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The defendant, DAVID TREMBLA V, submits this Memorandum to aid the Court in sentencing. His sentencing is scheduled for October 28, 2011, before the Hon. William Holden. I. PROCEDURAL


On August 3, 2010, at approximately 6:00 a.m., Connecticut State Troopers and Woodbridge police officers, armed with a search and seizure warrant, came to the home Ct. The search and

shared by the defendant and his wife, Leona Tremblay, in Woodbridge,

seizure warrant authorized the troopers to remove computers, hard drives, cameras, videos, and related material in connection with an investigation of child pornography offenses. Mr. Tremblay agreed to speak with Trooper Samantha McCord, who is assigned to the Computer Crimes and Electronic Evidence Lab (CCEEL) of the Connecticut Department of

.Public Safety. Trooper McCord informed Mr. Tremblay that the police knew he had been





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trading pornographic pictures, including both lawful (adult) pictures and illegal images of children, through his account with American On Line (AOL). Mr. Tremblay, who had no prior experience with police interrogations and had never been arrested for anything, agreed to

speak to the trooper in her vehicle. Trooper McCord prepared a written statement, which Mr.


Tremblay signed.

He was not arrested at that time.


The computers and hard-drives were then sent to the state forensic lab for examination. On December 15, 2010, Trooper McCord applied for an arrest warrant charging Mr. Tremblay, with possession of child pornography in the second degree, in violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-196e, promoting a minor in an obscene performance, in violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-196b, and obscenity, in violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-194. The warrant was signed by Judge Karen Sequino on December 17,2010, and bond was set in the amount of $25,000. Mr. Tremblay was contacted and arranged to turn himself in to face the criminal charges. was arrested at Troop I in Bethany on January 5,2011, and immediately posted bond. On September 9,2011, after extensive pre-trial negotiations, the defendant entered a He

guilty plea to one count of violating Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-196e, pursuant to a plea agreement that provided for a "cap" of ten years, suspended after a "cap" of five years to serve and a


"floor" of two years to serve, following by a period of probation.' The "floor" in this case is determined by statute, because Section 53a-196e now contains a mandatory minimum term of incarceration of two years." The plea was entered before the Han. William Holden. A PSI was ordered and the defendant remained free on bond. Sentencing was scheduled for October 28,2011. II. OFFENSE CONDUCT According to the search warrant affidavit, the criminal investigation of David Tremblay began in November, 2009, when AOL reported possible downloading of child pornpgraphy by a subscriber." The complaint was assigned to the Computer Crimes and Electronic Evidence Unit of the state police and the screen name was traced back to Mr. Tremblay's home in Bethany." A search warrant for Mr. Tremblay's home was signed on July 30,2010. A search

team, including the lead investigator, State Trooper Samantha McCord, and a number of

1The original plea agreement put on the record on September 9, 2011, was for a 10/5/10 split sentence, but the "second plea agreement indicated that the possible term of probation was between ten and thirty-five years. 2The mandatory minimum sentence was added by a 2007 amendment. See P.A. 07- 143, §9. Previously there was no mandatory minimum for possession of child pornography in the second degree. 31nternet Service Providers (ISP). are required by federal law to report suspected child pornography to the government. 4The AOL account was closed on November 16, 2009. PSI, p. 2.



police officers,

arrived at Mr. Tremblay's home at about 6:00 a.m. on August 3d.

While they looked for computers, videos, cameras, and other related materials, Trooper McCord took Mr. Tremblay out to her vehicle and asked to speak with him, which he agreed to do. During th~ir conversation, which went on for 90 minutes," Trooper McCord confronted Mr. Tremblay with evidence the State Police already had obtained about his use of AOL to trade pornography, and showed him several photographs of high school girls and repeatedly asked if he had taken the pictures, and insinuated that he had taken pictures of female students on the West Haven swim team. Mr. Tremblay told her that he did not recognize any of the individuals in those pictures and had not taken any of them. He also denied taking any




inappropriate photographs of swim team members. At the time of the interview, Mr. Tremblay did not have a clear understanding of the legal distinctions between adult pornography and child pornography, nor did he understand the

difference between pictures of naked children and other child erotica (lawful) and child pornography (unlawful.) When he answered the trooper's questions, he was referring to all of the thousands of pornographic images that he had obtained and stored on his computer hard

