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Collection of Niff Fan Fictions

Collection of Niff Fan Fictions

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Published by spbookworm
A collection of my Niff fanfics. Ratings range from K to NC-17.
A collection of my Niff fanfics. Ratings range from K to NC-17.

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Published by: spbookworm on Nov 14, 2011
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By: Luna-is-Loony/iamsiriuslyriddikulus

Table of Contents Next Stop, Anywhere …………………………………………………………… 3 Uptown Girl Prompt ……………………………………………………………… 7 Untitled Angst ……………………………………………………………………… 10 Collniff Verse Part 1 ……………………………………………………………. 11 Collniff Verse Part 2 ……………………………………………………………. 13 Depressed!Nick Prompt ……………………………………………………… 15 Mental Hospital Prompt ……………………………………………………… 17 Nightclub Prompt ………………………………………………………………… 18 Club Eleven …………………………………………………………………………. 21 Help (Prompt) …………………………………………………………………….. 34 Untitled (Animal) ………………………………………………………………… 36 Untitled (Mild Bondage) ……………………………………………………… 38 The Hotter Touch (Keffick) ………………………………………………… 41 Presents (Niff/Thad) …………………………………………………………… 46 Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi …………………………………………. 50 Lie to Me ……………………………………………………………………………… 61 Aren’t You the Little Rebel Part 1 ……………………………………… 79 Aren’t You the Little Rebel Part 2 ……………………………………… 83

Next Stop, Anywhere
"It's bigger on the inside?" Jeff whispered, his breath catching in his throat. He wasn't sure where to look first. The center drew his eyes though – it was glowing a sort of aquamarine and humming as if it were alive. And the panel around it had knobs and buttons of every sort. He moved toward it, curiosity drawing him forward. "So everyone says," the man replied, leaning back against the wall and smirking slightly. Jeff looked back at him, and scowled. "Who's everyone?" The man gave him a curious look. "Everyone who follows me, I suppose." "Multiple people follow you?" he asked, glancing around as if expecting to see someone suddenly pop out and introduce himself. The man chuckled at his reaction. "They're not here. They've all gone on to… other things." He said, almost wistfully. The man's eyes were hazy for a moment as if remembering something, but he shook his head. "But, yes, multiple people have followed me." "Well, why?" Going up the steps, his eyes flickered up to the knobs. He wondered what all of them did. "Why did you follow me?" Jeff opened his mouth, trying to think of a good answer, and closed it again. Why had he followed him? Hell, he didn't even know his name. When he had asked for it, the man had simply replied with The Doctor. And yet here he was, in his – whatever exactly this was – spaceship? Time machine? "The thrill of the adventure…" he replied, though he bit his lip. That wasn't all. There was the mystery surrounding it all, the uncertainty, the idea that he could have something more – a peak what others only would dream of. All of it sounded fantastic. It wasn't that he didn't love the Warblers. Blaine, Wes, Thad – they were all good friends, but he wasn't that close to anyone. He didn't have the sort of friendship the others seemed to have. On top of that, he had always been afraid he'd never get out of here – middle-of-nowhere, Ohio. And then there it was. He had been walking by himself down the street, shivering somewhat. It had been colder at night than he had expected, and his hands were shoved in his pockets in a desperate attempt to keep them warm. There had been a strange wooshing sound, and the box had just… appeared. For a moment he debated running away. But there was nothing tying him here, and whatever had landed in front of him, he wasn't even sure whether he was meant to see it. He wasn't sure whether anyone was meant to see it. This sort of thing only happened in books. Things didn't just materialize out of thin air. Before he had time to decide, the doors had swung wide open. Admittedly, he had jumped back, afraid for a moment. A man with unruly, mid-length brown hair and a strange sort of smile appeared at the doorway, and for a moment his head looked wildly around before settling on him. Jeff knew he should've been scared, yet he hadn't been. Instead he had been drawn in, walking towards the man he later uncovered to be the Doctor. Jeff wasn't quite sure how he had ended up here exactly. But somehow he had followed him in, hours later as the sun had just started to rise again. His hand went up to his hair and he circled around the main controls. There were footsteps, and his eyes snapped back yet again to the Doctor. He was fixing his blue bow tie as he walked up, though his eyes never left Jeff.

"Can it really go anywhere?" Jeff asked, falling back against the railing. "Any time, any place – you name it." Jeff bit the inside of his cheek, trying to think of somewhere special, somewhere beautiful. "Where are you from?" he finally asked. He couldn't even tell if he was from another planet. He certainly looked human enough. But no simple human came out of nowhere in a blue police box. The Doctor's face darkened slightly, and he furrowed his brow. "Somewhere far away." "Is it pretty there?" "Beautiful." There was no hesitation in the Doctor's reply. "Could we go there?" he finally asked, afraid of the answer. The Doctor wasn't looking at him anymore, and he could tell from his expression that something wasn't right. "No. It's… gone." "Oh. I'm sorry." What was he supposed to say to that? Jeff moved in closer, his hand falling on the Doctor's back. The Doctor jumped a little and turned to face him. Yet again Jeff found himself puzzled at the age in the Doctor's eyes. If he had to guess by his general appearance, the Doctor was just a boy like him, seventeen. But there was no way a seventeen year-old would have eyes swimming with that many stories and secrets. Jeff leaned forward slightly, drifting towards him. "Okay, so where do you want to go," the Doctor suddenly said, pulling back and moving toward the center. Jeff swallowed thickly and shook his head, glancing elsewhere, around the – whatever the Doctor had called it. His TARDIS, wasn't it? There were other staircases, leading who knew where. There were several places he wanted to go. A part of him wanted to travel into the past. Another bit to the future. And if the Doctor was an alien, surely there were others. Some part of him wanted to go to some unknown planet. There was the sound of something being pressed, and the machine whirred into motion, shaking, its rumbling getting louder. "I didn't tell you where!" Jeff shouted, feeling somewhat upset. Where was the Doctor going to lead him? "Don't worry. It's where you want," the Doctor replied, grinning at him. Jeff couldn't help but smile back, though he shook his head quickly. "How do you know?" he asked, yelling over the sound of the machine and clutching onto the railings. The shaking was getting pretty bad, and it was hard to stay standing. It tried to rock him back and forth, like a wild stallion trying to throw off a man from its back. "Okay, then where do you want to go?" the Doctor yelled right back. "Does it matter now?" the shaking came to a sudden stop, and the TARDIS was still. The humming disappeared, and Jeff pulled himself up. "Just tell me where."

"I was going to say the moon." The Doctor rolled his eyes but beamed widely at him. "You humans are always so predictable with your requests." Jeff scowled at him, wishing he'd been more original or creative with his request. Rolling his eyes, though, he started making his way towards the door before freezing. "What?" "Don't we need space suits or something?" The Doctor laughed. "No, we'll be fine within a certain limitation of the TARDIS." He nodded, feeling suddenly unsure. What was he doing here? A part of him was afraid to open that door. What if he was still trapped in Ohio? What if this was all some joke, and after that small wave of hope he'd have to go back to his regular life? He'd believed it all so fast; it was possible that all of this was some strange dream or practical joke. He pushed on the doors and let out a breath. There, right in front of him, was nothing but barren, white rock. Minutes ago he had been in Ohio, but now… He looked upward and froze. That was the Earth right there in front of him. It was strange looking at it, half-formed, floating in a pool of black. It was nothing more than a color blotch – as if someone had dropped blue, green, and white paints together and let them swirl. But it was his home. There were billions of people there right now, some looking out their windows where he was now. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Jeff jumped as the Doctor walked up to him, looking out at it as well. "Yeah." The Doctor moved closer, and he felt him pressed up behind him. When he glanced back, his gaze was still at the Earth, though. "It's funny, how that right there holds the entire human race. Can you believe it?" He shook his head and looked out at it again. "How does no one know?" "Know what?" "About you? About this? I mean, no one's done this before." He heard the Doctor chuckle behind him. "People have gone to the moon before, Jeff. Are you failing your history class, by any chance?" He turned around, hitting him playfully. "That's not what I meant. I know about Apollo 11. I'm not an idiot." The Doctor quirked his eyebrows as if skeptical, and Jeff glared. "Sorry, I'm kidding. I'm sure you're very smart." He paused before adding, "I know what you meant. But people aren't supposed to know. Sometimes it's better if they didn't." Slowly nodding, Jeff mulled this over. "I suppose that makes sense. And it wouldn't be quite as special if everyone knew about it. It wouldn't be an adventure anymore." His hand went back up to his hair and he stared at the earth for a moment longer. The Doctor's hand fell on his shoulder, and Jeff turned around. "Do you want to come with me?" the Doctor asked. "I thought I already had." The Doctor shook his head.

"No. I mean come with me everywhere. Be with me. It won't be like this. Sometimes it will be loud and horrifying and dangerous. But it will be exciting, and you'll see things beyond your imagination." Jeff felt a light blush enter his cheeks. Did the man really think him that special? Did he really feel like he was worth sharing this secret with? He didn't know what to say. "I mean, I understand if you'd rather stay at home. You probably have friends and people you care about. I just thought…" In that moment, his eyes betrayed his loneliness, his desire for someone else. "No. I want to. It's just out of everyone on that planet, I can't believe you're picking me to go along with you." "I didn't pick you." Jeff's smile fell. "But I'd like to think there was a reason you're there. I'm glad you were." Jeff nodded, feeling a sort of warmth spread through him as he tentatively smiled again. "I'm glad too." He threw a final glance out the door before closing it. The Doctor stared at him curiously for a moment before extending a hand. Jeff took it, looking away as their fingers entwined. They walked silently up to the center of the TARDIS, their arms pressed against each other. Jeff was glad to feel that the Doctor's palms were sweaty as well. It wasn't only his. When they finally stopped at the buttons where the Doctor had previously set their time and destination, he pulled away, looking at Jeff and winking. "Next stop, anywhere."

Uptown Girl Prompt
There was a knock on the door, and Jeff walked over to it, pulling it open. David and Thad looked at him, their brows furrowed. “Have you seen Nick around? We were supposed to go over a couple of last-minute things since he has his solo in two hours.” As he Jeff flattened his collar and straightened his tie, he shook his head. “No. He told me he was headed out to meet up with you guys ten minutes ago.” David and Thad exchanged worried looks. Jeff, however, wasn’t surprise – at least, not very much. Ever since he’d known Nick, the other boy made it a habit to run and hide whenever he got really stressed out. Finals time often seemed like a game of hide-and-seek to him because of it. “You have any clue where he could be?” David massaged his temples, letting out a frustrated sigh. “I –“ Jeff paused, trying to think where he could have gone. “The library – “ “Already looked,” Thad replied. “What about the instrument room?” Sometimes Nick used the piano as a sort of stress relief. It tended to relax him. “We looked there as well,” David said, crossing his arms over his chest. “And don’t suggest the commons room.” “Or the astronomy room on the roof. ‘Cause we’ve already tried those…” David finished, leaving Jeff biting his lip. “We don’t have time for this.” “Damn.” Jeff paused for a moment, trying to think of other places Nick could possibly be. The only thing he could think of was that Nick occasionally went out on a walk to clear his head. “Well, maybe he could be outside… That’s the only other place I can think of, really.” They nodded, and Jeff pulled the door shut before leading the way outside. “I’m sorry, you guys.” The apology came automatically, though his mind flooded with possibilities, wondering where exactly on the grounds Nick could be. There was a little pavilion by the lake he liked to hang out at. That was as good of a try as any. “Not your fault, Jeff. Thanks for helping, though,” David said, though he looked just as stressed. “Calm down. We’ll figure this out. Jeff will find him,” Thad said, giving David a light shove. “I’ll do my best. No promises. Sometimes it’s like he doesn’t want to be found.” He pursed his lips, hoping this wasn’t one of those times. Nick had worked so hard on the solo, and even if it was getting to him, Jeff wasn’t about to let it go to waste. They made it toward the pavilion, and Jeff saw the outline of a person. Breaking out into a run, he went over to Nick as fast as he could. Nick was pressed up against one of the back sides, his legs curled in as he sat there, looking incredibly alone pressed against the muddy white painted wood. “I found you.” Nick looked up at him, somewhat surprised and gave a shaky smile. David and Thad weren’t too far behind, and as they caught up, David stepped forward. “Nick, you can’t do that. We’re going to need you in a little bit and –“ He earned a small glare from both Thad and Jeff and shut up. “Sorry. We were just worried.” Nick nodded, though he didn’t say anything. His smile faded slowly, and he rested his chin on his knees. “Can I maybe get some time alone with him? I promise I’ll walk him in later if you’re afraid of him running away.” Thad nodded and pulled at David, making them both fall back.

“Of course. We’ll see you later, guys.” Jeff waited until they were out of sight before pulling Nick into a tight hug. “You got to stop doing that to me, Nicky.” His fingers squeezed around his back, and he ran them down it in what he hoped was a soothing manner. It certainly seemed to be because within seconds, Nick had collapsed against him, unfurling from his pulled-in position and curling into Jeff’s chest. “I’m going to screw it up. I’m going to screw it up in front of everyone. And Blaine’s gonna be there, and my voice is going to crack or I’m going to forget my lines, and –“ He shook. Jeff pulled him closer, making small shushing noises and rocking him back and forth. His hand reached up to his hair running through it. “I’m going to mess it all up.” “No, you’re not, love. You’re going to be amazing, and everyone’s going to wonder why you haven’t gotten a solo before.” Nick shook against him. “I haven’t got one with reason. Look at me now. I can’t do this, Jeff. I can’t.” Jeff shook his head, trying to find Nick’s eyes, but Nick pressed his head more tightly against Jeff’s chest. “You know that’s not true. We’ve practiced so many times. You can practically sing this in your sleep. You’re amazing, and you’re not only going to make me proud, but you’re going to make yourself proud. Everyone proud.” His fingers played at the bottom of Nick’s neck. “Oh, God. I’m going to let them all down.” Nick’s voice cracked, and he seemed to hold his breath for a moment. “No.” Jeff’s voice was quiet but stern. “Stop this, Nick.” He pulled back slightly, feeling Nick’s hands desperately tighten on his shirt. Jeff’s hand reached out, and he tilted Nick’s chin upward, making it so that they were looking straight at each other before he spoke. “You’re amazing and talented and dedicated. I know it’s scary. I know it’s going to be hard. But I also know that you can do it.” Leaning in, Jeff placed a kiss to Nick’s lips, and he felt the other boy immediately relax under his touch. Nick pressed forward, their lips dancing together. A hand slid to the small of Jeff’s back, and a tiny smile finally twitched upwards on Jeff’s lips. When they pulled back, Jeff kept their foreheads pressed together, refusing to pull away from him. “C’mon, where’s the confident Nick I get to see all the time?” Jeff teased, running small circles with his thumb. “That Nick comes out only for you. Something tells me that you’d get jealous and possessive if I tried showing that Nick to them.” Jeff rolled his eyes and pulled back, leaning against the back of the pavilion. “I meant the cocky side of you I get to see with your clothes on.” Nick grinned and dropped his other hand down, grabbing Jeff’s hand. “We both know you like the other one better. But alright.” Jeff got up, pulling Nick with him. “I think David and Thad wanted to talk with you about a few things.” A pout fell over Nick’s lips. “Can’t we just stay here? Just the two of us?” Jeff shook his head but pulled Nick in for another quick kiss. “We’ll have all the time later in our room, but first you need to kick ass with this solo.” He hooked an arm around Nick’s waist, and they began walking back towards the school. OoOoOoO They all had their positions ready. The background vocals were started. Jeff wished he could be closer to Nick, grab his hand to soothe him, but that wasn’t an option. They’d gone over their positions

hundreds of times, and the back row never bothered him. Jeff held his breath for a moment, not cutting off from his singing. Uptown girl She’s been living in her uptown world I bet she’s never had a backstreet guy I bet her momma never told her why Jeff’s lips pulled upwards into a smile. He spun around before spreading his arms wide, laughing as a few of the watching Dalton students cheered. Nick’s back slowly straightened and his voice deepened as he stepped forward, a small smirk playing on his lips. Sure enough, the moment he got lost in the music, there was nothing but the power of his voice. That was one of the things that Jeff loved about him – his raw passion. And when she’s walking She’s looking so fine And when she’s talking She’ll say that she’s mine Nick slid to the right along with everyone else, and he was completely relaxed. And everyone was enjoying it. It was obvious from their smiles. They all watched the performance, absorbed in it. Jeff bit his lip, following with the routine, the moves almost automatic by now from practicing so much. They pulled to the end of the song, and Nick’s voice rang out above everyone else’s. When they finished, everyone cheered and clapped. For a moment, Jeff kept position. The second everyone relaxed, he ran to Nick, throwing himself at the boy and wrapping his arms around him. Nick barely registered Jeff coming, and he laughed as soon as he felt the blond curl around him. Everyone watched them as Jeff’s hands fell to Nick’s cheek, and he leaned in, pressing a kiss to his lips. A cat call sounded through the room, and Jeff pulled in closer as a few people laughed and cheered. He traced Nick’s lips with tongue for a moment before pulling back, his breathing heavy. Nick grinned at him and they stared at each other for a moment longer before Jeff spoke. “You were amazing. You were perfect.” Nick flushed and grabbed his hand. “I couldn’t have done it without you,” he muttered, squeezing. “Lies. You did that all by yourself. It was all you.” Nick shook his head and nuzzled his nose against Jeff’s cheek before pulling back. “You’re my uptown girl, Jeff.” Jeff threw his head back, laughing. His eyes crinkled at the edges, and when he calmed down, he gave Nick a wide smile. “Too much cheese, Nicky. Too much cheese.”

Untitled Angst
”I could make you happy…” They were happy as best friends, so why not more? What made that impossible? Nick stared at Jeff, his voice trembling. His voice broke and his eyes burned as the tears came. He’d promised he wasn’t going to cry. He wasn’t going to make this dramatic. But it was impossible when his world felt like it was burning to cinder and floating away. “Make your dreams come true…” Hadn’t Jeff done that for him? His entire life, Jeff had been his anchor, there to listen when he was down. To help him pursue his dreams. when his parents had tried to force him out of the Warblers, Jeff had been there, holding his hand and standing firmly against them, telling him everything would be alright. “Nothing that I wouldn’t do…” And there truly wasn’t. Jeff turned away from him, walking to the far end of the room. Nick saw him trembling. He saw the blond’s hands curl up into fists, and his own eyes closed. Go to the ends of the Earth for you…” He begged Jeff to listen. To simply hear what he was trying to say and understand it. Jeff made his heart flutter, made him smile when he did and down when he was down. He was his best friend, but since he was little, Nick had known he’d meant so much more. Or, rather, he’d come to see it. He’d come to realize it when the other people faded when Jeff was around. How he felt distinctly lonely when Jeff wasn’t there. “To make you feel my love…” The line echoed softly again, and he let out a sob, stepping forward. He’d almost reached Jeff, when Jeff’s hand went up, and he pulled back. “Don’t.” From his voice it was obvious he was crying, though he didn’t turn around. Nick’s breath seemed stuck, and he let out a small whimper as everything inside of him started to ache. “Jeffie -“ “Please, Nick, don’t. I - I can’t. I can’t be that for you. I want to. You have to believe me.” He turned around, his eyes red and puffy. He always said he hated how he looked when he cried, though Nick didn’t think he could ever look ugly. But none of that mattered now. Nick let out a broken sob and curled in on himself. “I want to, Nick. But you’re just my best friend. I can’t see you as more. You mean more to me than anyone else.” A single thought flickered through Nick’s mind as he broke down: But I won’t always.

Collniff Verse Part 1

Jeff buried his head in Nick’s shoulder, unable to help from crying. “I don’t want you to go.” He pressed his lips to Nick’s and shook. “I don’t know… How am I going to keep going without you? You’re my everything, Nicky.” Nick gently let his lips part and let Jeff take complete control, nipping and biting, and when he pulled back, Jeff noticed his eyes glistened with tears too. Nick pressed their noses together, and he wrapped his arms around Jeff’s neck. “I know. But you can’t. We can’t.” He sighed before lightly putting another kiss on Jeff’s lips. “We both decided this was for the best.” Jeff let out another sob, shaking his head. “We were wrong. It isn’t. It can’t be.” His hands fell down to Nick’s shirt and he clutched at it, his hands forming tight fists. “This can’t be it.” Shaking his head, he fell against Nick. Nick’s face froze before a moment before his façade fell. Now that Jeff wasn’t looking, an array of emotions flashed through, leaving him looking broken. His hand ran through Jeff’s hair, and his eyes squeezed shut. “You’re going to Switzerland, and I’m going to California. Nine hours, Jeffie, and –“ “I can change. I can tell Franklin and Marshall I don’t want to go. I’ll just go to their campus. We can deal with three hours.” His voice rose to hysterics, and he shook against Nick. Nick pulled back, gently lowering Jeff to the bed before wrapping his arms around him. No matter how much he hurt; he had to be strong for Jeff. “You’re leaving in five days.” “And you’re leaving tomorrow,” Jeff added. He’d always had trouble seeing Jeff cry, and now his heart told him to follow what Jeff was saying – tell them he didn’t want to go anymore. A part of him didn’t. But he knew it was what they had to do. “I love you, and that’s not going to change.” Jeff shook his head. “But isn’t it? This is – we’re not… We’re breaking up. That isn’t temporary.” He hated it when Jeff put it like that. It might have been what they were doing, but it didn’t make it any less difficult. “It’s like taking a break… Just –“ “It isn’t though!” Jeff pulled away, moving out of Nick’s reach when he went to hold his hand. “You say we can get together if we haven’t found someone. How long will that be – four years? Five? You honestly think no one’s going to want to date you – that you’re not going to want to date anyone?” He pushed himself back against the wall. “I can’t do this. I can’t.” Somewhere Nick knew what he was saying was true. He knew that chances were Jeff would find someone else and so would he. They’d be friends – he wouldn’t ever let him go completely – but he knew how impossible it was to fall back together after years apart. “Listen,” Nick finally choked out, reaching out towards Jeff. Jeff pulled away, backing up in the corner and lashing out at Nick when he continued to get closer. He pushed against his chest and smacked out before finally collapsing. “Jeff, please.” Nick’s finger went under his chin, and he brought his head up so that they were at eyelevel. “What do you want?” Jeff’s voice was low, and he tried looking away. When Nick held the gaze, Jeff eventually looked back with a sigh.

“I know it’s stupid. I know it’s cliché and overused, but you’re my first love. And I’m not going to forget you. Ever. You were my first… everything. And even when you marry someone else –“ “If,” Jeff said, a pleading tone to his voice. “And even if you marry someone else,” he said, changing it for Jeff’s sake more than for the truth, “and I’ll be your best man. I’ll be your best friend. I’ll hold your hand and hug you, and – You mean more to me than anyone else. I won’t forget that. But we’re going to college, and neither of us – We’re not ready for this. We’re not going to try to make it work and watch it fall apart. It hurts enough letting you go like this. If we tried to make it work, and it ended in a fight – with you saying that you never wanted to talk to me again, I don’t know what I’d do, Jeffie. I don’t.” After a long moment, Jeff nodded. “Stay with me,” he murmured. “One more night.” Nick leaned forward, pressing their lips together. “One more night,” he agreed. They moved slowly, carefully, trying to memorize every detail. Nick’s thumb reached up to brush away Jeff’s tears, and Jeff pulled Nick closer by his waist. There were times when they didn’t understand the line people put between fucking and making love, but as they slowly slid their clothes to the ground, kissing every inch of skin they could find, and holding each other tightly enough that they feared they’d hurt the other, it seemed to become clear. When Nick finally pushed in, Jeff arched up to meet him, and he wrapped his legs around Nick’s waist tighter, his hands reaching out, trying to hold him closer. Nick bent down, and they kissed as they rocked against each other, drawing it out. Their movements were drawn-out and each noise that escaped their lips was soaked up in a desperate attempt to memorize it. Nick’s fingers went down, tracing Jeff’s body, knowing that even if by some miracle they did end up together later, it wasn’t going to be the same. They kissed each other as they came, their lips swallowing the moans of their names. The lay there afterwards, sweat clinging to their bodies, their arms wrapped around each other. Neither wanted to fall asleep considering the implication that came with it. Falling asleep meant the night was over. Meant that it was goodbye. Instead they pressed kisses to each other, making a silent vow along the way not to say the word. They pretended like everything was perfect. Like tomorrow they’d continue the same as usual, kissing and cuddling – going off to the movies together or simply staying at home. They ignored the reality that Nick would be hundreds of miles away and that soon after that space would become thousands, and that they wouldn’t be allowed to tell each other “I love you.” So, they made up for that now, whispering it over and over again, almost afraid that the word would lose meaning. And when they finally fell asleep, it was holding each other closely, their eyes heavy, and their minds riddled with fear and sadness. Neither cried in the morning. They spoke the word they had been afraid to yesterday, and held onto each other’s hands. Jeff went with Nick to the airport, watched as he walked through the security check and faded from a dot to nothing. He fell down, his eyes falling to the shirt Dalton had given them when they graduated, the red words blaring and hitting his eyes harshly. Congratulations class of 2012. Here’s to a new future.

Collniff Part 2
It had been hard every visit to keep from holding each other, kissing each other. They hadn't had a chance to see each other much - only three times. Jeff was stuck in Switzerland for five years, living on campus, and as much as they wanted to make it work by visiting each other, that simply wasn't always an option. Plane tickets were expensive and time was awfully limited. Breaks never seemed long enough to make the trip over, though every time he didn't, Nick regretted it. Christmas had always been the worst for Nick. He'd come home, and sit around with his family, playing Monopoly and trying to smile. It wasn't that his parents didn't try to make it special; there was the hot chocolate, the crackling fire, the Christmas cookies. Christmas songs quietly hummed in the background, and tree shone. But it was quiet. Jeff wasn't there, teasing him, yelling and pouting every time he won another space of land. Christmas had always been with Jeff, and suddenly without him, it didn't seem quite the same. The first one had been especially difficult. He'd come home to a voice mail on his phone. With a shaking hand, he'd pressed the play button, and Jeff's voice rang out. "I don't want a lot for Christmas. There's just one thing that I need..." He'd sat there sobbing, listening as Jeff sang through "All I Want for Christmas is You." Jeff's voice broke too as he hit the chorus, and as much as he tried to disguise it, Nick knew him well enough to know that when he was crying as well, barely keeping it together when he sang, "Santa won't you bring me the one I really need? Won't you please bring my baby to me..." He hadn't had the strength to call him back, knowing that if he did, he wouldn't be able to say no when Jeff inevitably asked him to get back together. It had been the first Christmas that he hadn't said a word to Jeff, and there was nothing that made him feel emptier and more alone. Time did seem to soothe things, though. They kept in touch, e-mailing or calling at least twice a week. Jeff eventually found his group in Switzerland just as Nick eventually found his in California. Life went on. Maybe they could move on, Nick started to think. Maybe they could work out like this. It was third year when Nick finally got another boyfriend. Perhaps he'd overestimated Jeff's readiness because when he told him over the phone, Jeff had hung up on him and refused to answer any of his calls for the next week. It made him nervous and sad, but he convinced himself he was doing the right thing. He let himself trust someone else. Robert was his name. They'd walk to classes together, kiss. It took a while to get to more, but Robert was patient, understanding. And when they finally did have sex, it was slow and gentle. Maybe, Nick thought, he could fall in love again. But time went on - over a year, in fact - and things didn't feel right for either of them. They started to drift apart. They'd be busy, make less of an effort to see each other when their schedules didn't match. It was Robert who eventually brought up the point that maybe they should just break up. Nick had agreed. He'd finished his degree his fourth year, and he had found a job up close to Chicago as an engineer working for a smaller firm. It was closer to home, he figured, and he'd always liked the city. He was going to make an effort to see Jeff at one point soon, he knew. He just wasn't sure when. Unfortunately, Jeff's graduation didn't really seem like an option. Summer had just started, and he was in his apartment reading when he heard a knock on the door. He didn’t think much of it until the door was opened and Jeff was standing there in front of him, shifting from foot to foot. His hair was slightly longer, though he still had the whole swoopy side-bangs thing going on. He let out a small smile. “Nick.” Nick threw his arms around Jeff, holding on tightly. He shook, and his head fell into Jeff’s neck. “I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you so much. Every day.” He let out a small sob, and Jeff reached out,

his hand lying on Nick’s cheek for a moment before running through his hair. “I know. Me too.” Nick nodded and realized that they were still standing at the foot of his door. He motioned inward and only then noticed the four giant bags. He looked at Jeff questioningly. “The rest of my stuff’s been shipped back home. I haven’t even gone to see my parents yet. I just came back.” “To me?” Nick asked, his throat closing. He helped Jeff carry two of them, and he turned to face Jeff. “Yeah…” They looked at each other for a moment. Jeff’s eyes closed and he held his breath for a moment. When he opened them, Nick couldn’t help but notice the tears glistening there. He didn’t need to say any words for Nick to know what was on his mind. “Jeff, we can’t. There’s so much we have to work through and build up again. We’ve changed. We don’t even know if we fit together anymore. It’ll take time and effort and –“ He shook his head, his voice cracking. “Can we skip that? Can you just be kissing me now?” Jeff pulled him forward, and their lips brushed together. Their arms wrapped around each other as they pulled each other closer, their lips trying to remember every detail of the other. Everything they’d tried so desperately to hold onto. Nick let his tongue slip between Jeff’s lips, and their tongues wrestled as one of Jeff’s hands slipped upward, wrapping around Nick’s neck and tangling into the base of his hair. When they pulled back, Jeff shook, and he let out a small sob. They leaned their foreheads against each other, and their noses brushed as Jeff tried to keep from breaking down. “I love you. I love you so much. I didn’t think you –” Jeff cut off, his fingers tightening and digging slightly into Nick. “I’m here,” Nick replied. He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t guarantee a happily-ever-after, but he was going to try his best. And for now, that was all that mattered. They moved back to the couch, and Nick pressed against the back, letting Jeff lean against him and wrapping an arm around him. Jeff fell asleep almost immediately, Nick running his fingers through his hair and placing kisses on the back of his neck. He smiled, lying there a while after Jeff had fallen asleep, glad to be given a second chance. “This time I won’t screw it up,” he muttered to Jeff, though Jeff couldn’t hear him. “This time I won’t let you go.”

Depressed!Nick Prompt
Jeff couldn’t help but think that Nick had been acting oddly lately. He wouldn’t talk to him about certain things and he’d just seemed to lose his spark. His laughter never reached his eyes, and he seemed to shut himself in their dorm room. Whenever Jeff tried to ask about it, though, Nick would get snippy or refuse to answer. It wasn’t like him at all, and Jeff was more than worried. Looking down, he realized he forgot his calculus book back in the room. There was no point going to the library to do it if he didn’t have it with him. Jogging back, he reached the room and opened the door. Whatever else he was holding in his hands fell to the ground with a loud crash, and Jeff ran over to Nick. Nick was curled up on the ground, a small knife in his hand and angry red cuts on his inner thighs. His eyes glanced up to Jeff and they widened as he shook his head. “What are you doing here?” though his voice was drained, there was still a note of anger. “Shit. You’re supposed to be in the library!” He made a poor attempt to cover it up, but Jeff wasn’t about to let him try and pass this off. He grabbed the blade out of Nick’s hand, feeling his eyes prickle. “What the hell is this, Nick?” His voice was sharper than he meant, but he couldn’t help it. Nick was cutting. It was something he’d heard about in health, but he figured no one knew did it, least of all Nick. “What are you doing?” Nick shook his head. “Don’t.” “Don’t what exactly?” He was up again, placing the knife out of Nick’s reach and gagging at the sight of the blood. Running over to the bathroom, he grabbed a towel and wet it before sitting himself back down next to Nick. “Don’t do this. Go away.” He shook and turned his head away. There was a small sniffle and Jeff realized that he was crying. His stomach knotted. Reaching out, his hand lay on Nick’s shoulder, and Nick’s head snapped over, his eyes wide and his teeth bared. “Go away!” The words came out loud and hoarse, and Jeff felt his own resolve crumple. His arms wrapped around Nick, and he felt Nick tense and try to pull out. When Jeff refused to let go, Nick seemed to collapse, and he let Jeff pull him close against his chest, rocking him back and forth. “Stupid, stupid boy…” he muttered under his breath, his voice cracking as he started to cry. “You were supposed to be in the library,” Nick said again, his head falling into the crook of Jeff’s neck. Jeff could feel the tears brush against him and a hand went up to Nick’s hair, running through it and squeezing lightly. “Is this why you’ve been avoiding me?” Nick paused for a moment, and Jeff almost was sure he wasn’t going to get an answer. Then, he felt a fractional nod of the head. “Please don’t try to -” Jeff pulled back and cut Nick off, pressing their lips together. It was familiar by now, but never had they been crying. A light saltiness flooded his mouth as he ran over Nick’s lips, desperate to evoke some sort of a reaction out of him. Nothing. Nick stood still, letting Jeff do as he wished but without a sound. It was like kissing a statue, and it hurt. His fingers dug into Nick’s scalp lightly and he whimpered, trying to press them closer together, trying to make Nick feel anything. But it seemed hopeless. Jeff pulled back, his heart aching. “What happened? This isn’t you.” “Isn’t it, though?” Nick said, shaking his head. He pulled himself out of Jeff’s grip and his legs curled up against him. He hissed, and his hand fell down to his leg where his cuts were.

Oh, shit, the cuts. Jeff reached out with the towel - which still was damp - and he lay a hand on Nick’s knee. “Don’t, Jeff. Please.” He sounded so… defeated. Jeff didn’t listen and slowly pried his legs open, tried to keep himself together as he saw all those lines. There were newer ones, still red and tens of small white lines of ones that started to fade away. How had he missed them? How long had this been going on? Dabbing with the towel, he ran over the newest cuts, wiping away the blood. His hand reached to Nick’s cheek and he lay his hand there. Nick head fell a little into his touch and his eyes closed. Jeff watched him, sitting there, looking suddenly so broken, and he swallowed thickly, trying to get rid of the lump in his throat. “I deserve to know why,” he finally said. “No.” Nick’s response was immediate and quiet, and he barely shifted. “I’m your boyfriend, your fucking boyfriend. and even if I wasn’t, I’m your best friend.” For a moment it seemed like Nick wasn’t going to say anything. Slowly his eyes opened and he stared at Jeff, his expression inscrutable. “Time. Just give me time.”

Mental Hospital Prompt
Nick looked up. They were leading a boy into the room, murmuring quietly to him, their voices soft and soothing. He seemed agitated, and was trying to pull out of their grip, though he let himself be led. His eyes darted around before dropping to the ground. Nick curled his knees up to his chest and stared at the other boy. He had longer blond fringe, and he seemed to be trying to hide behind it. Nick tilted his head, burying his face partially into his knees as he looked out at him, his own brown hair flopping down into his face. So, this was going to be his new roommate. They situated the boy on the bed. “Jeff, Jeff, look at us.” Jeff didn’t seem to want to listen, and his head jerked to the side as he pulled back on the bed, pressing against the pillows. “Jeff, please. Just…” The nurse reached out and he pulled back as if burned, staring up at her with wide eyes. “No.” It was the first word to come out of his mouth since Nick had seen him, and he let out a small, dead chuckle. Jeff’s eyes snapped to him, and he stared with an expression that Nick couldn’t read. After a few seconds, he let it drop, his brow furrowing, and his attention went back to the nurses. “It’s okay, Donna, we’ll check on him later,” the Dr. Hill said. He turned to Nick, and Nick pulled himself further back into his bed, not liking the new-found attention. “And how about you? Are you okay, Nick?” No. I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t know why my mom and dad had to stop me. Why I have to live in this hellhole? I don’t want to be here. I want to be gone. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He managed a tight smile. The Dr. Hill paused, sighing and shaking his head, clearly unconvinced, and walked out of the room, muttering to the nurse. For a moment it was quiet. Then he turned his attention over to Jeff. “So, how exactly are you fucked up?” Jeff twitched and stared at him with wide eyes. “What do you mean?” He kept himself pulled up in a tight ball. “Depression, DID, OCD -“ “Schizophrenia.” His mouth opened and he seemed to have a question stuck in his mouth. It didn’t take Nick long to figure out what he wanted. “Depression.” Jeff nodded and looked down at the bed before scrunching his face up into a look of pure annoyance. He jerked his head again and muttered something under his breath. “Everything okay?” Jeff let out a monotone laugh. “What do you think?” Nick opened his mouth to respond, and Nick blinked before adding, “That shade of blue is really nice.” Nick shook his head before looking down, his response left unsaid. “Oh.” His arms were wrapped in blue bandages, the color so faint it almost seemed white under certain lights. “Thanks.” He waited to see if Jeff was going to say anything else, but the boy simply looked him up and down before shivering before lying down and turning over so that he faced away from Nick. “Nice to meet you,” Nick tried, but there was no response.

