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The Evolution Deceit

The Evolution Deceit

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Published by Justin Best

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Published by: Justin Best on Nov 14, 2011
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Hunting birds have keen eyes that enable them to make perfect dis-
tance adjustments while they attack their prey. In addition their large eyes
contain more vision cells, which means better sight. There are more than one
million vision cells in the eye of a hunting bird.
Eagles that fly at thousands of meters high have such sharp eyes that
they can scan the earth perfectly at that distance. Just as war planes detect
their targets from thousands of
meters away, so do eagles spot
their prey, perceiving the slightest
colour shift or the slightest move-
ment on the earth. The eagle's eye
has an angle of vision of three hun-
dred degrees and it can magnify a
given image around six to eight
times. Eagles can scan an area of
30,000 hectares while flying 4,500
meters above it. They can easily
distinguish a rabbit hidden among
grasses from an altitude of 1,500 meters. It is evident that this extraordinary
eye structure of the eagle is specially designed for this creature.

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