5The written statement indicates that the interview began at 6:30 a.m. and ended at 8:00 a.m. However, the statement itself, which was hand-written by Trooper McCord, is only two pages long.




drive, not specifically to the small number of child pornography images. For example, when the Trooper asked him if he masturbated to the pictures on his computer, he said he did, but he was referring to the adult pornographic images on his computer, not those of children.

However, when the Trooper wrote out the statement, she put the sentence "I do masturbate to these images and videos" immediately after a sentence that described the pictures of child pornography that were in a folder on Mr. Tremblay's hard-drive. And when he said that he had

"over 1000 images of children," he was referring to the number of pictures of children on his computer, most of which did not constitute child pornography, although the statement written images.

by Trooper McCord suggests that he had "over 1000" child pornography

Indeed, when the forensic examination of the computer hard drive was completed in November, 2010, there were only 136 images identified as "suspected" child pornography, far less than the figure that appears in the statement written up by Trooper McCord and signed by the defendant. In late November, 2010, the forensic examination of the computer was

completed and the verification of identifiable child victims had been completed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC),6 NCMEC reported that there were 21

6The practice of the Computer Crimes Unit of the Connecticut state police is to send the child pornography images that they recover on seized computers to NCMEC, which maintains a database of identified child victims. NCMEC then sends a report back to the state police which identifies the number and names of actual child victims. The prosecuting authorities then use those numbers to determine the quantity of child pornography in a particular case. 5


-.. ~----.- " ~ -


images and three video files containing

identified children. For purposes of this prosecution,

the State claims that there are 21 photos and three (3) videos of identifiable child pornography." When Trooper McCord repeatedly asked both Mr. Tremblay and his wife about the girls depicted in the three photographs she had brought with her, he became further confused about what was unlawful because one of those photographs depicted a teenage girl dressed in a bikini. After seeing those photographs, Mr. Tremblay began to believe that photographs of teenage girls in bathing suits could constitute child pornography, because of the trooper's insistent questions about the photos. During the gO-minute interrogation, Mr. Tremblay became more confused. Although Trooper McCord took voluminous notes, the statement she wrote out and presented to Mr. Tremblay to read and sign consisted of only two hand-written pages. There was no audio or videotape made of the interview. McCord. 8 Mr. Tremblay signed the written statement, as did Trooper

"That number forms the factual basis of the defendant's guilty plea to violating Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-196e, which includes possession of 20 to 50 images of child pornography. 8Mr. Tremblay, who was in a state of shock at the time, has no recollection of being advised of his Miranda rights or of signing a Miranda "waiver."



In the statement, Mr. Tremblay acknowledged several years through two AOL email accounts.

that he had been trading pornography for

He describes the images as "bad stuff' and

said he knew it was "wrong." He indicated that the youngest person depicted in the pornographic images was five years old. The statement then indicates that he stored the images in folders on the computer hard drive, subdivided by what he believed to be the ages of the children. He also indicated he had six child pornography vldeos." The written statement

signed by the defendant also says that his sex life was not great and that he used the pornography on his computer for sexual gratification.10 The statement also made clear that Mr. Tremblay's wife knew nothing about his interest in any type of legal or illegal pornography and that he kept the external hard drive in a closet. It also says "I will stop this side of my life

on my own. I know it was wrong and I know I can stop."



In his statement to the Probation Officer for the PSI, Mr. Tremblay said the following:


1 I i


9Although the written statement says that there are six videos were of "girls under 16 having sex with older men," from counsel's review of the videos, it is impossible to determine the age of the females in most of them, which suggests that the "girls under 16" language was added by the trooper because 16 is the legal age of consent in Connecticut. 10AIthough the statement, as written, suggests that Mr. Tremblay was using the child pornography images for sexual gratification, that is not what he said or what he was doing. In fact, the child pornography constituted a small fraction of the total pornography found on his computer, and the overwhelming majority of the images were of legal, adult pornography.



