Worksheet 1 - Plan (Monica, Tina, Sonny, Jack - G1

-What is the subject of your advertisement/announcement? The subject is announcement. -What is the purpose of the ad? (E.g. to educate, entertain, inform, persuade, instruct, or warn.) The end of the world by zombies. To inform people to hide away because the zombies are attacking. -Who are the intended audience for the ad? Scientists of hunters.

-List the sounds, music, effects, and voices you will use below: E.g. (Sound: telephone ring, Music: Piano clip, Effects: echo on voice, fade out, voices: adult male voice, young girl voice) -Sounds: Zombies, Jack’s voice when Sonny is making his breath stops.

-Music: Plant vs Zombies, Walking Dead (The Undertaker). -Effects: Screams, explosions, shooting, Running citizens. -Voices: Sonny---Zombies, Tina + Monica---Screams, Jack---Zombies walking-hit the table.

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