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Aneta Pluta

SUBJECT: English
LEVEL: beginners
TIME: 45 minutes
DESCRIPTION OF THE CLASS: Students about 30 years old, group contains about 25
people, both women and men. Students are highly motivated. They need the language for their
own purpose, satisfaction.
TOPIC: Countries and nationalities.
Students should:
-be able to use gestures or mime something during a conversation;
-learn how to use their abilities and vocabulary in conversation;
- pronounce names of countries and nationalities properly;
Before the lesson students should:
- be able to use verb “ to be” ;
- have the ability to answer the questions on the spot;
- be able to take active part in the conversation;
- have some basic knowledge about countries and nationalities (in his mother tongue);
MATERIALS: mp3, photocopied maps, flags, texts and exercises connected with the topic
METHODS:, pair work, conversation( speaking) , listening, repeating after the recording
Map ( 7 minutes)
- the teacher distributes printed maps, photocopied paper with 6 people speaking and flags
with the names of the countries;
- students have to match flags with the countries. The paper with the flags of the countries is
to help the students;
- students are to fill the gaps with the name of country or nationality;
- the teacher observes and monitors students` work;
- checking answers in open class;
- the teacher gives feedback.
Task1 Listening (10 minutes)
- students are listening to the recording with the names of countries and nationalities and
repeat after each pair of words;
- the teacher provides feedback, corrects the pronunciation immediately.
Task 2Playing roles (15 minutes)
- the teacher distributes sheets of paper with the name of the nationality(one per two
- each pair of students is presenting the role in the middle of the classroom;
- one student introduces his country to his partner and takes part in the conversation. Another
student have to guess from which country his partner is. They are using realia;
- the teacher monitors students` conversation and gives feedback after each pair.
Task 3 Post-it notes ( 11 minutes)
- the teacher writes the nationality on post its and sticks it on student`s back;
- students ask close questions to find out what nationality they are;
- students have to move around the class;
- the teacher monitors, supervises the activity carefully and provides help if necessary.
HOMEWORK: (2 minutes)
Students have to look through the presentation, which was sent on their class e-mail.
Students are to find out the names of countries, which are hidden in the sentence.


1 Students may be too shy to present something or to play a role.
SOLUTION: The teacher have to encourage the students by initiating the conversation or
presentation of the country, by using silly gestures to make the atmosphere more amusing.
2. The player may broke down.
SOLUTION: The teacher should have the ability to pronounce laud and properly each name
of the country and nationality.
3. A printer at school may be damaged.
SOLUTION: All materials should be photocopied in advance.