Maoling Mausoleum 1: 34.3380854°N 108.

Pyramid 6: 34.363135°N 108.63053834°E
Pyramid 7: 34.3617534°N 108.6401081°E
Pyramid 11: 34.3748955°N 108.6980009°E
Another: 34.3798011°N 108.7044919°E
Pyramid 15: 34.3977741°N 108.7124205°E
Another: 34.4008548°N 108.7646055°E
Pyramid 31: 34.2358251°N 109.1186142°E
Another: 34.2209934°N 109.0963411°E
Pyramids 33,34,35: 34.1810627°N 109.0223122°E
Huang-ti Mausoleum 37: 34.3812356°N 109.2540121°E
Shaohao Tomb in Qufu, Shandong - a small pyramid
Mount Li mausoleum (or Qin Shi Huang mausoleum, 驪山陵, 秦始皇陵) is the largest Chinese py
original height is 76 metres (249 ft), the present height is 47 metres (154 ft)
, and the size is 357 metres (1,171 ft) x 354 metres (1,161 ft). It was built du
ring the short-lived imperial Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC).
Maoling mausoleum (or Great White Pyramid, 茂陵) is the second largest Chinese pyramid
. The size is 222 metres (728 ft) x 217 metres (712 ft). It contains the tombs o
f emperor Wudi (156-87 BCE) of the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) and some family
members and proteges.
Inner Mongolian pyramid, situated about 1 km (0.62 mi) north of Sijiazi (四家子) Town, Ao
han County (敖漢旗), vestige of the Hongshan culture. The site of Niuheliang contains a p
yramidal structure too.
Yangling mausoleum contains the tomb of Wudi's father, Jingdi.

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