-,~"::,, ..


._.' ~_. .. ... l

"For years I collected Playboy magazines with the hopes to sell them as collector items, at a later date. When I found that adult pornography could be collected on the computer I started collecting adult pornography. People would send pictures and I would place them in folder's. Not often but it did happen, someone would send an inappropriate picture, which I did not want, like, nor ask for. I was naive and placed it in a separate folder to be sure not to send it to anyone. I was very involved with teaching and coaching and clearly did not take the time needed to assess the situation." He continued, "My signed statement was in fact written by Trooper McCord, and many statements in it are inaccurate. My interest was in adult, not child pornography and my comments were directed toward adult pornography not child pornography." III. DEFENDANT'S BACKGROUND AND PERSONAL HISTORY


I !


'At the time his home was searched and the computers were seized, David Tremblay was 61 years old and lived with his wife, Leona, who was 57, in a single family home in Bethany. They have no children. Mr. Tremblay had been employed for 39 years as a high school chemistry teacher at West Haven High School. He had also coached the girls and boys varsity swim teams at the high school for 38 years." commendations for both teaching and coaching, He had received numerous awards and

including Best Chemistry Teacher of the


"After conducting a preliminary examination of the computers and hard drives seized during the search on August 3d, Trooper McCord went to the West Haven Police Department and enlisted the assistance of Sgt. Primer to determine if there were any pornographic pictures of current or former West Haven high school students or swim team members on the defendant's computers. There were no such pictures. Mr. Tremblay had also told Trooper McCord that he kept his teaching and coaching life completely separated from his viewing of child pornography and that there was no overlap whatsoever.


Year and Coach of the Year. His swim teams had won several state championships over the years. The new West Haven High School swimming pool had been named in his honor when it was opened in 2002. No complaints about any inappropriate conduct about Mr. Tremblay by any student, parent or coach. Shortly after the seizure of his computers, Mr. Tremblay made the very difficult decision had ever been made

to immediately resign from his position as the coach of the West Haven high school girls' swim team and to retire from teaching before the start of the 2010-11 school year, so that his school would not be at a competitive disadvantage for the upcoming swimming season. His retirement was effective in August, 2010.12 After that, Mr. Tremblay simply waited for the

computer analysis to be completed and for his inevitable arrest. During this time,he became depressed as he watched his otherwise-exemplary personal and professional.life unravel. His

name was stripped from the West Haven High School swimming pool, which had been named in his honor when it was built in 2002. Although this was a very difficult time, he gained strength from the support of his wife, other family members and a large circle of friends, including many former students and

12Mr.Tremblay's wife is also employed at West Haven High School and is an assistant swimming coach. Although Mr. Tremblay did not go back to the school after his arrest, he did take his wife to work on occasion. In March, 2011, several months after his arrest, several parents complained to the State's Attorney's Office that the defendant was seen near the school. As a result, the defendant was ordered not to be on the high school property as a condition of his release.


swimmers. He also gained insight into the wrongfulness

of his behavior from his therapy group

at the Sterling Center, which consists of Internet offenders, including individuals involved in child pornography offenses. Notwithstanding his criminal behavior in this case, David Tremblay is an extraordinary

human being, a man who has devoted his entire professional life to helping children succeed, both in the classroom and in the world of competitive swimming. and a Masters Degree, in Environmental University. He has a Bachelors Degree

