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Visvanath Cakravarti Thakura Sri Sankalpa Kalpadruma2

Visvanath Cakravarti Thakura Sri Sankalpa Kalpadruma2

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Published by Abhay S. Deolekar

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Published by: Abhay S. Deolekar on Nov 14, 2011
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By SrïIa Visvanafha Cakravarfi Thakura
O Goddcss ol Vindavana! O occan ol youillul splcndoui! O limiilcss occan ol
bcauiy! O You wlo aic occan ol wondcilul qualiiics and an occan ol swcci
pasiimcs! O occan ol good loiiunc! You wlo aic occan ol loving amuscmcni! O
occan ol compassion! Plcasc lcai wlai I am aboui io submii io You. I wisl io bc
Youi maidscivani. ly icndciing scivicc io You in ilc company ol youi lovci,
suiioundcd by ilc ciiclc ol Youi cowlcid giilliicnds, I will malc You lappy. Tlis
is my only icqucsi. I wani noiling oilci ilan ilis.
Having dccoiaicd Youi body wiil vaiious oinamcnis, I will ialc You io mcci wiil
Youi lovci, Wlosc lacc You will iclusc io lool ai, duc io lcclings inspiicd by Youi
lcli-wing lcmininc naiuic. lui I will ilcn caicl lold ol ilc cnd ol Youi saii and
loicibly biing You io Siï Haii. Il You bccomc angiy wiil mc and scold mc bccausc
ol ilis I will undoubicdly bc iianspoiicd io ilc limiis ol ccsiasy, sccing ilis mood
ol Youis io bc lilc a slowci ol ncciai.
Lxicinally ilougl, I will ilcn lall ai Youi lcci in submission, sccing ilai You lavc
bccomc angiy wiil mc. lui ai ilc samc iimc, unlnown io You, I will signal io
Youi paiamoui liom ilc coincis ol my cycs ilai Hc slould now scizc ilis
oppoiiuniiy io quiclly cmbiacc You wiil His iwo aims. I will ilcn accomplisl ilc
liglcsi pcilcciion ol my cycs by waicling You bcing lcld in ilai cmbiacc wiil
Youi bodily laiis sianding on cnd lilc a coai ol aimoui, wlicl, ilougl supposcd
io pioicci You, ncvciilclcss causcs Youi body io iliill wiil sucl iapiuic ilc You
lall cvcn luiilci inio ilc dcpils ol ilai cmbiacc.
Siï Kisna caiclcs lold ol Youi land and says io You: O lilc ol My lilc! Plcasc
adoin ilis llowci bcd wiil youi mysiilying picscncc.` Tlc sound ol ilosc woids,
wlicl icscmblcs ilc loncy-soalcd pollcn ol a llowci, I will diinl iliougl my cais
wlilc You, Youi voicc clolcd wiil cmoiion, icply io Him O Madlava! I am a
clasic giil! Plcasc lci Mc go!` Wlcn I lcai ilcsc woids ol Youis I will comc io
Youi icscuc, ialing Siï Kisna io iasl by icpiimanding Him scvcicly.
Wlcn Siï Kisna again iniciccpis You, wlo aic so coniiaiy, on His clcsi wiil His
iwo aims, ilcn Youi body will bccomc moisicncd wiil ilc icais l Youi ccsiasy.
Again and again you iiy io iisc up, wlicl causcs ilc locls ol Youi laii io bccomc
dislcvclcd, and You biaids looscncd. Tlc pcilcciion ol my lilc will ilcn bc
accomplislcd by sccing You in ilis swcci siaic ol allaiis.
Alici I lavc spcni somc iimc cniciiaining You wiil vaiious cxpicssions ol ilc linc
aiis, You linally ialc Youi scai on ilai bcd madc ol llowcis. Tlcn, as Siï Kisna,
Wlo is vciy accomplislcd ai wanion play, indulgcs in vaiious pasiimcs ol
cnjoymcni wiil You wlilc cxpciicncing ilc gicaicsi lappincss, You ai liisi icsisi
by saying: No! No! No!' My cais will ilus bccomc pcilcci iliougl diinling ilc
ncciai ol ilai sccnc iliougl ilc vincs suiiounding ilc iwo ol You.
Wlilc You aic boil disiiacicd in Youi pasiimcs ol loving playlulncss, I will sii
ouisidc and pull on ilc iopc wlicl is liiicd io a lan wiilin ilc lunj, ilus cicaiing
a gcnilc bicczc io givc iclicl io You, Wlosc bodics aic now dccoiaic by bcads ol
pcispiiaiion pioduccd liom ilc laboui ol lovc's play. Wlcn I lcai ilc cooing
sounds ilai You aic boil maling io cacl oilci, a gcnilc smilc will blossom loiil
loim my lacc.
