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Good for you Olmert O some Arabs!

Congratulations to Saudi King Abdullah; the Israeli enemy Prime Minister praised the
stances of some Arab countries. He said, "The stances of some Arab countries have been
positive towards us," in his indication to the Saudi statement that mentioned the
uncalculated adventures of Hizbullah.
Congratulations to the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who with King of Jordan
Abdullah II also gained a degree from Olmert, which bore the same signature.
Congratulations to the Lebanese government, which "was unaware of the capturing
operation of the 2 Israeli soldiers, and did not adopt the operation." Instead, the Lebanese
Prime Minister, at Rome convention, worked on requesting international forces to protect
"Israel". And if it were not for the Qana Massacre, he would have not taken a stance
against receiving Condi Rice until ceasefire was reached.
In his aggression, Olmert is depending on some Arab stances and the Lebanese
government as a secondary option to his dependence on the US smart missiles coupled
with "Rice leadership" which affected efficiently the "international war council" that
postponed the ceasefire so that Israeli can accomplish even one successful military
Congratulations to you all, Peretz is promising that the forthcoming days will be
conclusive, and that the southern land will be burnt.

Source:Addiyar newspaper, August 2, 2006 (10:37). Date: 02/08/2006 Time 12:59