Nightclub (Prompt)
Jeff ran his fingers through his hair and gave himself an approving nod. He knew damn well that Nick had a thing for all black outfits, and the top few buttons were popped open. He saw Nick slowly walk up behind him before he felt two arms wrap around his waist. Nick buried his head in Jeff’s shoulder, placing a light kiss at the nape of his neck. “It’s like you’re trying to kill me, looking like that.” One hand unraveled, reaching up and ruffling Jeff’s hair. Yelping, Jeff jumped back, his hands immediately going up and smoothing it back down. “Hey, I got it perfect. No need to go messing with it.” He pouted, and Nick laughed, walking forward and kissing him. Jeff relaxed immediately, falling into Nick’s touch. Entwining their fingers together, both of them smiling, making half-formed chuckling sounds. When Nick pulled back, Jeff nudged him towards the door. “Better?” Nick swung their hands a bit, and they made their way out of the bedroom. “Yeah. Just no touching the hair.” “I don’t know. You seemed to enjoy last time when I was pulling at it.” He winked, and Jeff rolled his eyes. “I was a bit distracted with your cock in my mouth.” “Blunt as always, Jeffie.” He said it with a sense of affection, and he leaned closer to Jeff. Jeff moved out of the way, his fingers falling out of Nick’s grip. He cocked an eyebrow and walked over to the main door. “Ready to go?” Nick stood there, his lower lip jutted out. “Tease.” “And don’t you love it,” Jeff said, laughing lightly. The club was fairly loud and after two or three drinks, the two of them were loose and dancing on the floor. People all around them moved to their own beat, some better than others. But it didn’t matter. It was the atmosphere of the club that they loved; everyone was just there to enjoy themselves. No one gave a right fuck what the others’ looked like because they knew they probably would look just as bad after a few more drinks. Nick laughed, and Jeff turned around, backing up into Nick. Arms pulled him closer yet again. He felt them sink lower to his hips, and Jeff groaned, tilting his head back so that it was leaning against Jeff’s shoulder. As they grazed against the inseam of his pants, he bucked his hips slightly and shivered. “I’ve been thinking about fucking you all night long,” Nick whispered, his eyes glinting. “And all you’ve been doing is teasing.” It was true, Jeff had been alternating between grinding up against him and flitting out of his grasp. With each drink, the look in Nick’s eyes and the way he tried to hold on to Jeff got worse. It had been getting harder for Jeff to resist as well with the way Nick would occasionally lean in, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck or biting down on his earlobe. “God, Nick, what are you doing?” He felt Nick’s hand slip and brush up against him through his pants. “Hm, I think you’d call it payback.” He thrust his hips forward in rhythm to the beat and bit down hard on Jeff’s collar. “And you know what they say. It’s a bitch.” His hands moved with it, and he swayed their hips in perfection parallel motion, alternating between nips and kisses all down his neck.

“Fuck…” Jeff was groaning, pressing back and trying to turn around, but Nick’s grip tightened. “No. You’re going to feel what it was like for me all damn evening long.” His hand gently rubbed up and down the inside of Jeff’s thigh. His lips pressed another kiss at Jeff’s neck and he bit down, sending a jolt of pain through Jeff. Jeff could feel a familiar warmth bubble across his stomach, and he thrust his hips backwards against Nick’s some more, trying to get him desperate as well. The way Nick was taking it now, Jeff knew it could take ages to get to what he wanted, and by that point his body would be near-dead from the build-up. “You’re going to pay for every -” Another bite. “Fucking.” Even harsher. “Moment.” Jeff yelped in pain, and at the same time, Nick’s hands finally cupped him, his palm applying a light pressure. Bucking his hips up, Jeff groaned, pulling himself from Nick’s grip finally. The music pounded in his hears and their heads spun, dizzied by the alcohol. Their lips pressed together and Nick fell backwards a bit, his arms wrapping around Jeff again. Jeff nipped at Nick’s lower lip, and Nick responded back by letting their tongues wrestle together, all thoughts of teasing abandoned. They managed to pull themselves from the crowd, still holding onto each other, their tongue desperately mapping each others’ mouths. How they managed to even get to the door was a bit of a mystery, but there was a soft woosh and a sudden breeze around them. The noise disappeared as the door shut with a click, and they glanced around for a second. Nick tugged Jeff forward, leading him slightly away, his fingers pulling at his hair as he placed a kiss on his jawbone. They turned down an alley and to the dead end. There was no one else around. Finally. Nick pushed forward and Jeff felt himself shoved up against a wall. His head leaned backwards and he groaned as it hit against the bricks. There wasn’t much time to think, though because Nick had unbuttoned two of the buttons on his shirt and his tongue was lapping at the skin there. His fingers fumbled at Jeff’s pants, and he unbuttoned them. Jeff continually ran his fingers through Nick’s hair, falling limply against the wall. Before he knew it, Nick was pulling away though, leaving Jeff against the wall, pants pooled at his heels. “What…?” His eyes opened and he saw Nick holding a condom packet in one hand and a small bottle of lube in the other. “The condom I understand, but the lube?” His breathing was ragged and his laugh trembled. “You think I didn’t realize from the moment you dressed like that I would be having this problem.” Licking his lips, he stared up and down at Jeff, and Jeff suddenly wished Nick was pressed up against him again. He leaned forward, but Nick stopped him. “No. Turn around. I’m going to fuck you.” The bluntness of it sent a shiver down his spine, and he agreed, turning around. His fingers gripped the bricks as he felt his boxers fall down as well. There was a pause before he felt something slick gently running down his skin and dipping in. Nick nudged his fingers up against the tight ring of muscles before slowly easing two in. Jeff groaned, feeling the familiar burn and letting his fingers claw uselessly around the bricks in front of him. Nick gave him a mere moment to adjust before scissoring and twisting them, stretching him out. Jeff set his jaw and his eyes shut as he slowly pressed his ass backwards against them, trying to get them in deeper. Nick chuckled before adding another finger. They stroked and pulled, sliding in and out at an erratic pace. Jeff was letting out small mewls and moans, his teeth biting down on his lip painfully. His hips jerked with the motion, and he felt the same warmth continuing to build in his stomach.

Nick suddenly pulled out, and his hands grabbed Jeff’s, holding him pinned to the wall. Jeff whined, needily thrusting his hips backwards. “No. I want you to beg.” Jeff let out another whimper, and Nick’s grip on his wrists tightened. “Fuck me.” His voice was a rough whisper. “You sure you want it?” Hissing, he thrust his hips backwards, though he met nothing other than air. He could feel Nick dodging him. “Fuck me, please, Nicky. Please fuck me.” It came out louder and lower, and Jeff twisted his head, trying to look at Nick. Nick smirked, and his hands let go. There was another pause and he quickly fumbled with his own pants and boxers, letting them fall to the ground. Jeff held his breath as Nick slid the condom on and popped open the lube again, coating himself and letting the bottle drop to the ground. An uncharacteristically light kiss was placed on the back of Jeff’s neck, and Nick slowly eased himself in. That burn that had faded before returned, worse than before, and his forehead fell against the bricks, the small dips and hills of the material digging into him. He felt Nick tense and heard a sharp intake of breath. He eased himself all the way in before pulling out, and he started to shift experimentally, finding a position better for the both of them. Nick’s fingers tightened around his hips and he placed wet kisses down his back, accentuating them each with a thrust. Jeff gasped and his hips bucked. He tried to meet each thrust, and his eyes shut. His fingers scraped against the wall as his grip slipped, and he felt it graze against him, cutting him. Jeff couldn’t care less. “Harder.” He was drowning in it. Each thrust was accompanied by a jolt of pleasure, and his body hummed. Nick did his best to oblige, and his nails dug into Jeff. The lines between pleasure and pain were blurred to the point that they were distinguishable, and they both let out obscene sounds, filling up the empty alley. “Close. So close.” Nick’s hand reached out, wrapping around Jeff’s cock and tugging. He ran over the tip, and Jeff let out a shout. It took several more thrusts, but he suddenly arched his back, his fingers falling completely from the walls. Everything within him burst and he came across Nick’s hand. Nick rode through, milking him. With Jeff clenching around him, it was impossible to control himself, and his thrusts became rougher, harsher. Once, twice. Fifth time. He came with a loud shout, his teeth sinking into Jeff’s shoulder one final time. They both lay there, leaning against the wall for a moment after that, feeling the afterglow slowly fade away. The dull thudding inside of them slowly ebbed into tiredness and Nick whimpered into Jeff’s shoulder. It took a few minutes before Nick slipped out, and Jeff turned around to meet him. Their lips brushed together, the urgency they’d had all evening gone, having dissipated. Their foreheads leaned together, and Jeff reached out a hand, running it through Nick’s hair, ignoring how sweaty they both were. “Love you,” he muttered, their lips brushing together as they spoke. “Right back at you,” Nick said.

Club Eleven
“Any clue what Blaine and Kurt have in store for us tonight?” Jeff asked, sipping the coffee and scowling as it burned his tongue. His teeth scraped lightly around the tip. “Nope. All they said was that it was something different than usual. Whatever that means.” Nick rolled his eyes. The two of them had gone up to New York together – Jeff from William and Mary and Nick from Duke partially to just have fun themselves and partially to visit Kurt and Blaine, who were still going steady and attending New York University. And New York City was a fun city after all. “Aw, I mean, what do we have to be worried about? It’s not like we’re going to do anything crazy. It’s Kurt and Blaine after all.” Jeff leaned back and laughed, and Nick nodded his head in agreement. oOoOoOo

“A gay bar… Are you actually serious?” Jeff stared incredulously between the two of them. “You realize that we’re straight, right?” Kurt and Blaine smiled at them, and Kurt lifted his head from Blaine’s shoulder. “Yes, we realize that you’re both straight,” Kurt started, but Nick cut him off, quirking his eyebrows. “And yet you’re taking us to a gay bar. I mean, I get that it’s your sort of a thing, but…” Jeff couldn’t help but chuckle. “Oh, Nicky, come off it, we all know you’d enjoy it.” That earned him a glare from Nick and a slightly disapproving look from both Kurt and Blaine. “All right, geez, I kid. I kid.” He lifted his hands up innocently in the air. “Look, you guys said you wanted to go wild in New York,” Blaine countered, trying to bring it back to the original point. “Yeah, but in a girls-gone-wild sort of way. Not a guys-gone-wild thing,” Jeff said, his hand dragging absentmindedly against the edge of the desk. “I think Jeff’s getting sick of simply watching porn, and he was just hoping to get some real action,” Nick said, sticking out his tongue at Jeff. Jeff launched himself at the other boy, hitting him hard in the shoulder. “For your information, I get a lot of –“ Kurt cleared his throat. “As fascinating as your sex life is, I’m sure…” Kurt said, shaking his head. His lips twitched upward and he gave a sigh as Jeff and Nick shoved each other, muttering insults. Some things never changed. “Glad to see you guys are permanently stuck at the age of twelve,” Blaine said, drawing both of their attentions. “Hey!” Jeff said, pulling back off of Nick and crossing his arms over his chest. “Yeah, I’m at least thirteen. Get it right.” Kurt rolled his eyes, and Blaine laughed at them.

“As we were saying, we know a gay bar that doesn’t card you. I mean, it’s hard as hell to sneak in anywhere around here, and we don’t really know that many clubs,” Kurt explained, leaning his head back down against Blaine’s shoulder and smiling up at him. Jeff straightened himself up and paced around their dorm. “But, I mean, what’s in it for us other than the whole ‘you don’t have to be twenty-one’ thing?” While a gay bar was still a bar, Jeff wasn’t entirely sure how comfortable he’d feel there. “Actually, there are a lot of girls there,” Blaine said. Jeff’s ears perked up at this. “For some reason a fair amount seem to think that two guys kissing is… hot.” His nose crinkled in confusion and Kurt kissed his cheek. “Can’t blame them, can you?” Kurt replied, grinning. His hand reached down, and his and Blaine’s fingers linked. “So, we’re going to a gay bar to pick up chicks?” Nick asked, raising his eyebrows skeptically. “And we’re buying dinner,” Kurt said. “I’m in,” Jeff immediately said. Nick snorted. “Jeffy, you’d give someone your soul for free food.” “It depends how good the food was. I mean, asparagus – no thank you. Crepes – totally worth it.” He grinned at Nick, and Nick shook his head. “Oh, all right. If Jeff’s so keen, I might as well. If nothing else, it’ll make a fun story.” He got out of his chair and smiled. “Yeah, I’m in.” “Fantastic,” Blaine said. Kurt and Blaine’s faces lit up, and they pulled themselves off of the bed as well. “It’ll be fun. I promise.” “Yeah, yeah, sure, Anderson,” Jeff teased. “They’d better have good food and plenty to drink, otherwise I want a refund.” oOoOoOo Jeff and Nick were waiting outside the Dunkin Donuts in the U-Hall, the residence hall where Kurt and Blaine lived. “So, do you think this is a good idea?” Nick asked, looking somewhat skeptical. Jeff was starting to doubt his decision as well. After all, they had several hours to kill after talking with Kurt and Blaine, and within that time he had started to wonder what going to a gay bar would exactly entail. “I dunno,” Jeff said, lounging back in the chair and running his finger around the crumb-filled plate’s box. “Well, I mean, they should be downstairs in a few minutes anyway.” “I guess, like you said, it’ll be an experience. Besides, free food.” Jeff bit his lip and sighed, and Nick gave him a reassuring smile. Nick was sure they had little to worry about. It was going to be fun. Kurt and Blaine rarely had any bad ideas. Or, well, at least, they managed to keep each other in check. “God, Jeff, you and your food.” Jeff shrugged and looked sadly at his empty donut box. “Donut whore.” “Oh, shush. You’re ridiculous. Besides, donuts are just amazing.”

“Krispy Kreme is better,” Nick said matter-of-factly. “Oh, I’m not denying it. But U-Hall only has a Dunkin Donuts. Besides, it’s fucking freezing out there.” That was true. New York City during the winter time, especially at night, was not for the weak. Their coats were still on, though that made it uncomfortably hot. Still, their outfits felt a bit absurd, and the idea of wearing it in a college dorm seemed mildly horrifying. Their hats and gloves were scattered on the table. “Sorry it took us so long. Kurt was having trouble finding a proper scarf,” Blaine said from behind them, and they turned around to see Kurt and Blaine walking towards them, holding hands. “Do you two always have to be touching or else you’ll die or something?” Jeff asked, looking down at their hands. He swore ninety percent of the time they were together, Kurt and Blaine were holding hands. It was as if they were inseparable. Kurt made a sputtering sound, and Blaine grinned at him. “No, we don’t have to be touching each other constantly. Though that would be fun.” Jeff groaned, and Nick let out a bark-like laugh. “I mean, you kind of walked into that one,” Nick said. “Can we see what you’re wearing?” Kurt finally asked, his cheeks still mildly red. His eyes were glancing down to Jeff’s lower calves, where the coat cut off, looking confused. It was as if he knew that their insecurities about it. Nick and Jeff side-glanced before pulling them off. Kurt and Blaine broke down into giggles, clutching each other as if that was the funniest thing they’d ever seen. “I knew it. You owe me five dollars, Kurt,” Blaine said, shaking his head and supporting himself on Kurt’s shoulder and a railing. “Super skinny jeans are bad enough on you, Nick. But, Jeff, where did you even get those?” Jeff and Nick had bought them earlier when they had time to kill. They had no clue what people wore to go out clubbing. Their interactions at Ohio State were usually limited to dorm parties, and those always had casual wear. So, they had gone out. And Jeff had decided that leather pants were appropriate for the occasion. Nick had uncertainly agreed with him. So, here they were. “I – uh – brought eyeliner as well,” Jeff muttered, pulling a small tube out from a pocket. “I wasn’t sure what I’d need.” “Jesus Christ, I mean, there are people who fill that stereotype, but, really, they’re really rare,” Kurt said, still chuckling as he glanced up and down at them. “You are a fashion disaster – an exemplary don’t for the rest of the world.” “So, what are we going to do about it?” Jeff nervously bit at his lip. “We are going to make you change back into normal clothes before we go. It doesn’t matter if we get there later than we planned. This is an emergency,” Kurt said, raising his eyebrows and looking back and forth between them. “But you guys are ready to go other than that?” Blaine asked. “Let’s do this,” Jeff said, giving a firm nod of his head. “Then, let’s go.” oOoOoOo Kurt had picked out a regular button-down shirt – complimentary to their respective skin tones of course – for each of them and some low-riding pants. He had deemed that they didn’t have any proper bar-going tops, though Blaine had tried to insist that they would be fine in even their usual

clothes. Still, Kurt was Kurt, and forty-five minutes later, they were there. Their winter clothes were all hanging on their seats with the exception of Jeff’s scarf. He, for some odd reason, kept it on. The bar was fairly loud. Even with a seat in the corner, the noise seemed to be coming in from all angles. The techno music blared and Jeff could feel the vibrations shake through him. At this point, he just was waiting for the food to come. They happened to have hot dogs, and at the time when he ordered it, the idea of eating a phallic object in a gay bar seemed decidedly hilarious. Kurt and Blaine had rolled their eyes when he ordered, but they didn’t say anything. Besides, they had ordered some appetizers for the all of them to share. Nick glanced out around past the other tables to the dance floor at the couples dancing. There were a few girls scattered about. But mostly guys seemed to be grinding against each other or making out or something. He felt his cheeks heat up a bit. His head jerked over as he heard the bartender start to speak. “Your drinks.” They had all ordered beers for the first round, and Kurt and Blaine were offering to pay for it. All of them accepted it eagerly. “That’ll be seven-fifty per person.” Kurt and Blaine whispered among each other before Blaine paid for them. The bartender took it and shook his head, giving him back a ten. “You gave me too much.” “Huh?” Blaine dug in his wallet for a moment before paying the amount for three drinks instead of four, though everyone was still confused. “Honey, yours is on the house.” He laid a hand on Jeff’s shoulder lightly and winked before walking off. Nick scowled. How come his drink hadn’t been free? It wasn’t as if three-ten was expensive, but it was just the simple principle. The fact that someone was flirting with Jeff. He felt a small stab of envy and looked up to see Kurt eyeing him curiously. Nick quickly rearranged his face into a smile. “Look at you, Jeff,” Blaine said, laughing. “We’ve been coming here for months and we’ve never got a single free drink.” Kurt nudged Blaine lightly, and Nick didn’t fail to notice the way Kurt’s eyes flickered over to him. “Oh, shush. You know he has a thing for blonds.” “That’s true,” Kurt said. “Last month – yeah, that was… disturbing.” Nick didn’t bother asking what exactly was disturbing; he wasn’t completely sure he wanted to know. Jeff didn’t seem to notice, and he gave Nick a cheeky grin. “Too bad you’re not a blondie, huh? You’re going to regret all those times you teased me for my blindingly bright hair. See, it pays off.” Nick rolled his eyes. “Please, just because one guy flirts with you? I’d choose this over blond any day.” His voice was light, and Jeff just sipped his beer and looked away, around the bar. Though it was true – it had been only one guy. It wasn’t anything to worry about. “And your food’s ready too.” The bartender was back, balancing several plates. “Mozzarella sticks. Barbeque wings. And, of course, your hot dog. Like a good sausage?” The bartender was looking at Jeff with an almost predatory look in his eyes. “Err, yeah.” Jeff seemed unsure at first how to respond, but a grin quickly slid over his face. There was something about being hit on by another guy that was amusing and almost… pleasing. He ran his hands through his hair. “What can I say? Who doesn’t love a thick, juicy sausage?” The bartender gave a low chuckle. “Indeed, who doesn’t?” Nick glanced over at Kurt and Blaine who looked somewhere between annoyed and amused. Kurt had an eyebrow raised and looked as if he was waiting to see what exactly would happen between them.

“So, what’s your name, lovely?” the bartender asked, leaning in a bit too close for Nick’s liking. He could feel the smile start to become strained on his face. What the hell was the bartender doing? And what the hell was Jeff doing allowing him to go on? He was straight. “Jeff.” “Nice to meet you, Jeff. I’m Tim.” Tim licked his lips and continued grinning. Jeff tried to suppress a chuckle as Tim continued looking at him suggestively. It was rather flattering that someone could see him like this. After all, he hadn’t really ever gotten hit on by a guy before. And yet here was one giving him a free drink. Still, it wasn’t fair to lead the poor guy on. At the end of the day, he wasn’t going to do more than a bit of harmless flirting. “I do have to warn you, I am straight.” Tim’s face fell, and he pouted. “You sure? You know, experimenting sometimes can change your mind… I wouldn’t mind helping you out there.” Jeff laughed, but shook his head. “Thanks, but… Really, though, if I was gay or bi, I’m sure I’d leap at the opportunity.” “Thanks. Well, suit yourself.” He shrugged his shoulders and walked off, looking a little disappointed. “Well, that was fun,” Jeff said, grinning and taking another swig of his beer. He was annoyingly smug, as he glanced around at Kurt, Blaine, and Nick. Nick made a small sound of supposed agreement, but his eyes didn’t really meet Jeff’s. Jeff, however, didn’t seem to notice. Of course, it wasn’t as if Nick could really blame the bartender. Jeff was fairly attractive. From a completely objective viewpoint, that was. He sighed. Just why did Jeff get all the attention? He felt the smile on his face tighten. “Well, then. Dig in.” They all eagerly reached forth, grabbing food except for Jeff. He looked down at his hot dog, a small blush spreading over his face. “Maybe the whole hot dog thing wasn’t such a fantastic idea,” he muttered. Suddenly it seemed awkward eating it in a place like this. It really was one of those things that in theory had seemed like a good idea, but now… “Oh, no, you ordered it. You’re going to eat it up,” Nick piped up, looking slightly more enthused. He arched and eyebrow challengingly, and – fuck it, he wasn’t going to say no to someone else, especially not Nick. The bun dropped to the plate, and Jeff brought only the hot dog up to his mouth. He made sure not to look away from Nick as he slowly eased the hot dog into his mouth. His lips wrapped around it and he took it as deep as he could without choking before easing it back out. A light blush spread across Nick’s face and he licked his lips. It came out of his mouth with a wet plop, and Jeff’s tongue slowly ran across the underside. Nick stubbornly glared right back at him, though the pink on his cheeks was turning to red. With a final lick across the tip, Jeff pulled back and leaned back in his seat. “Are you two quite sure you aren’t gay?” Blaine asked, looking mildly amused. Both heads snapped over, yanked away from each others’ gazes. “Pretty sure I’m not,” Nick said with a serious nod. “Not me,” Jeff chimed in as well. “Well, I don’t think the bartender believes you anymore, in any case,” Kurt said, motioning over to where the bartender was looking at Jeff, slack-jawed and frustrated.

“Oops.” Jeff sheepishly grinned at him before dipping his head down and biting the tip off of the hot dog. “Oh, well, he’ll get over it.” They’d only been sitting down and talking for a few minutes when Jeff felt a tap on his shoulder. All heads turned to face the new person, a guy who was giving Jeff a shy grin. Nick’s heart felt that same twist. “So, I couldn’t help but notice your little… show earlier.” “Oh, really, now?” Jeff, finished with his hot dog at this point, popped a barbeque wing in his mouth before exaggeratedly licking his lips. Somehow it made it worse to Nick that he was doing that on purpose. Though, it wasn’t so much Jeff’s flirting that bothered him, rather the fact that Jeff was being chatted up by so many guys. Wasn’t it? His head hurt. “Yeah, got to say, you have quite the talented mouth.” He winked and Jeff smirked. “Thanks. I try to put it to good use.” Nick coughed loudly at this, and four sets of eyes turned to look at him. “What? Nothing. I just had something in my throat. Carry on.” He couldn’t help but smile a bit when Jeff threw him a light glare. “Uh, okay. Is he, like, your boyfriend?” the guy asked, looking over at Nick warily. “Boyfriend?” It took Jeff a moment to understand. “Yes, Jeff, sweetie, see, when two guys really like each other –“ Jeff punched him lightly in the shoulder. “No, he’s just my jerk-ass best friend.” Nick rolled his eyes, and looked over at Kurt and Blaine, surprised at how quiet they were. Ah. Kurt was leaning into Blaine, nibbling lightly at his neck. Blaine’s head was tilted back against the wall, and his eyes were shut. His fingers ran through Kurt’s hair, and it was clear that they were just blocking out this whole conversation. Nick sighed and went to take a sip of his drink, feeling a bit like a third wheel. “So, anyway…” the guy tried, extending a hand. “I’m Nick.” Nick sputtered on his drink, mid-sip. He felt the burn and his eyes watered. He had to clear his throat before he could say anything. “You know, it’s not polite to steal people’s names,” Nick said to the other Nick. “Huh?” Clearly he wasn’t that bright either. “Oh, his name is Nick too,” Jeff tried explaining, biting his lip in an attempt to hide his smile. “As I said… it isn’t polite to steal someone else’s name.” Nick ran a hand through his hair and looked at the other Nick. “Right…” The other Nick wasn’t sure what to say. Instead, he turned away, one hand drifting on top of Jeff’s shoulder and squeezing gently. “You should know he’s straight,” Nick said, motioning to Jeff. “If you were thinking about hooking up with him, he’s not interested.” Jeff felt a note of annoyance. It was just some harmless little flirting. Why was Nick ruining it for him?

“You’re straight?” He looked at Jeff unsurely as if expecting someone to tell him that they were pulling his leg. When no one did, he backed away, unsure how to handle it all. “Right. Well, if you change your mind…” He slunk back, looking alarmed, and Jeff turned to face Nick. “C’mon, Nicky, I was just having a little fun.” Nick gave him a look of mock-innocence. “Hey, as was I!” “But, I mean, it’s not like I expected people to notice.” They heard a snort, and they turned to see Kurt move back from Blaine, kneading his lower lip between his teeth for a moment before pulling away completely looking at the two of the skeptically. “So, you think you can give a blowjob to a hot dog at a gay bar and go unnoticed? C’mon now.” Blaine was laughing as well. “Jeff, you honestly didn’t think that, did you?” Kurt asked, shaking his head. “Well, no, but in my defense, Nick challenged me to do it.” He gave Nick an accusatory glare and Nick slunk back in his chair, chucking. “Yeah, and it was totally worth it.” Nick stuck out his tongue and put his drink up to his lips, taking another gulp. The liquid burned its way down, even if it left a pleasant aftereffect. The bartender approached them with another glass, and Nick’s eyebrows quirked together when he faced Jeff. Jeff couldn’t help but feel some shame in this. After all, he’d led the poor guy on, then rejected him and emulated behavior that would prove the exact opposite of what he meant. “Here you go,” the bartender said, placing the mojito down on the table. “What’s that for?” Jeff asked, and Nick couldn’t help but note the way he pursed his lips and tilted his head. “Guy in the red button-up over there.” He pointed out a guy who was looking over at them and waved. Jeff couldn’t help but grin; it was nice getting this kind of attention. The guy slid off of his stool and walked over towards the table. The bartender – Tim, wasn’t it? – gave an irritated grunt and stalked off towards the bar again. “Couldn’t help but notice you,” the guy said, and Nick rolled his eyes. How was it that guys kept on flocking to Jeff? “Yeah, I’ll bet it’s the hair. Sticks out in a crowd,” Jeff said, winking. Letting out a small hmph, Nick leaned forward, finishing off his drink and stalking over to the bar to get another. “Vodka on the rocks,” he mumbled, dishing out his wallet. The bartender raised an eyebrow at him, but didn’t say anything. Nick slumped backwards on the counter, looking over at Jeff. He was leaning towards that guy, laughing about something. It was obvious that he was thriving from the attention. Still, Nick couldn’t help but feel a pang of envy. “Here you go.” Nick turned around, grabbed his drink, and paid. Tipping it backwards, he took a giant swig, and pulled the glass away, coughing. His eyes watered. Damn, he’d forgotten how strong vodka was. “Easy, tiger,” he heard the bartender say as he walked away. “Fucking hell.” Nick walked over to the table again, putting on a smile. “But, I mean, soccer’s fun. Not all of us have to fall under stereotypes,” the guy was saying to Jeff. “No, I’m big into sports too.” Nick choked on his drink. Jeff was never into sports. What the hell was he talking about?

“Oh, really?” “Yeah, even played a bit of football back in high school.” At this, even Blaine gave Jeff an incredulous look. “Lots of stamina, then, huh?” the guy asked, his voice dropping low as he leaned forward, curling into Jeff. He was actually in Jeff’s lap. Nick felt his hand twitch, and he resisted the urge to shove the other guy off. No, it had to be Jeff that was literally getting cuddled by someone else. It would never be him. “Tons. I can go at it for hours.” Nick tapped his glass down on the table a bit louder than usual, and their eyes swiveled towards Nick if only for a moment. Jeff’s smirk softened slightly, and he looked at Nick questioningly. Then, the other guy had his hand on Jeff’s face and was guiding his chin so that Jeff was looking at him again. “Do tell.” Jeff blushed at the guy’s words. Okay, so maybe he was taking it a bit too far. After all, from the way Nick was looking at him and Blaine come to think of it, they were having trouble believing what he was doing. And that was true, maybe lying wasn’t the best approach. “Before we go on with this whole – uh – flirting thing,” Jeff said, cringing at his clear ineptness at phrasing, “I’d should probably say that I’m straight.” The guy shrugged and detached himself from Jeff. “You sure you aren’t bi? You put on a pretty good show.” He didn’t seem to take offense to it, though. “Why are you here?” Jeff motioned at Kurt and Blaine who had gone back to talking quietly amongst each other. They were smiling, and Kurt leaned in more, stealing a quick kiss before looking over at everyone staring at them. “Yes? Is there anything we can do for you?” He raised an eyebrow, and Jeff cleared his throat, looking away. “Anyway…” The guy shrugged again. “Well, still was nice talking with you.” He turned to Nick. “You gay?” Nick shook his head and Jeff bit the inside of his cheek, feeling slightly guilty. “Plenty of fish in the sea. See you later.” He threw a final glance behind him, quirking an eyebrow. “Still have to love the hair, though,” he said at Jeff, chuckling as he walked away. As soon as he was out of earshot, Nick leaned forward to Jeff. “Playing football? You can’t stand football. What are you doing?” “Come on, I’m just having a little fun, Nicky,” Jeff said, pouting a bit. “Well, yeah, but there’s no need to lie. It’s not like you actually need to impress them.” Nick pulled back, trying to hide how upset he was by playfully rolling his eyes. “Not like you’re actually going to hook up with them anyway. We all know you have eyes only for me.” Jeff snorted. “Yeah, only you.” Those weren’t the only guys that came onto Jeff that evening, either. At one point he had been surrounded by three different guys, two of which were toying with his hair, and one of which had bought him a drink. In fact, multiple people bought him drinks. Nick kept on getting up and going over to the bar, having to buy his own.

The alcohol washed over him, and the light buzzing got louder and louder in his head. He felt utterly relaxed even with the irritation of Jeff’s gay magnetism. And it certainly was irritating. Only one had show interest in Nick – and that was only as a last resort. The table was finally empty again. In the meantime, the dance floor had cleared out for a while when they started playing what they all deemed to be “elevator music” of sorts. But now that something with a better beat was on, more people were there – guys and girls alike. Nick was staring out at them dancing when he saw the bartender coming. He swore that a tenth of the bar had to have come onto Jeff so far. Nick had thought that maybe they had gotten the point by now that Jeff wasn’t interested in them. Apparently not. “Sex on the Beach,” the bartender said, placing the cocktail down on the table. Nick glanced away, but the bartender nudged his shoulder. “Don’t you want to know who it’s from?” Nick’s head swiveled around and gaped at the bartender. “Wait, it’s for me?” He quickly shut his jaw, trying to look classy. The bartender motioned towards a group of four girls. “Those would be them. Though the one in the pink shirt told me to give this to you.” With that, he walked off. Nick looked over at them, cocking an eyebrow. Someone finally had noticed him. He waved, his face melting into a smirk. Now this much he knew how to do. Her finger reached out, making a clawing “come hither” sort of motion and she winked. The rest of the group giggled. Laughing along with them, he gave them a thumbs up. Dipping the glass down, he managed to gulp it down at super-speed. “Don’t hurt yourself,” he heard Kurt mutter, but he wasn’t paying attention. At this point he just wanted to get away. Dropping the glass on the table, he gave a lazy grin to everyone. “Sorry guys, but my ladies call,” he said, chuckling to himself. “Gee, Nick, abandoning me… I see how it is.” Jeff pouted at him and Nick rolled his eyes. “Well, I’m sure another guy will come up and distract you soon enough. Not like there weren’t plenty before.” With that he sauntered off. Jeff’s elbow hit the table and his chin rested in the palm of his hands. He looked over at Kurt and Blaine and went to say something but then noticed that they were kissing each other. Rather, they were making small panting sounds, and from the look of things, Kurt was running his hands up Blaine’s thigh under the table. Well then. Still, there was an awkward silence to fill. “Look at him. I can’t believe he got invited to dance and I didn’t,” Jeff said, throwing a glance over at Nick. He seemed to be enjoying himself as he was grinding up against the girls, saying something, if his moving lips were anything to go by. “Mmm,” Blaine responded, running his hands through Kurt’s hair. The two of them seemed to only be half-listening. Jeff turned around so that he could watch Nick, considering there was little else to do. It was fairly obvious from the way he was dancing that Nick was drunk. Not that his dancing was horrendous, but especially considering what he could dance like, it was off. He moved just mildly offbeat. Just enough to be mildly irritating. And he kept on tilting back, his head leaning against the girls’ shoulders as he winked up at them. He watched them, somewhat entranced during the song. Nick kept on pushing his hips back, letting them swing loosely and moving against the girl in the pink shirt. Jeff also noticed the way he’d sometimes bend a bit, letting his hands run down her side as he nuzzled his head back. “But really, why did they buy him a drink?” Jeff said, not bothering to turn his head to Kurt and Blaine. All he wanted to do was to make it less awkward. He felt a weird twisting in his stomach as Nick

wrapped his arms around another girl’s waist. “Why did he even go over with them? It’s not like we know them. Yeah, I mean, who are they?” Again, no response. He let out an angry breath and his brow furrowed together. If only they’d just detach themselves and try to make a decent conversation with him already. Then maybe he could have something better to do than stare at Nick. Not that he was staring – not in that way. He was just angry that he’d been abandoned. That was all. The third song started. And the fourth. Jeff stopped counting, yet he still kept on babbling to Kurt and Blaine. Still, they rarely said much. Kurt had tilted his head down and had popped open the first button of Blaine’s shirt, his teeth grazing against the exposed collar bone. Jeff’s face tinged red just looking at them; he felt like he was invading a private moment between them. So, instead he kept on talking. “God, what’s taking him so long? It’s been like twenty minutes. But he just keeps on dancing with them. If you can even call that dancing. It’s more like sexual harassment. I mean, just look at it. It’s so inappropriate. Not that I care. ‘Cause I really don’t.” He glanced over to see Kurt looking at him with a raised eyebrow. Maybe he did care. But just a little. In an attempt to shut up, he curled back in his chair, his arms wrapped around his chest. In his head, he repeated the thoughts that he wouldn’t, simply wouldn’t say anything else. No matter how irritated he was that Nick was out there and he was stuck here. No matter how badly he wanted to be there. There was a tap on his shoulder, and he looked over to see a blond guy staring at him, leaning against the wall in what was supposed to be a sexy way Jeff assumed. “Well, hey there,” the guy said, leaning in closer to Jeff. Jeff scanned him up and down before letting his eyes go back to Nick. “Hi.” The guy didn’t take the hint and kept on talking, moving closer to Jeff. “My place really isn’t that far from here,” the guy purred. “That’s fantastic. Really.” Watching Nick move up against them was almost hypnotizing, and Jeff couldn’t help but wish he was part of that all. The other guy let out a small, mildly irritated sound and Jeff’s eyes flickered back over to him. “I was thinking we could go there and have some fun of our own. Ditch this place.” So, he was far more direct than some of the others. Jeff raised an eyebrow before looking back at Nick. His eyes closed and he tried to imagine what that’d feel like. When he opened them, he noticed that a few guys had joined into the group in the meantime, most likely while he had been focusing in on Nick during the last song. “I am talking to you, you know,” the guy said. Talk about someone who couldn’t take a hint. “And I am not interested.” Jeff scowled and the guy shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever. Your loss.” He stalked away, and Jeff focused his attention back on the group on the dance floor. “It’s not fair.” The words slipped out before he could help them. Kurt pulled away. “For God’s sake, Jeff, just go dance with him if you’re that worked up about it.” Jeff set his jaw and stood up, pushing his chair away. “You know what… maybe I will.” With that he walked off towards Nick, set on doing something, anything just to get away from that awkward silence and to be closer to the action.

