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Involves my clinical death of 1974
Involves my clinical death of 1974

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Published by: api-3748568 on Oct 18, 2008
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Death… And; What to expect

When I had my (9 minute) clinical-death experience back in 1974, I was Curious to know if “others” who went thru the same thing ever experience Something different- and the ones I had opportunity to speak with pretty Much had the same experience to report such as passing out only to wakeup In the middle of a giant ocean of light which had a “brighter” area in the shape Of a giant sphere. The circle of light seemed to draw me like a vacuum to it’s Center core. Upon reaching the entryway, I met Granddad Roy. I couldn’t see His face- but I recognized his voice. His whole body was like a living shadow. He simply said; “so, you think your ready for this…? He then stepped aside as I was suctioned into the giant sphere of light. What only took (9) minutes seemed More like (9 hours). I wrote a detailed blog on it listed under; http://clinicaldeath.blogspot.com . The really strange part was when I discovered That I had an ancestry connection to all the main characters involved in my experience. Since that time, many books started to come out on the subject of; Clinical death & (Near experience)… The differences between the two are very substantial; “Death is cold-stone stiff” with no pulse, no brainwave activity, no Heartbeat, no breath & this was my experience. I even revived to discover I was Wearing a (toe-tag) which means (game over…!) Does that make me a Zombie? Or…Vampire…? I feel the experience only makes me (fortunate) to know what’s In store & waiting beyond my final deathbed… By; Lonnie W Craig 310 W. Bell Street FtWthTx 76140

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