Baye,rYoung Envoy

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r1981v8Iill8ible 0111 VilWW. program 'fblf~hH9! youth organizedll)}' Bayer and the' ~nlted iNations iEnNirOflment Proglramnne (UNliE. weill wiithin a Igroup Bayer-Young .~nglliish IIa. ~ 21.~Q"lih!p.Ol!! ng .e. What is this about? . Tillis hl! a mandaiory reC!u~rlernentand no applicartioll'll wilill be accepu:e. Fmms and further deta.) ram) is 3.' Ajpp~icants wlllli:n.J1uly 31.' Ilnd~afilcit~zeU1$ with a v~~id p~SSiPort ('valid up 00' at ~ea5tApril 2012).2101111) '. • ' . Who can particmpate? • Indi8!n studsnts within th.. An Indian students between 18~24 years of <31919 are lililivited to sendl the~r applicatlons to IizEuleqlUleira@bay..environmental Ileaders and boost~ng 'the I'evel of .lall should IDe able to work. pre4equis~te ..en dream" then we have a trlp to G.atiio:n.yre. Scier~Ufic proposals and project plans wi'i! not be aocept'ed .Agood command of EngllishiiS esseneelfor parlticipatiirl'gl in trn'9 program.v..gloOOII en.~~" [m Environmental Envoy !'. • ' Good knowledge of .ng y.P) withtJ!"e a~m of d.2(J11!~" Eil'lltries.EP {Bayer YOUlliIg Envimnmell1~al Envoy Pm!. w1tll1l!g U~l!OO Ntlb~ Eil' passienate about the environmeli1lt and are' defitniitely doing sometitling about iit.Got a . 2011 '.iils . send us your details.a.thout a copy of yo lU passport . • ' The ~ndlivkh. .8 raglS: oil 19 to:241years (by O'C:tobel" ~. postthe dleadiline willi net be sceepted. no lmallUer how smalll.\lieparilicipamion in an ongoing or completed' env:imnme!l1tall project is compulsory.ermany for you! This ~syour chance to 'be the neiXt Baye:r Young IEmrirrQl"'llrnentall nrvoyand E represent'lll Yom last chanceto catch tha:~flight lends on! .er. baye~oungeflvoy. The IBYE.201111.allong with pioneers from across the globe on aliilall~expenses paid Uiip to Germany from October 16.g tatmvel to Ge:rmany for a w€€:k-Iongl trip from October 16-211.e is a.d wj. if y(l~ar.viro:r:unenteciu:c.awareness among the!'mt 'F'!Pgli1llT1mii .nguag.

'31t:egy'lin siimpletelrms .o-ml/.Stlr.da.h~J!$ requ~red .}.a!inil1lg I . ~Areas of beailefit and 'e'xp€HiJise (max'imum one pag.nBS) (maximum 10 points) ~ l:iuglet.~Projec:~team ~Budget ! f~nanci fI').g .evallualtuon ot resutts (if oomplle-ted) of the €ttlltire proj€ct which • Onle sltid€ (POw€:MPnint} summary wilU briiEliiy put f'oftlll your ideas 10 thejudg.' J . Arial 12: point font :silze and ~..'!.Objective proj!8ot whil(:h iincludes: (m8JXimum .5 ~t lline spaciltilg) in 'the followiingl fOlrmat • IF~U.eliilg'e-s ..~.d BYEE2011 Appl~caJnlonFmm (atlao1hecl at the end I availlab~eon iWV!i'W' b.l-U'- L' ~!. ·8ill"":n/""'U· .Implementation: • CUrirSlI1It Cillrl18rllt f IPmj.ecutBV19 summary ~ Pm] ect descrlption .hllciicators of success I .ccepted) • llnfor:ma!tion on the supportthat Bayer trainling (:8111 provide to enhance your pro~e.~E~ti!irlatedeest .2 PiIJges) (m axim !!JIm5. 'n'lf"Ii''''''~i\l'"'''''-.t ~:mints us!ing. 'U.6 Ii nes) eOUlr~€'rrl~.s's {Pleas.e)1 .~Detaills and dii~'~r!Jsion~of mate'f._ ". .Detajlls of tr.e-Il.AnaJlysiisoifih . gl'lou ps .1tI:!~g u~~oo Ntlb~ Eh!li! of action I anti.i!' I '_ • Project p~an of the nominated ~ Ex.What .ii! . slit!!JIartionsndth e need fer your pro~ect (m@xiimum 5-6 Ili.we need from y. note that more fhaJr'Ii115Hde wm not be a.e.ou? Send LIS your pl"Ojec~.]Q!'Iihlp "".cjlpau1ed risks / c:hiaU.l . report (in bulle.c~ iin terms of marterial.c.s.lnm!'m'l 'F'!t>gl'!li!T!ml.expertise needed -limelines BayerYoung Environmental Envoy !~!'!If\!."L .requ~!i'ements.