“Jeffie?” Nick looked surprised when he saw him, and he tilted his head somewhat, his eyes unreadable. Jeff flashed a smile. “Is this a private party, or could I join you?” They all made some sort of a cooing sound, and a hand wrapped around his arm, pulling him forward. He fell against a girl in a blue shirt. “Sure. Why the hell not? You’re a cutie.” With that, her hands were on his waist, and they were moving to the beat. He could feel her grind up against him to the rhythm of a new song that started. He could feel himself loosen up, his hips snapping from side to side and his pelvis pushing backwards, grinding up against her. Each thud reverberated in his ears and his mind dulled out. He could feel the bodies pressed close together, and with each note, they all seemed to gravitate towards the center. The crescendo of drums built up and Jeff could feel someone grinding him from his front. His breaths were shorter, and he turned around to see Nick moving, his head thrown back and his eyes closed as he still moved mildly off beat. There was a tug and Jeff fell forward. A girl had her hand wrapped around his scarf and was pulling him against her. Her eyes glinted – though maybe that was just the lighting of the bar – and their lips pressed together. The bitter taste of alcohol and lime blurred between their lips and Jeff’s pressed in, his arm wrapping around her waist. He felt someone nudge up against his back, and they pulled away, groaning. The music, though forgotten, seemed to fuel them forward, the beat getting uneven and frenzied. Each fall seemed to push them closer still and Jeff turned around, immediately tangled with someone else. It wasn’t only him either. Everyone else seemed desperate just to feel the people around them. That was it, the hips the desperation in the touch. Skin against skin, that was it. Jeff let out a whimper as he felt lips pressed against his neck. His hands reached out, running down the sides of the girl in front of him. His eyes flickered somewhere between open and shut, and he saw a blurry outline of two girls gripping at each other, making small mewls as they kissed and bit. Turning, he found himself face to face with Nick, and he didn’t even think as he pressed forward, their lips smashing together painfully. Nick’s hands moved up to his face, and he felt the sharp pain as the nails in Nick’s right hand dug into his cheek. His own hands wound their way around Nick’s waist, and he pulled him forward, jerking his hips forward so that they met Nick’s. Nick let out a guttural moan and he pulled back, worrying Jeff’s lip between his teeth. There was a moment where they seemed to have their own bubble, suddenly disconnected from everyone else, and Jeff was pulled forth, yanked by his tie again. Nick dragged him off of the dance floor, miraculously finding a way to maneuver around people while still kissing him. The stale taste of the liquors danced between their lips as their tongues sought each other, dancing together. The sound of a door creaking open altered Jeff somewhere and he noticed that they were falling into the bathroom. Hands pulled through his hair, and he was dragged into a stall. Growling and trying to get some sort of a grip, his hands moved up to Nick’s shoulders, slamming them backwards against the stall’s wall. Nick whimpered as he hit it with a loud bang, and his eyes opened. For a moment they just stared at each other, their lips swollen and their breaths short, and then they both moved forward at the same time. Nick’s hand drifted lower, tracing the inseam of Jeff’s jeans, and his hips lifted into his touch. His own hands moved upward, and his fingers dragged along Nick’s skull as he buried them into his hair. Jeff’s lips darted lower and he bit down where his collar met his neck. Nick let out a small, raw sound and Jeff pushed him against the stall again. His tongue gently traced the skin, following the dip and curve of the bones. It was almost salty. Jeff’s lips closed around a freckle and his tongue gave a final lick. Pulling off, he let out small, short pants,

and his fingers moved downward, toying with the waistband of Nick’s jeans. Nick groaned, his hand freezing. Taking advantage of Nick’s reaction, his hand dipped under, tracing his hipbones. His finger had a feathery touch, and he pulled back, for a moment before kneeling down on the ground. The tiles weren’t particularly comfortable, but Jeff had never cared less about comfort. His fingers slowly ran over the bulge in Nick’s pants, and his eyes darted up. Nick sucked in a short breath before his hands moved down to Jeff’s hair. Running his fingers through it, he hummed quietly, and a small smirk played on his lips. Jeff’s attention fell back down and his fingers worked at the zipper, pulling it down. Hooking his fingers down the belt loops, he pulled them down to the ground so that they pooled at Nick’s ankles. His mouth slowly went over the fabric of the boxer, his tongue adding pressure to Nick’s erection. Nick groaned and his fingers tightened. His fingers moved up again, and he played with the elastic waistband. After a moment, his hand dipped down and he slowly eased out Nick’s cock. Jeff’s tongue ran over his lips and he glanced up at Nick one final time. There was a need to feel, to lose it to the point that neither of them knew what they were doing, and Jeff leaned forward, his tongue running over the tip and tasting the pre-cum. Nick’s hips jerked forward and Jeff felt the squeeze of his fingers as there was a sharp pull in his hair. Jeff hissed and his lips lowered, taking the head in his mouth. His tongue swirled around it and his teeth lightly grazed it. There was another thrust forward and Jeff loosened his throat, taking him in deeper. His hands slid up Nick’s thighs and his fingers danced around the base of the cock, brushing against the sensitive skin. “Fuck, Jeff,” Nick moaned above him, and Jeff shifted as the sound went straight to his cock. His pants were uncomfortably tight at this point. Still, he slid down as far as he could, the tip of Nick’s cock brushing up against back of his throat. He hummed quietly, sending light vibration up and Nick let out a breathy whimper. Jeff pulled back before setting a steady pace, his tongue tasting and seeking to draw out noises. His hands moved up and cupped Nick’s balls, massaging the skin with his thumb before dipping one hand down and wrapping it around the base. He pulled back for a moment and licked from base to tip before taking him deep and repeating the process. Beneath him, Nick squirmed and let out delicious sounds, his hips jerking forward with each movement. He was eager for more, and Jeff held the position for a few moments as Nick’s eyes flickered down to him. “So close…” Jeff pulled back and his hand slid up and down lazily a few more times. “Let go,” Jeff said, his voice quiet. With that, he lowered his head, taking Nick one final time, his nails grazing every so lightly against Nick’s skin. Nick tensed underneath him and his hips arched upward one final time. Jeff pulled back lightly, though his lips remained loosely around Nick’s cock. Lapping at the tip, he cleaned up any beads of come that clung to Nick’s skin. The taste wasn’t wonderful, but Jeff didn’t mind as he swallowed. Nick fell back completely against the stall in an attempt to support himself, and Jeff finally pulled himself up. Yet while Nick looked completely drained, Jeff still buzzed, on edge. He was painfully aware of each movement and was deciding that skin-tight jeans were not the best decision. With a groan, Nick pulled himself up and leaned forward, capturing Jeff’s lips once more. He pressed them firmly together and Jeff allowed Nick to take over this time. His lips were slowly pried open by Nick’s tongue and he felt it trace his lower lip. His small moan was swallowed between them. Nick’s fingers went down, cupping Jeff. Jeff thrust forward, eager for some sort of friction, but Nick pulled away. He was about to protest when Nick deftly unzipped it and his hand slid down underneath the boxers. His fingers curled around Jeff’s cock and he lazily stroked up and down, relishing each sound and the feel of Jeff tensing. Jeff was already close enough that he knew it wouldn’t take long. His hips made a steady motion, rocking against Nick’s hand, and Nick’s thumb played over the tip. Jeff groaned and his fingers tensed

around Nick’s arm. Nick smiled into the kiss and his teeth scraped Jeff’s lower lip. He slowly mapped Jeff’s mouth and his hand sped up. It only took another minute or two before Jeff convulsed, seeing hot white. Pleasure coursed through him and his body felt momentarily numb and alive. Sucking his breath in between his teeth, he let his head fall forward against Nick’s chest and he let out a low moan. Nick’s hand lazily continued stroking, milking him. It slowed down to a stop and Jeff’s panting was the only thing that filled the room for a few long moments. When he finally pulled back, a tired smirk fell into place. “We should go to gay bars more often.”

Help (Prompt)
Jeff looked over at his crutches and sighed. “It’s no fair.” Nick couldn’t help but agree. There had been a Warbler dance-off party just a few days ago, and Jeff must have done something wrong because before they knew it, he was on the ground, whimpering in pain. It had been a mess, and all of the Warblers - as well as some other people - stayed up all night worrying. He’d been fine other than a broken leg, but it still was a pain in the ass. Jeff hadn’t had to deal with this sort of a thing before, and he was so used to jumping around everywhere that it was getting to be quite a hassle. “I know. I know.” Nick leaned in, placing a kiss on Jeff’s cheek. Jeff’s scowl slowly melted into a smile, and he nuzzled into Nick’s neck. “I don’t wanna get up.” “We’re going to be late for class, Jeffie.” He pulled back, but Jeff’s arms wrapped around his waist, tugging him back. “No.” He said it in a low, childish voice and his lower lip jutted out. “Stop it, you.” Nick laughed and pressed another light kiss to his nose. Jeff continued to shake his head and he stuck out his tongue, his fingers tightening around Nick’s waist. The last thing Nick wanted to do was drag him out of the bed and hurt him even more, so instead he leaned in, careful not to bump against the cast-bound leg. Jeff slowly maneuvered them down to the point where they were lying on the bed, Nick draped over him. “Much better.” Jeff lost his pout and there was a bit of a twinkle in his eyes. That didn’t last long though. He had apparently tried to make himself more comfortable by moving, and he let out a low hiss, his eyes squeezing shut. “Hurts…” he managed to mutter, his fingers digging into Nick. Leaning forward, Nick pressed their lips together, kissing him slowly. One hand worked down, slipping under his shirt. Nick’s thumb moved just above Jeff’s hips, rubbing small, comforting circles. The taste of strawberries - Jeff had just had a few - danced between their lips and Nick pulled back. “Better?” “I don’t know. It could be even better than that.” Jeff moved his hand up before sliding it down Nick’s sides. He squeezed gently at the hips and his fingers jumped to the inseam of Nick’s pants. Nick shuddered. “Let me make you feel better, Jeffie.” Jeff’s lips lifted up into a smirk. “How?” Jeff leaned in, his other hand going up and pushing Nick’s shirt down a bit before he bit down at his collar. “Let me s - suck you.” Jeff pulled back altogether and Nick groaned at the sudden loss of contact. Their eyes met and before Jeff could even agree, Nick was tugging down at his pants. He pulled them right about to his knees, careful not to go lower as to avoid the cast. His fingers fumbled with the waistband of Jeff’s boxers, and he heard Jeff’s breath hitch. “Don’t tease,” Jeff murmured, his fingers moving down to Nick’s hair and tightening. Nick just laughed, his fingers dipping down underneath and tracing his hipbones. “Nick.” Jeff’s voice was a low moan. He edged the boxers lower and his hand slipped in, his fingers curling around Jeff’s cock.

“Oh, fuck.” Jeff’s hips bucked up, and Nick carefully slid the boxers down as well, licking his lips as it sprung into sight. His mouth eased in closer before his tongue darted out, licking the tip. The sounds Jeff were making made the pit of Nick’s stomach curl, and he wrapped his fingers around the base before wrapping his lips around the head. He eased down, letting his throat loosen up before swallowing up as much as he could. He felt Jeff restraining himself, his hips only fractionally lifting up as his fingers squeezed painfully around his hair. Nick pulled back, giving the tip another lick before facing Jeff. “Why did you stop?” “Let go.” “What?” “Fuck my mouth. Just let go.” Jeff shuddered and gave a barely-perceptible nod, though he let out a small squeak. Nick lowered down again, slowly licking down down one side and then another. He placed a small kiss before shifting so that he could follow a vein on the underside. The whole time, Jeff was squirming. Nick changed courses quickly, his lips wrapping around it again. Finally. Jeff let out another tight moan before thrusting his hips up into Nick’s mouth. They kept at a steady pace, Jeff occasionally using his hands to guide Nick down lower. They’d done this enough times that Jeff knew Nick’s limits and pulled back the moment he could feel the back of Nick’s throat tightening, brushing against the tip of his cock. Nick suddenly reached out blindly as he felt Jeff tense beneath him. His hand moved around until he found the handle of the drawer, trying to focus enough while his cheeks still hollowed and he sucked. Fumbling around, he found the small tube, and his index finger flicked at the cap, opening it. He pulled back his other hand, and let Jeff take control as he squeezed, feeling the the cold liquid spread out over his fingers. “W - what are you do - oing?” Jeff could barely concentrate on his words. Nick wasn’t exactly in the position to respond, so, instead, he took his lubed-up fingers and pressed them lightly against Jeff’s ass, moving around the tight ring over muscles but never pushing in. “Fuck. Nick…” Nick pressed in with two fingers, trying to rid the pain by sucking in his cheeks again. He scissored them and heard a whimper from Jeff, and gave him a moment to adjust. His fingers moved around a bit, and they curled. It took a moment, but Jeff suddenly was trying to go two directions at once, thrusting down on his fingers and up into his mouth. Nick chuckled, sending vibrations down his throat and making Jeff let out another sharp moan before pulling his fingers out and thrusting them back in. He set a steady pace, curling twisting them, feeling Jeff’s muscles tense underneath him. He was quivering he was so close and Nick pushed in harder, fucking him on his fingers while his mouth moved faster. His lips were wrapped merely around the tip when Jeff froze. “Nick.” The drawn-out groan was a splitsecond warning before Jeff came. Nick swallowed what he could, his fingers slowly down until Jeff lay completely worn out back against the bed, his breathing deep. Nick pulled back, come dribbling down his chin. His tongue lapped at it, and he sighed, pulling his fingers out and giving a tired smile. “Better?” “Much.”

Untitled (Animal)
“C’mon, Jeff, focus!” Jeff’s head snapped over to Blaine and he blinked in surprise. “Huh, what? Sorry, I zoned out.” “Clearly. C’mon, we need to get working on Animal. The Crawford girls come tomorrow.” Nick glanced over at him and winked, and Jeff groaned. It was like the other boy knew that Jeff was thinking about him. He sighed and got back into the routine, trying his best to concentrate. It was damn hard with Nick purposefully dancing like that. At one point he even rolled his hips against Flint. Jeff felt a flash of red but didnt’ fail to catch Nick’s smirk. When practice was finally over, Jeff waited for everyone to leave before pushing himself up next to Nick. “Are you kidding me, Duval? Are you fucking kidding me?” “Mm, you only call me Duval right before angry sex,” Nick said, pulling Jeff closer by the waist. Jeff smirked. “Damn straight.” He pressed their lips together, pushing Nick up against the wall. Nick moaned into his lips before pulling back, whimpering slightly at the loss of contact. “Bed.” Jeff nodded, and the both of them practically ran to their dorm room, occasionally stopping to kiss each other some more, their hands pulling at their hair or waist or neck or When the door was closing behind them, they pulled at each others’ blazers, and their clothes quickly slid down to the ground. Jeff was left in just his tie for a moment, and Nick pulled him closer with it, crashing their lips together again. Jeff groaned, his fingers running through Nick’s hair. Nick let out a small groan and bit at his lower lip, and Jeff pulled away. “Don’t think I haven’t forgotten your teasing.” Nick pouted at this, and Jeff moved away completely, sighing at the loss of contact. “Lie down.” Nick stared at him for a moment longer, and Jeff grabbed him by the hips, pushing him down to the bed. Nick groaned. “Fuck, you’re hot when you’re like that.” “Like what, love?” Jeff reached out, grabbing the lube and squeezing it open, spreading some on his fingers. “When you boss me - fuck!” He jerked his hips up as Jeff pushed two fingers into him, scissoring and twisting them around. Nick screwed his eyes for a moment and Jeff continued thrusting. Suddenly, Nick’s let out a low moan, and his hips slowly started jerking forwards in motion to Jeff’s thrusts. Jeff added another finger, and then a fourth. Despite his impatience, he didn’t want to hurt Nick, and stretched him properly before pulling out. Jeff waited a few seconds, positioning himself and letting Nick wrap his legs around his waist before sliding in. Nick groaned, thrusting upward, and Jeff’s fingers tightened around Nick’s hips. He barely gave him time to adjust before sliding out and pushing in hard, a low moan leaving his lips. “Fuck, Jeff!” Nick moaned out, and Jeff angled his hips, his hips moving erratically. He knew he’d leave bruises, and his hips hurt from the effort. Nick was melting at his touch, falling completely loose and letting out unrestrained moans. Jeff’s hand reached down, and he wrapped his fingers around the boy’s cock, giving it a harsh stroke. He kept at in in pace with his thrusts, and he felt his stomach tighten as Nick keened underneath him. “So close,” he whimpered, and Jeff sped up, going deeper and faster. Nick let out a gasp and suddenly froze, his head thrown back. He contracted around Jeff, and Jeff groaned, his nails digging into Nick’s skin. He could feel everything pulse and tighten around him, and though his own hand continued

milking Nick, after a few more thrusts, he was coming himself. His hips slowed as he came down, and he groaned, falling on top of Nick. “Get off me me,” Nick mumbled after a minute or two. Jeff could feel Nick’s breath hot against his neck, and he shook his head into the other boy’s chest. “Nope.” Nick pushed at him, and Jeff laughed before pulling out and curling up beside him. There was a moment where neither of them said anything, and Jeff nuzzled his nose into Nick’s shoulder. “So…” Nick finally said with a laugh. “I think I got Animal down,” Jeff said, grinning. “All I have to do is think of you.” “I thought that’s what you were already doing,” Nick teased. “Shut up.” “Never.”

Untitled (Mild Bondage)
“We’ll just have to make do,” Jeff muttered, grabbing his Dalton tie. He loosened it before slipping it around Nick’s wrists, tying them to the bedpost. “That ought to do it.” Nick struggled against them, making small muffled sound into the pillow. “What was that, love? I couldn’t hear you?” “I said it hurts. And I can’t pull out of them.” He turned his head, pouting at Jeff and looking up wideeyed. As if to emphasize, he tugged at the bounds, his hands falling limply back down. Jeff laughed, reaching out and ruffled his hair. He placed a light kiss on the back of Nick’s throat. “That’s kind of the point, love.” Nick made some sort of a non-committed sound, and Jeff reached out, grabbing Nick’s tie off of the floor. “Oh, one sec.” He dashed to his closet. At one point last year, he’d thought he’d lost his tie and had to find another, only to discover the first one lying at the bottom of his hamper at home. But a third tie was exactly what he needed now. He grabbed that one as well, and dashed back to the bed. He fastened one around each ankle, making sure to spread Nick’s legs, and smirked. “Perfect.” Leaning down, he pressed a kiss at the top of his neck. Another below that. And another. He smirked, his tongue darting out and tracing the ridges of his spine. Nick shuddered beneath him, and Jeff ran his fingers lightly down his sides. “I don’t know why you agreed to this. You’re going to be screaming before you come,” he whispered in Nick’s ear, eliciting another shiver. “Fuck.” He struggled against the ties, and a dark chuckle escaped Jeff’s lips. He pulled back, his fingers continuing to dance against his skin for a moment or two longer before pulling back completely. For a moment or two, he just stared at Nick, but it soon became impossible to hold back. He leaned in again, his lips pressing to Nick’s inner thighs. Flicking out his tongue, he traced the skin there before biting down. Nick let out a yelp, and Jeff looked proudly at the hot red mark, knowing there’d be a mark there tomorrow. His tongue ran over the inflamed skin, and he hummed quietly, his fingers moving on the outside, following his hipbone. Nick began to squirm, his hips rising as he let out small whimpering sounds. Jeff’s eyes widened and he rocked against the bed, trying to get some sort of friction. His pants were starting to become tight, so he moved back, getting off the bed. “What are you doing?” Nick choked out, his voice breaking. His head tilted back, and he looked at Jeff with wide, frightened eyes. “I still haven’t undressed.” He looked at Nick, his lips twitching up as Nick let out a whimper and attempted to grind his hips against the bed as best as he could. His eyes remained glued on Jeff as Jeff slowly took off his shirt, spending seconds on each button. His pants were the next to go, and for a moment he stood there, stretching in just his boxers, looking at Nick challengingly. “I swear to god, Jeff, if you don’t hurry the hell up…” Nick struggled against the bonds, his eyes fixed at the bulge in Jeff’s boxers. Jeff’s eyes followed Nick’s and his mouth formed a small “oh.” Carefully, he slipped out of his boxers, his eyes fixing on Nick’s as his hand fell to his thigh. “Wait, what are you…” Nick’s eyes widened as Jeff wrapped his fingers around his cock, giving it a tug. “Tease. Fucking tease.”

Jeff stroked himself slowly, making sure he was pulling enough to get some relief but not enough to make himself anywhere near coming. His eyes stayed fixed on Nick’s face, watching as he groaned and tugged at the bonds, suddenly feral. His stomach tightened and he let out a purposefully exaggerated moan, watching as Nick whimpered and bit his lip. “I hate you. I hate you so much.”

“Lies. You love me,” he hissed, his hand speeding up and playing over the tip. His hips jerked forward and he groaned again before running his tongue over his lips. After a moment longer, he pulled back, climbing on the bed. “Good Nicky. Now it’s your turn.” Nick let out a whimper and he jerked his hips up, desperate for attention. He leaned over to his bedside drawer, pulling out a bottle of lube and giving a small nod. Uncapping it, he squeezed a bit on his fingers before leaning in, two fingers circling around Nick. Nick groaned, pushing his hips back. “Do it. Fucking do it already.” “Tsk. Tsk. Maybe if you’d asked nicely,” Jeff teased, and he slowly went around, playing against the sensitive skin. His other hand ran down Nick’s ass and thigh, and he peppered him with kisses, each noise coming from Nick going straight to his cock. After a few minutes, he couldn’t wait any longer, and he slowly eased those fingers in, hissing at how tight it was and thinking about how it would feel around his cock. He scissored those fingers, earning a whimper from Nick, and he gave the other boy time to adjust. After a few moments, he twisted his fingers about, curling them. Nick seemed tense and slowly relaxed. A moan escaped him, and he pressed back against them as far as he could while tied down. “God, deeper.” Jeff nodded though Nick couldn’t see him and added another finger. Nick keened, trying to get more in, and he thrashed against his constraints. After a fourth finger, Jeff began to pull them in and out, thrusting them deeper and harder as Nick began to mutter gibberish. His stomach tensed, and he pressed against the sheets, his own hips rocking up and down again as he tried to release some of the built-up tension in his stomach. A small whimper escaped him, and he pulled out, unable to help it any longer. Grabbing a condom, he tore open the wrapped with his teeth and put it on, his hands shaking. It took a try or two to get the lube to open, but once he did, he squeezed it again, coating himself liberally and groaning. His mind blurred and he positioned himself over Nick. “Ready?” “Since you fucking started,” Nick spat back, his hips jerking up. “Just fuck me already.” Jeff couldn’t argue, so he slowly eased in, his head falling back as he moaned. Everything felt tight and hot and his stomach clenched. His hands shook as he leaned forward over Nick, and he let out a drawn-out moan. After a moment, Nick strained against the bonds again, and Jeff knew it was safe to move. He pulled out before slamming back in, his fingers tightening around Nick’s shoulders. Nick groaned, and Jeff reached out, tugging at his hair and twisting his head back. A small pained noise left Nick’s lips, but Jeff was beyond caring as he crashed their lips together. His tongue flicked out, tracing Nick’s lips as he thrust in and out, his rhythm lazy and uneven. Nick moaned against him, and Jeff bit down on his lower lip. When he pulled back, they both gasped for breath, and Jeff’s fingers dug into his shoulders before raking down his skin. Nick let out a shout and his back arched upwards. Jeff’s tongue trailed down the burning red marks left in their wake, and he shuddered. His pace sped up, and he moved faster and deeper, his stomach starting to curl. He let out a groan, and his hand reached under Nick, curling around his cock. He tugged at it, his pace matching his thrusts. Nick didn’t seem to know whether to jerk his hips down to meet Jeff’s hand or up to meet his hips, and instead he moved aimlessly, his words blending together. “Close. So c – close.” Jeff sped up, every part of him aching. He was near the edge too, and he trembled from the effort. After a moment, Nick froze, a final moan escaping his lips as he came against his chest, the sheets, and Jeff’s hand. Jeff continued thrusting and stroking him, milking him until he was dry. Nick let out a shuddery breath and collapsed, though Jeff continued thrusting.

It took moments before he met his own release. Everything within him tightened for a moment before exploding. Pleasure coursed throughout him, and he rocked, his thrusts slowing down to a stop. The warmth seeped past his stomach, and he fell down on top of Nick, letting out a small whimper. Lying there for a minute, he let himself come down, his eyes closing. When he’d finally returned as close to normal as he could, he pulled out, tossing the wasted condom. “Love you,” Jeff muttered, pressing small kisses on Nick’s back. His eyes stayed shut, and he wrapped his arms around the other boy, his shoulders slumping as his breathing deepened. For a moment Nick simple smiled, nuzzling back up against him. His brow suddenly furrowed though, and he opened his mouth, trying several times before asking the question. “Uh, Jeff, are you going to untie me?” “Don’t love you that much,” Jeff replied with a tired chuckle.

The Hotter Touch (Keffick)
Jeff hit the hacky sack with the inside of his foot, juggling it a few times before letting it fall to the ground. “He should be here any minute, you know,” Jeff said, taking out his phone and looking at the clock on it. “That’s what you said ten minutes ago,” Nick replied. He was stretched out on the bed, staring at Jeff, his lower lip jutting out in a pout. “I dunno. Maybe he got lost.” Jeff shrugged and fell back in the desk chair, pushing himself back off of the table and sliding across the ground. Chairs with wheels were the best. “He’s been here a month, Jeffie. Besides, he’s been to our room plenty of times.” Jeff shrugged and rolled the chair up to the bed, sliding out of it next to Nick. “We could always start without him,” Jeff purred, and Nick’s lips twitched into a smirk. Leaning forward, Nick pressed their lips together, his tongue flicking out. He traced Jeff’s lips before prying them gently open and letting his tongue dart in, mapping the other boy’s mouth. Curling closer, Jeff’s hand went to Nick’s hair and he ran through it once or twice before giving a gentle tug. Nick reached right back, letting his hand pull through Jeff’s hair. A chuckle vibrated through their lips, and – There was a knock at the door. The two of them pulled apart and looked at each other for a moment longer, licking their lips before Jeff turned his head. “Come in.” Kurt came into view the moment the door opened, though he quickly slipped inside and shut it behind him. “Sorry, I was just –“ He looked over at Nick and Jeff and his eyes narrowed. “Were you two starting without me?” “Jealous, Hummel?” Nick asked, putting his arms around Jeff and pulling him closer. Leaning in, he nipped at Jeff’s neck, making Jeff let out a gasp of surprise and tilt his head back. Kurt’s eyes remained fixed on Jeff’s face as his jaw slacked and he let out a moan. “Very. But I thought we agreed not to start without each other. You know, it isn’t fair.” “What isn’t fair is that you’re almost thirty minutes late.” Nick drew back, squeezing Jeff’s ass briefly before pulling away completely from the blond. “Shirt off,” he muttered to him, smirking. “Eager are we?” Jeff asked, winking back at him before pulling himself up to a sitting position. His arms stretched up, sliding the shirt over his shoulders before letting it fall to the ground. Kurt stared for a moment before shaking his head and looking back at Nick. “I was talking to Blaine. We got into an argument about musicals.” Nick raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Instead, he scooted closer to Jeff, his legs falling on either side of him. His hands squeezed Jeff’s shoulders and trailed down before he leaned in and bit where the base of Jeff’s neck met the shoulders. He proceeded to lay a trail of kisses down Jeff’s back, scooting backwards slightly, and his fingers hovered around his hips. “You know,” Nick said, lifting his head up and looking at Kurt, “you can put your bag down and come over here.” Kurt, whose eyes were slightly glazed over, jumped slightly and nodded. “Yeah. Of course.” He did just that, scooting forward and leaning into Jeff from the front. His hands reached out, and he steadied himself on Jeff’s shoulders before pressing their lips together. He’d barely been there a moment when Jeff let out a small yelp. “Did I do something wrong?” Kurt pulled back, his brow furrowed. “No, sorry. My fault,” Nick replied, not bothering to lift his head from Jeff’s back as he placed another kiss there. His tongue lapped over one of the ridges of his spine.

“He squeezed, and I wasn’t expecting it,” Jeff replied, motioning down at Nick’s hands when Kurt looked at him confused. They lay wrapped snugly around Jeff’s waist. Kurt made a small humming noise before leaning back down, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking gently. Jeff made a soft choking sound and he arched into Kurt’s touch. It turned into a whimper as Nick’s hands lifted, his nails digging into the skin and moving down, leaving red, angry marks in their wake. Nick pulled back, and he took his shirt off, throwing it past Kurt onto the floor. Nick leaned in, roughly yanking Jeff’s head back by his hair before biting down again on his throat. Jeff’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he roughly swallowed, and his hands reached out, a hand landing on Nick’s knee and squeezing. “You’re so desperate Jeffie,” Nick growled, and Jeff let out another drawn-out moan as Kurt’s tongue darted out, flicking the sensitive nub before biting down lightly. “Fuck.” “Undress,” Nick muttered to Jeff, giving him a small shove forward. Kurt made a small whimpering sound as he was pushed back with Jeff, but Nick reached forward. “Kurtsie,” he muttered, winking at the other boy. “Wha -” Kurt didn’t have time to complete his thought before Nick had moved forward and pressed their lips together. He froze for a second before melting into Nick, pressing back with equal force. Their fingers dragged down each other’s backs, each of them arching as their nails dug in before moving to the hair and tugging. They slid back down and seemed to trace every inch of skin before Nick finally moved back, his lower lip swollen and red. “Why are you still dressed?” he muttered, and Kurt looked down, seeming bewildered himself as to why he still had clothes on. Nick’s eyes flickering over to Jeff to see the blond staring at both of them, looking wildly disheveled and covered in bites and bruises. His cock was hard, and beads of pre-cum glistened at the end, daring Nick to lean in and taste. Jeff’s hand moved downward, and Nick snapped back into motion. His hand reached out, catching it. “No. Don’t touch yourself.” “But, Nicky -“ “Don’t. Touch. Yourself.” Jeff let out a whimper and his hands lifted up in the air, though his fingers twitched. Nick gave a small grunt of approval before turning his attention back to Kurt. “And you’re still dressed.” “You distracted me. Besides, you’re still in pants.” Nick rolled his eyes. “Alright. Alright. Fixing that right now.” He reached smirked before leaning in, nipping at Nick’s lower lip and sliding his hands down his chest before letting his vest fall to the floor. “Still don’t -” Moan. “- touch yourself.” Kurt slid down, licking a stripe up his neck and biting lightly on his ear before pulling his shirt over his head as well. He unzipped his pants and shimmied out of them before rolling his hips against Nick’s. Jeff’s low whimper seemed to reverberate across the room, and both other pairs of eyes snapped up to look at him, hands around his cock, tugging slowly but firmly. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed, though his mouth hung open. Nick broke away. “What did I tell you?” he snarled, moving forward and grabbing Jeff before pulling his hands away. Jeff let out a small yelp, and a blush spread across his cheeks. “I couldn’t help it. You should’ve seen you two…” Nick shut him up by kissing Jeff, his hand moving down and his thumb playing over the tip of his cock. Jeff bucked his hips up. “Fuck, Nick!” Nick’s other hand reached out to the drawer, opening it and moving his hand around blindly. Nick smirked against Jeff’s lips before pulling out what he was looking for. Jeff’s eyes widened. “Oh, yes, love… You thought you could get away so easily?”

“You two are going to be the death of me,” Kurt groaned, moving closer and placing a kiss on Nick’s shoulder. Nick turned around and gave a small chuckle. Going down on his knees, he licked the tip of Jeff’s cock, shuddering as he finally tasted the other boy before slipping the cock ring on. He made sure it was properly in place before getting up again and smirking. “No touching. Think you can handle it this time?” Nick asked. Jeff simply let out another whimper in response. Kurt let out a hiss, and his hands feel down to his boxers. A hand slid down past the waistband, and it quickly became clear that he was fisting his cock under the fabric. Jeff groaned and moved forward, his breaths short as his fingers strummed against his thigh. “Kurt, lemme help,” he groaned, falling to his knees in front of Kurt. Nick watched with wide eyes as he carefully slid Kurt’s hand out, playing with the waistband. Biting at Kurt’s hips, Jeff gave a small smirk as Kurt let out a whimper. Jeff took a moment longer, enjoying watching Kurt squirm under his touch before tugging his boxers down. “Fuck, Jeff…” Kurt moaned, his hand going to Jeff’s hair and running through it as Jeff kissed and bit at the inside of his thighs. Jeff continued to tease him, reaching higher but skirting where Kurt wanted him most. His tongue even lapped at Kurt’s navel for a moment before dipping down again, tracing his hipbone. Before he could get much further, however, Nick had moved forward. “Bed,” he muttered, getting rid of the remainder of his clothes. He turned around, looking through the same drawer he’d pulled the cock ring from. Kurt and Jeff proceeded to get on the bed as Nick made a triumphant sound and pulled out a bottle of lube. “On your hands and knees,” Nick muttered, his eyes flashing with a look of jealousy as he looked up to see Kurt melting at Jeff’s touch. Jeff’s tongue carefully slipped down and licked the tip. Kurt let out a rough moan, and his eyes opened, meeting Nick with a pout. Nick didn’t say anything but positioned himself behind Jeff. The blond groaned as he got on his hands and knees and Nick leaned in, dropping the lube and spreading his cheeks before letting his tongue dip in past the tight ring of muscles. Jeff let out a shout and pushed backwards. “Ni – Nick.” His voice was hoarse, and he closed his eyes for a moment, biting down on his lip. Kurt waited for a moment, his hands going around his cock and stroke languidly as he waited for Jeff to relax again. Nick chuckled and his tongue roughly thrust in before pulling out. He lapped around the sensitive skin, eliciting another moan from Jeff as he pulled his head up and tried to focus back as much as he could on Kurt. Kurt’s eyes were closed, and his hips jerked as Jeff took the tip in his mouth and sucked lightly. Nick’s nails reached up and he clawed into Jeff’s ass, near-parallel, red lines left where he pulled down. Jeff groaned, and Nick pulled back, seeing Jeff’s hands twitching impatiently around his legs. Nick chuckled. “No, love. You stillcan’t touch yourself,” he answered, hearing the responding whimper from Jeff and smirking. “My Jeffie.” He placed a kiss on Jeff’s back before reaching for the lube and popping it open. Squeezing liberally, he coated his fingers before reaching back down. “Get ready, love,” he muttered before sliding two in. Jeff tensed under him and let out a harsh hiss of air. His lips slipped lower, further around Kurt’s cock and he hummed around it, making Kurt whimper. He looked unnaturally stiff, and as Nick crocked his fingers, he added, “You know you don’t have to be that careful. He’s not made of porcelain.” Kurt nodded, and his hips experimentally rolled forward. Jeff took him in all the way, the tip of Kurt’s cock grazing against the back of his throat, and Kurt’s fingers tensed around Jeff’s shoulders where he steadied himself. Nick scissored his fingers before leaning in and pressing another kiss on Jeff’s back. “Love, it’s okay. Relax.” He added another finger and carefully moved them around, trying to find Jeff’s prostate.