Tlcn Rupa Manjaii and ilc oilci manjaiis will icll mc: Now you can lcavc ilc
lan and go io picl llowcis, giind sandalwood pasic and oilci sucl sciviccs.` I will
immcdiaicly acccpi ilis oidci on my lcad, bui will noi lccl ilc lcasi bii
disconicnicd ilai I lavc io lcavc ilc lappincss ol sccing ilc mosi clciislcd
pasiimcs ol ilai momcni. In oidci io piopcily cxccuic my picsciibcd scivicc I
musi ncccssaiily bccomc ilc objcci ol mcicy ol Tulasi Manjaii. In ilis way I will
scivc You in ilc lappincss ol lovc.
I will siiing llowci gailands and clcan Youi nccllaccs and oilci oinamcnis. I will
also malc small paini biuslcs wiil wlicl io laslion vaiious iilala piciuics lilc
ilc loincd slail and oilci. I will also picpaic camploi, sallion, sandalwood and
aguiu pasics loi anoiniing Youi laii and dail loims. Tlcn along wiil ilc oilci
sallis I will sii down io picpaic vciy iasiclully dcsigncd paclcis ol pan wiil
clovcs and bcicl nuis.
Having cngagcd in inicnsc baiilc undci ilc diicciion ol ilc loiccs ol Cupid, You
cloilcs and oinamcnis lavc all bccomc disaiiangcd. I will ilcn icady myscll io
dicss and dccoiaic You again. Simply by ilc glancc ol Siï Rupa Manjaii and ilc
oilci sallis I will lnow io biing ilc gailands and oilci ilings bcloic You.
O Goddcss ol Vindavana! Wlcn Siï Kisna again gazcs upon You alici I lavc
adoincd Youi giacclul body liom lcad io ioc and so comcs loiwaid, ycaining io
ioucl You, I will clasiisc Him wiil lalsc angci, my lcad iliown bacl and my
cycbiows coniiacicd in a loimidablc liown, all ilc wlilc clallcnging Him wiil
loud slouis.
Laliia dcvi, wlo las jusi aiiivcd, comcs loiwaid io jolc wiil You, cxpcciing io
lind You boil in a disaiiaycd siaic alici You loving playing. Wlcn, lowcvci, slc
sccs ilai You aic dicsscd quiic niccly, noi icalizing ilis las bccn accomplislcd by
ilc slilllul aiis ol Siï Rupa Manjaii and ilc oilci sallis, slc is asionislcd,
ilinling ilai You musi noi lavc cnjoycd iogcilci. Ai ilis iimc, Siï Kisna
addicsscs lci: O Laliia! I camc lcic io cxiiaci ilc iloin ol Siïmaii Radlaiani's
clasiiiy, bui ilis misclicvous maidcn ol youis picvcnicd Mc liom doing so.`
Taling ilcsc woids ol Kisna io bc jusi lilc ilc swccicsi loncy, ilc bcc ol my lcaii
will iclisl ilc iopmosi ncciai.
Tlcn, wlcn You comc oui ol ilc lunj, Youi body cnvclopcd in ilc lcli aim ol Siï
Kisna, joling and lisicning io sioiics iold by ilc oilci sallis, Youi biigli and
clccilul laccs slining loiil wiil gaiciy, all on Youi way io wandci aboui in ilc
loicsi giovcs, ai ilai iimc I will wavc my lands and iun io caicl up wiil You.
O my Quccn! I will sing songs ol my own composiiion in gloiilicaiion ol Youi
wondcilul claiaciciisiics and qualiiics wlilc I spicad a covci ol llowcis along ilc
pail You will iiavcisc, in oidci io malc ii vciy soli io ilc ioucl ol Youi loius lcci,
and swcci-sccnicd as wcll. Along wiil ilc oilci sallis I will coniinuously causc
by iliowing ilcm inio ilc aii, a iain ol llowci pcials io lall in cvciy diicciion wiil
Youi cvciy sicp.
O Goddcss ol Vindavana! Youi dcaicsi onc, wiil His own lands picls somc
llowcis io laslion cai oinamcnis, nccllaccs, aimlcis, a giidlc and a iiaia wiil
wlicl Hc will ilcn dccoiaic You, wlilc I busy myscll in dccoiaiing You wiil ilc
llowcis ol my pociiy.