Education, from Southern Connecticut State

He has received numerous honors during his 39-year career at West Haven High,

including: West Haven High School Teach of the Year, Outstanding Coach of the Girls Swim Team; West Haven High School Athletic Hall of Fame, 2010 American Chemical Society Teacher of the Year. He also received a Citation in 2008 from the Mayor of the City of West . . Haven for Hard Work and Determination. See PSI, p. 5. He also has had several business

interests, including operating a rubbish removal service and a tree service with his brother. Mr. Tremblay also has a Captains' License and has worked part-time running pilot boats. During 38 years of coaching girls and boys swim teams and individual swimmers, and officiating at swim meets, not one complaint was ever made about Mr. Tremblay's conduct or behavior. He is the godfather of several children of his former swim team students as well as his niece. The massive amount of post-arrest publicity surrounding in this case has resulted in 10








the very painful ostracization and demonization

of both Mr. Tremblay and his wife 13 by many

parents, former parents, and some former colleagues. However, many people have stood by Mr. Tremblay, including school officials, former Chemistry students and their parents, and former high school swimmers and their parents. Indeed, Mr. Tremblay has maintained long-

term relationships with many of these families, long after the children graduated from high school. Attached to this Memorandum are letters 14 from family members, former colleagues, student athletes, parents of student athletes, and a number of other community members, including a retired State Probation Officer. They attest to the loyalty, commitment, and work

I n


ethic of David Tremblay, his unwavering devotion to both the intellectual and athletic education and development of young people, and his extraordinary acts of generosity and kindness over the last four decades. One of the letters is particularly noteworthy: it is from a man who has known Mr. Tremblay for 30 years and has himself been the victim of childhood sexual abuse. This very thoughtful letter, written from the point of view of a victim, urges the Court to make a "holistic" assessment of this situation, one that allows rehabilitation .15

13Mrs. Tremblay is still employed at West Haven High School. "Twenty-four letters are attached as Exhibit A.

15Exhibit A, Letter of ~ 11


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Ill. DEFENDANT'S REHABILITATION Within days of the execution of the search warrant and the seizure of his computers, many months prior to his arrest, Mr. Tremblay retained undersigned counsel. He also reached out for help by making an appointment for a sex offender evaluation at the Sterling Center in Shelton, Ct.16 On August 27,2010, a Sexual Behaviors Clinic Evaluation was completed by

Andrew Kass, M.A., a senior clinician at the Sterling Center. The 15-page evaluation covered a number of areas, and included a risk assessment that determined that Mr. Tremblay was a Low Risk for physically offending with a minor. It also contained the following clinical summary: "In short, the evaluation did not determine any serious long-standing mental health deficits, nor any sociopathic tendencies. As far as I know Mr. Tremblay has not engaged in any hands-on offense with a minor, nor has he engaged in any sexualized conversations or interactions with any. Clearly, his attraction to childhood sexualized images is potentially dangerous as it can lead to a desensitization of children being protected from sexualized thinking. In some cases continued exposure to such images can lead to a desire to go beyond "just looking. Early intervention and treatment is generally successful in stopping the behavior and strengthening the individuals' controls over their behavior. In Mr. Tremblay's case I believe that with help he should be able to address these issues, eliminate the use of child pornography in his life and remain offense-free."

1"The Sterling Center is one of two recognized and respected clinics in Connecticut for the evaluCV10nand treatment of sex offenders. The other is The Connection/Center for the Treatment of Problem Sexual Behaviors in Middletown. 12

Psycho Sexual Evaluation, pp. 14-15.17 Following that evaluation, Mr. Tremblay enrolled in weekly sex offender treatment at the Sterling Center, in an effort to both understand and change his own behavior. He has been participating in a treatment group focused on offenders who have committed offenses using a computer, on a weekly basis, for more than a year. In a June 21,2011 interim report, he was

described as an "active and highly participative member of the group." In a follow-up report dated October 16, 2011, prepared in anticipation of his sentencing, the clinician reports that Mr. Tremblay plans to return to the treatment group after he is released from incarceration, and concludes "He has formed bonds of mutual problem-solving group, and his help and insights will be missed by them." In his statement to the Probation Officer who prepared the PSI, Mr. Tremblay concluded: "I am ashamed and embarrassed to be associated with these charges, to material I should have never been associated with in the first place. I am grateful for all the people who have stood by me and I'm extremely sorry for all the hurt I've caused to those who believed in me." with the other men in the

17A complete copy of the Sterling Center evaluation and two follow-up reports, dated June 21,2011 and October 16,2011, are being provided to the Court for in camera review and to the prosecutor who is handling this case.