Jeff nodded, his lips tightening around Kurt’s cock. A sudden spasm went through his body, and he moaned, the sound choked and muffled. Nick smirked, knowing he had found it before adding a fourth finger. He pulled them out and thrust back in, aiming for the same spot. His cock twitched as Jeff pushed back against him. He seemed to light up with a renewed fervor and his cheeks hallowed around Kurt’s cock. Kurt let out a groan, and one hand slipped to Jeff’s hair, tangling in it and pulling harshly. He seemed to lose himself as he jerked his hips forward again, setting a steadier pace. At first he was shallow, but his moans quickly got louder and more frequent, and he moved deeper, fucking Jeff’s mouth. “God, Jeff. Don’t stop,” he groaned as Jeff reached out, one hand cupping Kurt’s balls and gently massaging the skin there. Nick thrust his fingers for a few moments longer, feeling Jeff completely relax before grabbing a condom out of the drawer as well. He ripped it open with his teeth and opened the lube again and slicking his cock. His stomach was tight and he knew that he already wouldn’t be able to last long. Even if Jeff wasn’t just his, watching him fall undone, Kurt’s cock disappearing into his mouth over and over was driving him close. He knew Jeff was getting somewhere as well if his constant whines were anything to go by. Not to mention the fact that his hips jerked lower, trying unsuccessfully to get some sort of friction with the fabric beneath him. Nick carefully positioned himself before pushing in, his head falling back as he felt pressure surround him. “So tight.” His voice was hoarse, and he reached out, grabbing at Jeff’s hips and steadying himself. He gave Jeff a minute to adjust before pulling out and thrusting back in. Jeff tried to swallow around Kurt’s cock as he pushed his hips back. There was a wet pop for a moment as he pulled back, taking a deep breath. “Faster. H – harder, Nicky. I’m ready.” He reached back forward and lickedKurt’s cock from base to tip before engulfing it again. Kurt’s hips began again and he moved erratically, thrusting deep inside of Jeff’s mouth. Jeff shuddered, trying to take it as best as he could as Nick slammed back into him. There was nothing other than incomprehensible moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin for several minutes. Jeff trembled under the pressure of being fucked from both directions and the hand supporting himself gripped at the sheets. Nick could feel his own stomach clench as he pulled closer to the edge. Nick’s fingers squeezed tightly as he felt that warmth spread to all corners, and he knew he was going to leave bruises there. His head lolled back and he let out a small growl as he thrust deeper, his hips almost hurting from the effort. So close. Kurt let out a low, elongated moan, and his fingers tightened one final time around Jeff’s hair as he came. His body seemed to tense for a moment before as he arched up. His breaths were ragged and deep, and he finally collapsed. “Don’t swallow,” Nick managed to choke out, as he felt himself hit his own release. It took another thrust or two, and his body seemed to explode and flash white. He rode out his orgasm, his hips finding some final energy to keep moving as pleasure seeped throughout him. He paused for just a moment after he had come down before pulling out and tossing the used condom in the trash. Grabbing Jeff roughly, he turned him around, slipping the cock ring off. Pulling Jeff up, Nick’s knees felt weak, yet he supported Jeff and crashed their lips together. Kurt’s come mingled into the kiss as Jeff’s tongue slipped into his mouth and he worried Nick’s lower lip. Nick’s hand reached downward and he roughly tugged at Jeff’s cock, feeling the blond shake and tense beneath him. Jeff’s desperate moans only lasted a few more seconds before he suddenly arched into Nick and warmth spread across his fingers. Jeff’s lips parted as he drew back, and his eyes fluttered shut. He collapsed against Nick, and Nick wrapped his arms around him, leaning down and biting Jeff’s shoulder playfully before setting themselves both down on the bed beside Kurt. Kurt looked at them, dazed, and swallowed roughly. “Damn.”

Nick chuckled and nuzzled up against Jeff. Jeff curled into him, his nose nudging against his neck. Nick’s eyes closed and they seemed to shut off, only turning in to occasionally press small kisses against each other. He heard the blankets rustle as Kurt got off. He moved around, and Nick opened his eyes to see him grabbing his clothes and slipping inside of them. “You leaving?” Nick asked as his hand slowly reached up, pulling through Jeff’s hair. He placed a kiss on the other boy’s temple. “I probably should – err – go.” Nick couldn’t help but notice he looked slightly uncomfortable – as if he were watching something private that he shouldn’t – as Jeff gave a tired smile. He slipped on his shirt and quickly tried to put his tie on as he looked down at the two of them. There was a note of longing there as well, though Nick doubted it had anything to do with the two of them in particular. As Kurt slipped on his blazer and grabbed his bag, Nick looked up at him and grinned. “Hey, Kurt.” Kurt turned around, pausing in front of the door. “Yeah?” He sounded tentative. “Good luck with Blaine.” Kurt shook his head and jumped back. “I – I don’t know what you mean.” He turned red, and Nick shook his head, laughing. “Sure you don’t. Bye, Kurt.” Kurt’s brow furrowed. “Bye.” He closed the door behind him, and Jeff looked up at Nick. “We should probably clean off.” Looking down, it was pretty obvious that they should do something about it. Although at this point, it was looking as if a shower might just be the best option. Currently, Nick didn’t feel like getting up. He tugged at Jeff, pulling him back down as he tried to get up, and groaned as the other boy fell back on top of him. “Not yet. Few more minutes.” Jeff shook his head and pressed a light kiss on Nick’s lips. “Love you, Nicky.” “Love you too.”

Presents (Niff/Thad)
“Hey, Jeffie, I had an idea.” Jeff looked up from his book to see Nick smirking down at him. Either this was a plot to get them in a lot of trouble or there was something new he wanted to try. Those were the only times Nick had that expression. Jeff set down the book and quirked an eyebrow. “Yes?” Nick licked his lips and sat down next to Jeff, kissing his neck lightly. Okay, so it was definitely a new idea. His hands massaged Jeff’s thigh, but Jeff pulled back. “I know what you’re doing, and it’s not going to work.” Nick’s face immediately rearranged into a poorly-crafted look of innocence. “I’m not doing anything. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jeff snorted. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re trying to get me to relax so that I’ll just agree to whatever you want.” Nick put a hand up to his mouth, feigning shock. “Me? Do that? I’m offended.” When Jeff continued looking at him skeptically, he sighed. “Oh, all right, maybe I’m doing it a bit. But it’s just my birthday’s coming up, and…” Apparently guilt tripping was his back-up plan. Jeff groaned as Nick’s lower lip jutted out and his eyes widened. He happened to have a weak spot for Nick’s puppy-dog faces – a fact that Nick knew well. “Oh, all right, just tell me.” He immediately leapt up and forward, his arms wrapping around Jeff. “Hey, watch it! I haven’t said I’d do it yet.” And the pout came up again. “Just tell me.” “So, I was thinking… about trying this thing with Thad and just you kissing and me watching and –“ He bit his lip, and Jeff gave him a blank stare. “You’ll have to be a bit clearer than that if you want me to tell you what I think.” “Okay, well…” He took a deep breath. “So, you know how you turn me on?” “Well, I’d hope so. I’d be rather offended if I didn’t.” Jeff smirked and leaned in. “Though, you know, I’ve seen proof.” “Yeah, yeah, you’re okay, I guess.” Jeff rolled his eyes. “Well, you know how guy-on-guy –“ “Okay, Nick, I know that much. No need to over-explain. Get to the point.” Nick usually was blunt about things, and it made him slightly nervous to see him skirting around the subject like this. Whatever it was, it must’ve been a fairly big request. “So, uh, Thad’s pretty hot.” Jeff scrunched his brow. “Yeah, muscles, pretty face – we’ve gone over this before too.” He paused and tilted his head curiously. “Well, I was thinking maybe you two could make out and I could watch.” Somehow Jeff had expected worse. He paused for a moment, trying to mull the idea over. On one hand, the thought of kissing someone other than Nick seemed like a hard concept to grasp, yet it didn’t sound entirely unappealing either. Thad was attractive, and Jeff couldn’t imagine he’d have that big of a problem with it. Thad was pretty much omnisexual as far as he could tell, and the last time he’d been in a steady relationship was –actually, Jeff wasn’t even sure he ever had been. With Nick’s nervous look, it was hard to say no. Jeff nodded. Why the hell not? “I – oh. I mean, I guess.” Nick leapt at him again.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are a god.” Jeff laughed and ruffled his boyfriend’s hair. “Well, I mean, but you knew that much before.” “Always the model of modesty,” Nick teased, placing a light peck on his cheek before slipping off Jeff’s bed and towards his own. “So, Thad should be here in some two minutes, maybe?” Jeff froze. “Wait, as in he’s coming now?” “No, as in he’s coming over tomorrow in two minutes. Of course now.” Jeff blinked multiple times. “But I’m just wearing boxers! You too!” He looked down in mortification, but Nick’s smirk widened. “Even better.” “What would you have done if I said no?” Before Nick could answer, there was a knocking at the door. Nick grinned and skipped up, throwing it open. “Thad!” His arms wrapped around Thad in a tight hug. “He said yes, so I assume Operation Boner is a go.” Jeff groaned at the name. “You know I’m up for it. Anything for your birthday.” Shaking his head, Thad looked over at Jeff and grinned. “Hey-o, Jeff. What’s happening?” “Apparently us.” Jeff was still trying to get used to the idea. He and Nick had been going out for almost two years now, hadn’t it been? And in those two years, he hadn’t kissed another person. And here he was, about to go at it with Thad under Nick’s orders. Thad sat himself down next to Jeff on the bed, curling his feet up underneath himself. He at least had the decency to look a little embarrassed then, and his cheeks got a light pink glow to them. “So, how are we going to do this?” There was the sound of a squeaking bed, and Nick was propped back, using the headboard of the bed for support. “Oh, don’t mind me. You two just jump right in.” There was a hungry glint in Nick’s eyes, and he stared back and forth at the two of them as if waiting for them to pounce upon each other. The earlier uncertainty kicked in again. So, he was supposed to make out with Thad while Nick watched. That was it. Then why did he feel like he was about to ride a roller coaster for the first time?

“Here.” Thad’s arm reached out, and he moved around so that he was closed against Jeff. Their knees brushed together, and Jeff’s eyes flickered over to Nick again. Fuck it. He could do this for his boyfriend. Besides, it wasn’t as if he’d never been curious what kissing Thad would feel like. Moving forward, Jeff’s thighs straddled Thad’s lap and his hands reached out, cupping Thad’s cheek. There was a moment where he sucked his breath in harshly between his lips, and then he could feel Thad’s against his. They felt different than Nick’s, slightly softer, less chapped. More like a girl’s would. There was the overwhelming taste of mint, and Jeff chuckled, realizing that Thad had actually brushed his teeth before coming here. Their lips parted, and Jeff ran his tongue across Thad’s lips. His hand slipped down to Thad’s neck and his thumb ran small circles, twisting the skin, but not roughly enough to hurt. Thad whimpered and pressed further into the kiss. Thad’s tongue tentatively reached out, dancing against Jeff’s. When it met retaliation, Jeff’s tongue tangling with his, Thad met him a bit more vigorously, his fingers tightening around Jeff’s shoulders. One of Jeff’s hands dove up, tugging at Thad’s hair and making his jaw relax even more, giving Jeff better access to Thad’s mouth. Thad let out another small sound, and it was quickly followed by an intake of breath that was from neither of them. Jeff’s eyes immediately focused in on Nick. Nick’s eyes

were momentarily closed and he bit his lip. His hand was in his lap and his palm pressed down on his erection. Thad suddenly dipped down, his lips grazing over Jeff’s nipple and his tongue flicking out against it. It was Jeff’s turn to moan, and his back arched into Thad’s touch though his eyes never left Nick. Nick must’ve somehow noticed it because his eyes flickered open and he met Jeff with such a lost, needing stare. Jeff twisted himself downward, his lips grazing against Thad’s neck. His tongue tasted the skin, mapping each dip before he suddenly bit down, leaving an angry red mark in his wake. Thad jerked underneath him, his arms wrapping up around Jeff and his nails digging into his back. The edge of it made Jeff hiss and he moved his lips to Thad’s ear, biting down on the lobe somewhat harshly. When Thad pulled up with swollen lips and disheveled hair, Jeff chuckled before leaning back in to continue kissing him. Dropping his hands, his fingers rode up underneath Thad’s shirt, pulling the cloth up with him. His fingers lightly glided across the skin, and with a final tug upwards – Thad’s arms raised up to help ease the process – it finally slid off his shoulders. Jeff mimicked Thad’s earlier movement, and he made his way downward, nipping at Thad’s neck. Yet as he tasted Thad’s skin – the lingering scent of cologne after an earlier shower still noticeable – his eyes remained fixed on Nick. Jeff’s hand fell down to Thad’s thigh, running his fingers up it and bunching the fabric there. His fingers played lightly against the skin, yet he refused to touch where Thad wanted most. At this point, Thad was bucking his hips, his breaths becoming erratic. “Fucking tease,” he managed to choke out, his lips pulling back from Jeff’s momentarily. Jeff continued for a moment or two before he let out a breathy chuckle himself as Thad’s fingers played with the waistband of his boxers. His stomach coiled, but he pulled back, his lips moving to Thad’s ear again. “Do you want it?” he asked, a small smirk playing on his lips. Nick let out a groan himself and he gave a jerky nod of the head in rhythm with Thad. “How badly?” “Please…” Nick’s mirrored whisper was there, and he took Thad by his shoulders, pressing him back against the bed before slipping one of his hands down. His hand moved down, his palm applying light pressure. Jeff looked up to see Nick’s hand disappear under his boxers and felt something bunch up in his stomach. Groaning, his lips pressed a trial of kissing up Thad’s jaw to his lips, his hand working steadily, dragging across the rough fabric. Thad’s hips pivoted upwards, but it didn’t seem to be enough. Jeff worried Thad’s lower lip between his teeth as he fumbled with the zipper. When it was finally pulled down, Jeff’s hands slipped under Thad’s pants, and he rubbed up against the thin cloth of his boxers. “Fuck.” Thad’s muscles quivered, and Jeff’s breath hitched as Thad pulled back and shifted his head downward, biting down on a sensitive spot on Jeff’s collar. Jeff’s hand ran roughly over Thad’s length through the boxer and he squeezed lightly, trying to get that right amount of pressure. Thad was so close. Pressing their lips together one final time, their tongues moved almost violently against each other, and with a rough scrape, Jeff the rawness of his skin between their kiss. Still, he groaned as Thad’s fingers shakily ran through his hair. With a final jerk and a flick of his wrist, Thad let out a drawn-out moan, freezing. There was a moment where his breath seemed to catch in his throat, and then Jeff felt something wet through the fabric of Thad’s boxers. Thad came down, his cheeks red and his expression generally flustered. He looked thoroughly worn out, and he let out small pants. Jeff kissed Thad’s forehead, to which hair stuck from the sweat.

Thad lay there for a minute. He seemed worn, and when he spoke, it was with a faint whisper. “You – D’you need help? You didn’t come,” he said, matter-of-factly, licking his lips and scanning Jeff down in a new way. “No.” It was the first fully pronounced thing Nick had said since they started, but the tone of his voice wasn’t anything to be trifled with. “Mine.” His voice reeked of possessiveness, and he didn’t even give Thad a chance to respond before he’d managed to pull himself up and was prowling across the room. Ignoring Thad’s presence, he pressed Jeff up against the wall the bed was pressed again, and their lips immediately met. This was completely familiar – the taste, the way their lips grinded against each other. He moaned into the kiss as Nick’s hand made it way down to Jeff’s boxers, palming through them. Nipping at Jeff’s lips, he let out a small growl, and one hand moved up to the waistband, his finger pulling at it. Before he could pull it down, though, Jeff shifted, changing angles underneath Nick. Their hips met, and through the fabric, their cocks pressed up against each other, desperate for some sort of friction. They moved in almost animalistic ways, their hips jerking with no steady motion and their hands sliding up and down each others’ bodies. Thad remained underneath them both on the bed, silent and unnoticed, though he was staring up at both of them with glassy eyes. Nick pulled back a bit, his lips still moving against Jeff’s when he spoke. “So, close…” Jeff’s hand reached down, slipping quickly under Nick’s boxers and moving quickly in a desperate attempt to help his boyfriend. He gave a quick, sharp nip at Nick’s neck before reaching back up to his mouth. Nick froze over him, and his shout was lost between their lips. His back arched up, and his eyes widened fractionally as he came. Jeff continued to kiss him and move his hand, milking him until Nick had completely come down. Pulling his hands back, he stuck a finger in his mouth, his tongue swirling around it and tasting Nick. Jeff’s cock was straining against his boxers now, though, and he felt his stomach buzz; he was so damn close as well. “Your turn.” His voice was a raspy, and he barely hesitated before dipping down, yanking Jeff’s boxers to the ground. Before Jeff couldn’t even follow what was happening, Nick’s lips were wrapped around his cock, and his head thrust back as he moaned. His hands tangled into Nick’s hair, and he helped guide him, shuddering and thrusting his hips forward slightly into Nick’s mouth. Nick’s cheeks hallowed and he sucked, his tongue playing over the tip before bobbing all the way down and up. When he pulled back, he licked all the way down the underside before taking him again, humming around Jeff. Jeff let out a whimper. “Nick, I’m gonna…” He took a sharp breath as he felt everything within him flash hot white. Nick’s tongue weakly swirled around him as he came, and when he pulled back, his tongue lapped at the corner of his lips where some come had beaded. Nick groaned before collapsing on top of Jeff. The both of them looked over, surprised to see Thad staring at them, slack-jawed and pupils dilated. They chuckled and Nick nuzzled himself into Jeff’s chest. They’d have to clean up but for a few minutes they could just lay here, their bodies pressed up against each other. “Well, then,” Jeff finally said, grinning. His clean hand moved up to Nick’s cheek, and his thumb traced down his jaw line. “Happy early birthday, Nicky.”

Thad nodded in agreement. “Happy early birthday.”

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi
“Fourth time’s the charm, huh?” Thad said, leaning back and laughing. Nick grinned back at him, Flint, and David. “Still can’t believe I have the solo, though.” Nick grinned back at Thad, Flint, and David. It really was a bit bizarre knowing that he’d be leading the Warblers in just another hour. Not to mention that Uptown Girl was one of his favorite songs. “Yeah, I can’t believe it either,” Thad teased, earning a punch in his arm from Flint. “Ow! Hey, what was that for?” “Play nicely,” Flint scolded, messing with his hair. Thad swatted at his hand, and Nick couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, exchanging a glance with David. It was during moments like these that Nick tended to feel slightly lonely. It seemed like everyone at Dalton came in pairs – David and Wes, Thad and Flint – and appeared to have a best friend. Blaine had been his closest friend, but now that he was gone, he stuck with David. David was in the same boat since Wes had graduated. "You know I'm kidding, Nick, right?" Thad asked, jutting out his lower lip. "Please forgive me?" Nick pretended to think about it for a moment. "Oh, I suppose so." They laughed for a moment, and Nick tilted his head back on the couch, shutting his eyes. It was quiet except for the incomprehensible murmurs between Thad and Flint. That didn’t last long, and soon there was a thrum coming from the hall. Sure enough, the door opened, and Warblers walked in, excited and babbling amongst each other. Sebastian made a gun at Nick and winked, looking excited. This was his first performance with the Warblers. Nick couldn’t help but laugh and roll his eyes. Sebastian seemed like the flirtatious type so far, though he hadn’t really come onto anyone strongly. “You guys ready?” Trent walked over to them, laughing and sitting himself beside Nick. Nick nodded. Nick nodded. “Hell yeah.” “Not nervous?” “Not in the least.” And it was true. Nick had finally gotten his solo; he wasn’t about to let it get ruined by nerves. Besides, he was never the type to succumb to them before a performance. The Warblers moved around him, talking to each other and laughing. “Ready to rock and roll?” Trent asked, patting him on the back and standing up. Nick grinned and nodded his head before jumping up, the others moving into position. “Guess this is it,” Nick said, stretching. “Hey, just remember not to screw it up,” Thad teased, earning another punch in the arm from Flint. He rubbed at it, pouting, as Nick moved to the front of the formation. They started in perfect harmony, and Nick took a deep breath, waiting for them to sing through the first four measures. “Uptown girl, she’s been living in her white bread world…” Nick slid to the side, Trent and David flanking him. Pulling his tie, he cocked his head to the side, feeling absolutely at ease as music flooded him. He pointed at them as he slid back, giving a crooked grin. He moved out to the center of the circle, the Warblers spreading out around him as he looked to either side. “And when she knows what she wants from her time…” They moved about, and Nick ran between them, winking and nudging them. He laughed at Thad, not breaking the song. He ran his fingers in circles, facing the Warblers as they grouped together.

“She’ll see I’m not so tough…” Nick spun around, hearing Sebastian sing, and his eyes caught on Blaine. His grin further widened, and he looked around as all the Warblers pumped their fists up and gave excited looks. Sebastian pulled Blaine forward, and he fell into perfect two-step with them. “And maybe someday when my ship comes in…” Looking up, Nick saw him – the new French teacher, Jeff Sterling. He stood there, a white buttoned-up shirt and a slightly loosened tie around his neck. He wore black pants, and he looked out at them, a small smile on his face. Still, he brought his finger up to his lips as if to shush the Warblers. Nick acted on instinct, pulling the Warblers forward and out of the room with him. They followed, and Nick’s stomach tightened. He’d seen the blond around, from a distance, but up close it was different. Nick had to resist the urge to grab his tie and pull him forward. Instead, he stepped forward, leading Mr. Sterling to move back, in perfect step with him. “And when she’s walking, she’s looking so fine.” He winked at Mr. Sterling, earning a slightly disapproving, followed by an unsuccessfully suppressed cheeky grin. “And when she’s talking…” Sebastian circled around Mr. Sterling as well, winking as Nick got behind the teacher. When Mr. Sterling turned around, he was face to face with Nick, and he shook his head, stepping back again. Still, Nick couldn’t help but notice that the teacher’s eyes dropped down before moving back up, scanning him up and down. A small shiver rode through him. Mr. Sterling pointed back towards the room, trying to put a disapproving look on his face. They all laughed but seemed to go with it, skipping back into the room, jumping on the furniture, spinning. Nick stayed, however, letting Mr. Sterling lead him back. There was something incredibly hot about it, almost as if he was being pressed back. Nick went right up to the door, slipping in before pressing back out, his face mere centimeters away from the teacher’s. “That’s what I am.” He licked his lips and felt Mr. Sterling’s hand come and push him back playfully into the room. Nick came inside with a final glance behind him, watching Mr. Sterling disappear, and they formed a circle Sebastian kicking up before Nick did a backflip. He felt giddy. There was something about the blond - the glint he'd get in his eye. And Nick kept on seeing that slight slack-jawed look. Nick licked his lips and they started to form together again. "You know I'm in love..." Nick stepped out, his arms stretched out as his voice rang out above all of them, singing the final lines. "With an uptown girl..." Nick grinned and ran over to Blaine, giving the boy a hug. "Hey! We didn't expect you." Blaine hugged back, and he looked around at all of them, a nostalgic look in his eyes. "Yeah, I thought I'd drop by." He sighed. "Wow, everything's just... the same." A few of them looked at each other, and Flint launched himself at Blaine. "Don't be sad, B. We promise we miss our favorite, gel-obsessed Warbler lead." Laughing, Blaine wrapped his arms around Flint, pulling him into a hug as well. "We do miss you, though," David agreed, pulling over and patting Blaine on the back. They moved back, letting Blaine scoot through to the couch before they all piled up next to him. They sat around him, some people launched themselves at him, partially sitting on top of him. Blaine laughed and playfully shoved them off. "How are things with Kurt?" Trent asked in a sing-song voice. "Tell us all the details. Or, actually, please don't." "You make it sound like we're sexual deviants or something," Blaine squeaked, a blush setting on his cheeks. "I mean, hey, what you do in your spare time is none of our business. We know you're not the type to kiss and tell. Or fuck and tell," Thad teased, earning a horrified look and another smack in the arm

from Flint. "Ow, hey, you really need to stop that." He pouted at Flint, giving him a wide-eyed look. "Anyway," Nick began with a laugh, shaking his head at the two of them. "Yeah, anyway..." Blaine snapped his head towards Nick. "Oh, by the way, you were really, really awesome with your solo! Congrats, Nick. I'm glad you finally got it." Nick leaned over, hugging him again, and his smirk softened into a smile. "Thanks. Really, though, we missed you." They ended up talking with Blaine for about two hours total before people had to clear out, though Nick kind of dragged on, staying with Blaine. They walked out on the grounds together, and Nick slipped his hands in his pockets. "So, what's new with you? Any boyfriends?" Blaine asked now that they were left alone. Nick scoffed. "Oh, yeah, loads." He rolled his eyes. "Well, gives you free range with that teacher," he joked, and Nick choked “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He gave a rather revealing smirk, and Blaine burst out laughing. “Subtlety is not your strong point.” Nick nodded. “Fair enough.” Nick paused, licking his lips. “He’s kind of ridiculously hot. I think I’m going to take French again.” “I’m going to take a wild guess and say he teaches French.” Nodding, Nick mused over what he’d have to do. It was a few weeks into school. He hoped his counselor would be willing to change his schedule around. “How’d you guess,” Nick said, laughing. “I mean, do you think I could get him to kiss me?” He closed his eyes, and Mr. Sterling printed himself on his eyelids, that undeniable attraction there. “Can’t say my expertise really lies with teachers. Or, well, guys in general. The GAP Attack wasn’t really my brightest idea.” Nick snorted, remembering Jeremiah’s face. “Well, thanks anyway, Blaine.” OoOoOoO “If you’re sure, then, here you go. Here’s your pass to class. Your schedule has been changed,” the counselor said, smiling. “Good luck.” Nick nodded and took the pass, giving the counselor a sweet smile back. It quickly melted into a smirk as he walked out of the office and down the hallways. There was a skip in his step as he walked down the hallways, and he knocked on the classroom door. It opened, and he was left face-to-face with Mr. Sterling. The blond’s eyes widened minimally, but he managed to pull himself together quickly. “Is there something I can help you with?” Nick slipped into the classroom past Mr. Sterling and turned around, handing him the note. “Here you go.” Mr. Sterling’s face scrunched up with confusion as he slowly read over the note, and he looked up at Nick with something close to shock. “You’re transferring classes? But it’s been two months since school started.”

“Guess you’ll just have to give me private tutoring lessons. I’m sure something can be arranged.” His eyes never left Mr. Sterling’s brown ones, and Mr. Sterling was the first to drop the gaze. A light pink blush hit the teacher’s cheeks, and Nick felt a triumphant air. “I’m sure one of the students can help you…” Triumphant air gone. “No, I mean, I’ve missed enough that I think it’d be best if I hear it straight from you. After school works for me better.” He didn’t wait for a response before settling himself down in a free seat beside Sebastian. Sebastian covered his mouth, though it was obvious from his shaking that he was laughing. No one else seemed to realize what was going on, though it looked out of the eleven student class, Sebastian was the only Warbler. “Fine.” Mr. Sterling gritted his teeth. “Four PM on the dot. If you’re not there, I’m leaving,” he said. Nick purposefully stretched backwards as he nodded, yawning and slowly pulling out his shoulders before relaxing and loosening his tie slightly. Mr. Sterling’s expression turned hungry for a moment, though he quickly corrected himself by going to the whiteboard. “We’re reviewing the le infinitive passé et le participe present.” He clasped his hands together and turned around. “Alors, qui veut me dire…”1 Nick felt a tap on his shoulder, and Sebastian handed him a note. I don’t know how the rest of the classroom didn’t realize you wanted in his pants. Nick rolled his eyes before writing a response. Yeah, like you have any right to talk. Ogled Blaine recently? Nice, Nick. Really nice… Bastard. Nah, my parents were married when they had me. Sebastian chuckled and covered his mouth, and Mr. Sterling turned around, giving them a harsh glare. “Faites attention,”2 he said, giving them a final glance before turning around. Never knew you had such a rebellious streak in you. You know this is illegal, right? Nick bit his lip. That was true; it was. But one look up at Jeff – the blond turned around, leaning back on the board and running his hands through his hair – convinced him it was worth it. I mean, no one has to know. It can be our little secret. Haha, I’ll make him my dirty little secret~ You’re just determined to get bad songs stuck in my head, aren’t you? It’s not a bad song. :( I like it, actually. Sebastian snorted. They stopped passing notes for a while, and Nick focused at the board. At least, he focused as much as he could. It was hard to take it all in with Mr. Sterling standing there, his clothes looking like they were made to be torn off. Nick ran his tongue over his lips and smirked. Nick Duval: professional eye-fucker. Nick couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at Sebastian’s note, being caught off guard. “Est qu’il y a quelque chose d’amusant, Nick?”3 He shook his head, and Mr. Sterling’s eyes narrowed, looking him up and down. “Alors…” Before he could continue, the bell rang, and everyone scrambled out of class. Mr. Sterling went to the back room for a second, throwing a glance over at Nick. Sebastian waited for Nick, picking up his books and standing by his desk, but Nick shook his head.

“No, it’s fine. I need to catch up with what’s going on. School’s over. You go out and have fun.” Sebastian nodded and bit his lip to keep from laughing. “You too. Have fun for the both of us, since I’m still working on my half.” Sighing, Nick ran his fingers through his hair. “About that… Look, don’t get angry at me –“ “Well, that’s a good start.” “Blaine’s my best friend, and he’s ridiculously happy with Kurt. Don’t screw that up for him.” Sebastian looked mildly annoyed. “See you later, Nick,” Sebastian muttered, not commenting on what Nick had just said. Just as he was about to dump go towards the back, Mr. Sterling came out of the back room, giving Nick a tight smile. Nick felt his own demeanor change immediately, and he stalked forward, leaning on the edge of Mr. Sterling’s desk. “All right, so you just need me to tutor you on what you’ve missed, correct?” The teacher didn’t even bother looking up once at Nick. Nick’s eyes flickered down to the silver placard on his chest. “Jeffrey, huh? I’m guessing you prefer Jeff.” He slid on the desk slightly, making sure he wasn’t knocking any papers over. Jeff slid back in his chair, moving slightly out of the way, finally glancing up at him. “I prefer Mr. Sterling.” “Don’t play as if you didn’t like me,” Nick said, his eyes narrowing as he leaned in closer. This time Jeff didn’t move back, and the teacher’s eyes even momentarily fell to Nick’s lips as he wet them. “But I don’t.” Nick scooted himself closer, slowly. “Bullshit. You can lie about it all you want, but you weren’t playing during Uptown Girl. Actually, it was kind of hot, to be honest.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jeff muttered, though he seemed fixated, and he leaned forward marginally. “You don’t?” Jeff didn’t seem to be capable of producing words as he shook his head. “Maybe I should remind you.” Before Jeff could stop him, he’d turned so that he was facing Jeff, and he leaned down, his hand reaching out and yanking on Jeff’s tie. He pressed their lips together, biting harshly on the lower one and eliciting a moan from the teacher. His hands reached forward, and he ran them through the blond’s hair before letting them fall on the back of his neck. His tongue darted out, tracing the lower lip where he’d just bit down, and Jeff shuddered before pulling back. His eyes were wide, and for a moment, he simply stared at Nick in horror. “What the hell!” His voice was high and tight. His hand went over to his mouth, though he didn’t wipe away as it looked like he was going to do. Instead he gingerly pressed down on his lips as if there was some sort of aftereffect. “Don’t pretend like you didn’t enjoy it,” Nick scoffed, trying to move himself off the desk. Jeff scrambled up and away from Nick. “I could get fired! I could get arrested!” His voice was low and spoken at a whisper, and he glared at Nick, his hands shaking.

“No one has to know. I promise I won’t tell if you won’t.” “This isn’t some sort of game. You’re a seventeen year old boy, and I’m twenty-one and –“ Nick cut Jeff off. “First of all, I’m eighteen. Second of all, how are you only twenty-one?” “Skipped a grade back in high school, but that doesn’t matter. Okay, fine, you’re eighteen.” Jeff cross his arms over his chest, moving so that there was a larger gap between them. “You’re my student.” “Just makes it all the hotter, I think,” Nick replied, winking. Jeff scoffed and threw his hands up before taking a deep breath. Scooting closer, he moved up to Nick, his finger jabbing out. “I’m not going to let you indulge in this little fantasy of yours. I don’t have to do this. I’m not going to get fired if I don’t tutor you. So, you’re just going to play along and act nicely, or you’re not going to get any help from me at all.” His finger pressed back on Nick’s chest, and Nick’s breath seemed to tighten. His eyes were wide and he bit his lip, feeling his stomach tighten. Nick stared at Jeff and let out a small nod. Jeff sounded so... demanding. Jeff's lips curled upward into the slightest smirk. "Good." "Can I still call you Jeff?" Nick jutted out his lower lip, trying to give an innocent look. Jeff's eyes narrowed, and he walked over to the door, shutting it. "Will you calm down if I say yes?" Nick nodded. "Fine. But on my conditions - only here in these lessons when no one else is around." There was something about that thought that made him shiver. They were going to be alone here, and no matter what Jeff was saying to him, all hope was not lost. "How about mon petit chou?"4 Nick battered his eyelashes, and Jeff scowled. "Now you're pushing your limits. Behave or you're going to have to learn all of this on your own time. And I promise you the tests won't be easy. Let alone the AP exam at the end of the year." Nick paused for a moment before nodding. He let his hands slide down to his legs and pulled the seam of his pants as if straightening them. Though he moved his head down, his eyes lifted up to his peripherals, and he saw Jeff's gaze follow and the harsh gulp he gave. There still was a chance for him. OoOoOoO The lessons seemed to continue normally. They covered multiple things, and they currently were focusing on relative pronouns, at least reviewing them. Jeff tended to do a thing where he ran his hand through his hair when he taught, and sometimes he’d bite his lip. It was rather distracting, which sometimes led to embarrassing mix-ups. “C’est la chaise que j’ai besoin,”5 Nick muttered, only half-paying attention to what he was saying. It didn’t take long for him to realize he got it wrong as ran his hands down his face and made a frustrated sound. “Que?” “Oh! Dont. Sorry, I was –“ Well, distracted didn’t really sound good. “Wasn’t paying attention. Apologies.” Jeff nodded and slid down in his chair. “Just… if I’m going to dedicate my time, at least try to see what I’m telling you.” “No, no, I know this stuff already!” Nick tried, feeling annoyed at himself for missing it.

