the so-called “goodness” & mercy of god is based upon “god’s” preferential choices.

my whole life is a witness of this truth since the day of my birth! no power in hell- heaven or earth will convince me otherwise. if god was truly a “god “ of justice & equality- there would never be (any homeless)- “there would be no innocent victims of criminal circumstance- there would be no such thing as; (the poor) “the starved”…and the “depraved”. god is the creator of all life & therefore- the creator of all pain & suffering- regardless of sin or the lack thereof. adam & eve died only because they were human since day no# 1 & birth of any kind can be avoided…! or (aborted) to bypass the child’s guaranteed future pain…! so…why are we here? you & i are the (entertainment committee) of a very cruel ruthless creator who enjoys watching pain & suffering! why bother to blame simple facts on sinful nature's? if your birth had been avoided- then your sinful nature would have never existed either. who gave birth to the first human? god did! who created the 1st sinner? god did! who created the 1st dead...? god did... who gave interpretation of (sin)? it was levi & arron.... (and) without interpretation- "sin" would only be known as (abuse) according to the eyes of it's "victim", much like (beauty & truth)...all in the eyes of it's victim "aka" (the beholder). many folks ask me; why do i wear a rosary? the answer is simple; every rosary has jesus nailed to a cross & every cross reminds me that this is where jesus belongs... (on a cross)..."cursed is he who hangs on a tree". can you find what passage this little saying is found...? (hint); search the ancient prophets found in the ancient torah...! god does not require a blood sacrifice for the salvation from (sin) because god is (god) & can save & preserve "anyone" regardless of any blood sacrifice or lack thereof. i grew up in church... (9) different denominations & i will never require confessions from my own kids just to forgive them for (anything)... & i expect no less from "god"... closed minds hate hearing me say it- but ill say it anyway; “jesus” may very well save- but jesus will never spare the (poor), (starving) or the “deprived” & i are the only hope for the truly “hopeless”... by; chaplain/friar; lw craig unitarian-universalist. <> united faith ministries of fort worth texas

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