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...:,;..,;:..:.1..;";:_;0.\, .



In fashioning an appropriate sentence, Courts generally consider a number of goals of sentencing, including specific and general deterrence, punishment, rehabilitation and the protection of the community. See, e.g. State v. Desimone, 1996 WL 560555. Among the factors courts generally consider are the personal history of the defendant, including any prior criminal history, the nature and seriousness of the offense, and the harm or loss to the victim. See, e.g. State v. Wade, 297 Conn. 262, 998 A. 2d 1114 (2010). Sentences given to other defendants convicted of similar crimes is not necessarily a valid consideration. State v. Johnson, 21 Conn. Sup. 381, 383 (1958). Because we do not have any statutory sentencing guidelines in Connecticut, trial judges have extremely broad discretion in fashioning sentences. discretion may be circumscribed by statute, however. Wade, supra, at 1127. That

In the past decade, the legislature has

increasingly chosen to pass or amend statutes to include mandatory minimum sentences of incarceration, and children. which cannot be suspended, for a variety of crimes involving sexual misconduct Of particular relevance to this case, since a 2007 statutory amendment, all of

the child pornography statutes now include mandatory minimum terms of incarceration. Violation of §53a-196d now carries a mandatory minimum term of five years incarceration; violation of §53a-196e has a mandatory minimum term of two years; and violation of §53a-



196f has a mandatory one-year term of incarceration. is the number of images the defendant possesses.


The only differences in these statutes

Because Mr. Tremblay pled guilty to

second degree possession of child pornography, he is facing a mandatory minimum, nonsuspendable sentence fo two years incarceration. In this case, the personal history and characteristics of the defendant, and his postarrest rehabilitation all weigh heavily in favor of a imposing the mandatory minimum term of imprisonment and the minimum term of probation, which is ten years. But for the statutory mandatory minimum of two years, this case would clearly call for a fully-suspended sentence.

Mr. Tremblay stands before the Court having never before been convicted of any crime, not even a misdemeanor. He has no criminal history of any kind and, as a result, has never been subjected to any type of judicial sanction, either by way of incarceration or a suspended sentence and probation. Courts generally apply a "graduated sanctions" model and look to an

offender's prior history of incarceration in determining what is an appropriate sentence for the case at bar. See, e.g. State v. Johnson, supra, at 383 384. ("In view of the grave nature of the

offenses, the previous convictions for the same type of offense, the ineffectual previous

18 See a/so, Conn. Gen. Stat. § 53-21 (a)(2), the portion of the Risk of Injury statute which punishes sexual contact with a child under sixteen, contains no mandatory minimum sentence. However, since a 2007 legislative amendment, there is a mandatory minimum sentence of five (5) years incarceration when the child is under the age of thirteen.


corrective treatment and imprisonment of the accused ... it cannot be said that the sentences imposed were not appropriate to the case."). He has been participating in sex offender treatment for over a year, and is reportedly doing well in that treatment. He is also remorseful about his behavior. Of particular significance, the Sterling Center evaluation indicates he is "8 low risk to commit offenses against children," which means he is not a danger to the community. In fashioning a fair sentence, the Court should also consider that as a result of this conviction, Mr. Tremblay will have a felony record for the rest of his life, he will have to register as a sex offender, and he will be required to abide by sex offender conditions of probation and participate in sex offender treatment during his lengthy term of probation." Those are very



significant sanctions.

During the last year, David Tremblay has both taken responsibility for his unlawful conduct and has also gained insight into the harm caused by the child pornography industry. According to the Sterling Center clinician, "Mr. Tremblay ..is horrified to think that he could




19P5I, p. 6.
20Generaily defendants convicted of C felonies face a maximum term of probation of three years. Enumerated sex offenses, however, call for a minimum of ten years and a maximum of 35 years probation. See Conn. Gen. Stat.§53a-29.




have in any way contributed to this heinous industry.'?'