“I know you do. You’re doing surprisingly well for having missed as much time as you have. I mean, really, you’re doing better than some other students.” A smile melted on his face. “Guess I’m just well-endowed.” Jeff coughed, his eyes widening for a moment. “Let’s go with talented.” “You know, I’m not only talented at French.” He had set himself up for that one. Jeff flushed and shook his head. “I’m sure you’re brilliant at other school subjects as well,” he muttered, trying to change the subject. His eyes danced across Nick for a moment, and Nick almost got the impression that he was mentally undressing him. He let out a small laugh, which he poorly disguised into a cough. “What?” Nick shook his head, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling too much. “Nothing. It’s just that I wasn’t really talking about school subjects.” There was a light pause between them. “Anyway. We’re getting off topic a lot. Relative pronouns, right?” OoOoOoO “Will you stop that?” Jeff looked up from the computer screen with a scowl on his face. “Stop what?” Nick put on an innocent smile as he slid the lollipop back between his lips, hallowing his cheeks and sucking. Jeff seemed to flush, and his hand went up, loosening his tie. “You know exactly what.” Nick pulled it out again with a light pop before swirling his tongue around it. He shrugged his shoulders. “I really don’t. Care to enlighten me?” He ran his tongue over it again, this time more slowly. “You know, cherry flavor’s my favorite,” he said, smiling. Jeff’s eyes stayed focused on his lips for a moment – Nick knew this brand of lollipops stained his lips red and made them look swollen – before shaking his head. “Fine, then. I’ll enlighten you. Stop trying to suck that lollipop like it’s a cock.” Jeff’s jaw clenched, and he seemed almost surprised himself that he had said it that bluntly. “Why?” Nick asked, feeling a surge of power come with it as he slowly pressed his lips to the lollipop before slipping it in his mouth and closing his eyes as he sucked, tilting his head back. “Wish it was your cock?” Jeff flushed. “I – I won’t have you speaking to me like that!” Jeff said, and Nick tilted his head forward again, making his eyes wide and pouting. “But Mr. Sterling…” He drew out his name and gave it a childish edge. “What if I wanted it too?” He battered his eyelashes and then sniffled, trying to keep the innocent look going. A shiver went through Jeff. “You’re dismissed.” “But –“

“Out. Now. I’ll give you one more chance tomorrow, but if you fu – if you mess it up, I’m not doing this anymore.” Nick scowled and grabbed his books, moving out of the door, the lollipop pressed against his cheek. “Fine. Be that way. Have fun jacking off without me,” he replied, walking out of the room. A smirk fell back on his lips as he heard Jeff’s quiet squeak. OoOoOoO It turned out as lovely as plotting that had been, having a plethora of cherry-flavored lollipops wasn’t as lovely as he thought it’d be. Nick went around, offering them out to people, and by the end of the day, he was stuck with twenty still. He went into French tutoring with one stuck between his teeth and cheek, falling down into the desk and scowling. “What did I tell you about bringing lollipops to these things?” Jeff muttered, looking up. “We need to work on – well, review – the conditional.” “You can have a lollipop too,” Nick muttered sullenly. I was trying to get rid of them. They’re starting to taste God-awful, and I just want them gone.” Pouting, he held out the bag to Jeff. Though Jeff shook his head, he let out a small laugh. “Et ça, ça c’est ta faute.”6 Nick sighed and nodded. He supposed he couldn’t really argue with that. Jeff handed him a worksheet, and he looked down at it, toying with his lollipop as he stared down at it. It was hard to focus; he wasn’t particularly sure why. All day he’d just been on edge. He twirled the lollipop, staring down at the page. Each question seemed to be unusually challenging, and he ran his fingers through his hair and pulled off his blazer, hoping that maybe the extreme heat was making him have a mental block. Turned out that wasn’t it. Maybe today was just an off day. He sucked on the lollipop before loosening his tie as well, writing down an answer for the fifth question and scowling. His eyes flickered to his watch. Fifteen minutes had passed since he first got it, and he’d only done five problems. Fantastic. As he went to lap at the lollipop again, he heard a small groan, and he looked up to see Jeff stared at him wide-eyed, his cheeks flushed and his lips mildly parted as he breathed heavier. Hot damn. The French teacher looked thoroughly unnerved, and he froze as Nick stared at him and cocked his head to the side. “Anything you wanted to say?” he asked, his lips tugging up as some of the frustration seemed to melt away. “I – I didn’t…” Nick pulled himself out of his desk, pressing himself forward. He felt his cock twitch when Jeff’s eyes widened and he simply licked his lips. “Yes? You didn’t what exactly?” He pressed forward, moving around the desk so that he was face-toface with Jeff. For a moment Jeff seemed to consider what he could do. “Fuck it.” Before Nick knew what was happening, two hands grabbed his shirt, pushing him up against the wall. His neck was yanked forward as Jeff grabbed his tie, and their lips crashed together. Nick let out a gasp of surprised, and the noise quickly turned to a moan as Jeff’s knee went up, applying light pressure between his legs. “Oh, God,” he moaned, his lips parting. Jeff paused for a moment, nipping Nick’s lower lip before pulling back.

“This never happened. No one has to know,” he growled. “Got it?” Nick nodded violently, and Jeff let out a low chuckle. “Good. So far your grade in fucking’s an A, but I guess we’ve yet to get to the final exam. Better not screw it up.” Another small groan left his lips and Jeff grabbed Nick’s arms, pulling them above his head and pinning them to the whiteboard as well. Jeff’s lips trailed downward, leaving a trail down his jawbone before falling to his neck and biting. Nick bucked his hips up, and Jeff laughed, licking where he’d just bit down. “D – don’t stop,” he groaned, his arms temporarily and uselessly struggling against Jeff’s. “For someone who was so eager to tease that whole time, you’re rather submitting. I’d thought you would’ve fought back more.” He winked and moved lower, holding Nick’s hands above his head with one hand now and slipping the other down to loosen Nick’s shirt and tie. “What can I say, there’s something about you shoving me up against the wall that has me convinced that I might like it like this as well.” He leaned forward as much as he could in his position, biting at Jeff’s lips. “Besides, I thought the lollipops should have cued you in on how I felt.” Jeff laughed. “You were right,” Jeff muttered, his hand falling down even further and cupping Nick through his pants. “A – about what?” Nick’s head fell back against the whiteboard, and his eyes closed. “I was having inappropriate thoughts while you were sucking that lollipop. Well, way before that as well, but… You have no clue how hard it’s been trying to ignore you.” “How long?” Nick managed to choked out, groaning as Jeff unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. His hand slipped over his boxers, applying pressure there, and making Nick keen. “Uptown Girl. The way you just dominated that song, and the way you came at me.” He nipped at Nick’s earlobe, his palm pressing down over Nick’s erection. Suddenly, Jeff’s hand were gone, and he stepped back, letting go of Nick’s arms. For a moment, they just stared at each other, and then Jeff pointed down towards the floor. “On your knees. Now.” Nodding, Nick fell down, his hands fumbling at Jeff’s pants. It took a minute or two of fumbling before he got it, unzipping his pants and pulling them to the ground. He whined as he saw Jeff’s cock straining against his boxers. Leaning forward, he wrapped his mouth around it through the boxers, earning a moan from Jeff. His tongue pressed forward, applying pressure, and Jeff’s hand went down, running through his hair. Running his fingers up Jeff’s inner thighs, he let out a small humming sound before pulling back and looking up at Jeff. His fingers hooked into the boxers and slid them to the floor, and he stared at Jeff’s cock for a moment, feeling his own twitch. A hand fell down to his own boxers, and he slid his hand into his pants, groaning as he tugged at himself. “Don’t.” Nick’s head jerked up, and he looked at Jeff with wide, pleading eyes. “Bu –“ “Get your hands out of your fucking pants. I’m the only one who’s going to make you come. Got that?” Nick whimpered, and Jeff tilted his head back again. Nick’s hand slowly slipped out of his pants, and he groaned as his cock strained painfully against the fabric of his pants. He leaned forward, his lips parting and he took the tip in his mouth. His tongue swirled around it, and he smeared the pre-cum, his eyes moving up to Jeff’s face, watching as he leaned back, lost in the feeling. Nick was encouraged as a moan left Jeff’s lips, and he slid his

mouth down, taking him deeper and hallowing his cheeks. Jeff’s hands fell to his hair, running almost painfully through it, his nails scraping against Nick’s scalp. “Merde,”7 Jeff groaned, his hips jerking forward slightly. Nick groaned and slid down even further, taking him until he felt the tip of Jeff’s cock brush against the back of his throat, and he gagged slightly around it. Jeff let out a whimper at the feeling. “H – hum.” Nick nodded slightly before obliging, humming at the back of his throat around Jeff. Jeff jerked his hips again, and his fingers tightened. Nick’s mouth slipped down, and he pulled off with a wet pop, licking down his cock and then swirling around the tip again. He took the head in his mouth and sucked before running his tongue down the underside, his hand reaching up and taking a hold of the base. His other hand cupped his balls, and he smirked. His lips slowly moved around it again, and he took it deeper. “Can’t –“ Jeff reached down, his hand tangling into Nick’s hair as he groaned and held him in place. “Relax your throat,” he managed to say before he began thrusting his hips forward, fucking Nick’s mouth. Nick groaned, his eyes fluttering shut as Jeff pushed all the way in and pulled out. He set a steady rhythm, only occasionally slowing down or speeding up. Nick did his best to hold still, humming and breathing through his nose. He looked up at Nick, whimpering, and he rocked his own hips against the floor, trying to get some sort of friction. He was painfully hard, and with Jeff coming undone, letting loose like this, it was nearly impossible for him to keep it together. Jeff’s pace got more erratic, and Nick soaked up every moan that left his mouth, every little jerk of his hips. His jaw was starting to ache, but seeing Jeff come apart under his touch made it worth it. He groaned, letting out a finally moan. “Merde… Nick, je vais – I’m gonna –“ He didn’t get out his full warning before he was coming down Nick’s throat. Nick groaned, taking as much as he could, hallowing his cheeks out and sucking, trying to milk him through it. When he pulled back, Nick let out a raspy breath. “Damn.” Jeff seemed to lie there for a moment, his eyes shut and his breathing deep and unsteady. Nick’s hand slowly slipped down, and as if he had some sort of extra sense for that, Jeff’s eyes snapped open. “Oh, no, you don’t.” Before Nick can let out another word, he was pinned down to the teacher’s desk. “Let’s see now… It’s your turn, isn’t it?” He pulled Nick’s boxers and pants down swiftly without another word. “God, you’re gorgeous.” He felt Jeff’s breath ghost on him from behind, and Jeff slid back, fumbling through his own discarded pants. He pulled his wallet out. “What are you doing?” Nick asked, trying to look behind. Jeff pulled out what had to be a smaller container of lube and a condom. Nick’s breath caught in his throat. Oh. Nick fell behind him, and he felt his breath brush against him again. Nick’s hand went out, spreading his legs, and he lick the backside of Nick’s cock, chuckling quietly. “This might feel a bit weird at first, but…” His tongue darted, licking up before moving to the tight ring of muscles. “What are you – Oh. Oh, fuck.” Nick gripped the desk as his tongue slid in, pressing through and curling inside. His hips squirmed against the wood, and he let out a small whimper. Jeff chuckled again, and he slowly slid his tongue in and out before increasing his pace, fucking him with it. Nick’s stomach coiled, and he groaned, trying desperately to get more friction against his cock. There was the sound of a bottle being uncapped, and he felt something wet and slick prod at him. Two of Jeff’s fingers slowly pushed in, and there was a slight burn that accompanied it. Still, Nick keened, taking a moment to adjust before pushing against them. “More. Please. Please, more,” he begged, jerking and letting out another moan as Jeff curled them inside of him.

He alternated between pulling those in and out and messing with his tongue, and Nick felt like he was on an edge. His entire body shook from the effort, yet it wasn’t nearly enough to put him close to the edge. Jeff added a third and a fourth finger, and Nick groaned as Jeff brushed up at a point inside of him, making him moan into a stack of papers. “Please, please…” He rocked back and forth against them, trying to get them deeper and harder in as Jeff thrust his fingers in and out, moving his head away after a while. “Please what?” “What do you fucking think? Fuck me. Please, please… I need you so badly.” He was babbling now, and Jeff leaned forward, pressing a kiss to the back of his throat. “Since you said please,” he muttered, pulling his fingers out. Nick rocked against the desk impatiently as Jeff slipped on the condom and put more lube on. He felt something larger than the fingers gently press against him. “You ready?” He didn’t give Nick a chance to respond before sliding in. Nick groaned, pushing back up against him and taking him as deeper slowly. He let out a whimper and after a moment nodded. “’M ready,” he mumbled, before reaching his arms back and grabbing Jeff’s hips, pressing back suddenly as hard as he could, taking him all the way. Jeff groaned, and Jeff pulled out before pushing back in. Jeff’s hands reached down, and he grabbed Nick, using him to thrust in deeper. “God, you’re so tight.” His nails dug into Nick, and Nick let out a louder yelp, his eyes closing. They worked generally without speaking. Nick reached back, his head craning backwards and his hand reaching out, grabbing Jeff’s tie and pulling him forward uncomfortably so that their lips crashed together. He nipped at the lower one and moaned, still moving his hips in rhythm with Jeff’s. “N’arrête pas,” Jeff moaned against him before speeding up. It didn’t take long before Nick was close. He thrust up several more times, his speed starting to get off of Jeff’s, and suddenly his stomach coiled up, the warmth pooling and spreading everywhere. Arching his back, he came, coating the desk and a few papers. He let out a whimper as Jeff called out as well, his pace getting off as well as he continued rocking back and forth, alternating harder and weaker. “So close. So tight,” he babbled, his eyes shut. Nick groaned, and suddenly he felt Jeff freeze, his fingers giving one final squeeze. They lay there panting for a few moments, before Jeff pulled out. Nick turned around so that his back was leaning against the desk, and he pulled Jeff down on top of him again. He hummed quietly before pressing another kiss to Jeff’s lips. “So, tutoring again tomorrow?” Nick asked, and Jeff let out a small laugh. “For as long as you want.” 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Okay, who wants to tell me… Pay attention. Is there something funny, Nick? Literally “my little cabbage” but it’s just a pet name for a girlfriend or boyfriend That’s the chair that I need (but with a wrong version of “that” the first time) And that, that is your fault. Shit

Lie to Me
Falling in love with your best friend was one of those things you only really hear about in movies. It was the kind of thing you roll your eyes at and wave away. Jeff never thought he’d have that problem. After all, when they had just met as little kids, Nick had meant a lot to him, but he never realized quite how much it was until later. All he had known at the time – and he had been only six – was he liked Nick. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t noticed as he went through elementary school that he didn’t seem to like girls the way other guys did. The others would always go about, calling them pretty. Jeff supposed it was true, but it was more the thing he’d agree with, not notice. Then again, no guys ever stuck out to him either. It had always been him and Nick, and that was perfectly fine with him. He had been nine the first time he had started to doubt his sexuality. It was the first time he had heard the word ‘gay’. He had gone home to his parents to hear the stereotypical, “Well, you know how a guy and a girl sometimes like each other? That can happen with two boys or two girls too” speech. And for the first time in his life, Jeff had asked himself how exactly he liked Nick. There had been moments where they had gotten into fights over stupid, little things after that. Jeff had tried avoiding him, scared of what he was finding out. The way his heart would flutter sometimes when Nick would lean over and hug him or the small surge of jealousy he felt when Nick would talk about his latest crush – it all seemed suddenly striking. Jeff wasn’t sure exactly how to handle it. Still, he had never told Nick. When asked about his crushes, he had become accustomed to simply lying. Hannah, Ally, Jennifer, Maggie – he’d lose track and list another. His friends would tease him about the way he’d go from one to the next as if flipping through channels. Jeff endured it, managing a smile and a laugh. After all, it made things easier to lie. He gritted his teeth through Nick’s first girlfriend – Lauren – trying to be happy for him. And his second one, Lisa. And his third, Jordan. And even his fourth, Elaine. They had gone to high school at some point in between them, and soon the Warblers started teasing Nick that he was pulling a Jeff the way he went through them. There was pain and heartbreak involved, as there was with every relationship that was filed under the category of never-going-to-happen. It wasn’t until that game of truth or dare that something happened. And after it happened, Jeff knew it would be one of those moments he’d look back to for the rest of his life. oOoOoOoOo “Oh, Jeff’s turn!” Jeff grinned, pulling back the bottle of beer. He grimaced at the bitter taste and leaned back against the wall. “Alright, I’ll go with a dare then.” It was one of the Warbler parties. Naturally, that meant an abundance of alcohol and a variety of games. David bit on his lower lip, his brow furrowing. “I don’t know.” It took a moment more before he finally decided with a small smirk, “I think you should kiss Nick. Properly, I mean. Or – how about – kiss him for three minutes with tongue.” Jeff suddenly felt as if his chest didn’t provide adequate room for him to breathe properly. It wasn’t as if the Warblers hadn’t pulled this sort of a dare on each other before. At one point he had even had to kiss Wes, an incident both of them pretended to have never happened. Kissing Nick, however, was a completely different matter. “Well, come on,” Thad egged on, laughing.

“These dares aren’t fair,” Nick complained as Jeff edged himself forward, feeling heat rise at his neck. “I mean, I’m involved in it too, and it isn’t – like – my dare.” Jeff had imagined kissing Nick before, but never with him complaining this much. “You two are ridiculous. Just kiss already,” Flint said, laughing. “You’re like a little girl, Nick.” Jeff reached out, his hand shaking, and gently laid it against Nick’s cheek before leaning in and closing the final few centimeters. For a moment, everything got drowned out. All he could feel were Nick’s lips, decidedly chapped, against his. Tentatively, Jeff opened his mouth, his tongue reaching out. It traced Nick’s lower lip, and he groaned quietly as he tasted the alcohol permeate the kiss. His tongue pushed past, tracing Nick’s mouth, mapping it out and memorizing every dip for later on when he knew he’d replay this moment over and over. Shuddering, he felt Nick’s tongue, and his hand slipped down to Nick’s neck, pushing them slightly closer. He could feel Nick’s hair brush against his fingers, and he pulled back slightly, kneading Nick’s lower lip between his teeth. Nick just chuckled, his tongue reaching out, wrestling with Jeff’s and pushing back. The kiss was rougher than Jeff would’ve imagined, and he eventually let himself fall back. Nick’s tongue now slowly repeated the same patterns Jeff’s had, and it traced Jeff’s teeth slowly. A hand slipped upwards into Jeff’s hair, and he pulled lightly. For a moment, they lay there, their lips barely touching as they took unsteady breaths. Then it was over. Nick drew back, giving a satisfied sound. “You enjoyed that, Jeffy, didn’t you?” Jeff knew better than to respond honestly, though his hands were still trembling and his throat still seemed constricted. “Oh, please. I wasn’t the one who grabbed your hair.” Nick rolled his eyes at that, and they turned back to see the Warblers’ laughing faces. “We’re going to tell Natalie,” Wes teased, though there was no threat in his voice. Oh, right, Natalie. She was Nick’s newest girlfriend, and so far the longest. Nick launched himself across the room at Wes, punching him lightly. “If you do, every embarrassing moment I’ve ever caught on video will be on Facebook, Wes Montgomery!” They tackled each other and the other Warblers cheered them on and laughed in their alcohol-induced haze. Only Jeff slinked back, unnoticed by the others, his tongue slowly running over his lips. oOoOoOoOo After that, things were bad. For a while, Nick avoided him. Somehow, he’d always manage to sneak into the room before Jeff, and whenever Jeff would try to talk to him, Nick would pretend that he was asleep. It didn’t fool Jeff. Nick’s breathing was often too shallow, and Jeff noticed the way he stiffened up slightly whenever he heard his name. More than that, Nick stopped hopping in his bed and curling up around him. Or messing with his hair. Or even teasing him. Nick seemed determined to make them drift apart. Jeff wasn’t sure he could take that. He might not have been able to have Nick as anything more than a friend but he wasn’t going to let Nick screw that up either. oOoOoOoOo “Did I do something wrong?” Nick froze for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and walking towards his bed. “I’m tired, Jeff. We’ll talk about this some other time.” He had been hearing that a lot recently. Reaching out, he grabbed Nick’s arm, yanking him away towards his bed.

“No. We’re going to talk about this now.” Nick stumbled backwards, falling against him, and Jeff seemed to stop mid-breath. After glaring for a moment, Nick pulled himself off. “What is your problem? I’m going to go to bed.” “We’ve been friends since kindergarten. You really want one stupid kiss we got dared to do to erase that all?” Jeff asked, staying rooted to the ground, his arms crossing over his chest. Of course, to him, it was far more than a stupid kiss, but no matter… Nick seemed to consider it for a moment before he turned around. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Though he attempted a voice of contempt, this time his voice was lighter. “Oh, really?” Jeff cocked an eyebrow, and Nick collapsed backward on the bed, sighing and curling up. “I don’t know. We actually kissed. Like it wasn’t just our lips were touching, but we had our tongues down each others’ throats.” Jeff didn’t need reminding. The thought had been circulating through his mind since it had happened. “But we were drunk. I mean, that kiss won’t redefine our friendship,” Jeff muttered, sitting besides Nick and wrapping an arm around him. Nick leaned into him, and Jeff did all he could to keep from sighing. This felt better. “But the Warblers won’t stop teasing me.” Jeff had noticed that too. Other than Blaine, they had joked around a bit about it, saying that the two of them seemed too into the kiss. Jeff simply tried to ignore them and push back the weird sort of feeling he’d get in his chest every time they’d say that. “They’re Warblers. What do you expect? The same thing happened when Flint kissed Thad or when Wes and I kissed. It’s just silly, and you’re giving them a reaction.” He reached out, he slowly lay a hand on top of Nick’s, trying to keep steady as Nick snuggled in more against his shoulder. “I know. It’s just… you’re my friend, and trying to think about you any other way makes me feel all queasy. It just isn’t right.” Jeff shut his eyes, trying to imagine he hadn’t heard that – willing it to fade away from his memories. “Yeah,” he said, his voice hollow. “It just isn’t right.” oOoOoOoOo Time passed. Junior and senior year went by fairly eventlessly. Jeff learned to cope with everything. He had his first girlfriend. It wasn’t that he was afraid of coming out because of Westerville or ashamed of who he was. He simply couldn’t bear to have Nick know. If a simple kiss had managed to put a strain on their relationship, then knowing the truth would only be disastrous. In any case, the girl, Sarah turned out to be nice. They would kiss and hold hands. But Jeff never felt the same feeling of helplessness and warmth and fear and joy – all the conflicting emotions that had made it so wonderful to kiss Nick. Still, it was nice pretending that things were normal for once. He ended up dating Sarah for five months before one day she confronted him about it, saying how she noticed that he never seemed truly interested in her. She never yelled at him or accused him; she simply told him the truth and broke it off as cleanly as possible. And, for that, Jeff was grateful. Graduation came by sooner than it should have. He was going to University of Chicago to study biology. Nick was going to Harvard, and he was leaning towards the idea of doing law. Wes and David had already graduated, and Blaine was off to New York with Kurt – off for a bright future as it seemed. It was odd knowing that within a few months, they wouldn’t be seeing each other every day and singing. His time for being a Warbler had come to an end finally. oOoOoOoOo

Normally at this age, they would’ve been ashamed to cry. Yet graduation sort of called for tears; it was a necessary part of the process. Jeff felt the arms around him squeeze, and his chest was crushed. “I’m going to miss you so much, Jeffy.” Nick only called him that on occasion now. Jeff nodded, sniffling. “But we’re going to keep in touch, right?” he managed to squeak out, still finding it rather difficult to breath. Nick wasn’t letting go anytime soon by the looks of it. Rib-shattering or not, it was nice to feel Nick so close to him. Still, it scared him to think that after this summer, this sort of a thing wasn’t going to happen, at least not for a while. “Of course, you dunderhead,” Nick said, ruffling his hair. “As if I’d let a few miles come between us.” Jeff felt his eyes prickle, and he pulled back, wiping his sleeve over them. “But Natalie –“ The two of them had finally broken up about a month ago because they felt they couldn’t do a long-distance relationship. “She hasn’t known me since I used to draw ducks on my tape because I thought that made it stronger.” Jeff laughed through his tears, and pulled back. “That’s what those were? I was always trying to figure it out.” Nick’s hand reached out, and he entwined his fingers with Jeff’s. “You’re my best friend, Six. I couldn’t ever forget you.” Nick’s eyes were puffy and red though he had stopped crying. Jeff held onto Nick’s hand more tightly. “Have you two finally gotten together?” Thad joked, coming up from behind them and resting an arm on either shoulder. Both of them rolled their eyes. “You guys never know when to drop it,” Nick muttered, though he chuckled quietly. Reaching out, he weakly hit Thad on the arm. Flint jogged up to them as well, and Kurt and Blaine came too, hand-inhand and leaning against each other. Jeff felt a pang or jealousy, and immediately felt guilt. For all the luck the two of them had, there had been some horrible moments as well. “I asked whether we could sing a final song,” Blaine said as Trent walked up as well, and he tried his best to smile. “I was thinking Good Riddance by Green Day. You know, since it’s kind of the end.” He looked hopeful and terrified at the same time. Murmurs of agreement spread throughout the group. They knew the song and had a routine to it. “Let’s do this,” Trent finally muttered, and the group started walking towards the center where a small platform had been built. “What’s wrong?” Jeff heard from behind him, and he turned around to see Blaine looking worriedly at Kurt. Whatever Kurt said, Blaine threw his arms around him, kissing him and laughing. “You’re an honorary Warbler, Kurt. If you didn’t sing, I think everyone would be upset. Now, let’s get out there.” A smile spread across Kurt’s face, and the both of them ran towards the platform, getting there first. “Dalton class of 2012!” Blaine screamed into the microphone. “We’d like to sing a song as a final goodbye. It’s been amazing and fun.” People started cheering, and the rest of the Warblers ran to catch up as Blaine started singing. They sang it out, all of them repressing tears. And the entire school joined in, students and parents alike crying and hugging each other. Jeff’s eyes fell over Nick, and Nick glanced over at him as well. “For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while,” Jeff sang, trying not to let his voice waver too much. “I hope you had the time of your life,” the final line finally echoed throughout the stadium and was met by a resounding cheer. High school truly was over. Their time as the Warblers was officially done. oOoOoOoOo

Nick and Jeff acted like they were glued together for the rest of the summer. Jeff wasn’t sure if he ever got such little sleep. Occasionally they hang out with the other Warblers as well, and all of them would laugh and pretend like it was any other summer – like the beginning of the school year didn’t mean something new and different. When they finally went off to college, Jeff and Nick tried calling or e-mailing each other every day. After a week and a half, that became too much of a hassle. They still managed to talk every once in a while, but mostly they stuck to an occasional Facebook message or text. It wasn’t enough to really keep in touch. At times Jeff sat staring at his phone feeling lonely. On top of that, Jeff’s roommate, Ryan, was irritating. He tended to blast music while studying, claiming it helped him concentrate. He also already had his group of friends, and wanted nothing to do with Jeff. Everyone once in w while, Ryan would complain about how he should have just roomed with his friends. Jeff wholeheartedly agreed. Still, the classes were interesting, and he found himself oftentimes distracted with work until eleven or even midnight. He made new friends, but he still missed Nick. The other boy hadn’t come home for Thanksgiving, so it wasn’t until winter break that he got to see him again. oOoOoOoOo “Nick!” Jeff threw himself at Nick, and his eyes closed as he felt two arms wrap around him. Nick’s hair was slightly longer than usual, and Jeff felt it tickle his nose as he buried his head in Nick’s shoulder. They stayed like that, clutching each other in the Starbucks parking lot. Tiny puffs of white formed above them as they breathed, and finally it became too cold to bear. “Let’s get something to drink,” Nick said, and Jeff grinned as a gloved hand slipped into his. “Sounds good.” They walked into Starbucks, sighing happily at the blanket of heat that greeted them as they opened the door. Standing in line, Jeff turned to look at Nick. He looked happy, Jeff couldn’t help but notice. A small smile crept on Jeff’s face as he stared at him. Nick was looking over at the menu, biting his lower lip and wiggling his nose. Nick must have noticed his glance because his head turned, and he looked at Jeff. “What?” “Nothing. You look good.” The lady in front of them in line paid, and Jeff moved up. “What do you want?” he asked Nick. “What?” “I’m buying. What do you want?” Nick shook his head. “No, don’t. I can pay for myself.” “I know you can, but I haven’t seen you in months. You should take advantage of it. I doubt I’ll be this nice for long.” Nick sighed, then looked at the lady behind the cash register. “Grande hot chocolate, please.” “Whipped cream?” the lady asked. Nick nodded, and she turned to look at Jeff. “And for you?” “Grande caramel apple spice latte with whipped cream, please.” “Name?” “Jeff.” Jeff paid, and they went to stand around and wait. “So, spill. How’s Harvard? Has anything new and exciting happened? Have you replaced me yet?” The last question was asked a a bit of a joke, but Jeff had been worried about that. What if Nick found a new best friend and he was left behind?

“Oh, yeah. First thing I did was replace you,” Nick replied blithely. Jeff scowled, and Nick squeezed his shoulder. “Don’t worry so much, Jeffy. You’re irreplaceable.” Of course, Nick meant it platonically, but a small smile stuttered back on Jeff’s face. They grabbed their drinks, and Jeff took a sip, feeling warmth that had nothing to do with the liquid. “Good. You’ll be pleased to know that I haven’t found anyone irritating enough yet to replace you,” Jeff teased, and Nick rolled his eyes. They both took another sip, and Nick jumped slightly, his eyes widening. “Oh, I actually do have something exciting to tell you! So, I met this girl, and we’ve been friends for a while…” “Alex?” Nick had mentioned her before in a message or two. Nick nodded. “Yeah. I’m kind of obvious, huh?” It was Jeff’s turn to nod. “Well, I think I’m going to ask her out after break. I’m pretty sure she likes me too.” He smirked, and Jeff managed to put on a stiff sort of look of happiness. “Congrats!” He’d learned to act by now, and as Nick spent the next half an hour talking about her, Jeff felt himself slowly starting to crumple. No matter how many times he heard this, it hurt. Every single time he was reminded – it would never be him. oOoOoOoOo It had been amazing to see Nick again. Jeff had almost forgotten that things were different and that in a little while, they would be separated and stuck talking minimally through Facebook. Sure enough, when they finally said goodbye, Jeff felt a certain ache, and he clutched him close. About a week after they had gone back, Jeff received a text, ‘SHE SAID YES!!!’ and he gritted his teeth. At least he could break down without having to worry about Nick seeing. Still, a part of him just wished he could be happy for his best friend. When it came close to spring break, he started counting down the days, barely waiting to see Nick’s face. There were times when he’d be reading passages from his books, and realize he had blanked for the past few pages. It had never been this hard before. Yet spring break didn’t go exactly as planned. oOoOoOoOo Jeff hadn’t been this drunk in a while. He could barely stand straight, and his head felt detached. Still, after staring at the beer bottle for a moment longer, he shrugged and took another swig. Nick laughed and his head bobbed up and down to the song before he belched and started singing along. “You’re adorable when you do that,” Jeff said, laughing. It was true. Nick looked like a puppy with that smile on his face. “You’re ridiculous.” Nick still smirked at him before adding, “You know, every time I hear a Katy Perry song, I thing of Blaine.” Shaking his head, Jeff took another sip of the beer and winced at the taste. “I think he’d be honored to hear that. We really should visit him in New York sometime.” Kurt had come down to visit his family every so often, and Blaine had come with him, but Blaine had little attaching him to Lima. They often came during three-day weekends or times when it was less crowded. Jeff hadn’t had a chance to see them since summer. Although, if their pictures and almost vomit-inducingly adorable Facebook posts on each others’ Walls, they were still happily together. “Yeah, we should.” He hummed along to the song until its end before turning to Jeff. He had a weird sort of look on his face. “Remember when we made out that one time?” Jeff stiffened, feeling some of the warmth fade from him as his smile slid off of his face. “Well, that’s an odd thing to bring up.” Nick wildly waved his hands in front of him.

“No, don’t get me wrong. It’s just I think that was last time we were drunk around each other excluding the grad party.” Jeff thought that over for a moment, and he pulled his legs closer to him, hoping it wasn’t obvious how suddenly nervous he felt. His hands were trembling. “Yeah. I guess that’s true.” He licked his lips, remembering how it had tasted to kiss Nick. “Jeff…” “Hmm?” “Have you kissed anyone since you and Sarah broke up?” Jeff paused before shaking his head. “Damn. How do you survive?” “I dunno.” Jeff shrugged his shoulders, but his eyes avoided Nick’s. This wasn’t really a conversational path he wanted to go down. Some unknown song played in the background, filling up the silence for a moment. “I haven’t kissed Alex in a while either. She left for home early.” Jeff nodded, though he wasn’t really sure where this conversation was leading. “Oh.” Maybe it was best to just say as little as possible. The song continued, and both of them sat, fiddling with their cans of beer. “Hey, Jeff…” Nick finally broke the silence. “Yeah?” “Can we make out?” Jeff blinked, unsure he had actually heard right. There was no way… He turned to look at Nick, and bit his lip. “What?” Nick’s face fell. “Nothing – that was stupid. I just thought that we’re both drunk and horny, and there’s no one else around, and – I dunno. Just ignore me. I’m not making sense. That was stupid. I’m stupid.” Jeff shook his head. A part of him screamed that this was a horrible idea, but he shoved that back. “No, I completely agree,” he said, scooting closer. Nick’s face pulled back up into a grin as Jeff pressed up against him. A shiver rode through both of them, and Jeff leaned forward, pressing their lips together. It was like three years ago. The taste of alcohol lingered, and as Jeff’s tongue pried Nick’s open, Nick groaned, his hand wrapping itself in Jeff’s hair and tugging lightly. Their tongues pressed together, and Jeff whimpered, letting Nick trace his lower lip. Slowly he bit down on it, and Jeff squirmed, his own hand reaching down to Nick’s thigh and squeezing. Nick pulled back, chuckling darkly before leaning in again, this time his lips on Jeff’s neck. His teeth slowly bit down, causing slight pain. Of course, that faded as Nick’s tongue lapped at the sensitive skin. It dipped down to Jeff’s collar bone, and Jeff let himself fall limply against the way for support. Nick shifted so that he was straddling Jeff, and Jeff’s eyes shut. This was heaven. oOoOoOoOo They hadn’t gotten further than kissing, but Jeff lay there awake long after Nick had passed out. It kept on replaying in his head. He could taste Nick, feel the flimsy hands pulling at his hair. The next day had been painful; Jeff was fairly sure Nick remembered, though he never mentioned it once. They still hung out, though every day of vacation, occasionally with some of the other Warblers. College came back too fast, and summer did as well. They finally saw Kurt and Blaine, and they were as in love as always. It was something Jeff never failed to envy. They days passed by quickly and

were filled with bathing suits and ice cream. But, of course, that couldn’t last forever either. School went back in session eventually, and Nick and Alex ended up breaking up. It wasn’t until winter break of their sophomore year that anything worth mentioning happened. As always, it started with alcohol. This time it was at a party. The Warblers had a giant get-together at Trent’s house, and the night progressed with drunken karaoke and drinking games. oOoOoOoOo “I’m hungry. You’re out of chips,” Jeff complained, staring forlornly at the empty bag of BBQ chips. “There should be some more in the kitchen. Just go up, and you should be able to find them.” Jeff stumbled towards the stairs, and Nick tagged behind him. “I’m hungry too.” Jeff nodded, and the two of them pulled themselves up the stairs, giggling. They made it to the kitchen, and Jeff threw open cabinets, trying to find more chips. They seemed to be nowhere; his stomach gave an appropriate growl. “Where are the damn chips?” Jeff asked, pouting and facing Nick. Nick leaned back against the counter, and Jeff couldn’t help but stare at him. The way he was leaning against it so openly was… tempting. Jeff licked his lips, and Nick laughed, winking at him, though only jokingly. A moment before he kissed Nick, it registered in his head. Nick jerked forward in surprise, but Jeff felt him relax the moment he started kneading the other boy’s lower lip between his teeth. He pushed Nick backwards, ignoring the protesting sound from him as he was pressed against a cabinet. Jeff’s fingers slipped under Nick’s shirt, trailing against the skin. The warmth of the alcohol couple with the intoxicating effect he was having on Nick was enough to make his pants suddenly feel tight. Nick pressed closer to Jeff, and Jeff gasped as he felt one of Nick’s teeth scrape against his lip, cutting it open. Blood seeped in as well, and Jeff pulled back, panting, lifting Nick’s shirt. Both of them were beyond reason. The haze in Nick’s eyes was unmistakable, and for a moment Jeff hesitated. “Jeff…” The way Nick moaned his name erased any doubt, and he slid the shirt to the floor, trembling. He stared at the brunet’s expression for a moment before leaning forward, kissing his Adam’s Apple. It bobbed up and down as Nick’s swallowed, and Jeff’s lips trailed downward. For a moment he shook before taking a pert nipple into his mouth, his tongue swirling lightly around it. Every sound coming out of Nick’s mouth made it worth it, and his hand slid down, taking the other one and tweaking it between his fingers. Pulling back, he licked his lips and placed a quick kiss on Nick’s lips before going down on his knees. The bulge in Nick’s pants was noticeable, and Jeff leaned in, wrapping his mouth around it through the rough fabric. Nick moaned, bucking his hips, and Jeff pulled back, unzipping and unbuttoning the jeans. He watched with a sort of satisfaction as he tugged and they fell to the ground. Hooking his fingers around Nick’s boxer-briefs, he pulled them to the ground, and stared, his jaw slack as Nick’s cock sprang free. This was the moment he’d been dreaming of for as long as he could remember. Tentatively, afraid it the moment would pop like a bubble, he leaned forward, letting his breath ghost over Nick’s cock. “Quit teasing,” he heard Nick mutter out from above him. Jeff leaned forward, taking it into his mouth. Nick tensed, and Jeff’s hands came up just in time to hold back his hips. He could feel them jerk forward under his hands. Jeff’s tongue ran over the slit, shuddering as he tasted Nick. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t particularly appealing. What mattered was that it was Nick. He moved downward, willing his throat to relax. He felt the tip brush up against the back of his throat and pulled back, though not without clenching against it, making Nick shudder underneath him. Nick’s hands reached out, and they painfully pulled at Jeff’s hair. He guided Jeff’s mouth back down, letting out a small moan.