e~ected as Bayer Young EnvironmeliYtal Envoy~ to repre'Sent Ilindia 011'tII'iH~'field trip to G.voy Pr.9 sk~ns . and wittl! a new application form] • Appllic81'i1tS willi be sl"lcH11isled based! Oln key (~rii~er:i!a such as :su8ta~nability of the project" inventHV'El'li1!ess.e shortnsted c€lflIdidaltes. in a MD day Environmel11tal Camp iln I' near Mumbai .Otry) [Morrettilan c.lnm!'m'l 'F'TtIgl'!Ii!T!ml.]Q!'Iihlp "". Indiia Tel: +91 222571 1234 For anyfurthe (i" de~aills.h.l 4 .Y'ENi'Young ElflIv~rolnmell'ilta~ EIFiJ.IEndorsement by a fa. (mandatory)' .elillvirrOlilmental entry may be submitted witlnlin th!e girven 'format.• Ot~er essential doclUlments: ~ !Pass. TFinally.~ect ~mandlat.~iol1l and p€lopl.yler House. 'N!m deserv~ng candidates willi be s. Powail Mumbai 4{)0 '0116.f jlUdig. To p~€tn appllic'Bll1lts may be inviited to participate. itn the ongoing .es Willi then interview each of~h..1tI:!~g u~~oo Ntlb~ Eh!li!n. ~Q det€rmiine~heir undetrsmndingl off el1lv~mlt1lmerntall issues as well II arstlheiir ccmm Llnli'ca.port size photo'graph pasted on form .y'€! r.jlect mana:gement • A panel o.81 Ba.IO[QoQp'[:e$of ceriliticates ~optioflal) -Letter of iinvolvement.lUst ·of aW.otoooP'Y of passport..and pro.eom BayerYoung Environmental Envoy !~!'!If\!.eill'. Central AV8'nue Hinlfilandalilii Gard!ens.e~rnany When::'!to.ogram BaJller 'Group in Indira 'Co~pora~e' 'CommLlnii1caltJions Sa.ardsreceived l p~. p~ease contact !iza. send the appllcatlcn? lim S'sqllLl.s!eque~ra@ba.cullty member I department head I pr~ncilPal (op~io!'ilal~ .

.]Q!'Iihlp "". .. 'Which isfinQI .l@rtisfng....L. _..._.rzers and 8ponsors~1l th@ rtgll'ts to lIS@ my name...l ..L-II.------". <CONilACT NlUMBIE.. .lnm!'m'l 'F'!t>gl'!li!T!ml..-. <iI!ddri8S8... ad\..QI" • Kilnd liy use Form dOWl1llioaded over ~h.L.'photograph'S.. submitted f~rM ana my arti'eie to..II.:!!" internet" w...ti1'e de.I IEMAIIL AD DRES S :11!..any and fijll tiJrms of media (ric-Iud. EMEIRGIENCY COINTACT 1~J<E1"AllS: NAMlE.agree to abide by and be bound by ft' and .Affix: Passport siize --- - AppUcatmon • Thisooml may be photooopied.1tI:!~g u~~oo Ntlb~ Eh!li!n.keI1BSS.:!l. pubJiOCiity and other oommerc~j' purpo!Ses ill .._1____JL_II --. a BayerYoung Environmental Envoy !~!'!If\!._1 _. I I I I I CITY: 01 I III II ~ II I II II II ~ I I ~ I I ~~~~~~ IIIIIII!IIIII ---L....----L.-II. witJ1()ut Umitation to. l nereby t1:JilP a8:s~g. [hie ......_11 ---L....or attributed to m~ f@~~ting (0 the pmjlflG~ for <'JflIY .-II.----.IL. f"litle· na' frU:ere'sJ 'WfiJi£.m~nts mad~ by.e!internEd PMI:O • Please Itlfille Clearly in :8lock letters a bll ue pen rua.irlcluding.e<ada'nd' ti~derstood the Omcj~'1 GuidelinS's: (Jif f'heC()I'):rest in its e\l'Hire~. of me al'lld state..e t.__..I@g~j pUt.FI DIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~IIIIIIIII~~~~II 0 I il)ay.naN (he righ rs...IJiDSe .AGE:: PASSPORT NO: n rn I ~ II ~~~~I I I I I I I I [J ! I I DAIlE OF' Sn1TH: I d I d 1II m I m I ..L---Il CONTACT NU MBER.By sjgfJing!J~low.aCCll'r..---__.-I..:: i M II I D FD II II ~ II II I .L.~ri'ldbJkldfng l~aU re'spects.II___....._-"-.crtsiof)$ of t\heju'dge'S..__.__...-II 'T----"----"------1.-------..._I _____'____'___'______'L-. ~grant to the oiFgall'._L...3C€......-------"------.--JLL.J!__-.------.rmo'5l'tfofloontaifloo nerem is tmeand .ittmut fmi:ll'ier rnmfJensa'tion. Bayer Group of Comp'Clnfe$ in loola.....I y I v I y I y I II II ~ II II I ~~~~lllllllilllll f'FIESIENl ADDRESS: .L----"--------. vid'eiDtap€' or l...&.. All inf{).....-------. NAME: GENDEIR.Bayer..-----.Grou..P or Companies fn lMfs.L.-I __..........

ulon lis true sind Othe:r comments (PI!el'tl!seexplain.submitled pertaining to this.]IiII'lil1liP with 1In1l' IJIn~edlNaiiOOli EI'r'lli'Qi'lrnlI!ft!'P. applica. .Enderaement by Faculty Member I.optional): BayerYoung IEnvironm.l'Ogi'Si'l'lmM . (name of facrullty' membelr)" certiify' (applicanfils ef (coli1ege nama) is a bonafide tha'~ student 1 unhl'. why you believe the applicant deS!9N9810 be named IBayer VOlilnlg EnViirenment Envoy .elfsiity) oif' wnlich I cerniffy th8l~th9 information .ental Envoy I~ 1'illIJ.