Finally, this criminal conduct is a

complete and total aberration from an otherwise law-abiding, productive life as an educator and coach dedicated to children. For all of these reasons, defendant urges the Court to sentence the defendant to ten years, suspended after two years and one day to followed by ten years probation.





DIANE POLAN Law Offices of Diane Polan, LLC 129 Church Street, Suite 802 New Haven, CT 06510 Telephone No.: (203)865-5000 Juris No.1 00889 diane.polan@polanlaw.net His Attorney






21See Sterling Center Report, June 21,2011,

p. 2.

22Asthe Court knows, a sentence of more than two years will permit Mr. Tremblay to apply for parole, although it is rarely granted in cases involving sex offenses.






, _~.J._._,..; .. ..

CERTIFICATION This is to certify that a copy of the foregoing has been served, this 27th day of October, 2011, on the following parties: Attorney laura Deleo Office of the State's Attorney G.A. 23 121 Elm Street New Haven, CT 06510 Hon. William Holden Superior Court, GA 23 121 Elm Street New Haven, Ct. 06510










.. --.~.~-"

.. ...


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Bond, Debra MS, PNP-BC,APRN Burns, Christopher Caldwell, Steven Callahan, Joseph P.Jr., Ret. Chief Probation Officer Crabtree, Alton S. D'Addio, James DiNallo, Jennifer Faqin, Steve Gagel, Charles T. Grande, Philip W. Jr. Karejanis,John Jr. Liontas, Peter Metcalfe, Kenneth P. Morrissey, Vincent P. Ogren, Kurt Pimer, Michael Pimer, Robert and Maria Tremblay, Leona Tremblay, Robert E. Tropeano, David C. Tuohy, Beth Carlson, MSN, ANP-BC, APRN Widell, Shawn Curren Winters, Robert J. Jr.

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

.~,' .•2....• ~"

~: .•l,_._,._

Debra Carlson Bond, MS, PNP-BC, APRN 493 Buckland Drive Cheshire, CT 06410 April 25, 2011 Dear Judge, Connecticut Superior Court; I have known David Tremblay for over 30 years, since my high school educational days at West Haven High School beginning in 1979. David was my high school swim coach, in which I was co-captaln during my senior year, and he was also my Chemistry teacher. Most importantly, he was an adult mentor who helped me develop into the person Iam today. David and his wife, Leona, have remained friends of our family over these last thirty years and have been part of many family holiday celebrations. David was always an extremely supportive teacher and coach, always focusing on the positive attributes of his students and athletes, encouraging them to achieve their own personal best. In the classroom, David was an engagf,ng teachE!fwitb;b_is students, hoping to instill a love of sciences among his students. He would never hesitate to stay for extended hours in the classroom to help students who were struggling with science concepts or to allow those gifted science students to work on a science project. David loved being a teacher, and that was clearly evident to his students. As a coach, David was extremely gifted. He was extremely knowledgeable in swimming technique instruction and with strategizing in the ideal placement of swimmers to maximize team scoring of points. However, most importantly, he was one of most supportive and effective swim coaches that Ihave ever known. He would always provide positive and encouraging comments and constructive feedback to his swimmers. He would not ever turn away a student from participating on his team, no matter what his or her ability was as an athlete. His swimmers were part of close knit team and negative comments were just not allowed. David truly had that innate leadership ability to bring out the best performances in his athletes with positive feedback. Because of this leadership style and supportive caring demeanor, David helped foster healthy and positive self esteems among his adolescent swimmers, which was so important during those turbulent teenage years. Because his swimmers would spend hours practicing in the pool and competing in swim meets, David became a mentor to many of his swimmers. He was also a great listener, as we would discuss our struggles with friends ..families and school. He would provide guidance when we asked for it. David was that adult for so many of us, aside from our parents, who we could count on for objective advice. After my high school years, my relationship with David developed into an adult friendship that has remained throughout the years. While I am aware that David is being charged with serious crimes including child pornography and other charges, I have never known David to be unprofessional or inappropriate with his students or swimmers. I have only known David to be one of the most dedicated, compassionate and caring teachers, swim coaches, and friends that Ihave met in my lifetime. David was truly a positive influence in so many of his students" lives, throughout his lifetime of teaching and coaching. Sincerely;