As Jeff bobbed up and down, he hallowed his cheeks and sucked, his hands leaving Nick’s hips, and his fingers trailed down the insides of his thighs. Nick trembled beneath him, and when one hand went up, cupping Nick’s balls, he could tell by how tense he was, that he was close. Jeff pulled back with a pop, his hand wrapping around the base before he traced a vein on the underside. Nick jerked upward as Jeff’s lips wrapped around the tip again. Jeff’s eyes shot up as Nick froze, his hand moving back, his fingers clenching the countertop, and his mouth open. His face as he came undone made Jeff moan as he pulled back slightly, tasting the bitter-salty fluid. Though he sputtered, he pulled back, managing to swallow it all, soaking in every moment of Nick leaned back, supporting himself on the counter. The moment, however, did not last long. Nick’s head suddenly snapped up after a minute, and he looked at Jeff, the haze gone. His eyes radiated nothing but panic, fear, and disgust. And it nearly broke Jeff’s heart. “Fuck!” Nick stumbled backwards, reaching down and pulling at his boxer-briefs and pants. He leaned down and grabbed his shirt, his eyes wide as he distanced himself. “No, this can’t have happened. Fuck.” Before Jeff could even pull himself up, he was slipping his shirt over his head and running out the front door. oOoOoOoOo Nick avoided him after that. Every call went to voicemail, and every text was left ignored. Jeff even went to Nick’s house, but his parents told him, their eyes betraying their lie, that Nick was out. When school started again, there was little he could do. Jeff found time to send Nick an e-mail every day, begging him to just listen to him, and he developed the habit of checking his phone to make sure he hadn’t missed a texts or message from Nick. Every time he hadn’t, he found he still had more room for disappointment. So, the first three-day weekend he was free, Jeff got in his car and drove down to Cambridge. The drive was painful and took almost an entire day. It also wasted precious gas money, but he knew if he could save his friendship, it would be worth it. It took a while after he got there even to find Nick, and by the time he did, he was exhausted. But even within exhaustion, he couldn’t help but feel something flare up within himself. It took some convincing before they ended up in Nick’s dorm room. oOoOoOoOo “Why did you come here?” Nick’s voice was harsh, and he looked at Jeff as if he didn’t have the time for this. “Because I care…” “Bullshit.” Nick glanced down at his watch and continued pacing the room. “Listen to you! You dumped me, Nick!” “We were never dating,” Nick spat out, rounding on Jeff and looking almost venomous. It wasn’t a look that Jeff had ever seen before, and he slunk back against the bed, feeling his eyes prickle. “We’ve known each other since we were six. Fourteen years… And now you want to throw it away on some stupid thing that happened.” Nick let out a bitter laugh. “It isn’t just some stupid thing. You gave me a blowjob. You actually –“ There was an edge of disgust again, and he continued pacing. Jeff barely bit back, ‘And you enjoyed it.’ Somehow he figured it’d get him in more trouble. “I’m scared, Nick. I want you to hug me and I want to stay up until four AM watching horror movies and pretending we’re not scared. I want to be able to have someone to talk to. I just want my best

friend back.” His voice was low and desperate. A look of understanding flickered in Nick’s eyes before disappearing. “Too bad. You wasted your money on me. Now go home.” Jeff felt tears sting at his eyes, and he looked away from Nick, taking a shuddering breath. “Did everything we’ve gone to really mean that little to you?” Nick paused, and Jeff broke down. He had known what they had done was wrong. He had known not to do it, yet he had anyway. “I –“ Nick stared at him helplessly, and Jeff pulled his legs up to his chest, his eyes squeezing shut. “I can’t do this. I can’t lose you. You’re my best friend.” He felt himself go limp, and his head rested on his knees. His throat seemed to be blocked, and each breath came out as a shivering gasp. Jeff felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up. Nick stood there, biting his lower lip, all looks of condescension and disgust wiped off his face. In its place were concern and compassion, and Jeff’s heart, which had previously felt as if it had been squeezed into a fist, slowly started to tremble with hope. “I couldn’t read your messages or listen to your voicemails or anything. I knew if I heard you break down, I wouldn’t be able to run away,” Nick finally admitted before sitting down next to Jeff and pulling him into a hug. “I don’t like you like that, Jeffy. You’re the best friend I have, and I don’t want to ruin everything because we can’t stay away from each other when we’re drunk.” Jeff nodded, and his breath caught in his throat as Nick reached down, their fingers lacing together. “My Three,” he muttered, sniffling and wiping away his tears with the sleeve of his shirt. “My Six,” Nick agreed. oOoOoOoOo They managed to work things out after that. For whatever reason, Nick still seemed oblivious to his crush. Of course, Jeff felt like Nick might be repressing the idea. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t made it painfully obvious already. In any case, they caught up, and Jeff heard about Nick’s new girlfriend, Marissa. The weekend seemed to fly by so quickly, and despite the insane amount he had to pay for gas overall, it was definitely worth it. A couple of weeks after that, Jeff received a call in the middle of the night. oOoOoOoOo It was two AM when his phone went off. Jeff picked it up, his eyes glancing over to Ryan, who was amazingly still fast asleep. The caller ID said that it was Nick. He opened the phone, but before he could even get an ‘I love you’ out, Nick was babbling. “It’s been too long since we’ve kissed.” Oh, he was absolutely wasted. That much was obvious from the way his words slurred together. Jeff listened though with a catch in his throat. “I miss you. I – I love you. Am I allowed to say that yet? Because I do. I love you. I love you.” He shook, biting his lower lip. What was Nick trying to say? Still, Jeff found he couldn’t speak. “I love your laugh and the tiny crinkle you get between your eyes whenever you smile. You’re ridiculous.” Jeff was surprised he could still hold the phone properly. “You’re amazing, Marissa.” Jeff froze, swallowing thickly. No, it wasn’t him. Why would it ever be him Nick was interested in?” “Nick, it’s me.” There was a pause followed by a laugh. “Oh, sorry, Jeff. I forgot I took you off of speed-dial. Well, that’s awkward.” Jeff couldn’t reply in time. After he had heard the laughs of others, there was a dial tone.

oOoOoOoOo Jeff met Tyler his junior year about half-way through. Although, met was used loosely. Apparently they had shared a fair few amount of classes for the past few years. It wasn’t until Tyler lost his book in Microbiology that they started talking, though. Like Jeff, Tyler had a crush that never worked for him. And, like Jeff, he was gay. It took a while, but the more they talked, the more they found in common – a shared love for various movies and books and music. It was basically a love equation written to happen. So, when Tyler asked him out, Jeff said yes. While Nick was happy that Jeff had someone, there were also things he didn’t like about it. oOoOoOoOo “Why didn’t you tell me you were gay?” Jeff could tell that his voice was clipped, and he could imagine that his brow was furrowed. It tended to do that when he got angry. “I – I never thought it would be this big of an issue.” So, that was a lie, but Nick couldn’t really know the truth. What was he supposed to say? ‘So, hey, actually, I’ve been pining after you for years. Now, carry on.’ Somehow that didn’t seem fitting. “What do you mean? Of course it is! It’s part of who you are, Jeff. I don’t know why you wouldn’t tell me. I’m perfectly fine with it. You know I’d never judge you.” “I know. I know. I just – I don’t know what I thought.” His thumb played with the creases on the comforter he was sitting on, and he sighed. What if Nick started making correlations between their previous late-night ‘adventures’ and his sexuality? “But this is your first boyfriend?” Jeff nodded before realizing Nick couldn’t hear him. “Yeah.” “Jesus. How long have you known?” The truth stuck in his throat, and he wished Nick was there next to him so that he could start crying and shaking his head, and Nick would drop it. “I’ve had some idea since I was nine,” he finally croaked out. “Nine? Well, fuck, Jeff. That’s twelve years. You didn’t think to say anything to me once?” Jeff sniffed and pressed his face into the pillow for a second, taking a deep, steadying breath. “I’m sorry.” There was a long pause before Nick spoke, and Jeff checked his phone to make sure the connection hadn’t had died. “Look, Marissa’s coming over soon. I’ll talk to you later. But I just need some time… okay? I can’t believe you – We’ll just talk about this later.” oOoOoOoOo A few weeks before graduation, he and Tyler broke up. It turned out that they weren’t a match made for each other, as Jeff had hoped. The break-up was mutual, and they both decided that while they did love each other to a certain extent, they weren’t in love with each other. Jeff’s mind was still Nickcentric, and Tyler still thought about his friend-crush, Caleb, all the time. Graduation came. Nick had just graduated a few days prior, and was planning on continuing his path at Harvard. He wanted to be a lawyer. By this point, Nick had decided he wanted to teach biology at high school. He was going to UCLA, all across the country. A part of him knew it wouldn’t be as easy

to go home, and he wouldn’t see Nick more often. Still, that was shoved to the back of his mind with graduation. Nick came for graduation, and the night after, the two of them decided to go to a bar close to the hotel at which Nick was staying. Jeff was careful not to drink too much, unsure what the results would be. Nick, however, didn’t seem to hold those fears, and after a few shots, he was dancing wildly to the music, absolutely plastered. oOoOoOoOo “You look like an electrocuted monkey,” Jeff said, laughing at Nick and leaning back against the chair. His friend had his hands up and was waving them about in rhythm to the song. Though he was a fairly good dancer sober, he lacked all capabilities whilst intoxicated. “Shuddup. As if you could dance better.” Jeff put his drink down and got up, moving closer to Nick. He’d always been a good dancer, and he quickly lost himself in the rhythm, his head swaying a bit as he shifted his weight from foot to foot. Though his arms were loose, they didn’t sway about dangerously like Nick’s did. Nick scanned him up and down before pouting. “Show off.” “You know it.” Jeff winked at him. “Hey, Jeffy…” Nick had really taken an affinity to calling him that while drunk. “Yeah?” Nick moved closer, his fingers grazing against Jeff’s lower back. “Can I kiss you?” Jeff felt that same little flutter inside of him, and he shook his head. “No, you can’t.” “But Jeffy! I’ve kissed your face before.” The whine in his voice made him sound like a little kid, and it didn’t help that as he stopped attempting to dance and faced Jeff, his bangs flopped down in front of his eyes. His lower lip jutted out, and Jeff smiled sadly at him. “Why can’t I kiss you?” “Because if you do, you’ll regret it in the morning, and you won’t want to talk to me. It’s happened before, remember?” Part of him wanted to tell Nick ‘never mind’ and let the brunet kiss him, but he knew what that would lead to. He’d been down that road before, and it wasn’t a place he particularly wanted to go back to. “But don’t you love me?” The question was harmless, but it still made Jeff turn away, swallowing thickly. Nick obliviousness hurt, and as much as he wanted to turn to him and say that he did, that wouldn’t ever lead to a happily-ever-after. “You’re my best friend,” Jeff finally whispered. Nick scooted forward, and the two of them were pressed together. Underneath the bangs, Jeff could see wide, brown eyes staring at him. As he reached out to push away, Nick grabbed his hands, squeezing. Jeff sighed, and leaned into Nick, though his mind screaming over and over again – this is a bad idea. Nick leaned forward, and Jeff found himself doing the same. Their lips met, and the music seemed to swell around them. Jeff’s eyes closed as he felt Nick’s tongue breech through and taste his lower lip. Jeff groaned at the touch, and Nick’s arms wrapped around him. One hand reached up, fingers splayed, running through his hair. With Nick pressed that closely against him, he couldn’t think, and Jeff let his hand go up, cupping Nick’s cheek. Nick’s hips jerked upward, and as he arched into Jeff, Jeff shuddered. His hands dipped down, and he moved back, biting at Nick’s neck. Grabbing onto one of Nick’s hands, he trailed it downward, and let them both brush against the bulge in his pants. Even if he was the one guiding him, the feel of Nick’s hand against him like that was indescribably amazing. Nick chuckled, getting the gist of it, and palmed Jeff through his clothes.

“Fuck…” Jeff mewled and his lips went back to Nick’s. Their tongues pressed together, wrestling, and their teeth scraped together. “Hotel?” Nick asked, pulling back for a second. “I thought you’d never ask.” They ran out of the bar, their hands all over each other. Jeff could feel the adrenaline course through him. A small, nagging part in the back of his mind worried about what was going on, but as Nick laughed and squeezed his ass, those thoughts ebbed away. Jeff wasn’t sure how they managed to make it up to the room, but when the door finally slammed shut behind them, they stumbled backwards onto the bed. Nick was immediately reaching for Jeff’s shirt and pulling it over his head. Jeff groaned and reached for Nick’s. His fingers trailed down Nick’s chest, and he felt a shiver go through him at the sense of déjà vu. Nick stared at him for a moment before unbuttoning Nick’s shorts and pulling them out from underneath him before letting them fall to the ground. Jeff hissed as his boxer-briefs were finally pulled down to the ground as well, and his cock sprung free. Nick, however, drew back, ridding himself of clothing as well. Whimpering at the lack of contact, he instead looked down, biting his lip, his heart thudding against his chest. “Flip over. On your hands and knees.” Jeff wordlessly did as he was told and heard the sound of Nick spitting on his fingers. There was barely enough time to prepare himself before he felt something slowly prodding at him. His muscles clenched, and Nick’s hand reached up, soothing drawing circles on his back. It wasn’t quite enough, and as the finger slowly eased in, Jeff whimpered into the pillow. Nick paused at the knuckle before sliding his finger the rest of the way in. Soon a second and a third finger was added. Nick languidly stroked him, and Jeff bit his lip. It hurt like hell. Maybe with lube it would’ve been manageable, but this was hell. The spit dried out quickly it felt, and it was only Nick’s whisper – “Relax for me” – that kept him going. His fingers wrapped around the blanket beneath him, and tears swam down his face. All he could do was be happy that this wasn’t his first time and he at least had been stretched out before. Nick experimentally changed angles, and Jeff felt him graze against his prostate. Warmth bubbled in his stomach again, and he arched upwards, still sniffling, though his fingers relaxed. Nick pulled out, and Jeff was about to complain when he heard Nick spitting again. Something much larger prodded at him. Nick sheathed himself in, and Jeff couldn’t help but let out a quiet whimper of pain. There was a minute to adjust, and then Nick grabbed his shoulders pulling out. Nick let out a small moan. “So fucking tight.” He felt on fire, but Nick was quick to change that. He shifted, alternating angles until Jeff suddenly felt it spark inside of him again. He shuddered and moved backwards in time with Nick’s thrust. Nick kept that, his fingers squeezing around Jeff’s fingers as he set a quick pace. Each thrust was accompanied by some sort of a small noise, and it filled the stiff, sticky air of the hotel room. Jeff couldn’t think. One hand reached up, wrapping itself around his cock, and he stroked in time with each thrust. His stomach clenched and the warmth was starting to spread down him completely. Nick was the first to come. His fingers suddenly clawed into him, painfully so, and Nick was letting out a choked moan. Jeff felt something warm fill him, and Nick weakly managed to continue thrusting throughout it, milking himself. Jeff’s hand sped up, almost fervently, and he felt himself start to clench. It took a minute or two more – at which point Nick was weakly leaning against him – but finally he felt himself come undone as well. He came onto his hand and his chest, biting down on his lower lip. When he had finally come down, Nick pulled out, falling back on the bed. Jeff curled up next to him, his eyes shutting. For a moment, everything was perfect, and then he fell asleep. oOoOoOoOo

They had a long argument after they had woken up. Jeff had done so first, thankfully, and he was sure Nick would’ve run away had he been the first. Jeff wasn’t sure he had ever yelled that much or been that shaken. Nick knew how he felt. It was finally out in the open, and it scared the hell out of him. oOoOoOoOo “How long?” Nick demanded, and Jeff turned away, his eyes clenched shut. “How fucking long have you like me?” Nick had never been this harsh with him. But behind the imposing, uncharacteristic demeanor, there was fear in Nick’s voice as well. “Since I’ve known I was gay,” Jeff finally muttered, and Nick let out a bitter laugh. “You never told me once. Never even… God.” Jeff glanced over to see Nick running his fingers through his hair, looking stressed. “How can I trust you? You don’t tell me anything.” “I don’t know.” Jeff had no answer to give him, no magic thing he could say to somehow make this situation better. “I want to make one thing clear,” Nick said, looking Jeff straight in the eyes. His lip curled back in disgust, and Jeff blinked rapidly, wishing his damn tears would go away. “I don’t like you like that. We’ve messed around, yeah? But that’s all it is to me. I don’t want to send you the wrong impression. Hell, I don’t think I’m more than bi-curious.” Jeff nodded mutely, feeling himself crystallize and shatter. It was one thing to know it. It was a completely other matter to hear those words coming out of Nick’s mouth. “I know. That’s partly why I never told you,” Jeff admitted, shivering. He ached, and he wanted things to go back to how they had been yesterday before anything had happened. There was a pause before Nick finally spoke again. “I love you. But –“ “Don’t,” Jeff croaked. “Only like a brother.” Jeff sobbed, and pulled himself tighter together wishing he could simply compress like a black hole and fade away. “Don’t.” “No, you need to hear this.” Nick’s voice was firm, and he walked up to Jeff, glaring down at him. “You’re always the one telling me I need to shut up and listen, and now it’s your turn. I’m straight. You’re not a bad kisser, and I won’t deny I haven’t enjoyed some of what we’ve done, but it’s never meant anything to me the way it’s meant to you.” Jeff pulled himself in even more, whimpering as if he had been hit. He couldn’t help but think that he was pathetic. oOoOoOoOo Nick left, and Jeff went back to Westerville for the summer. Nick visited Marissa instead, and a week later Jeff saw on Facebook that they had gotten engaged. Nick hadn’t even bothered to tell him face to face. When Jeff attempted to confront him about it, Nick’s only response was: “Well, you never told me anything important. Why should I tell you?” The days seemed to drag by, and there were times where he wouldn’t want to pull himself out of bed. The Warblers tried to pry what was wrong out of him at first, but after a while, their texts and messages stopped flowing in, and they didn’t try to pull him out of his house. Even his parents gave up eventually, letting him close himself off in his room. Never had Jeff been happier to leave. Time and distance was surely what he needed, and when he stumbled into UCLA, he was happy when he met Andrew.

oOoOoOoOo Jeff felt someone tap his shoulder, and he jumped. He stumbled a bit, and was glad to find his footing. Falling down the Janass staircase would not only be painful but rather embarrassing. After all, it was absolutely crowded. “Sorry, you just looked like you knew where you were going. Do you have any clue how to get to the bio building? I have a class on population genetics…” Jeff had already been there for a few days, and he had started to get used to the campus. In fact, he had that class on his schedule as well. “Yeah, sure thing.” “Sorry, I’m new here. You a sophomore or…” “Freshman. I just came a few days ago.” The other boy blinked at him and then smiled. “Oh my God, how rude of me. I’m Andrew, by the way. Or Andy or Ands or whatever. Just not AndyPooh. Someone gave me that name as a joke, and somehow it stuck, and now I’m just babbling and giving you ideas. I should shut up.” He grinned sheepishly and stuck out a hand. “Jeffrey. Jeff.” ‘Just not Jeffy…’ he almost added. “Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too.” oOoOoOoOo They didn’t start dating until a few months later. They had eventually found out that both of them were gay, and they hung out more and more. Jeff hadn’t felt this relaxed with anyone since a while ago with Nick. They talked constantly, and Jeff had told him everything about Nick. Things by that point had simmered down with Nick. Their relationship had never been this strained before, but at least one still existed. The first time they saw each other was almost uncomfortable, and shortly after that, Jeff received his letter inviting him to Nick’s wedding. Andrew went as his date, and they had fun. Jeff got a chance to introduce him to all the Warblers, and they all gave their vote of approval. Andrew was witty and sweet, and he had a decent voice on top of it all. Jeff felt like he might have been getting over everything. That was until Nick drunkenly kissed him. oOoOoOoOo “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Jeff pulled back, his hand going to his lips. He had helped Nick get up to get some more beer for the bachelor party. Things had seemed normal again. Yet his skin tingled with the kiss. “Why are you complaining, Jeffy? You know you love me?” He battered his eyelashes before pouting. “Besides, it’s my last night of freedom. I’ll kiss whoever I damn please.” “Nick, you don’t like me like that. I’m getting over you. Why can’t you just leave me alone?” Nick’s face contorted into a look of anger. “You didn’t seem to mind it last time we kissed. In fact, I remember you moaning quite a bit.” Jeff flushed and shoved him. “Fuck you.”

“Been there, done that. Wasn’t really all it was said to be, to be honest.” He smirked and Jeff pushed away, taking a few paces back before staring out the kitchen. It took a moment, but suddenly he heard footsteps and felt Nick’s hand on his shoulder. “Get off.” Jeff’s voice was weak, and his attempt to shove Nick off was only half-hearted. “Jeff, Jeff, I’m sorry.” He felt two arms around him, and suddenly he was pressed against Nick’s chest, shaking. This time there were no tears, but silence still overtook them as Nick rocked him back and forth. oOoOoOoOo They managed a fairly normal relationship until about a year after the wedding. Nick and Marissa were about as happy as could be, and Jeff liked her. He also still was with Andrew. Jeff had admitted to kissing Nick, though he never mentioned how it changed his feelings – how he suddenly felt like he was back to square one. However, almost exactly after a year, they met up again. Jeff should’ve known it was a bad idea to get drunk. That was how it always started. Still, they had managed to get drunk several times in the meantime without a single incident. Yet this time it was just the two of them in the house, and one thing lead to another. It didn’t end at kissing either. They shed their clothes and fucked like desperate animals. Afterwards, when Nick had fallen asleep, Jeff lay there. oOoOoOoOo He hadn’t felt this empty in a while. A part of him wondered why it hurt so much. He had just had sex with Nick. But that was the problem, wasn’t it? No matter what happened, Nick didn’t like him like that. Perhaps it was using him – that was what Andrew had suggested. His stomach churned. Andrew. How could he do this to the other boy? There was no doubt in his mind that Andrew was in love with him. And yet here he was, naked and pressed against Nick. His eyes darted up to the night stand. There was a ring glinting there – Nick’s wedding ring. Jeff felt as if he was going to throw up. This was all wrong. But he still felt something for Nick. He was not going to get over him as easily as he had hoped. “I’m sorry,” he muttered to no one in particularly. oOoOoOoOo They kept it up. Sometimes they’d have sex. They stopped needing alcohol for it. And yet Jeff knew Nick didn’t like him like that. And Nick knew that Jeff did like him like that. They both knew about Andrew and Marissa, and yet they did it anyway. Jeff couldn’t help but think that they were a prime example of human selfishness. Time passed. Jeff graduated and began teaching. Andrew worked in a lab on marine biology. Nick was a successful lawyer and made more money than he knew what to do with. The Warblers had identities that replaced that of their high school and college ones. They were responsible adults. Though late at night when he was lying down, his arms wrapped around Nick, at times he doubted that he was anything more than a teenager. What kind of an adult would understand the consequences and still leap at it? They were thirty when Nick called him in tears. oOoOoOoOo

“Marissa found out. I don’t know how.” “What?” Jeff looked over at Andrew – who now lived with him – and walked out of the room. “How did she… Well, shit.” Though inside he felt like screaming and hitting himself, the managed a whisper, afraid of what Andrew would do if he found out. “That’s not all.” “Oh?” His stomach knotted, and suddenly the pasta carbonara Andrew had made seemed unappetizing in his mind. “She wants a divorce.” Shit. They had managed to screw things up worse than they thought possible, hadn’t they? “I’m so sorry,” Jeff said, pulling at his shirt and biting his lip. “What are you going to do?” “I don’t know.” He could hear the sniffles, and all he wanted to do was hold Nick close to him. “Jeff, is everything okay?” he heard from the kitchen. Andrew’s voice did nothing to calm him down; if anything, he felt more agitated. “Yeah,” he lied. It was always lies, wasn’t it? “Do you need me? I can take a day off work. I have some money saved up. I was going to use it to –“ Nick didn’t let him finish. “No. Jeff, I don’t want you playing a hero. You’re not – You know I don’t…” Jeff’s heart broke. If Nick at least liked him, this would seem more worth the heartache it would undoubtedly lead to. “I know,” he replied, falling back on the couch. oOoOoOoOo As it turned out, Andrew broke up with him too. He had known as well, it seemed about what was going on. Jeff had never hurt more than when he saw Andrew break down in front of him. Knowing that he had willingly caused this pain tore him apart. Because while he wasn’t in love with Andrew, it was as close as Jeff felt he would ever be. But the way he had hurt Andrew was unforgivable. oOoOoOoOo “You think I’m an idiot? All those trips you take…” Jeff tried to reach out for him. “Baby, I didn’t mean to –“ “To what? Fuck him?” Jeff bristled up, though he knew he deserved it. “Please. I’m sorry.” He just wanted the pain to go away. He wanted everything to be like it was before Nick had kissed him at the bachelor party. He wanted to be numb, and he wanted to love Andrew like he loved Nick. Most of all, he wanted things to be simple and happy. How naïve. “You think sorry’s going to cut it? I love you. And every time I had to sit there, knowing you were leaving me for him. Knowing the moment he called you, you’d turned your back on me.” He sobbed. “I can’t do this anymore, Jeff. I can’t.” Jeff’s hand reached out, and Andrew flinched back. “I’m sorry.” Jeff didn’t know what to say to him. There was nothing that could make things right or erase time.

“I love you, Jeff, and every time you don’t love me back, it breaks me a little more.” Jeff finally understood that he had done to Andrew what Nick had done to him. He had turned his back on him, used him, played with him, when really he didn’t care about him in that way. And it made him sick. How much energy and how many emotions had been spent on Nick? How many times had he wished he’d never kissed him at that one game of truth or dare? Yet he had pulled the same trick. “I’m going for a walk. When I get back, I’m packing,” was all Andrew said before running out the door and slamming it behind him. Jeff didn’t even bother chasing after him. oOoOoOoOo They were thirty-seven and alone. Of course, alone didn’t really apply. They had each other. They still fucked, but it was never anything more. Had someone asked him twenty years ago what he would have given to be like this, he would’ve said anything. Now he would’ve given anything to make it stop. oOoOoOoOo Nick’s arm was wrapped around him, yet Jeff leaned as far out of it as he could. The sheets covered them both, though it felt too warm and clung to them – the sweat making it stick. Nick was still awake if his breathing was anything to go by. And by now Jeff had a fairly good gauge on when Nick was sleeping and when he was faking. Though, at the moment, he was doing neither. Jeff flipped himself over to face Nick, and was met by a sad pair of brown eyes. For a few minutes they simply stared at each other. Nick sighed, and his breath blew in Jeff’s face. The two of them would’ve giggled immaturely at the way Jeff’s hair slightly moved with it. Once upon a time things like that were funny. Now it took a lot to make them laugh. Nick closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. Jeff reached out and grabbed his hand, which he found surprisingly limp. Nick had no drive left in him. His work was what kept him going, and he was still successful. And as much as Jeff loved teaching children, his life outside of that was equally as miserable. Pulling himself closer, he placed a light kiss on Nick’s lips. Nick didn’t respond, though he didn’t push him back either. He never pushed him back anymore. “Hey, Nick.” Nick’s eyes opened, and he stared at Jeff, waiting for him to continue. “Lie to me.” For a moment, Nick’s face was clouded with confusion. Slowly, however, a look of understanding spread across, and he looked at Jeff through tired eyes. “I love you.”

Aren’t You the Little Rebel Part 1
Nick was facing backwards in his seat, whispering to Blaine. “And New York City was just really fun. I got to go to see Wicked on Broadway. I don’t think you realize how awesome it was.” Blaine laughed. “I can’t wait to tell Kurt. He’s going to be absolutely mad with envy.” That was true; Kurt was a giant fan of the musical. Before he could say anything in response, though, the door swung open, and Nick’s head swiveled over to see. A boy walked into the room, glancing around with a clear disinterest. Nick’s eyes widened. He had on a leather jacket and tattered, skin-tight jeans. His black boots tapped impatiently at the floor as he paused and glanced around the class. Catching Nick’s eyes, he winked. “Oh, right, you must be Jeffrey,” Mr. Harris said, looking up at the boy with disdain. “Class, we have a new student as you can see.” He gestured at Jeff who smirked lazily out at everyone. “Take a seat, Mr. Sterling. We’ll be getting toThe Bell Jar in a moment.” Jeffrey nodded and looked over to where Nick was. Nick glanced over next to him as if he couldn’t believe the empty seat, and he felt his throat tighten. “I’d wipe away the drool if I were you,” he heard Blaine whisper to him, and Nick turned around, blushing and hitting him. “Shut up. I am not drooling.” Blaine cocked an eyebrow at him before sighing. “If you say so.” The boy sat down, turning around so that he was facing Nick. He leaned back and propped his legs up on the desk, still giving that infuriatingly cocky grin. There was a moment of silence before Nick finally managed to squeak something out. “So, uh, Jeffrey, right?” The grin fell off of the boy’s face, and he rolled his eyes. “Jeff.” “Oh, okay. Nick.” He held out his hand. Jeff looked at it for a moment before purposefully ignoring it and running a hand through his hair. Nick felt as if he should say something, keep the conversation going, but Jeff’s attention seemed to have dropped. He was leaning back, eyes closed as he tapped the desk with his fingers. Nick turned around to see Blaine grinning at him. “Nicky’s in love,” he mouthed, and Nick blanched, his eyes darting over to Jeff. Luckily Jeff didn’t seem to have heard. Taking out a sheet of paper, he scrawled out a messy note. Am not! I just met him. Besides, he’s going to hear you. Blaine took a look at it and snorted. Pulling his pencil out, he wrote back, his handwriting far more legible: Sure. Keep telling yourself that, Nick. And I’m mouthing the words. He’s not going to hear anything. Fuck you, Anderson. Nah, you’d much prefer Jeff. Nick’s jaw dropped and he glared at Blaine. He had to burn this note or do something to hide it, but at the moment all he could do was stare at Blaine, his cheeks heating up. Blaine laughed quietly before grabbing the paper back. Relax. I’m just kidding. Nick grabbed the paper, but before he could start writing out a response, Jeff’s voice rang out. “So, are you two going to tell me what you’re saying about me, or am I just going to have to steal the paper and read it myself?” Nick froze, his pencil hovering above the paper.

“What?” His face got hotter and he shook his head. “I – it has absolutely nothing to do with you.” Jeff cocked an eyebrow and his smirk got more defined. “You have to be the worst liar ever. Like what you see, Nicky?” He licked his lips and stared straight at Nick challengingly. Nick sputtered. “Don’t call me that!” “I’ll call you what I want,” Jeff said. Nick huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. Two could play that game. “Fine, then, Jeffrey.” “Feisty. I like it. But the real question is whether you’re the same in bed. See, most guys like that seem to change once they’re on their knees.” Nick’s stomach tightened. But he couldn’t think like that, no. No, that was offensive and vulgar and oh God why was Jeff looking at him like that? Nick’s eyes flickered to Blaine for a moment and saw that Blaine’s face mirrored the same sort of shock. Looking back at Jeff, he straightened his back, hoping he looked properly offended. “Fuck you!” Nick spoke quietly, making sure his teacher didn’t hear. “Doesn’t sound like you’d mind.” He lifted his fingers up, revealing the note he’d been passing with Blaine. And there Nick was thinking he couldn’t be any more embarrassed. There was a cough from the front of the classroom, and Nick jumped. Mr. Harris clasped his hands, smiling out at them, oblivious to the conversation that had been going on. “Okay, so we’re going to be reading The Bell Jar first, as I said. You guys are going to split up into partners. The two of you will be working on a video assignment that’ll stretch over the first nine weeks. You’ll be comparing it to The Catcher in the Rye, which we’ll be reading, yes. You guys understand?” There were still hushed whispers going around the classroom. “Okay, guys, really, just nod your heads. I know it’s the first day of school, but really.” Nick nodded his head and went to turn around to face Blaine. “Okay, so –“ Nick began, but was quickly cut off. “Woah, not so fast you guys. I’ll be picking your partners. To make it easier, though, it’ll just be the person sitting next to you, so, for example, Michel and Patrick, Jeff and Nick… So on and so forth.” No. There was no way he was working with him. “Looks like we’re going to be forced together anyway, Nicky.” Jeff was looking more and more amused by the minute. “No way.” Nick’s hand shot up in the air, and Mr. Harris walked over to him. “Yes, Nick?” “There’s no way I’m working with him.” Mr. Harris looked over at Jeff who was giving a mock-angelic smile and sighed. “I’m sorry, but I – He’s well endowed – straight As at his last school – it’s just his performance that’s delinquent.” Mr. Harris gave Jeff a disapproving look. “Just remember,” he addressed Jeff, “I can send you to the principal’s office if you ever try harassing him. And believe me when I say that twice in one day doesn’t look great on your record.” When Mr. Harris walked away, Jeff leaned in to Nick and scowled. “He’s lying.” “What?” Nick’s eyes fell to Jeff’s lips as his tongue ran over his lower one, and he couldn’t help but notice that he had a tongue piercing.

