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 Choose three well-known famous people. 1 ___________________________________________ 2 ___________________________________________ 3 ___________________________________________  Now describe each person using the prompts below: Famous 1 Nationality Age Face Skin colour Hair colour Height Famous for…..??  Describe your famous people. Can your partner guess who are they?  Pick a famous person you’d like to be friends with. Why?  Pick another famous person you like and answer: 1. Where does s/he live? 2. What does s/he do? 3. How does s/he look like? 4. Why do you like this person? 5. Do you know what does s/he like doing? 6. Why do you like this person? 7. Do you think you could be friends? Why? 8. Do you remember his or her last performance? 9. If your famous person acts, what kind of movie would you like to film with him/her? Famous 2 Famous 3

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