JJ4MA--IAS rpfL}P-f!J(_ ~


Debra Bond, MS, PNP-BC, APRN



April 13, 2011 Judge, Connecticut Supreme Court Your Honor,
1 am writing this letter regarding David Tremblay with much

difficulty and sadness. The David Tremblay 1 know as a kind, considerate and devoted husband, along with a disciplined and dedicated coach is the last person I. would have suspected of possessing child pornography, as well as other charges. Mr. Tremblay and I have known each other for more than 35 years. We both started our swim coaching careers in the mid 1970's, Dave at . West Haven High School and me at North Haven High School. Our friendship grew over the years, not only competitively, but also socially. We attended numerous social events with our wives, including swim banquets, dances, and weddings. 1 considered Dave to be an excellent coach, a worthy adversary, and a friend. Our teams had many great swim meets throughout the years and what I admired most about Mr. Tremblay's coaching was his sincere rapport with his swimmers. He demonstrated this on many occasions with his kindness and concern for the welfare of each and every swimmer on his team. His teams were always well coached and well disciplined. When the West Haven Board of Education decided to name the pool after Mr. Tremblay, my only thought was, "He certainly deserves It! What a just reward for all the hard work, time, and dedication he has given to his swim teams." Mr. Tremblay has, in my opinion, exhibited only the best attributes a person can offer during his coaching and teaching career. He is a devoted husband to his wife Leona, he is Godfather to a child of one of his former swimmers, and was very active in the coaching community as a coach and referee. He always made sure that as many West Haven






-_.--.::~c~ ..~~.;;::'~

__ .._..",...__,__ .~ ..~~_._ ..

swimmers as possible participated in the sport and went on to achieve their personal goals. When this episode broke, and I became aware of the situation, I couldn't believe it. My first reaction was shock. How could someone like Dave Tremblay be involved in such a terrible circumstance? My shock turned to sadness, as I realized the affect this would have on not only Mr. Tremblay, but his wife, their families, friends, and everyone that they were acquainted with. As a friend of many years, being ·aware of the charges against him, I have confidence in the character of David Tremblay. He is a kind, considerate and devoted husband, and an excellent swim coach and teacher. I hope that he will have the opportunity to redeem himself and to receive support, therapy, and professional help.


~~Christopher Burns 122 Fitch Street North Haven, Ct 06473

April 18, 2011 Judge, Connecticut RE: David Tremblay Dear Judge, Superior Court

I have known David Tremblay and his family for forty years. In all of that time, I have found Dave to be a person of integrity. I have always known him to be hard working, straightforwardand service throughout honest. He-treats people with respect. Dave has been a leader in community his adult life. He has been

a dedicated teacher at West Haven High School for over thirty five years. He put in countless hours over the past thirty five years as the swimming coach at West Haven High School. I know that Dave cared very . much about his students and his swim team members and countless lives. I understand pornography that Dave is being charged with very serious crimes including possession of child and other charges. If the charges are true, I will be disappointed in Dave, but still believe I believe that he himself with honesty and integrity.

have no doubt that he has enriched

that for the better part of his life, he has conducted is deserving of leniency and redemption.



Steven Caldwell 7 S Wangonk Trail East Hampton, CT 06424








'......i .•. .;._~.