“I’m actually quite capable of performing well. Though, I am well endowed. My dick really is quite large. I could show you.” Nick pulled back, turning red. He lashed out his fist, accenting each word with a punch to Jeff’ shoulder. “You’re such an asshole!” His voice was low as he still was afraid of catching Mr. Harris’ attention. “Yeah, but I’m a pretty asshole.” Nick flushed. It would be easier to argue if he didn’t agree. No, no, he couldn’t agree. What was he thinking? “Yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that.” Nick rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. “It’d be a lot easier to believe you if you hadn’t been staring at my lips. I can let you have a taste if you want.” Feeling his face heat up again, he muttered a quiet “whatever” and focused his attention towards the front of the classroom. Anywhere but at Jeff. Why was his breathing heavy? His heart beating faster than it should be? Luckily, he was saved from any awkward conversation by Mr. Harris starting class. “All right, I’m going to hand out syllabi. You’re going to need to get your parents to sign it and return it by Friday.” The class went by slowly, and Nick tried his best to keep his eyes on the paper in front of him. After they finished the syllabus, and they started reading The Bell Jar. Mr. Harris was droning on about thematic devices or something. Still, he couldn’t find the capability to concentrate. It was hard, especially when Jeff started playing with his tongue ring. There was a light clicking sound as his teeth scraped against it. Nick glanced out through the corner of his eye, watching him. Jeff’s fingers ran through his hair, and Nick couldn’t help but think it look soft and – God, he really was lost. Jeff must have noticed his stare because he turned and met Nick’s eyes before winking. Nick sighed and his eyes darted back down to his paper. “So, finally, I have an assignment for you,” Mr. Harris said within the last minutes of class. There was a collective groan from the class. “To get you guys comfortable with your partners, I want you two to meet up and do a small video project. Just one minute talking about your views of society.” The last thing Nick wanted to be forced together with him, and at least he was hoping to stall the project for the next little while. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he looked over to see Jeff smirking. “Looks like we’re stuck together, Nicky.” Nick collapsed against his seat, burying his head in his books. And yet part of him was excited. What was wrong with him? “God help me.” He heard a little chuckle, and then the bell rang. People scrambled out of class, thankful that the first day of school was finally over. He felt Blaine tap his shoulder, and he motioned for him to leave without him. Finally, when the class had cleared, he heard Mr. Harris’ voice again. “Nick, Jeff, you two have to leave.” He glanced up to see Mr. Harris’ apologetic expression, and he pulled himself up. Walking out of the classroom, he heard the click of Jeff’s boots and turned around to see him following him, still giving that damn smirk. “What do you want from me?” Nick asked, walking towards his locker. “We have to work on the project.” Nick snorted.“Yeah, project. Sure. Somehow I doubt that’s what’s on your mind.” He pushed himself through people, lacking his usual politeness and simply shouldering others. “My, my. Little puppy has a bite. And, no, it certainly isn’t the only thing on your mind.” Nick turned around shaking. Jeff somehow managed to be so condescending and so – No, just condescending. He

groaned and ran his fingers through his hair before turning around again and continuing towards his locker. “Why did you have to sit next to me? Why?” “Because you were staring at me. I can’t resist a good eye-fucker.” Nick felt himself flush, and he glanced around to see whether anyone had heard what Jeff had said. Finally stopping at his locker, he kneeled down, turning the dial and letting it swing open. “Is everything about sex with you?” Nick muttered, pulling out his calculus book. “Everything’s about sex with nearly everyone here. Most people just don’t talk about it.” That was probably fair. Still, people didn’t talk about it for a reason. “Whatever.” He froze as a hand — a very not-his-own hand — ruffled his hair. It sent a tingle down his spine, and his economics book slipped from his fingers. Jeff leaned down, picking it up for him. Nick snatched it back and glared. “We can go to my house,” Jeff said, laughing at Nick’s reaction. Nick belatedly remembered to pull away, and banged his head on the corner of his locker. “Ow.” He rubbed at the spot he’d hit and turned to glare at Jeff. “Aww, want me to kiss it and make it better?” “Fuck off, Sterling.” “Ooh, last names and a pissy attitude. I haven’t had good hate sex in a while.” Nick groaned and pulled out his phone. “You know what. Fine. Your house. I need to call my mom and let her know.” He started walking towards the side-exit at the end of the hallway, and Jeff bounced after him. “Aww, letting mommy-dearest know where you are.” Nick rolled his eyes but dialed his house number. The doors opened, and they found themselves alone to the side of the school. He leaned up against the wall as it rang. He kicked at the dirt and pouted. “Hello?” “Hey, Mom.” “Honey, how are you?” If only she knew. “I’m good. I just wanted to let you know that I have to go over to this kid’s house. We’re working on a project together.” “Okay. When should I pick you up? And where?” “Uh, one sec.” Nick lowered the phone. “Where do you live, and how –“ “I’ll drop you off. Ten, maybe.” Nick was about to protest, but then he thought better. After all, he was sure his mom would try to meet Jeff and potentially his parents, and he wasn’t really sure he’d want that. He could only imagine that if Jeff’s parents let him act like this, they wouldn’t really get along with his mom. “He’s going to drop me home around ten.” Nick’s eyes closed, and his head tilted back. He had barely stayed there for a few seconds when he heard a rustle. Before he could open his eyes or react, there were lips on his neck, sucking gently. Nick gasped, pulling back and shoving Jeff.

Opening his mouth to respond, he heard his mom’s worried voice. “Nicholas, are you all right?” Glaring at Jeff, he responded through gritted teeth. “Perfectly fine. Sorry. I just tripped.” “Okay. Don’t hurt yourself. See you later.” Nick ended the call and shoved his phone in his pocket before jumping forward towards Jeff. “You… I was talking to my mom! You can’t just go and attack someone like that!” Jeff ignored him and simply licked his lips, staring hungrily at Nick. “I’ve been wanting to do that for the Betsy and Esther shared a cab.” Nick sputtered, feeling his face go red for the umpteenth time. “Not like you didn’t want it, too.” His hand reached out, and he pushed Nick backwards. “What are you –“ His eyes widened, and he made a weak attempt to pull away. Jeff’s other hand came out, grabbing his shoulders roughly and pressing him up against the wall. Nick froze and he let out a small squeak as Jeff pressed their lips together. Nick tried to push Jeff back, though he far from used his full force. Jeff’s knee slipped up, pressing between his legs, and Nick moaned, falling against the wall limply for a moment. He felt Jeff’s chuckle go through his lips before Jeff took back his lower lip and traced it. Nick stopped struggling, and instead his eyes shut as he relaxed into the kiss. Jeff pulled back, worrying Nick’s lower lip between his teeth before moving away completely. Nick lay there for a moment, trying to catch his breath before remembering that he should be angry. “You can’t just go around kissing people!” he said, though his voice lacked venom frustratingly enough. His fists clenched and unclenched, and he stumbled forward towards Jeff, feeling as if he wanted to punch him. “Sure I can. I just did. You goody-two-shoes always taste so sweet.” “I – wait, what?” Jeff laughed and reached into his pocket, fishing out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He flipped open the top and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it before finally looking up at Nick.“You tasted like mint gum and cookies.” Nick bit the inside of his cheek, staring at Jeff. Jeff took a deep breath and held it for a moment. He breathed out a little smoke and cocked an eyebrow, giving him an amused look. “What?” “Oh, nothing.” Nick paused before adding, “Smoking isn’t healthy for you.” A look of mock-surprise flickered over Jeff’s face, and he put a hand over his heart. “Well, fuck, really? I’d better stop.” Rolling his eyes, he put it up to his lips again, his eyes closing. Nick watched as the tip burned orange for a moment, and Jeff licked his lips. Jeff smirked and licked his own lips again before letting out another line of smoke. “Stop staring at me.” Nick’s eyes immediately fell to the ground. “I wasn’t staring.” His eyes flickered around the school as if suddenly preoccupied with every aspect. “Sure you weren’t. Yeah, you weren’t staring at me back in class, just like you’re not doing it now.” Nick’s eyes flickered back to Jeff, and he swallowed roughly, defeated. “I need to talk with Mr. Harris tomorrow and see whether I can change partners. I can’t do this with you.” All Nick’s common sense told him that he should run away, angry for what Jeff did. Still, he couldn’t help but run his tongue over his lips, tasting Jeff on them. “Don’t be an idiot. C’mon, I’ll finish the cig soon, and we can go.” Nick found himself nodding. Jeff tapped the cigarette, and a bit of ash fell to the ground.

“So, you have your own car?” “Not exactly,” Jeff replied, taking another drag and running a hand through his hair. Nick had never gotten the appeal of smoking. Not that he would do it himself still, but people always said it looked attractive. He’d seem people smoke before; hell, he went to high school, and it was all part of the experience. But never had he understood why people thought there was something hot about it. Now, however, there was no doubt in his mind. Nick groaned, turning away and walking a few feet. He heard Jeff laugh and the sound of boots. A head lay on his shoulder, and he made no attempt to push it off. He simply sighed, and stared at the ground, watching a few more embers drift down. “Moping doesn’t suit you,” Jeff whispered in his ear before tilting his cigarette to the side. Was he going to actually stop smoking? He leaned into Nick’s neck, and Nick suddenly realized why he was doing that. Jeff bit down lightly before sucking on the skin. Nick shivered, his head unconsciously tilting and giving Jeff room. Jeff’s fingers trailed up the back, fiddling with the hairs at the base of his neck. Again the teeth grazed lightly against the skin, and his tongue flicked out a final time, tasting it. “You h-have to stop that.” He shuddered, and Jeff wrapped an arm around Nick’s waist. “Because you’re putting up such a big fight.” He ran his fingers lightly over Nick’s hip before pulling away completely. “You know, you’re almost no fun like this.” He walked back, and Nick stayed where he was in silence. After a few moments he felt hot breath against the back of his throat. Turning around, he saw Jeff drop the cigarette and press down on it with the boot of his heel. Grinning, he pressed himself forward. This time, however, instead of a simple kiss, his hand snuck down, and he roughly cupped Nick through his pants. Squealing, Nick pulled out of his reach. “You dick! You can’t go around – God!” Nick’s hand lashed out, and he smacked Jeff across the face. Jeff’s eyes darkened, and he looked at Nick with an odd sort of satisfaction. “Finally,” he growled before leaping forward again, pulling him closer, almost painfully. Nick pulled at Jeff’s arms, and twisted around in his grip, but Jeff seemed to hold him still. If only his cock wasn’t twitching at it. No. He couldn’t give in like that. He let out a frustrated, choked-off sound. “Let go of me! You creep! You –“ He couldn’t say more since Jeff’s lips crashed down on his again, and the taste of ash clouded their mouths. He was surprised to find that suddenly he wasn’t pushing back, but he was kissing back. If he couldn’t break away, the least he could do was kiss back. Nick pressed forward, and Jeff fell backwards, barely catching himself as Nick reached up. He yanked Jeff’s hair as his own tongue wrested with Jeff’s and won over, tracing Jeff’s mouth. Jeff seemed to freeze in a moment of surprise, and Nick managed to pull himself away, though not before biting harshly on Jeff’s lip. Jeff stood there for a moment, his lips absolutely swollen and red. “Well, fuck, Nicky. I didn’t know you had it in you.” He ran a hand through his disheveled hair and started walking towards the parking lot. “That’s it?” Nick couldn’t believe he hadn’t put up more of a fight. He’d just complimented on it in a tone lacking surprise and moved on. “What, you think I antagonize you expecting you to sit back. Like I said, you’re no fun like that.” “Antagonize… is that word out of your dictionary?” Nick asked, sneering. “C’mon now. Petty arguments can wait ‘til I have you in my room.” Nick gritted his teeth. “Lay another hand on me like that and I’ll – I’ll – “

“What, stutter at me? Moan at me? ‘Cause that I can do, pretty boy.” Walking by him, Nick purposefully rammed his shoulder into Jeff’s. Jeff simply laughed at it and passed him, leading them towards his car. Speaking of which, where was it? There were only some ten left in the parking lot by this point. Some of them seemed too homely. Jeff kept on walking, though, past the parking lot into the woods behind it. “What the hell…” Nick muttered to himself, following the other boy. He felt like he should have some reservations about walking into the woods alone with him, but he kept on going. “Voila.” Nick looked where Jeff was pointing and groaned. “How am I not surprised?” Nick asked, rubbing at his temples. “Oh, c’mon, she’s pretty.” “I am not riding that thing.” “She doesn’t like it when you call her a thing.” “It’s a motorcycle. It doesn’t have feelings.” Jeff reached out, ignoring Nick and running his fingers down the side. He grabbed the helmet from the side and tossed it to Nick. Nick made a quiet sound of surprise and managed to catch it. Jeff then proceeded to wheel the bike out of the forest, onto the pavement. “C’mon, get on,” he said, as soon as they were on solid ground. Jeff climbed up, swinging a leg over it and flipping the key around his finger. “What about you?” Nick motioned to the helmet. “Don’t need it.” Shrugging, he put the key in, and his legs stayed on either side, on the ground. “C’mon, get on.” Nick bit his lip nervously before climbing up and sitting on the back of the seat. “For fuck’s sake, scoot closer.” Nick nodded and begrudgingly did so. “Now, your arms around my waist.” “I…” He wasn’t sure what he thought of that. “Jesus Christ, I’m not going to molest you while I’m driving.” Nick reached out wrapped his arms around Jeff’s waist. He curled himself in, and his chin rested on the other boy’s shoulder. “If I die today, you’re going to hell,” Nick muttered, feeling slightly uneasy. Jeff laughed. “Oh, Nicky, I’m already going to hell. Heaven’s no fun.” Nick was about to retort when Jeff turned the motor on, revving the engine. Instead, Nick yelped, grabbing more tightly around Jeff’s waist. “Relax and enjoy it.” With that, he began driving. For a few minutes, Nick’s heart raced and he buried his head - or, rather, his helmet - in Jeff’s neck, whimpering. “I don’t like this,” he said, his eyes clenched shut. “You are the biggest baby ever. What do you even do in life?” “Not this.” Even as he said it, though, his eyes cracked open, and he started to feel himself relax. “C’mon now, save your breath for later. I promise you’ll need it.” Nick resisted the urge to punch him, figuring that probably wasn’t the best idea while Jeff was driving. They pulled up at a traffic light. “You suck,” Nick said, though his hands slipped lower, more comfortably around Jeff’s waist. “Yeah, but I do it well.” Nick gave a tired laugh. “Okay, I set myself up for that one.”

“You set yourself up for all of them. Life is just a series of opportunities for wit, and you just have to learn how to spot them. Think about all those wasted moments.” He laughed and lifted his feet off of the ground as the light turned green. “But don’t worry.” “I’m probably going to regret asking this, but why?” “Because I’m going to make sure you make up for every lost one.” “You will not!” He willed his cock to stop twitching at the thought. “My, my, Nicky, is that a cell phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” “You did not just use that pick-up line.” Jeff laughed but didn’t say anything. They rode the next ten minutes in silence. Nick started to actually enjoy being on a bike once he realized that Jeff’s driving wasn’t as horrendous or illegal as he had expected. The most exciting thing that happened was when someone cut them off. Jeff honked his horn, giving the guy the finger and muttering something under his breath. When they finally pulled up in front of a row of apartments, Nick was surprised to find that he was comfortable and didn’t want to get up. Still, they made it up the stairs and to Jeff’s apartment. It was rather dark, and Jeff led him through a few rooms before opening up the door to his room. There were clothes in piles on the ground, and everything was jumbled up. There was a guitar leaning up against the bookshelf. “Wait, you read?” Nick went over to the bookshelf, bending down. He was surprised to see they weren’t some porn magazines or something else he might have expected from Jeff. In fact, a wellworn copy of ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ perched on the top shelf. “Yes, I read, pretty boy. Mr. Harris wasn’t lying when he said I’m not stupid. I’m just lazy.” Jeff’s hand reached out, pulling him back. “Let’s get this video out of the way so that we can get on to better stuff.” This time, Nick didn’t hesitate to punch him, scowling. “Finish it, yes. Better stuff, just… no.” “You’re not fun. Though my grandmother’s not going to be home until ten, so you’ll have plenty of time to change your mind.” Nick fell back on the chair, rubbing at his temples. “Grandmother? What about your parents?” There was a moment of silence before Jeff replied. “They’re dead.” Nick’s head perked up, and he stuttered, unsure what to say to that. “Oh, Jeff, I’m – “ “I don’t need pity.” There was something sharp about his tone, and Nick knew better than to continue the subject. A silence settled between them again as Jeff pulled out a camera, and Nick cleared his throat. “Project.” “Let’s get this baby over with,” Jeff said. It took over half an hour to get the footage since Jeff kept on cursing or saying something vulgar. Nick would have to restart the video, and he had started to feel increasingly more frustrated. Jeff finally managed to settle down enough to say something half-decent about society. Jeff seemed to be spewing soliloquies on repression for a while before Nick had finally called him out on it. Jeff had insisted that it was only the assignment, and they continued arguing. Or, at least, he started to. Nick wasn’t sure at what point it’d progressed from arguing to a make-out session, but he currently didn’t mind.

At the moment, he was pressed back down against the bed, Jeff pinning down his arms on either side of him. Jeff nipped at his lower lip before worrying it between his teeth, and Nick arched upward, letting his jaw fall slack. Jeff’s tongue slipped in between his lips, and he slowly tasted Nick’s mouth, mapping it out. “Gorgeous,” Jeff muttered, half to himself as Nick’s head fell back against the pillows. “Gorgeous and all mine.” Jeff’s fingers slipped under Nick’s shirt, and he ran them gently across the skin. Nick’s breath hitched, and his own hands came loosely around Jeff’s neck. He pulled the other boy closer, and his own tongue danced against Jeff’s. For a moment, Jeff’s fingers tightened around his waist, and then he was pressing in even more firmly, trying to feel every aspect. When he pulled back, both of them were breathing heavily, their lips swollen. Jeff opened his mouth to speak, and Nick quickly put a finger to his lip, shushing him. “I swear, Jeff, if you ruin his moment or say something to make me regret it, I will kill you,” he hissed, his hands moved back to Jeff’s hair and tugging. Jeff let out a small moan and leaned back in. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re like that,” he groaned. Nick felt as if he should pull away, but as Jeff’s lips dipped down and he bit down at the juncture of Nick’s neck and shoulder, those thoughts started to leave his head. He tilted his head slightly, giving him better access. “I should…” The thought was left unfinished, and Jeff chuckled. Jeff’s hand fell to the inseam of Nick’s pants, and it trailed upward slowly. “Do what, exactly?” Jeff whispered, his tongue flicking out and tasting Nick’s neck. Nick simply whimpered. “Thought so.” God, he needed to stop, but Jeff seemed to be hearing his thoughts, and his hands lightly brushed over the bulge in his pants. There was no way he was getting out of this. Abandoning his thoughts, he instead arched into Jeff’s touch. “Jeff.” The name came out as a needy moan, and a blush crept over his face. “What do you want, pretty boy?” Jeff’s palm pressed down slightly, applying just too little pressure. Nick couldn’t think, and - oh God - he just wanted to feel it without any clothes in the way. Jeff smirked. “I asked you a question.” “It’s not that easy,” Nick stuttered, his fingers clutching around the sheets. Jeff suddenly pulled away, and Nick was left wide-eyed, his hair disheveled. “Well, if you really don’t care enough to tell me…” Nick was pulling Jeff back on top of him before he could help himself. Their lips met again and he felt Jeff chuckle again. “Too many clothes,” was all that Nick could say. His face was already in flames from that. Jeff nodded, and his hand slipped under Nick’s shirt, playing against the skin there. He paused for a moment before his other hand joined in, and he tugged at it. Nick propped himself up for a moment, letting the shirt slide off of him. It was tossed to the floor, and Jeff’s head dipped down. He licked a trail down the skin, his tongue swirling around Nick’s navel. Nick whimpered, and his eyes closed. Jeff’s head tilted upwards again and he took a nipple in his mouth, sucking harshly. At that, Nick couldn’t help but let out another shout, and his hands reached up to Jeff’s hair, pulling his mouth closer. He felt the hot breath against his skin and a hand fumbled at his zipper. It took mere moments before his pants had joined the pile on the floor. Jeff suddenly slowed down, his fingers merely dancing at the edge of the boxers, playing with the waistband. Nick groaned, wishing to hell he’d stop teasing. “What’s the password?” “Are you five?” Nick hissed. “You don’t say that when you’re about to suck someone off.”

“Oh, so that’s what you want?” Jeff tugged the boxers down in one fluid movement, and he yanked them to the floor. As his cock sprung free, Nick hissed and clutched the sheets. “No, I wanted us to cuddle,” he said dryly. He knew Jeff was teasing him, but he couldn’t help but feel annoyed. He just wanted – Fuck. Jeff took advantage of his distraction by leaning in and wrapping his lips around Nick’s erection. He swirled his tongue around the head, and Nick’s hips jerked upward. Jeff must have anticipated this because his own hands shot down just in time, holding his hips in place. He chuckled around it, sending vibrations down Nick’s cock. Every inch of him felt as if it was on fire. He groaned as Jeff’s tongue flicked over the slit one more time before slowly easing down. He went lower and lower – taking more than Nick thought possible. Looking doing, he watched as his cock slowly disappeared into Jeff’s mouth through his half-lidded eyes. The noises he was making weren’t controlled, and his fingers pulled through Jeff’s hair before pushing him down slightly. Jeff must have anticipated this as well, and his throat relaxed as he let Nick pull him downwards, taking him all the way to the base before swirling back up. His throat constricted around it as he went down, gagging slightly enough that it didn’t hurt him but enough that it squeezed against Nick’s cock. He groaned, shaking. His stomach was twisting, tightening, pulling and – damn – he was just so close. His muscles tensed up and – Jeff pulled away. Nick’s head shot up and he looked at Jeff. “Why did you do that?” he asked, his voice high as he whined. “Patience, Nicky,” Jeff said as he reached over Nick. He opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. Oh. Nick felt the color drain from his face, and he watched with wide eyes as he opened the bottle and squirted some onto his fingers. “Flip over.” He immediately obliged, for the first time without any complaints. He couldn’t be bothered at this point. His cock strained painfully against the bed, and he braced himself as he felt himself slowly be nudged open. Two fingers eased their way in. There was a burning sensation and Nick’s eyes screwed shut. “I promise it gets better,” Jeff muttered, placing a kiss on the back of Nick’s neck. “Just relax.” Nick tried his best, his breathing heavy. For a moment, Jeff stopped at the knuckle before pushing them in all the way. The pain increased and Nick couldn’t help but let out a small whimper. Jeff paused before adding another finger, this time giving Nick less time to adjust. Once they were completely buried inside, he twisted them, his fingers curling. There were several movements where Nick’s eyes screwed shut and his teeth bit his lip, and then – “That spot,” Nick gasped as Jeff brushed against his prostate. His hips jerked upward, trying to press back against Jeff’s fingers. The burn seemed to disappear and was replaced with a seeping pleasure as he continued to work at it. Jeff added a final, fourth finger and continued to curling his fingers and thrust them in and out. Nick met each thrust, trying to get him deeper and harder. “You have no idea how hot you look fucking yourself on my fingers.” Jeff leaned down over Nick, grabbing his hair and yanking his head back and pressing their lips together. Their teeth scraped against each other, and Jeff bit down, making Nick whimper against his lips. When he pulled back, he licked a stripe down Nick’s neck and nipped at the lobe of his hear. “So eager for me to fuck you,” he whispered, and Nick moaned in agreement. Jeff pulled out and reached out over Nick again, reaching into the drawer. This time he pulled out a small wrapper. Nick could hear the tearing sounds as Jeff shifted, and he waited impatiently, his hips

grinding against the fabric of the bed in a desperate attempt at friction. There was the sound of lube being squeezed, and then Jeff leaned back in. “Flip over and wrap your legs around my waist.” Nick nodded and did just that, looking up to see Jeff eyeing him hungrily. His legs hooked around the back and he shut his eyes. He felt something prod at him, and then Jeff slowly began to ease his way in. It would be a lie to say it didn’t hurt. Jeff gave him time to adjust, his fingers running down Nick’s chest as he made small choked-off moaning sounds. After settling down for a moment, he bent over Nick, his breath whispering against his ear. “Ready?” Before Nick could even respond, his hips jerked and Jeff pulled out before thrusting back in. Nick groaned, and Jeff changed angles, giving a determined look. After a moment or two, the same sharp feeling of pleasure that had been there before ran through him, and he moaned. “Fuck.” His hips jerked upwards to meet Jeff’s thrusts. They moved together, Jeff careful to keep on hitting him at the right angle. Nick’s legs tensed and let go, his back arching off of the mattress as he let out drawn-out moans and whimpers. His fingers dug into his palms, but the sting was washed away as his body keened, and everything was wiped out and replaced with beautiful white noise. “So close,” Nick muttered after a few more minutes. Jeff nodded jerkily and grabbed Nick’s cock, his lean fingers wrapping around it and giving it a harsh tug. Nick let out a groan, his fingers reaching out and grabbing Jeff’s hair. Though the position was uncomfortable for them both, Nick tugged him down and their lips met. Jeff weakly moved his hips as much as he could and his hand worked at it, his thumb playing over the tip before sliding back down to the base. Nick felt himself tense, and he bit Jeff’s lip before pulled back, moaning, “Please, Jeff, fuck me harder.” Jeff’s fingers dug into Nick’s sides, and Nick was sure that there would be bruises there tomorrow. He went deeper and harder, and Nick threw his head back as he came. The warmth seeped through his entire body and everything pulsed. Jeff continued, milking Nick. Nick shuddered and finally came down, his breaths heavy. Jeff was clearly close as well, and his entire body shook. He took another few moments, his hips moving erratically and his eyes fluttering shut only to open again. Nick felt weak and sensitive, and as he slowly came down, he suddenly felt Jeff freeze above him. His mouth opened and his face twisted into a look of utter bliss. Nick could feel something warm fill him, and Jeff slumped over him, panting. They lay there for a moment like that before Jeff pulled out and placed a kiss on Nick’s neck. “Can we just sit here for a bit?” Nick muttered quietly, his arms wrapping around Jeff. His head nuzzled into the other boy’s neck and he let out a contented sigh. oOoOoOo “Are you limping, Nick?” Blaine gave him an incredulous look as they walked into English class. He’d been doing his best to hide it, but with the day going on and on, it had been near impossible. Most people either didn’t think anything of it or didn’t notice it. Still, Nick’s face heated up. “I stubbed my toe,” he lied, looking away. He knew that if Blaine saw his face he would know that he was lying. “Oh my God. You didn’t.” Nick’s head turned around and he felt a sense of panic run through him. “I didn’t what?” “You did, didn’t you? Oh, Nick.” Blaine gave him a semi-horrified look, but it quickly melted into something close to amusement. “I knew you found him hot.” “Shut up! No one else has noticed. Just –“ Nick couldn’t think of a good comeback at this point.

“No, look, it’s fine. Just – wow.” He relaxed and laughed, shaking his head. “Can’t say you didn’t have fun last night.” Nick scowled and slipped into his chair, throwing a side-glanced at Jeff. “Who wants to go first?” Mr. Harris asked. Surprisingly enough, Jeff’s hand was the first to shoot into the air, and he pulled out a DVD of the edited film. “I never thanked you for editing it,” Nick muttered to Jeff as he pulled himself out of his seat. “Say your thanks after you’ve seen it,” he said, winking. Nick wasn’t sure what Jeff meant by that, but he had a feeling he wouldn’t like it. Mr. Harris took the DVD and fumbled around with the DVD player for a moment before looking apologetically at Jeff. “I’m afraid I don’t know how to work one of these.” Jeff nodded and took the DVD. “I can do that for you.” He gave an uncharacteristically polite smile and slipped it in before making it back to the seat. Nick’s eyes fixed on the monitor mounted in the room’s corner. Jeff was playing with his hair. “C’mon, let’s just get this over with, please?” Nick said, sighing. He ran a hand through his own hair in clear frustration, and a small scowled played over his face. “How do you view society?” The scene cut to another one of Jeff starting a rant. “It’s fucking unfair the way we’re treated –“ “You can’t curse for a school project!” Nick said, glaring at him. “Honestly, we need to get this done.” “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Mr. Harris! I could’ve sworn I cut that out,” Jeff said, giving a look of concern. Nick couldn’t help but wonder why the hell he had left the scene in, but looking at Jeff, he got no answers. The scene faded again into another one. This time Jeff was leaning back against the wall, gesticulating wildly. “No, I have a valid point. Listen, Nicky.” “Nick,” Nick corrected. “Whatever, Nicky. I’m just saying that society acts differently based on what other people think. Some people think they can waltz in here and take over your life – call you names and – “ He cut off, his fists letting go as he stared up at the camera as if realizing it was there. “Say you… Okay, the whole class is going to watch this video, right?” “Yeah,” Nick said, unsure where this was heading. “So, basically, you don’t want anything to do with me. I mean, I’m a bad boy, rotten egg, if you will. Nick gave another courteous nod of his head. “That’s why you’re pretending to hate me.” “What!” “If I were a goody two-shoes, I would suck –“ It cut off again, and Mr. Harris made a startled noise. Even with the cut off, the fact that it was in there was too much, and he reached around looking for the remote. “Where did that damn thing go?” he muttered to himself, though the whole classroom could hear.“Detention, by the way, Mr. Sterling,” Mr. Harris said, glaring at Jeff. “Will do, Mr. H,” Jeff shot back. Nick felt his cheeks burning. This was not happening. “You said you deleted those videos,” Nick hissed at Jeff, and Jeff merely smirked. “And you believed me?”

“Okay, I believe, actually, that society has become more honest and accepting.” “Bullsh –“ Nick’s hand whipped out, blocking what Jeff was next about to say. “We’re more willing to accept certain roles now than we were before.” “So, you’re saying you don’t want to kiss me?” Nick turned red, starting to walk towards the camera to see whether it was on or off. “What does that have to do with anything?” he asked, moving closer. Jeff pulled him back. “You’d lie about what you want and with whom? Society puts labels on things. You can’t be a depressed teen without being told you’re faking and looking for attention. And God forbid you’re actually gay in a place like this.” His voice was low and seething. “I still don’t see what that has to do with me,” Nick muttered, his cheeks turning noticeably red. “You can’t like the bad boy because it’s too cliché or stupid or something. But you do. Admit it. You fell for the bad boy,” Jeff purred, leaning into Nick and running his fingers down Nick’s sides down towards – “Or maybe you’re just self-absorbed,” Nick said, pulling back. The scene changed again. Nick was looking away from the camera, arms crossed over his chest. “You – you kept on filming?” Nick asked, feeling his heart dropped. This was definitely after Jeff had supposedly stopped. Oh, fuck, whatever was about to happen wasn’t going to be school appropriate. Nick didn’t know what was worse, trying to call that out to the class or letting them watch it. “You’re such an asshole,” Nick said. “Would you have said that on the video for the school project?” Jeff was off camera, but his voice was still obvious. “Well, no, but that’s different than society mandating me. It’s just being polite and following school rules.” Nick seemed to consider what he said for a moment. “Hm, what about this?” “What about wh –“ The rest of his word was cut off as he was yanked off camera. It was obvious from the audio that they were kissing. There were shocked sounds and murmurs around the class. Mr. Harris’ face lit up and he stormed over to the TV, reaching up towards the mounted DVD box. It was nearly out of reach, and the TV itself was definitely out of the question. Instead he frantically pressed buttons, and the red x appeared with each one. Nick sat frozen, wanting nothing more to stop the video. Why hadn’t anyone else? They all stared either at the video or over at the two of them, some faces flickering with disgust and others with shock. Some even seemed to be… turned on. But Nick was frozen. Nick looked over to see Jeff dangling the remote just out of his reach and winking. Blaine reached out, swiping as well, but Jeff continued to tauntingly pull it out of reach. “Someone help!” he heard Mr. Harris faintly call his eyes moved over from Jeff to the other person. “You wouldn’t…” “Just watch.” Everyone watched with a fascinated horror as it continued.

“Say it. Say you haven’t wanted to do this all evening,” Jeff growled. Nick let out a low whimper. The camera continued filming the empty shot. “Fine. You’re ri-right. I wanted it since you walked into classroom like you owned the place.” Nick let out another small moan. There was complete silence as Mr. Harris looked around the room for the remote. Snatching out a few times, Nick found Jeff’s reflexes annoyingly fast. He pulled completely out of the way, and Mr. Harris simply pressed frantically some more at the buttons. Nick slid down his seat, feeling eyes flicker towards him. Why him? Oh, God. Oh, God. There rhythmic creaking of the bed, slap of skin against skin, and the overdone moans where enough to imply that they were having sex at this point. There was a moment where you could just hear their groans and the sound of them moving together, against each other. And then Nick let out a sound. More specifically a drawn-out moan of Jeff’s name. Worse yet, it was followed by him begging. “Please, Jeff, fuck me harder.” The screen went black. There was silence in the room, and all eyes gravitated towards them. Nick wanted to disappear. He wanted to just never have to see anybody again. People began to start to talk more and more loudly, and Nick covered his head, the crescendo of their voices pressing in on his head. This had to be a dream. “I hate you,” he said to Jeff. The blond still lounged in his chair, looking rather smug with himself. With a raised eyebrow he replied. “You said that yesterday, and look how that turned out.”

Aren’t You the Little Rebel Part 2
“Slut!” Nick looked away as his face burned with embarrassment. No matter how many people said things like that to him in the past three days, he couldn’t get used to it. It still hurt and scared him. He had never been one to seek attention, and he preferred to be out of the spotlight. Blaine stepped out in front of Nick. “Hey, why don’t you go pick on someone your own size,” Blaine snapped back, glancing at the other boy. “Easy for you to say, Anderson. No one’s as small as you.” “Well, you’re just a clever little ass, aren’t you?” Flint snapped back, jogging up to Nick and sneering at the other guy. He scanned Flint up and down and seemed to think better of it. He slunk back and glared. “Whatever.” He threw one final glance at Nick before he walked away. “Sorry. Hard to grab my lunch out of my locker.” Nick nodded but didn’t say anything. His eyes stung, and he swallowed his tears, looking at the floor. “Nick look at me…” Blaine sighed before pulling him into a hug. That sinking feeling in his stomach increased, and he balled his fists up as he fell against Blaine’s chest. “I hate his stupid leather jacket and his stupid boots and his stupid face. I just hate him.” He heaved a dry sob. “Tsk, tsk, Nicky. That isn’t very polite. Hasn’t anyone ever taught you manners?” They all turned around as Jeff walked out of a classroom, his hands in his pocket and that same damn smirk on his face. “Go away. No.” Flint’s eyes narrowed, and he tensed up, trying to block Nick. “Is that supposed to be a threat? You may have scared that other guy away, but it takes a bit more to frighten me.” He pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. “You’re not supposed to smoke in school.” The words slipped out of his mouth before he could stop them. Jeff looked up, raising an eyebrow. “Really now? Never knew that.” Rolling his eyes, he pulled it up to his lips before lighting a flame. He let out a puff of smoke and leaned against a locker. “Fuck off, Sterling,” Blaine growled. “You’ve been gone these past few days. Might as well make it permanent and do everyone a favor.” “Actually, I had out of school suspension. Have it until Monday, actually, but I figured you’d miss me. I mean, that was quite the fuck,” he said, winking at Nick. Blaine broke away from Nick, and ran at Jeff, only stopped by Flint grabbing him and pulling him back. Nick flinched, wishing that Jeff’s words didn’t manage to twist at him the way they did. “You fucking asshole. Do you realize – you’ve put him through hell!” Blaine struggled against Flint as Nick curled back up against the lockers. His eyes shut for a moment, and when they opened, he thought he saw a flicker of worry in Jeff’s eyes. It was gone so quickly though that he couldn’t be sure. Probably just imagining it…

“Look, I don’t see how this is my concern.” Jeff put the cigarette to his lips and took a deep breath, his eyes closing for a moment. “Yeah, the name-calling could have absolutely nothing to do with that video you showed in English class,” Blaine muttered, and Nick’s cheeks turned red again. Jeff blew a steam of smoke and looked at Nick again. “You know, you might as well enjoy your new reputation.” “What, as senior slut?” Nick bit back, fighting back tears. He squeezed around his books, the binders and folders biting into his skin as he bit on the inside of his cheek. “Nick, you’re no –“ Flint began. “No, of course not. It’s not like everyone’s saying that or anything. It’s not like that video of Jeff fucking me was played in front of a whole class or anything. No, of course not.” The tears began to break free and slip down his cheeks. “Shit.” He reached up with one arm, wiping them away on his sleeve. Blaine pulled out of Flint’s grip and took a step towards Jeff before turning to Nick. There were more footsteps, and Thad came into view as he turned a corner. “What the hell is…” He saw Nick standing there, puffy-eyed, and Jeff smoking a cigarette a few feet down, and he lunged just like Blaine had. Flint reached out and pulled him back as well, giving him an irritated look. “Do you guys not understand the concept that we can’t really help Nick if we’re suspended or something?” Nick zoned out as Blaine awkwardly pulled him into a hug. “If you need anything…” Blaine sighed. “Look, if you want to hang out today – Kurt was supposed to come over, but I can cancel.” Nick shook his head. “Can’t. I’m grounded,” he muttered and looked up at Jeff. The blonde’s eyes flickered away as he met them, and he started to walk away. “You know what… I think you’re right. I shouldn’t be smoking on school grounds. Can’t get expelled now. That’d mean I wouldn’t be able to come back to you, and we can’t have that.” His voice was teasing, and all Nick could think about was his lips against his neck, lips, everywhere. Get out. He wished he could get rid of them, but they stayed flickering in his mind. Nick raised his head again and spoke before he could stop himself. “Just one more question… why?” He wasn’t sure he wanted to hear the answer. Sure enough, Jeff didn’t miss a beat. Blowing out a final line of smoke he’d been holding, he shrugged his shoulders. “Why not?” There seemed to be something more that he wanted to say, but instead, he just cocked an eyebrow and walked away. “Catch you later, Nicky.” Nick stared until the doors had shut behind him. “Bastard,” Blaine muttered as he, Flint, and Thad all began walking towards the cafeteria. Nick stood for a moment, looking longingly at the still doors and sighed, following them. “You okay?” Flint asked. No. Does it look like I’m okay? “Yeah, I’m fine.” They made their way over and out – they always sat outside – dropping down in a table by Wes, David, Trent, and a few other people. “What took you guys so long?” David asked, taking a sip of water from his water bottle. “Guess who decided to drop by,” Flint muttered, and all eyes fell on Nick. Looks of sympathy and murmurs spread throughout the table.

