writing compositions prewriting is the thinking and planning you do before you begin writing your composition.

it consists of: # reading and thinking about the question proposed; # deciding what your main idea will be; # brainstorming making notes and writing an outline. brainstorming is quickly generating ideas / examples / details / in form of a list. outlining is organizing your ideas into a logical structure for your composition. before you write your outline, decide what your main idea is going to be. then, choose ideas from the brainstorming that will support it. introduction: the introductory paragraph tells the reader what the composition is about. this first paragraph restates the question proposed and states your position. body: the body paragraphs contain a supporting point to develop your main idea. they contain uspecific details, examples, reasons, descriptions and personal experiences. each body paragraph has its main idea, which has to be developed. conclusion: the concluding paragraph is the last one. it can do one or more of the following possibilities: * * * * restate the main idea in different words; summarize the supporting points; give a solution; make a recommendation.