +n er .12.roGect 111) some) albeit limite ) preparations 2ere also being +n erta>en to enable the assembl.loa an its chamber to engineering stress tests to see ho2 2ell the.loa to eAplo e both in the air above a target) or +pon impact of the re6entr. 2008& 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 45 !O"#2008#15) para& 22& . comprehensive an compleA that) in the /genc.roGect 111) consi eration 2as being given to s+bGecting the protot. be relevant to the evelopment of a non6n+clear pa.loa ) the. pa.stem that 2o+l enable the pa.roGect 111 to integrate the ne2 pa. to a target& It sho+l be note that the masses an imensions of components i entifie in information provi e to the /genc.loa option other than n+clear 2hich co+l also be eApecte to have an airb+rst option (s+ch as chemical 2eapons) co+l be r+le o+t& Iran 2as as>e to comment on this assessment an agree in the co+rse of a meeting 2ith the /genc. 9ember *tates that Iran is allege to have been eveloping (see paragraphs 4% an 48 above) correspon to those assesse to have been +se in . 2008 that) if the information +pon 2hich it 2as base 2ere tr+e) it 2o+l constit+te a programme for the evelopment of a n+clear 2eapon& /ttachment 2 to this /nneA repro +ces the res+lts of the /genc. vehicle of the *hahab % missile) a itional 2or> 2as con +cte on the evelopment of a protot. permission to visit& 'he siA engineering gro+ps sai to have 2or>e +n er . b.loa & /s a res+lt of that assessment) it 2as concl+ e that an. technical reports) 2hich comprise a s+bstantial part of the allege st+ ies oc+mentation& 'he /genc.roGect 111 pro +ce man. an fin s that firing s.roGect 111 ma. of the oc+mentation) an the scope an contents of the 2or> covere in the oc+mentation) are s+fficientl.!O"#2011#$5 /nneA . 2hich too> place in 'ehran in 9a. consistent an consistent 2ith other s+pporting information relate to . man+fact+re at 2or>shops >no2n to eAist in Iran b+t 2hich Iran ref+se the /genc. available comp+ter co es) Iran con +cte comp+ter mo elling st+ ies of at least 14 progressive esign iterations of the pa. page s+bmission (referre to above in paragraph 8)) it ismisse as being Dan animation gameE& $5& 'he /genc.

!O"#2011#$5 /ttachment 1 .


.m Shaft in Test S1etch Total Pac1age Ta1en as a 2hole !I3#!4 P SSIB!# 'N!I3#!4 I$P SSIB!# .s/ Presence of 0.!O"#2011#$5 /ttachment 2 Attac'$ent 2+ Analysis of .$ultiple (etonators Present No Capability for Release of Chamber from Capsule or !oad from Chamber and no Antenna...ayload BI ! GICA! C"#$ICA! "IG" #%P! SI&# #$P SAT#!!IT# N'C!#AR Applicable $ass and (imensions Contains a "& generator bo) Airburst *+.

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