My name is ____________, and I’m volunteering for a Presidential candidate.

Since there will be few, if any, contested races in the Democratic primary, will you consider voting in the Republican primary? If the 2012 Republican primary for President were held today and the candidates were: (Rotate Names)
• Michelle Bachmann • Herman Cain • Newt Gingrich • Gary Johnson • Jon Huntsman • Ron Paul • Rick Perry • Mitt Romney • Rick Santorum

(MB) (HC) (NG) (GJ) (JH) (RP) (TX) (MR) (RS)

Which one would you vote for? (If Undecided) Well, which one would you lean toward voting for if the election were held today? Which one would be your second choice? Now I am going to read you some issues that the next President will have to deal with. [READ LIST] • Restoring America’s Prosperity and Jobs • Ending Corporate Welfare • Increase tax fairness by closing loopholes and lowering rates • Making Social Security and Medicare solvent • Prioritize American needs over foreign wars & nation building • Improve health care quality and lower costs • Family Values/address Social issue ____________________ • Balance the budget and lower debt • Secure the border and expand legal work visas • Reduce money’s corrupting influence on politics • Return federal powers to The States and The People • End drug prohibition starting with medical marijuana • Return to Sound Money policies that end the hidden inflation tax (Job) (OWS) (Tax) (Old) (War) (HSA) (Soc) (Debt) (Imm) (KSt) (10th) (Pot) (Fed)

Which is the most important issue to you that the next president should address? Which is the 2nd most important issue to you that the next president should address? Will you sign this petition to put Dr. Ron Paul’s name on the ballot? Would you like to host a yard sign(YS) or volunteer (V) for Ron Paul’s Restore America campaign? Thanks for your time and participation, you can learn more at

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