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The Evolution Deceit

The Evolution Deceit

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Published by Justin Best

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Published by: Justin Best on Nov 14, 2011
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  • Introduction
  • The Darwinist Lie: 'Life is conflict'
  • Darwinism and Materialism
  • Darwin's Source of Inspiration: Malthus's Theory of Ruthlessness
  • What 'The Law of the Jungle' Led to: Fascism
  • The Bloody Alliance: Darwinism and Communism
  • Darwinism and Terrorism
  • Islam is a Religion of Peace and Well-Being
  • Islam Defends Tolerance and Freedom of Speech
  • God Has Made the Killing of Innocent People Unlawful
  • God Commands Believers to be Compassionate and Merciful
  • God Has Commanded Tolerance and Forgiveness
  • Conclusion
  • Blind Materialism
  • Mass Evolutionist Indoctrination
  • Darwin's Imagination
  • Darwin's Racism
  • The Desperate Efforts of Neo-Darwinism
  • Trial and Error: Punctuated Equilibrium
  • The Primitive Level of Science in Darwin's Time
  • Natural Selection
  • "Industrial Melanism"
  • Can Natural Selection Explain Complexity?
  • Life Emerged on Earth Suddenly and in Complex Forms
  • Molecular Comparisons Deepen Evolution's Cambrian Impasse
  • Why Transition From Water to Land is Impossible
  • Another Alleged Transitional Form: Archæopteryx
  • Speculations of Evolutionists: The Teeth and Claws of Archæopteryx
  • Archæopteryxand Other Ancient Bird Fossils
  • The Design of the Bird Feathers
  • The Imaginary Bird-Dinosaur Link
  • What is the Origin of Flies?
  • The Origin of Mammals
  • The Myth of Horse Evolution
  • Piltdown Man: An Orang-utan Jaw and a Human Skull!
  • Nebraska Man: APig's Tooth
  • Ota Benga: The African In The Cage
  • The Imaginary Family Tree of Man
  • Australopithecus: An Ape Species
  • Homo Habilis: The Ape that was Presented as Human
  • Homo Rudolfensis: The Face Wrongly Joined
  • Homo Erectusand Thereafter: Human Beings
  • Homo erectus: An Ancient Human Race
  • Neanderthals
  • Homo SapiensArchaic, Homo Heilderbergensis and Cro-Magnon Man
  • Species Living in the Same Age as Their Ancestors
  • The Secret History of Homo Sapiens
  • AHut 1.7 Million Years Old
  • Footprints of Modern Man, 3.6 Million Years Old!
  • The Bipedalism Impasse of Evolution
  • Evolution: An Unscientific Faith
  • The Tale of the "Cell Produced by Chance"
  • Confessions from Evolutionists
  • The Miracle in the Cell and the End of Evolution
  • Proteins Challenge Chance
  • Left-handed Proteins
  • Correct Bond is Vital
  • Zero Probability
  • Is There a Trial and Error Mechanism in Nature?
  • The Probability of a Protein Being Formed by Chance is Zero
  • The Evolutionary Fuss About the Origin of Life
  • Miller's Experiment
  • Miller's Experiment was Nothing but Make-believe
  • Latest Evolutionist Sources Dispute Miller's Experiment
  • Primordial World Atmosphere and Proteins
  • Protein Synthesis is not Possible in Water
  • Another Desperate Effort: Fox's Experiment
  • The Miraculous Molecule: DNA
  • Can DNACome into Being by Chance?
  • Another Evolutionist Vain Attempt: "The RNAWorld"
  • Life is a Concept Beyond Mere Heaps of Molecules
  • The Myth of the "Open System"
  • The Myth of the "Self Organization of Matter"
  • Darwinian Formula!
  • Technology In The Eye and The Ear
  • The Theory of Evolution is the Most Potent Spell in the World
  • Variations and Species
  • The Fallacy of Vestigial Organs
  • Similar Organs in Entirely Different Living Species
  • The Genetic and Embryological Impasse of Homology
  • Invalidity of the Claim of Molecular Homology
  • The Myth of Embryological Recapitulation
  • Materialist Confessions
  • The Death of Materialism
  • Materialists, False Religion and True Religion
  • Wrapped-up Lies
  • The Theory of Evolution has Collapsed
  • Evolution Can Not Be Verified in the Future Either
  • The Biggest Obstacle to Evolution: Soul
  • God Creates According to His Will
  • Honey Bees and the Architectural Wonders of Honeycombs
  • Amazing Architects: Termites
  • The Woodpecker
  • The Sonar System of Bats
  • Whales
  • The Design in The Gnat
  • Hunting Birds with Keen Eyesight
  • The Thread of the Spider
  • Hibernating Animals
  • Electrical Fish
  • An Intelligent Plan on Animals: Camouflage
  • Cuttlefish
  • Different Vision Systems
  • Special Freezing System
  • Albatrosses
  • An Arduous Migration
  • Koalas
  • Hunting Ability in Constant Position
  • The Design In Bird Feathers
  • Basilisk: The Expert of Walking on Water
  • Photosynthesis
  • The World Of Electrical Signals
  • How Do We See, Hear, And Taste?
  • "The External World" Inside Our Brain
  • Is The Existence Of The "External World" Indispensable?
  • Who Is The Perceiver?
  • The Real Absolute Being
  • Everything That You Possess Is Intrinsically Illusory
  • Logical Deficiencies Of The Materialists
  • The Example Of Dreams
  • The Example Of Connecting The Nerves In Parallel
  • Materialists Have Fallen Into The Biggest Trap In History
  • The Perception Of Time
  • The Scientific Explanation Of Timelessness
  • Relativity In The Qur'an
  • Destiny
  • The Worry Of The Materialists
  • The Gain Of Believers

ABrief History Of The Theory


son was the incredible complexity of life and the invalidity of the evolu-
tionary mechanisms proposed by Darwin.
These developments ought to have resulted in Darwin's theory being
banished to the dustbin of history. However, it was not, because certain cir-
cles insisted on revising, renewing, and elevating the theory to a scientific
platform. These efforts gain meaning only if we realise that behind the
theory lay ideological intentions rather than scientific concerns.

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