USA to 1941 Tentative Schedule

2011-2012 Day 1

Nov. 1
#1 Politics Musical Interlude Homework USA and the 1920s. Howarth Ch.21, DeMarco p.113-116, Global Forces p.83-84

Nov. 9
#4 Responses Musical Interlude Random Review (5 Marks) Roosevelt Voice Clips Homework New Deal: Howarth Ch.26, DeMarco p.116-120, Global Forces p.86-89

Nov. 3
#2 Roaring 20s Video: Boom and Bust Homework Read about the Great Depression. Howarth Ch.22, DeMarco p.114-120, Global Forces p.85-88

Nov. 14
#5 New Deal Video: Roosevelt and the New Deal Cartoons Homework Review FDR’s New Deal and is impact on the Great Depression

Nov. 7
#3 Depression Musical Interlude Homework Read responses to the Depression. Howarth p. 99-102, Ch.26, DeMarco p.116-120, Global Forces p.86-89 There will be a Random Review next day for marks.

Nov. 16
#6: Was FDR Successful? Document Question Homework Study for the test

Nov. 18
#7 Test

Tips for the USA to 1941 Test
consumer spending, laissez-faire, overproduction, advertising, falling agricultural prices, automobiles, immigration, stock market, buying on margin, Fordney–McCumber Tariff Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Roosevelt 100 Days, New Deal, AAA, TVA, NRA, FCA, CCC, Pros and Cons of the New Deal What did Roosevelt do with banks? How did he raise food prices? What were fireside chats? Roosevelt and the Supreme Court Examples and exceptions of USA isolationism/protectionism Automobile culture in the USA

Essay topics: 1. Describe the political and economic developments in the U.S.A. during the 1920s. OR 2. To what extent was President Roosevelt successful in bringing the U.S.A. out of the Depression?

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