Tlc bccs wlo aic aiiiacicd by ilc liagiancc ol ilc Kadamba iiccs, lavc now
aiiivcd io clani Youi gloiics, wlilc lc moonbcams dancc on ilc suilacc ol ilc
Yamuna, maling iis wavcs glisicn. You will ilcn bcgin Youi iasa dancc wiil Siï
Haii wlilc I play on ilc vina, wlicl I lavc bccomc wcll lnown loi, alici ialing
lcssons ai Youi loius lcci.
O Siïmaii Radlaiani! Wlcn You lavc linislcd Youi iasa dancc and aic now icady
io lic down io icsi wiil Kisna and ilc oilci sallis, wiilin a lunj ol ncw malaii
llowcis, I will biing juicy liuiis lilc pomcgianaics, mangocs and bananas io
disiiibuic io all ol You.
O Siïmaii Radlaiani! I will ilcn causc You io lic down in gicai ccsiaiic lappincss
wiil Youi dcaimosi on a vciy luxuiiani bcd ol loiuscs picpaicd by Tulasi dcvi, and
wlicl is adcquaic loi Youi loving pasiimcs. Wlcn I lavc goi You in a clccilul
spiiii I will ilcn ollci iambula loi You io clcw.
O Goddcss ol Vindavana. I will ilcn massagc Youi iwo loius lcci, lc liagiancc ol
wlicl causcs mc io bc caiiicd away in ilc cuiicni ol an occan ol wondci and
claim. Wiil my iwo cycs I will scc ilcm and lccp ilcm wiilin my mind always. I
will cmbiacc ilcm, and, wlcn no-onc is waicling, liss ilcm slyly.
O Siïmaii Radlaiani! Ai ilc cnd ol ilc nigli, wlcn I scc ilai ilc long cuily locls
ol laii ol Youi Dcaimosi lavc bccomc cnianglcd wiil Youi nccllacc and ilc
oinamcni wlicl langs liom Youi nosc, ilcn I will go and walc up ilc paiama
piiya sallis and biing ilcm ilcic io slow ilcm ilis.
ly slowing ilc sallis ilis splcndid sigli I will plungc ilcm inio an occan ol
ccsiaiic lappincss. In ilis way I will obiain immcnsc quaniiiics ol ilcii mcicy. I
adoic You, Wlo walc wiil a siaii wlcn Youi dccp slccp is biolcn by ilc sound ol
ilc sallis' anllc bclls.
O Goddcss! Iccling somcwlai aslamcd and basllul io scc ilc sallis ilcic You iiy
io gci up bui aic unablc io do so duc io ilc laci ilai youi nccllacc and caiiings
aic all ianglcd up in ilc laii ol Youi bclovcd. Unablc io discnianglc Youiscll on
Youi own, I will ilcn vciy clcvcily and cxpcdicnily iclcasc You liom ilis
cmbaiiassing siiuaiion by cxlibiiing ilc dcxiciiiy ol my lingcis in quiclly
uniangling You liom ilc long iicsscs ol Siï Syamasundaia.
O my Quccn! ly icmoving ilc caiiings liom Youi cais and ilc oinamcni liom
Youi nosc, ilcy will ol ilcmsclvcs bccomc discnianglcd. O Quccn, considciing
cacl and cvciy poic ol Youi iiansccndcnial body io bc ol inliniic impoiiancc,
moic ilan 100 million ol my own cxisicnccs, I will bc vciy aiicniivc noi io causc
You any pain wlilc doing ilis.
O My Quccn! As You piocccd on a soliiaiy pail bacl io Youi lousc, in ilc
company ol Youi cowlcid giil liicnds, I will sicalilily iciuin io suiicpiiiiously
obscivc ilc aciiviiics ol Siï Kisna as Hc iiics io bcscccl Candiavali in His lavoui
again, alici ilc laci ilai slc las bccomc ollcndcd by His inlidcliiy io lci. Tlcsc
dciails I will ilcn naiiaic bcloic ilc asscmbly ol ilc cowlcid giils.
Wiil swccily sccnicd waici I will wasl Youi lacc. Wiil iwigs ol ilc mango iicc I
will clcansc Youi iccil. Wiil a goldcn iccd I will clcansc Youi ionguc. Alici
pciloiming ilcsc sciviccs I will ilcn biing a miiioi io slow You.
lcloic bcginning Youi bail I will dicss you in a ligli wliic cloil. Alici icmoving
Youi nccllacc, biacclcis and oilci oinamcnis I will anoini Youi body wiil a iosc
colouicd oil so swccily sccnicd ilai ii capiivaics ilc mind. Tlcn I will iub licslly
powdcicd sallion and camploi ovci Youi iiansccndcnial body.
