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Business English

Business English

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Business English: Useful Expressions.

Business English: Useful Expressions.
Study Business and Professional English

Business Correspondence • • Letters Business Letters Common Phrases for Business • • • Helpful Hints for Business Letters Sample Topics for Business Letters Writer's Checklist Useful Expressions .Business Presentation • • • • Nervous Mannerisms Presentation Tips Signposting Simple Presentations • • • Speech Preparation The Language of Charts and Graphs Thinking Positively about Presentations .Useful Expressions .Business Language • • • • • • • • • Apologizing Asking for Help Business Introductions Company Description Describing Business Activities Describing Jobs Describing Products Describing Projects Explaining • • • • • • • • • Expressing Appreciation Forward Looking Statements Invitations Job Responsibilities Offering Requesting Terms of Payment Using Tenses Appropriately Welcoming Visitors Useful Expressions .Business Interaction • • • • Analyzing Problems Asking for Information Closing a Conversation Customer Survey (Restaurant) • • • • Discussing Agenda Items Making Appointments Meetings and Discussions How to Plan a Meeting Useful Expressions .

(Formal) written apologies We regret to inform you that . (I'm) sorry. . . . but . . No problem. but . I didn't realize that . . . . . Prefacing bad news I'm sorry (I have) to tell you this. I have some bad news. Regretfully. Please accept my apologies. . I made a mistake. . I don't know how to tell you this.Apologizing Apologizing I'm sorry. . . I didn't mean to . . Unfortunately. . I hate to tell you this. That's okay. . . I'm sorry. . but . . . .

Nice to meet you. this is David Porter from Aerospace Inc. Richards. Jared. Hi. Have you met. Collin Beck. How do you do? How do you do? It's a pleasure meeting you. Winters Let me introduce you to my colleague. Collin. Allow me to introduce myself/my colleague. Jason? Jason. . I'm Greg. this is Susan Palmer. this is my secretary. this is Teresa. Dean Richards. Stratford. I'm Jill Watson. Mr. Ms. I don't believe we've met.Business Introductions Informal This is my boss. Pleasant. Nice to meet you too. My pleasure. Important body language to remember: Smile. firm handshake. Mrs. Mr. Formal I'd like to introduce you to my dear friend. Barbara. I'd like you to meet my co-worker. Good to meet you. eye contact.

. We produce small appliances. I'm responsible for sales. I program computers. This is our (newest) product. . I recruit and train employees.Describing Business Activities What do you do at ABC Company? I am in charge of marketing. . Describing Products Describing Products Tell me about (this product) What can you tell me about (this product)? Can you give me some information/details about this? What is special/unique about this? What are the specifications? Let me tell you about . What does your company do? We design software. It is made of . We build storage units. We're in the insurance business. . . This is one of our latest designs.

Why . . . . . . . Explaining Explaining Can you explain . . What happened . This one features . . . We'll get to that in a few minutes. . Can I get back to you on that? I'll explain (a little) later. with it This has/contains . This is priced at . . . This costs . You can use it to . . . You can . . Let me explain. Can we save that until later? . This particular model . . . . . Can you tell me why . . . . I'm sorry. . . We'll come to that later. Well. . . Here's what happened: There's a (good) reason for this: The reason is . . . . Let me tell you why . . . This is equipped with .It can be used for . . . I can't tell you that (right now). This comes with . . .

. . . . . We plan to . If all goes as planned. . . . . We hope to .Forward-Looking Statements Forward-Looking Statements What are your plans for the future? What are your projections for the next quarter? What do you expect to achieve (in the near future)? What are your (sales) projections for next six months? What are your goals for the coming year? We expect . Our projections are . Job Responsibilities Job Responsibilities What do you do (in your job)? What is your main job? What are you in charge of? I am in charge of training employees. . . We should . . We project . . We will be (V+ing) . . . According to our projections. I am responsible for watering the plants.

. . . I repair jet engines.I take care of corporate accounts. Would you mind (V+ing) . . Would you . . Would you mind if I asked you to . . . . Could you do me a favor? Formal Could I ask you to . . Could you . I mainly write reports. Using Tense Appropriately in Business Descriptions Use simple past tense to describe something that wholly occurred at a specific time in the past: I graduated from NYU in 1998. NOT: I have graduated since 1998. . . Could you possibly . . Would you be so kind as to . I usually answer telephones.) (Incorrect!) (Specific time) (Incorrect!) . (That's when the ceremony occurred. . . . . . Would you please . I finished the Hollins project last week. Requesting Informal Please . I have finished the Hollins project last week. . .

I'm sorry. Sure. . Use present progressive tense to describe ongoing projects. (Incorrect!) I have met him since last year. . We are building a new mall in East Heights. I work for IBS Corporation. I'd be glad to. I'm (kind of) busy now. ? Would you mind V+ing . (Correct!) I have known him since last year. Asking for Help Asking for Help Could you . I am responsible for orienting new employees. .? Could you possibly . Use simple present tense to describe facts. . ? Okay. . others are used for conditions that cover lengths of time. . . Sorry. She answers company correspondence. I met Mr. Be careful! Some verbs are used for specific actions. . . . She is teaching the hearing-impaired. no problem.Use present perfect tense to describe something that has been in effect from a certain point in the past until now. I am developing new software. He's a sanitation engineer. I don't have time right now. . (for me) ? Would you please . Flinders last year at a Convention in Little (Specific time) Rock.

. . . .Do you have a minute? Can you spare a few minutes? Could you do me a favor? Could I ask you a favor? Can I ask you to . I'm with ABC. (If you're not busy) I could use your help. What (type of business) do you do? What business are you in? We are in the computer business. Our headquarters is in . . . . . . . . We're in computers We sell . ? I need some help (if you have time). . What is the name of your company? Where are you located? The name of our company is . I represent (the) XYZ (company). . Company Description Company Description What company do you work for? Which company are you with? Who do you represent? I work for ABC Company. Our company is located in .

I'm in sales. . Our major products are . .We produce . I work at Wellbest. We manufacture . (company name) (general) (industry) What do you do there? . . I'm in the toy business. . Describing Jobs Describing Jobs What do you do? What do you do for a living? What is your occupation? What type of work do you do? Where do you work? I'm a salesman. What company do you work for? I work for Bellwest. I'm with Westbell. . I'm a contractor at JBX. . (job-general) (general) (industry) (specific) I'm a consultant for YXL.

(job title) (place in company) (general area) Describing Projects Describing Projects What are your current projects? What are you working on (at present)? What are your major initiatives in this area? We are currently working on . . We are in the process of . . . I'm in customer service. . I build houses. We are designing . We are building . We are developing . . . . . . . . We are marketing . I work in the sales department. . I work as an instructor. Expressing Appreciation Expressing Appreciation Thanks.What do you do at Bellwest? I'm a software engineer. . (specific job) I clean the restrooms.

. . . Would you like to go? How about (V+ing) . . . I was wondering if you would like to . . We'd be delighted/honored to have you as our guest at . . ? Do you want to . . I appreciate it. Formal: I'd like to invite you to . Would you like to come along? There's a . . . . I appreciate your lending me the chain saw. (tonight). . . .Thank you. . Thanks for the tour. We're going to . . ? I wonder if you would like to . I appreciate your hospitality. . Would you like to join us for (event) at (time) ? We'd be glad to have you accompany us . Invitations Informal: Would you like to . . I'd like to invite you . . . . . . . . Thank you for the nice gift. If you have time.

Offering .

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