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Moradabad Numaish

23rd May – 23rd June, 2008

Company Bagh, Moradabad
 Numaish, or Moradabad Krishi Pradarshini is a fair
organized by District Krishi Development & Cultural
Pradarshini Department
 Annual affair – the set-up of Nauchandi moves from
Meerut to Moradabad to Aligarh and Agra
 Mela is in the heart of Moradabad in Company Bagh
 Timings – 7 pm to post mid-night
 The largest fair in the area with the official turn-out
of 25,000 – 30,000 people per day (as per govt.
published figures)
Mela highlights
 Food – from all over the UP
 Specialities from all small cities in UP and
surrounding states – brassware from Morababad,
Glass from Faizabad, handicrafts from other cities,
Chikan from Lucknow etc
 Rides of all possible sizes
 Maut ka kuan
 A stage on one side with orchestra bands, dancers,
 All the elements that make a rural / small-city mela
Participation deal
 8 stalls of 8 X 8 given to us FOC, as we provide
them 2 performing artists (at least 1 from
 The 8-stall unit can be branded into “Zee TV ki
 One month event – we start our activity only from
Day-11, so 20-days of activity (the branding will be
on from day-1)
 The total cost of the activity : Rs. 5 Lac, artists cost
 Approx 2 Lac non-duplicate footfalls over 20 days,
so average cost per contact will be around Rs. 2.5
Activities inside the Zone
 Division of the stall space into smaller zones, branded with Zee TV
 Controlled by one male emcee and 10 promoters (security to be
provided by the vendor and local authorities)
 Separate games in these sub-stalls
 Box pyramid (throw ball and break) – can have Zee vamps’ and
villans’ pics on the boxes
 Ring Throw – the goodies can be our own merchandise
 Picture cutouts of Zee artists
 Dulhann Mehndi Stall
 Jyotish Stall – exclusively for women
 Tambola branded with Zee icons
 Singing competition
 Aladdin Magic Show
Promotion of this activity
 Newspaper inserts / stickers on front page
 Regular announcements in the mela itself

 Local tempo-announcements (recorded)

Some pictures…
The ESBE event