Wiil liglly sccnicd waici I will bailc You and ilcn diy Youi limbs wiil a vciy
soli and dclicaic cloil. I will diy Youi laii wiil ilc smolc ol buining aguiu, and
ilcn wiil gicai lappincss I will pcilumc Youi laii.
Tlcicalici I will dicss You in vciy aiiiaciivc gaimcnis and aiiangc Youi laii wiil a
goldcn comb. I will biaid You laii wiil jcwcls and placc small llowcis in ilc
ccniic ol ilc biaids.
O Siïmaii Radlaiani! In gicai dcligli I will dccoiaic Youi loiclcad wiil iilala
dcsigns and a pcail oinamcni and ilcn placc a diadcm on Youi lcad. O my
Quccn! I will dccoiaic youi cycs wiil collyiium, Youi cais wiil caiiings and Youi
nosc wiil a pcail.
O Siïmaii Radlaiani! I will dccoiaic Youi clccls wiil iilala piciuics ol Capiicoin,
Youi clin wiil a doi ol musl, Youi bicasis wiil vaiious linds ol piciuics, Youi
iwo aims wiil biacclcis and aimlcis, and on Youi lcad I will placc a bcauiilul
oinamcni cnciusicd wiil bluc sappliics.
On You lingcis I will placc jcwclcd iings, on Youi clcsi a jcwclcd loclci and a
lovcly blousc cmbioidcicd wiil pcails will adoin Youi iwo bicasis. Iinally I will
woislip you by placing aiound Youi nccl vaiiously colouicd llowci gailands.
Aiound You iwo lovcly lips I will placc jcwclcd oinamcnis aiound ilc anllcs ol
Youi iwo loius lcci anllc biacclcis and bclls and ilc iocs ol ilosc loius lcci I will
dccoiaic wiil iings ilai malc a swcci jingling sound. O my Quccn! Lvcn ilougl
ilc solcs ol Youi iwo loius lcci aic iingcd wiil a iosc-colouicd luc, I will dyc
ilcm wiil lac dyc wlicl las obviously amasscd lcaps ol icligious mciii.
O my Quccn! Tlougl Youi iiansccndcnial body is naiuially vciy liagianily
sccnicd, siill I will smcai ncwly giound sallion al ovci Youi limbs io pcilumc
ilcm. I will placc a bluc loius llowci in You land loi You io play wiil and ilcn I
will biing a jcwclcd miiioi so You can scc Youiscll.
Sccing You wondcilul bcauiy You lccl ii migli picscni a icmpiing alluicmcni
bcloic ilc bcc-lilc cycs ol Youi bclovcd, and ilis malcs Youi body vciy icsilcss.
Wiil cvciy paiiiclc ol my mind, lcaii and soul I will now ollci aiaii io You wiil a
camploi lamp and waici gailcicd liom ilc icais lalling liom my cycs.
O my Quccn! Wlcn Kundalaia aiiivcs ai Youi lousc, laving bccn scni by Moilci
Yasoda io biing You io picpaic Kisna's bicallasi, and You sci oll wiil lci and ilc
oilci sallis io go io Moilci Yasoda's lousc, I will iun bclind caiiying Youi
coniainci ol iambula, a jcwclcd lacc and oilci sucl aiiiclcs.
Aiiiving ai ilc Quccn ol ilc cowlcids lousc You will aiiain all wcll-bcing by
bowing down ai lci lcci. Slc will ncvciilclcss comc oui ol ilc lousc io gicci You
by smclling Youi lcad. Alici You lavc liisi lad daislan ol lci iiansccndcnial
body, vcilcd wiil slyncss and moisicncd by ilc icais liom lci cycs, I will also bow
down io ollci lci my obcisanccs wiil dcvoiion.
Moilci Yasoda will icll You: O bcauiilul onc, O Radla! You aic ilc pcisonilicd
loim ol pcnancc, ausiciiiics and divinc conicmplaiion, ilc cicsi jcwcl ol ilc lousc
ol Visablanu. In my lousc You aic also ilc pcisonilicaiion ol good loiiunc,
bccausc You lavc icccivcd a boon liom Duivasa Muni ilai wlaicvci You cool is
lilc ncciai, ilus You aic ilc causc ol ilc good lcalil ol my son and His complcic
liccdom liom ilc aiiacl ol any discasc.` To lcai ilcsc woids ol Moilci Yasoda
addicsscd io You givcs mc sucl inicnsc saiislaciion ilai a bioad smilc musi
ncccssaiily appcai on my lacc.