“Oh, Nick, I’m sorry. We can beat him up for you,” David said, his face creasing in concern. Nick shook his head. He didn’t know what was worse – the constant slurs and insults or the never-ending stream of pity. He knew it wasn’t possible, but he wanted things to go back to normal – to when they’d all sit down and laugh all through lunch, cracking jokes and teasing each other. Now every time he got within a ten foot radius, they’d stop laughing and all look overly worried. “I’m gonna go get my lunch,” Nick said, getting up. “Do you need us to come with you?” Trent asked. “I don’t need body guards. I’ll be fine, guys. I’m just getting my lunch,” Nick snapped, heading back in towards the cafeteria. He had to get away from them. Pulling inside, he went and stood in the line. He wasn’t even hungry. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. Maybe a salad or something would work. When he looked up, he saw the guy in front of him smirking down. “Hey, whore, where’s your boy toy?” Fan-fucking-tastic. “Hey, why don’t you just shut it?” a voice came from behind him. Nick turned around to see a lanky Asian boy glaring at the offender in front of him. “Look, Duval, you’ve got yourself a new admirer,” the first boy shot back, moving forward with the line before crossing his arms over his chest, looking rather pleased. “Anything going on here?” Mr. DuPont, the world history teacher, walked up, looking at all three of them and raising his eyebrows. “Nothing, sir. We were just – uh –“ He flushed. “Just talking.” Mr. DuPont looked at him skeptically. “Right. Keep your insults to yourself next time, okay?” Mr. DuPont walked away, and Nick turned to the other boy. “Thanks. Not many people really want to help a slut out.” His voice was low and bitter, and his fingers dug into his pants. “You’re not a slut. So, you had sex with someone? I bet more than half the people here aren’t virgins, and I bet some of them have even experimented with guys. They just didn’t do it with an asshole.” He gave a small, supportive smile. “The name’s Josh.” Nick nodded and stretched out his hand. “Nick.” Josh shook it, and Nick felt a smile tug up on his lips. Someone finally was treating him as if nothing had happened. At the moment, that was more than he could have asked for. They scooted up, the salad bar coming into sight. Nick grabbed some lettuce and tomatoes before sprinkling cheese and croutons on the top. His appetite was strangely starting to come back. “Anyway, so how are you?” He barely had paused before he added, “Okay, stupid question. Besides, you’ve probably been asked that a thousand times over by your friends.” Josh grabbed a burger and some fries. “I don’t really know what to ask you.” He laughed. “Tell me about yourself.” Nick laughed as well. “I – uh – I’m eighteen. I own two dogs and am an only child. Uh –“ “Great back-cover biography you have going on there,” Josh teased, and they came up to the cash register. Nick handed over the cash and turned to Josh, crossing one arm over his chest. “I mean, I dunno how to describe myself. What am I supposed to say?” “Well, you’re part of the Warblers, so you like singing. You always carry a notebook around with you, so I’d guess you like writing. You have your group of friends, but you don’t go past them, so I’d guess you’re not really the outgoing type.” Nick blinked several times, unsure how to respond.

“I don’t even know whether I’ve seen you around. Almost seems like I don’t need to tell you anything about me since you already seem to know it all yourself” Josh laughed. “I probably sound like a bit of a stalker.” “Just a bit,” Nick muttered, biting the inside of his cheek. At least Josh seemed nice. “Sorry about that. I swear I’ve just seen you around.” He paused. “Want to sit with me?” Well, it was either that or sitting with his friends and hearing nothing but pity from them. He’d just have to get his books before he left. “Sure.” “Let’s sit away from my friends. Not that they’re not usually nice, but they can be rowdy. Besides, I want to get to know you.” They dropped down at an empty table. “Stereotypical question, but what do you want to major in?” “French.” “Ah, see, I’m more of a physics person. I want to be an engineer.” Nick scrunched up his nose. “That sounds horrid.” “Hey, I think French sounds horrid. Different people, different goals.” Nick tilted his head to the side, trying to keep from laughing as Josh bit into his sandwich and a glob of ketchup fell into his lap. “Fair enough. And that’s attractive.” Josh looked confused for a moment before looking down at his pants. “Well, fuck.” Sighing, he set his burger down and grabbed a napkin, dabbing at himself. “As you can probably tell, I’m really coordinated.” “Definitely.” Nick covered his laugh. “Sorry. Can’t help it.” “I’ll find it in myself to forgive you somehow,” Josh teased. He scrubbed at the ketchup for another minute before sighing. “At least the red fits our school colors …” “That is fortunate, still,” Nick said, taking a bite of his salad. Looking at his watch, he sighed. There were only ten more minutes until lunch was over. And that was thanks to Jeff popping in. His eyes rubbed the bridge of his nose. Everything somehow seemed to revolve around Jeff. Jeff with his smirk and his wandering hands and – No, he couldn’t go down that road. Not now. His fingers shook as he pulled them through his hair again. When had that even become a habit of his? He groaned. “You all right? Nick, are you okay?” Josh’s hand on his shoulder made him snap his head up. He carefully scooted his shoulder back out of Josh’s reach. “Yeah, sorry.” “There’s no reason to apologize.” He looked over and saw Trent walking, his eyes darting around. It looked like he had books in his arms. Probably looking for me… Sure enough, the moment he laid eyes his eyes on Nick, he sprinted over. “Sorry, I guess you’re fine. We were just worried. You left all your books.” Trent put them down on the table and bit his lower lip. “Look, I get it that we’re not exactly… fun recently. But we care about you, Nick, and we’re worried and –“

“Thanks, Trent,” Nick cut him off. He felt his cheeks flush, and he was sure by this point Josh must have thought his friends were overly protective. “I didn’t mean to bother you. Whenever you want to be around us again, feel free. Our table’s always open to you, and – uh – we just don’t want you to be hurt, okay?” He scuffed his foot on the floor and gave him a small smile before walking away. Nick sighed. As much as their constant worrying was getting on his nerves, he felt bad for snapping. They only cared about him, and he was sure if someone else was in his position, he would be acting the same way. “Well, damn.” Josh let out a little chuckle and arched his eyebrows. “Looks like they really care about you.” Nick nodded. “You probably think I’m a bastard for abandoning them like that.” Josh shook his head. “I don’t think you’re a bastard. You want people to treat you like they normally would… I mean, I think most people would want that.” He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at Nick before putting a hand down on top of his. Nick stared down at it but didn’t move away. What was he doing? Besides, this felt all wrong. It wasn’t Jeff’s hand. No. It was good that it wasn’t Jeff’s hand there. “Thanks.” Nick took a few more bites of his salad in silence. Things would be easier if Jeff didn’t keep on popping into his head. And why should Jeff keep on popping up? So what if they’d had sex. Jeff was a dick. He’d played a sex tape of them in front of the class. He was the reason he was miserable. Nick scowled and stabbed at a piece of lettuce. “Hey, what did that lettuce ever do to you?” Josh said, laying a hand on Nick’s shoulder. Nick looked over and gave him a weak smile. “Sorry, bad timing. You looked deep in thought.” “No, just… frustrated, I suppose.” Josh looked like he was going to say something, but a person walked by, bumping into Nick and making him spill his water all over his lap. “Got tired of your bad boy, Duval? Or can you just not stand not having sex for a whole three days?” The guy laughed and walked away. “Asshole,” Josh muttered, grabbing a few napkins and handing them to Nick. Nick accepted them with a mumbled “thank you” and tried to wipe the water off of his pants. “Great, and now it looks like I’ve pissed myself. Truly, this is a wonderful week.” “At least tomorrow’s Friday,” Josh offered. Nick nodded. Of course, that meant that Monday was closer. Monday when Jeff would be back at school. When he’d have to see him in class and in the hallways. He groaned and scrubbed almost violently at his pants. “I hate him,” he mumbled, pressing down and growling. “Woah, woah, watch it. Here.” Josh reached out. “Can I?” Nick nodded, letting his head fall forward on the palm of his hand, his elbows resting on the table. Josh reached out with a napkin, pressing down on Nick’s thigh. It soaked through fairly quickly, and he grabbed another, pressing it slightly higher up. Nick hissed, and his hand went down, lying on top of Josh’s for a moment before pulling it away. “Don’t want to give people the wrong impression,” he muttered, blushing and going back to doing it himself. And yet he couldn’t help but wonder if he would have pulled away with Jeff as well. He’d barely dabbed at it for a minute when the bell rang. Grabbing his books, he made it out to his next class, Josh walking with him. “Hey, can I have your number?”

“Sure, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to use my phone for another week or so? I’m not really sure. It got taken away from me.” Still, he scribbled out his number, handing it to Josh on a torn-off corner of a sheet of notebook paper. “There you go.” The next day he sat with Josh at lunch again. He’d told the Warblers about it in advance this time so that they didn’t worry. A few of them looked sad and concerned – what else was new – but they let him go. After all, Josh had made him happy. It was something that kept him anchored to the idea that everything could go back to normal. “So, today any better than yesterday?” Josh asked him, biting into a fry. “Kind of. I mean, I’m more used to it. And then there’s you. You’ve helped.” Josh smiled. “Really?” Nick nodded and ate a fry of his own. At least today he had an appetite. “Well, I’m glad. Actually, there’s something I wanted to talk with you about.” Nick nodded, biting into another fry and smiling. Maybe things really were turning up. Only a few people had called him out today. And, well, Mr. Harris had mentioned that Jeff would be moving seats to the other side of the room. That really was the only class he had with Jeff. Not that he was sure Jeff wouldn’t find another way to make his life miserable. He bit on his lip. Well, that wasn’t particularly good, but he’d be able to deal with it, right? “Nick?” Nick looked up. “Huh?” “Did you hear a word I just said?” Oh, right, Josh was talking. “No, sorry. Zoned out again.” “It’s fine.” Josh ran his tongue over his lips, and Nick couldn’t help but notice the way his fingers were nervously tapping at the table. At least it looked like a nervous habit. Nick’s brow scrunched in confusion. “So, can you repeat it maybe?” “Okay, so I was thinking… I know it’s a bit of a sensitive subject, but you know how you let Jeff kind of… suck you off? You think you could maybe suck me off? I mean, no one would even have to know, but that sounded really good, and I’m just kind of a virgin and curious, and just…” Nick felt his cheeks flush, and he recoiled. “Wh – What?” “I mean, it could just be between me and you, but I figured you wouldn’t mind since you gave it up to Jeff after knowing him for just one day. I can even pay you if you want.” He bit his lip and reached out to Nick. Pulling back, Nick shook his head, his eyes prickling with tears. Of course. Why would Josh actually want to be his friend? “You think that’s the issue? Money?” He swallowed thickly, his fingers curling up and his nails painfully digging into his skin. “Nick?” Josh tilted his head. “You okay?” “What do you think I am… some kind of whore?” Nick’s voice broke, and he barely pushed the tears back at this point.

“Well, no. I just thought that you wouldn’t mind. I mean, c’mon, like I said, you gave it up to Jeff without a second thought. I don’t see what the big deal is.” Nick shook his head, pressing further and further away. His eyes shut. “Well, fuck, Nick, stop overreacting! I mean, if it’s weird, we don’t even have to talk after that if you don’t want to. Or we can take a break at least.” “Don’t see what the big deal is? Fuck you.” Nick stumbled up out of his chair and tried to walk away, but before he made it any further, he felt Josh’s hand around his wrist. He turned around, and though his eyes blurred with tears, he still managed to make out the contorted, ugly snarl on Josh’s face. “Oh, so, you’ll be a slut for Mr. Attitude, but if I try to ask you politely, you won’t even consider it?” Nick ripped his hand back as if burned and ran out of the cafeteria, feeling his composure crumble and snap as he sobbed. Every insult seemed to pour into his head, suffocating him, and he stumbled against the wall, clutching it and falling down. He could barely breathe, and his eyes squeezed shut. His fingers scraped against the bricks, and he felt a flash of pain in his hands. All he wanted was for things to go back to how they had been. Yet even Josh, the one person who seemed to be treating him normally, had only been using him to try to get into his pants. Why would he want anything else? Slut. Whore. Desperate. The words drilled in deeper, and he cried out, his hands going to his head and squeezing as if he could somehow push them out or bury them deep enough to muffle them. “Stop it. Please stop,” he begged, finally settling on the ground. His head pressed against the wall before he turned his back to it. His knees pulled up to his chest, and his forehead fell against them. Give it up for anyone. A whimper echoed through, and his arms curled around his knees. He rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, pulled up into a tight ball. All he wanted was someone to come up and curl their arms around him, to hold him and tell him everything would be all right even if it wasn’t going to be. And it wasn’t just anyone. He wanted Jeff. Yet Jeff was the reason all of this had happened. He pressed again against his temples and let out a broken whimper. How much did Sterling pay you to make you his bitch? He shuddered, trying to take in big gulps of air unsuccessfully. “I hate you,” he choked out as if Jeff could hear him. But, of course, no one could hear him. No one had even bothered following him into the hall to see if he was all right. No one cared enough to do that. If anything, they probably found it amusing that he had run out, tears streaking down his face. He shook his head and tried to calm himself, but every few breaths, he would break down again. “Jeff, Jeff, please I need you,” he groaned. “No, go away.” He couldn’t sort through what he wanted. He should want Jeff to disappear, and yet… He gripped at the fabric of his pants and wailed. There were footsteps, and he felt an arm on his shoulder. “Mr. Duval? Nick? Nick, can you hear me? Are you all right?” He couldn’t respond. He felt as if he was finally shutting off, as if everything in him had just given up, crumbled up, and blown away. He couldn’t find the willpower to answer it. How many times had he answered that question in the last week, anyway? If anything was obvious, it was that he was not okay. So, instead, he just sat there, continuing to wail, trying to cut himself off from everyone else. If they wouldn’t listen to him, why should he listen to them? His throat hurt and his eyes were sore and puffy. He didn’t care. All he wanted at this point was to get out. “Nick, are you okay?” All he did was cry, and that was answer enough. OoOoOoO The car ride home had been sufficiently awkward. His mother seemed unsure what to say. When they got home, had had run to his room, and it wasn’t until his father came home and they had dinner that they confronted him. Though he didn’t answer the knock on his door, they still came in.

“Sweetie?” His mother was holding a bowl of soup. “I know you said you weren’t hungry…” She had a look of uncertainty on her face, as if she wasn’t sure what to say. “What exactly happened at school?” His father asked. Nick pressed further back against his bed and shook his head. “Go away. Please.” He didn’t want to have to face them, tell them what had happened, see the disappointment in their eyes. “Something happened,” his mother said, walking over and sitting down next to him in the bed. What was he supposed to say? That no one saw him the same way? That even his friends treated him different? That, despite all that, all he could think about was fucking Jeff again? “Nick, please just tell us what’s wrong?” His father sat down next to his mother and reached out, but Nick dodged it. He didn’t want anyone trying to hug him and tell him everything was going to be okay. Not now. “Please, sweetie just –“ “Go away,” he repeated again, looking up at them. His voice was hoarse. “Please, just leave me alone.” He pressed further back against the headboard, and his knees pressed up against his chest again. “You can’t just hide away. You have to tell us something. Is it that Sterling boy again?” His mother reached out again, and he jumped up, pulling off of the bed and running out of the room. He made it to the bathroom and shut the door, turning the lock. His parents footsteps followed him, and their knocks and begging, telling him to “please, please, honey, just open the door and talk to us,” were left unanswered. It took half an hour before they disappeared, and Nick waited until the lights had turned off and they had gone to bed before moving back into his room quietly. Making sure to lock the door, he turned on a light and went over to his bed. Nick ate the soup cold. OoOoOoO Monday. Nick didn’t want the clock to turn. He begged for something to happen just to cancel school, and yet when it came… he almost felt giddy. His fingers continued to compulsively run through his hair, and his fingers tapped on whatever surface they could find. He could barely eat breakfast, his stomach was doing nothing but churn. “You’re going to stay away from that Sterling boy, all right?” Nick looked up to see his mother looking sternly at him. He nodded and opened the car door, walking into the school. The halls were usually empty this time in the morning. Sure enough, only a few people were scattered about, and with his head bowed down, nobody seemed to notice him. Opening his locker, he began to put all his books in when – “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” It was Jeff’s voice, barely above a whisper. Nick froze, and suddenly he heard footsteps. There was someone behind him and hot breath on his neck. “Catch a tiger by the toe.” A hand trailed around his waist and Nick froze. He should move away. He had to move away. Why wasn’t he moving? “If he hollers…” Jeff trailed off, and his hands dipped down, brushing against his inner thigh and cupping him. Nick’s breath hitched, and his mind froze. “Let him go.” Nick pulled back, his face flushed, trying to form some sort of a response, but Jeff’s tongue traced his lips, the metal of his tongue ring glinting. “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,” Jeff finished. He looked Nick up and down, and Nick swallowed.

“Fuck off.” Nick’s voice was rough, and he reached backwards, gripping the lockers and tightening his jaw. “Didn’t hear you holler, Nicky.” Nick pressed backwards, his throat tightening. “Why won’t you just leave me alone?” “Where’s the fun in that?” Leaning forward, Jeff grabbed his arms, pinning him to the lockers. Nick weakly struggled against his hold. He felt Jeff’s breath against his lips moments before their lips crashed together, and he let his head fall back. Desperate. His arms seemed to be suddenly reduced to nothing, and he quit pushing back as Jeff’s tongue traced his lips, mapping and memorizing it. Jeff brought a knee up, pressing down lightly between Nick’s knees. The pressure made him gasp, and a flash of pleasure flooded through him. Slut. He closed his eyes, whimpering, unable to stop that tight heat from pooling as he slowly rocked his knee up and down. Whore. He pressed back weakly, and Jeff groaned, dropping lower, his tongue tracing Nick’s neck. The cold edge of the tongue ring ran down, gently grazing his neck as well, and he shivered. Freak. He let out a small whimper and shoved back. Jeff tilted his head, surprised, and Nick took that moment of surprise to pull out of his grasp completely. Jeff reached out for him, but he ran down the halls. Throwing a final look behind his shoulders, he called out, “Just leave me alone!” He heard the click of Jeff’s boots as he chased after him, and Nick shook, feeling tears forming at his eyes. He pushed them back. Why did he feel so dirty? He had tried to get away. “Nicky, c’mon, don’t –“ “I hate you.” The words left his mouth before he could stop them, and he pounded against the floor, shuddering and gasping for breath, feeling his eyes prickle. Maybe he wasn’t any better than those people thought of him. He hadn’t tried hard enough to get away from Jeff. And, worse yet, he had enjoyed it. He waited until he was in an empty classroom before falling down to the ground, cradling his head between his hands. There were no tears, but his breaths came hard and fast. How could he still want him, after everything Jeff had put him through? There was the click of boots. “Oh God,” Nick muttered to himself. Sure enough, Jeff appeared at the doorway, slipping into the room and closing the door behind him. “What’s your problem?” “What’s my problem? What’s my fucking problem? Looked in a mirror lately, you asshole? That’s my problem.” “Woah, hey there now,” Jeff said, leaning back against the whiteboard and grabbing an Expo marker from behind him and flipping it. “Manners, manners, Nicky.” Nick scoffed, shaking his head and pressing back against the wall. “I’m never going to get rid of you,” he groaned, looking away and pressing against a cold leg of the desk. “You know you love me,” Jeff teased. He pulled off of the chalkboard, and Nick whimpered. Jeff crouched down next to him, and his finger traced down Nick’s jawbone. Nick pulled back. “Get away from me.” “I don’t see you running away this time.” His fingers moved upwards, and he traced Nick’s lips slowly. Though Nick shuddered against the touch and felt a wave of revulsion pass through him, he couldn’t

find it in himself to pull away.Weak. “Remember what it felt like?” Jeff’s lips pressed to his ear and he bit down lightly. “How could you forget?” The door swung open, and Nick jerked back. He looked up to see Josh staring down at the two of them, wide-eyed. He pulled himself up, clenching his jaw. “This isn’t what it looks like,” he started, though he had no clue why he was trying to explain it to Josh. “Sure it isn’t,” Josh hissed, his eyes narrowing. Nick took a step away from Jeff and closer to Josh, though he edged away from him, moving back towards the teacher’s desk. “I ask politely for a simple, damn favor, and you throw a fit. Sterling here comes back, and you throw yourself at him instead.” Nick shook his head wildly. “Good thing I didn’t come a few minutes later because he might have been fucking you over the desk.” “That’s funny,” Jeff said, stepping forward. “I don’t remember anyone asking your opinion.” He scanned Josh up and down. “Though I can see why he’d turn you down. Looks like that, it’d be hard to want to do it if you weren’t blindfolded.” “Bite me, Sterling.” Jeff arched an eyebrow. “I only do that if you ask nicely.” Nick pushed past both of them, running into the halls. He turned the corner and – “Sorry.” He stared down at the ground, shaking and trying to regain himself. He felt two arms around him quickly, and his head tilted up to see Blaine looking at him, completely worried. “Nick, are you all right?” He shook his head. “Stupid question. Of course not.” He pulled him in tighter and ran his hand down Nick’s back. “Where is he? What did he do to you?” Nick shook his head, trying to pull away. He didn’t want to be around anyone. Blaine held on for a moment or two longer, but Nick broke free, running out of his grip and to his first period class. He collapsed down on the table and gave the teacher a small smile before putting his head down and sighing. The entire day seemed to pass the same way. He went to the library during lunch, afraid to sit with anyone or brush into Jeff. Every sliver of blond hair set him into a panic, and he hated it. All he wanted to do was go home and get away. Still, when he’d close his eyes, he could feel phantom fingers on the back of his neck, and he hated it. Nick pulled into English class tentatively. There was a chuckle or two, and Blaine leapt at him immediately. “Where were you Friday? I didn’t see you after lunch. Nick, you can’t shut everyone out.” His voice was low, and he grabbed Nick’s arm. Tugging back, Nick leaned forward in his seat, looking up at Mr. Harris. When Jeff walked into the room, everyone paused to see what would happen. A low whispered settled across, but as he made his way towards the seat where he had sat before, besides Nick, Mr. Harris called out. “Jeremy sits there now. Your new seat is over here.” He motioned to a seat next to the teacher’s table and narrowed his eyes. Jeff looked momentarily irritated, but as he walked by Nick, he turned and winked, running his tongue over his lips. A few snickers echoed through the room. “Did you two miss each other?” a boy named Ryan asked, leaning in closer to Nick. “I mean, I’m sure Jeff missed his boy toy, but…” “Shove it,” Blaine snapped back, reaching out for Nick. Nick shook him off. “I can handle myself,” he muttered, putting his head on his arms and looking up at the front of the class. He narrowed his eyes, trying to pretend like it didn’t matter what they said. Throughout all of class, he heard whispers, and he felt Jeff’s eyes on him. He tried to ignore it though the voice inside of his head told him to “look, look at him god damn it.” Swallowing thickly, Nick wished the voice in his head would shut up.

When the bell rang, he gave no chance for anyone to say anything. He was out the door and to his locker before most people had filed out of the classrooms. His mother was waiting to pick him up, and he was gone before anyone could approach him. Once home, his mother handed him back the battery to his phone, which they’d taken away while grounding him. “Look, Nick, I don’t know why you won’t talk with us, but at least talk with a friend then,” she muttered, reaching out to stroke his hair and sighing when he pulled back. Though he wasn’t sure why, Nick waited until he got to his room before turning on his phone. A few texts from the Warblers were there, asking him what had happened on Friday, but that wasn’t the only thing. “Sterling’s made you his bitch.” “How much did he pay you before you gave it up?” “Fag.” His hands shook, and he threw his phone across the bed, his eyes blurring. He wasn’t even sure how they had gotten his number, but that didn’t matter. They did, and even his phone wasn’t safe from the insults. He felt like he was going to throw up, like something was caught in his throat. His fingers gripped the sheets, and he curled up, closing his eyes and pretending like he didn’t have homework to do or things to worry about. Within minutes, he fell into a rocky sleep. OoOoOoO Nick had been avoiding everyone all day. He’d barely made it away from Flint earlier, and Jeff had tried to find him several times throughout the day. Josh appeared another time, and Nick was almost late to third period. His parents had forced him to go to school that morning; if it was his choice, he’d be at home pretending no one existed. His phone hadn’t been touched since he’d turned it on yesterday, and he wasn’t planning on replying to anyone. He was supposed to go to lunch now. He thought of the Warblers, worrying about him, and he felt a drop in his stomach. Grabbing his lunch, he heard a voice. “You’re disgusting, you know.” He looked up to see someone he didn’t even know looking at him with a curled lip. “With another boy.” The boy’s hands reached out, shoving Nick backwards. “Fag.” With another step, Nick took one back. “And now the whole school knows.” Nick ran past the boy, towards the bathroom, wondering how many times it made that he’d cried within the past week. He got inside ran into a stall, falling back down against its wall and to the ground. Looking up, there was a message written in sharpie: Need to get off? A blowjob? A fuck? Hit me up at: 555-392-4584. PS I never say no! Underneath that there was a quick drawing of a penis. Nick froze. That was hisnumber. His breath seemed to stick in his throat. But who had his number and would – Josh. Something broke inside of him, and he ran out of the stall, a shout breaking through his lips as the stall door slammed against the stall’s wall. He ran to the sink, gripping the edge and breathing harshly. He’d barely taken a few breaths when he heard the door shut and lock. His head snapped up, and in the mirror he saw Jeff standing behind him. “You know, if this were a horror movie, you’d be dead right now,” Jeff said calmly, his head tilting slightly to the side as he looked at Nick. Nick barely registered what he was doing, but his head buzzed with anger, and he lunged at Jeff. His hands reached out as he yelled, and he shoved his chest, pushing him up against the wall. His hands lashed out again, and his fingers curled up into fists. Nick sobbed, hitting him harder and harder.

“Where’s your tough boy act now?” He slapped him across the face, feeling sick. His stomach churned and he gagged, but his fists kept on moving, punching his chest. There was a cracking sound as he shoved him again, and Jeff’s head hit the tilted walls. “Fight back!” he screamed, his voice breaking. Tears streamed down his face, and Jeff blurred in front of him. The energy seemed to drain from his muscles, but he kept on going, his entire body shaking. “Fight back…” It was infinitely worse with Jeff standing there, stock still. Nick sobbed and shook, slowly deflating. His hands moved weakly. “Fight back.” His mind buzzed, and he fell forward, into Jeff, his hand reaching out and grabbing his chin, pressing their lips together. There was the unmistakable taste of blood in the kiss, and Nick whimpered, pulling him closer, nipping at his lips, running his tongue over them. His entire body felt weak and he shook as if cold, but he continued pulling closer. Pulling back to take a breath, he let out a broken whimper. “I hate you.” He pressed another light kiss against Jeff’s lips. “I hate you.” He murmured the words out like a chant before collapsing against Jeff’s chest, his head pounding and everything inside of him feeling tired. Jeff’s arms circled him, holding him up. He didn’t say anything, simply ran his fingers up and down. There was nothing dirty or wrong with it. It was just like Blaine had tried to hold him. Or how his mother and father had tried to reach out and hug him. He wanted to help, to be there for support. “I’m sorry,” he finally whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of Nick’s head. “I’m so sorry.” Nick pressed into him and allowed himself to be lowered down. They sat on the ground, Jeff holding him close. For a few minutes they said nothing. Jeff ran his fingers through Nick’s hair as Nick’s sobs slowly subsided and his breathing went back to normal. They just sat there like that for a few moments before Jeff tilted his head up. Nick’s eyes widened. There was a trail of blood under his nose to his lips, and his lower lip was swollen. “Shit, you look like a mess.” Jeff laughed quietly, his sleeve going up and wiping some of it away, wincing. “It’s okay. I can deal. I just need to make sure that you’re okay? People are horrible, and I –“ It seemed to be taking a lot for him to say this. A scowl flickered on his lips, and he shook his head. “It wasn’t right of me to do what I did either. I fucked up.” “Why?” “What?” Jeff asked, confused. “Why did you do it? Like, there had to have been a reason, right?” Jeff paused for a minute, his jaw clenching and unclenching. “Look, I can’t tell you everything. Not now. Maybe not ever. I’m not the sort of person who likes to talk about –“ “Did it have to do with your parents?” There was a moment of silence before Jeff nodded, and his eyes flickered away. Nick noticed that his hands minimally tightened on his hair. “What happened?” Jeff pushed back a bit, his voice hardening. “I told you I didn’t want to talk about it. I know that you want explanations, but I can’t give those to you.” He sighed, and leaned closer, pressing his lips to Nick’s. A small whimper of pain escaped his lip – Nick was sure that it hurt – but Jeff pressed closer, his hands falling to Nick’s shoulders and tightening on Nick. “But you have to believe me when I say I’m sorry.” He pulled back so that his breath whispered against Nick’s lips. His fingers pulled more quickly through Nick’s hair. “I believe you.” A bit of him wanted to be angry, wanted to hate Jeff for what he had done, for the way everyone looked at him, but he couldn’t. Jeff’s fingers trailed down, and his thumb rubbed at Nick’s cheek before tracing down his neck. Nick’s breath hitched. Jeff’s eyes seemed to darken with that sound, and his hands fell under the hem of Nick’s shirt, tracing his collar bone. Something told Nick to push Jeff away, but he couldn’t find the strength. In fact,

instead he leaned forward, his eyes closing. His lips pressed to Jeff’s neck, and he flicked his tongue out, tasting the skin. Growling, Jeff pushed him back, staring at him for a moment. “What is it about you…” Jeff let the sentence trail off before running his tongue over his lip, trying to wipe away the blood. His pupils dilated and his lips twitched upwards into a smirk. “My Nicky.” Before Nick could respond, he leaned forward, biting at Nick’s neck. His hands dipped under Nick’s shirt and explored the flat of his stomach. Nick arched his back, his head tilting backwards. “Feels amazing,” he murmured. His eyes closed and he let Jeff gently run across the skin. He moved upwards, his fingers drawing light circles, and his lips dove down to the hem of his shirt, nibbling there. After a moment, Jeff’s other hand lifted up as well, and he pulled Nick’s shirt over his head. Nick blinked as it fell on the ground. They really were doing this. Suddenly, he couldn’t care. His own hands went to Jeff’s back, and he pulled him closer before running his fingers down Jeff’s sides. Nick moved down to Jeff’s chest, trying to run them down there, but Jeff jerked, whimpering and hissing in pain. “Bruised,” Jeff muttered, his eyes closed. Nick nodded. “Right.” He paused before adding, “Well, you deserved it.” Jeff’s lips twisted back into a smirk. “To be fair, I gave you bruises of your own.” Nick’s eyes flashed, and he pressed Jeff up against the wall, his arms holding his shoulders. Jeff groaned, flipping positions. “Not gonna win that easily.” Nick pushed back, but when Jeff’s lips dipped down to his nipple, swirling his tongue around it, he went limp against the wall, gasping. “Fuck.” As much as he hadn’t wanted to admit it, he had been craving this. Jeff’s fingers moved to the waistband of his pants, running around it, teasing him. Nick’s hips jerked up, and Jeff bit lightly on the sensitive nub. “Don’t stop. Just don’t –“ “I’ve forgotten how vocal you are.” He licked down, biting occasionally and making a small trail down to his waistband. At that point, however, he pulled back. He licked his lips and looked up and down Nick. “Gorgeous and so wanting.” Nick pulled him closer, making a small sound at the back of his throat, and Jeff leaned back. “I don’t think so.” Growling, Nick grabbed him and flipped them over again, pressing him tightly up against the wall and pushing Jeff up so that he was standing. His fingers fumbled with the zipper of Jeff’s pants. If Jeff wasn’t going to do anything, he wasn’t planning on sitting around and waiting. He tugged his pants down, cupping him over his boxers. Nick pulled back before placing his mouth over the bulge, sucking over the fabric of his boxers. Jeff keened, letting out a low moan. “I – I’d ask where you learned to do that, but you learned from the be-best,” Jeff stuttered, his head falling back. Nick simply laughed, his tongue running over it and his cheeks hallowing. His hands moved to Jeff’s hips, and he dipped under the shirt, lying only on his stomach, careful not to go higher and touch the bruises. “Now who’s desperate?” Nick asked, pressing a kiss to Jeff’s hipbone. “Bastard.” Jeff groaned and jerked his hips forward, and Nick felt the muscles tighten under his fingers. “Like you said, I learn from the best.” He pulled at the waistband for a moment before dragging his boxers to the ground, his eyes widening slightly as Jeff’s cock sprung free. He paused for a moment, trying to process what was going on through his brain, but he was soon jerked out of his thoughts by Jeff scooting his hips forward. “Stop teasing,” Jeff moaned, and that was all it took. Nick’s lips wrapped around the head, his tongue dragging slowly along and tasting the slit. He chuckled before letting his mouth slide further, his

tongue running along the backside of it. He went further, his cheeks hallowing as he sucked, and Jeff reached down, tangling his fingers into his hair. “God, yes. Fuck.” Letting his throat relax, he took Jeff as deeply as he could before pulling back. He set a slow pace, working himself up faster. Occasionally he’d pull away completely, only to trace small patterns on the sides of his cock with his tongue, dancing against it. He ran over the slit again, his fingers wrapping around the base. Dipping his head down, he nipped at Jeff’s thighs and lifted his head up. “Let go.” “Wh –what?” Jeff looked confused and distracted, not that Nick could blame him. “Let go. Fuck my mouth.” Jeff’s eyes widened and darkened, and he pushed Nick’s head up. Nick let out a small yelp of surprise, opening his mouth and letting Jeff push in. There was a moment where he relaxed and adjusted to the feeling before his hips began moving again, and he thrust into Nick’s mouth. His hand guided Nick’s head, and his pushed him down, forcing Nick to take him deeper. His breaths hitched, and Nick rolled his hips against the floor, the mere sight of Jeff losing it completely making him hard. His hand fell down, and he rubbed himself over his pants, groaning and rocking his hips. He let Jeff continue to guide him, and his throat relaxed. Occasionally, he’d press too hard, and he’d gag, the back of his throat brushing up against the tip of Jeff’s cock. Still, Jeff would let go before thrusting in again. His jaw was starting to ache, and Jeff’s movements were becoming erratic. He shook and whined. Small moans left his lips, and his hand trembled. “Fuck.” Nick looked up, groaning around his cock as he saw Jeff’s lips fall open and his eyes flutter somewhere between open and shut. He could feel that he was close, and as Jeff relaxed, he pulled down, tongue swirling over the head. That was all it took. Jeff let out a coarse shout, and Nick tightened his lips as he came. It was bitter and slightly salty, but he continued bobbing up and down, milking him for what he was worth. Jeff collapsed against the wall, and Nick pulled back, swallowing. He wasted no time before standing up as well, undoing his pants and pulling them to the ground. Jeff growled. “My turn.” The blonde’s hair stuck to his forehead with sweat and he looked exhausted, but he shoved Nick’s hand out of the way, his own hand falling under the waistband of his boxers and tugging at Nick’s cock. Nick let out a choked moan, his hips jerking up. His hand reached to Jeff’s shoulder, and he steadied himself, whimpering. His stomach clenched, and he knew he was close already. “Not gonna last long,” he mumbled, trying to get his hips to work in rhythm with Jeff’s unsteady, harsh jerks. It took only a minute before he flashed white and felt it course through him. He let out a muffled shout, his head falling forward as he bit on Jeff’s shoulder. Nick collapsed, and Jeff’s hand reluctantly pulled out. Nick’s eyes flickered up, and he let out a moan as Jeff licked the come off of his fingers, his eyes fixed on Nick. “Well, then,” Nick muttered, using the wall for support and laughing. Jeff nodded in agreement. “Damn that mouth of yours, Duval.” Nick quirked an eyebrow. “I dunno. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed to me like you enjoyed it.” There was a pause before a wide grin spread across Jeff’s face. “I’ve taught you well.”

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