O my Quccn! ly ilc icsilcss movcmcni ol Youi cycs I can undcisiand iai You aic
vciy dcsiious io scc Youi dcaicsi, Wlo is ai ilis momcni bcing anoinicd wiil
caiious ungucnis and cologncs bcloic His bail. ly somc aiiilicc I will ilc biing
You io a vaniagc poini liom wlicl You can gci a glimpsc ol Him.
Alici wasling and diying Youi lcci I will ilc icmovc somc ol Youi jcwclcd
nccllaccs and llowci gailands wlicl migli gci in ilc way wlcn You'ic cooling. Ai
ilis iimc, laving bccomc vciy dcliglicd wiil mc loii my siiaiagcm wlicl cnablcd
You gci a glimpsc ol Siï Kisna You will say: O My maidscivani, ilcsc oinamcnis
aic loi you. Plcasc lccp ilcm loi youiscll.` Tlcsc woids ol Youis aic sucl a
souicc ol claiion loi mc ilai ai ilai iimc I appcai io bc lilc a madlavi llowci in
ilc lull bloom ol Spiingiimc.
Alici You lavc complcicd cooling a vaiiciy ol ilc loui linds ol loodsiulls, sucl as
swcci iicc, spinacl, soup and liicd ilings, all wlicl suipass ilc iasic ol ncciai,
Moilci Yasoda diiccis You io scivc ilc piasadam. To ilis You icply oui ol
slyncss: No! No! No!` again and again. Tlis sigli I will iclisl wiil gicai
O Quccn ol Vindavana! To scc Youi dcaimosi saiislicd by caiing ilc picpaiaiions
You lavc coolcd loi Him immcdiaicly iianspoiis You io ilc luiilcsi icaclcs ol
cxuliaiion, as Youi cycs, pccping iliougl ilc laiiicc woil ol ilc vciandal, diinl
ilc lusiious bcauiy ol Youi bclovcd's lacc. I will complcicly immcisc my mind ai
ilis iimc in ilc wavcs ol splcndilcious biilliancc wlicl slinc loiil liom Youi
iapiuious lacc, bcgoiicn by ilc ccsiasy pioduccd liom ilc aiiacl ol Cupid's
Moilci Yasoda dcclaics: O my dauglici, O pcisonilicd loim ol auspiciousncss.
Tlis is Youi lousc. Do I scc any dillcicncc bciwccn You and my son'` Tlc gcnilc
smilc ilai comcs io Youi lips upon lcaiing ilcscs woids ol ilc Quccn ol
Vindavana I will cicinally iclisl in my lcaii.
Tlcicalici, wlcn Siï Kisna gocs oui io ilc loicsi in ilc company ol ilc cowlcid
boys, lollowcd by His lailci and ilc oilci cldcis ciying icais ol lcai ai ilc
impcnding scpaiaiion liom ilcii dailing, You icmain waicling ilc giacclul
lovclincss ol Youi bclovcd uniil Hc is oui ol sigli. You ilcn piocccd io Youi
guiu's icsidcncc. I will accompany You as You piocccd liom ilcic io ilc loicsi
undci ilc picicxi ol going io woislip ilc Sungod.
Oncc in ilc loicsi, alici You lavc caugli sigli ol Youi paiamoui, You bcing io
picl llowcis wlilc I siand bcsidc You wiil a llowci baslci madc ol lcavcs. Wlcn
Siï Kisna accosi us wiil somc scailing icmails, asling: Wlo is ilc ilicl'` I will
icply: No-onc!` My only wisl is io bc ablc io icmcmbci You as You ollci Youi
cycs io Siï Kisna ai ilis momcni.
O ilicl! Lci Mc scc low many llowcis You lavc siolcn. Comc on, slow Mc!`
Wlcn Kisna spcals io mc in ilis way I will lidc ilc llowci baslci bclind mc.
Sccing ilis Hc comcs and loicibly puis His land on my aim wlicl causcs mc pain.
O my Quccn! I am Youi maidscivani! Plcasc savc mc now!` Iccling vciy
disiicsscd I call oui io You, my voicc iicmbling wiil anxiciy, piaying ilai You givc
mc slclici. In answci io ilis You accosi Siï Kisna wiil ilcsc woids: O You
cunning iascal! Wly aic You giving giicl io My liicnd'` Tlcn You comc and caicl
lold ol His aim, liccing mc, and giving mc slclici.
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