April 21, 2011 Presiding Judge Superior Court New Haven, CT RE: David Tremblay Dear Sir, . I am writing on behalf of David Tremblay. I have personally known Dave Tremblay for approximately ten years through the Yale Golf Course where he is a member and I have worked part time since my retirement from the State Judicial System. However, I actually have known him for the past thirty years. I have followed his career as a great teacher and coach at West Haven High School. He was a few years behind me in high school and I have always followed West Haven residents who have made great contributions to the West Haven community. Dave was so dedicated to West Haven High School that the swimming pool was named after him, Dave, his father, brothers and wife are probably some of the finest people I have ever met. Unfortunately, Dave made a terrible mistake becoming involved with pornography while being engaged on the Internet. It was not only a terrible mistake, but so extremely out of character for him. I have spoken to Dave extensively about this horrible incident. When he was arrested, he immediately told the police that he had a problem with going on line and becoming involved with pornography. Fortunately he was a looker only. He has a problem which he is very aware of and seeking to correct. Dave Tremblay has lost his wonderful reputation as a teacher and coach. He will have to live with this awful stigma for the rest of his life. He has paid a terrible price for his misconduct. Basically Dave has led an exemplary life as a teacher, coach and husband He made a terrible mistake in getting involved in pornography on the Internet. He is a sixty one year old man who has never been involved in the Criminal Justice System. I firmly believe that Dave Tremblay is an excellent candidate for probation. that he will never be involved in something like this again. I am thoroughly convinced




Hopefully the court will grant Dave Tremblay probation with special conditions of treatment pornography on the Internet. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.



p f_)JA.


~.n, Jr. Retired Chief Probation Officer MilfordIDerby Judicial District



March 2,2011 To whom it may concern: David Tremblay was a colleague of mine at West Haven High School for more than 25 years. This length of time and the nature of our involvement with students gave me the opportunity to observe this man in many and varied situations in and out of school.
It is my personal and professional judgment that David Tremblay is

an honorable man who taught all of his students, and all of the members of his swim teams, in a morally healthy manner. He consistently demonstrated ethical and virtuous standards that were above and beyond reproach. David and his wife, Leona, fostered a secure and safe environment in and out of the classroom and made a profound and positive impact on the lives of the students with whom they came into contact. It is without hesitation or reservation that I offer this character reference for David Tremblay. Sincerely,

Alton s. Crabtree Director of Bands, ret. West Haven High School West Haven, CT


__ .. _ .._ ..---_






April 19, 2011

To: Judge, Connecticut Superior Court Re: DavidTremblay t knew of David Tremblay before I ever met him. He, and his brother Robert, had acquired a reputation as fine educators

at the high school in the city in which I live, West Haven. I officially met David twenty years ago, in Maine, at the occasion of his brother Robert's wedding. Beginning around 1996, David, Robert and I became "golfing buddies", playing together weekends, the game we all enjoy. In 2003, I also began working with David at Yale University Golf Course part-time, where we also play. on

I am a believer in that one can learn a great deal about a person by spending four to five hours with that person on a golf course. From the very beginning, and to this day, David has always been a gentleman - honest, serious about his game without taking himself too seriously, supportive of those he plays with, and generally fun and interesting to be around. has grown. We have had the as a fine educator was That But, in the capacity of fellow employees over the last seven years, the bond of friendship opportunity well-deserved.

to talk at great length not just about golf, but about life, as well. That reputation

He has a passion for teaching that has not waned at all over the 35+ years he was in education.

passion extended to his feelings about his students he taught, and also about those athletes he coached as the head coach of both the boys and girls swim teams for most of those years. His preparation were quite impressive. And, his feeling toward his students, and student-athletes for teaching and coaching both were as if they were actually his

children - and in many ways, I feel that they actually are. We would talk about how he had run into past students, and I could hear the pride in his voice as he relayed how they were doing. He seemed to always be writing letters on behalf of his students and student-athletes to help them to further their education and working with those who were having that problems to get the help that they needed. That passion did not end at school. If there was a friend or acquaintance sound advice. The possession of child pornography something and the other charges being brought against David are, indeed, quite serious. times, and told us face to face about the charges being he may also be a victim. There is one particular instance that I feel

needs a hand and David feels he can help, he will. And, even if he can't, he will always take the time to listen, and offer

can be said about the type of person that David is by the fact that he sat down with myself and his other

close friends, his acquaintances and colleagues at different while he may havenaTve and made an error in judgment, brings me to this conclusion. A few vearsback, photograph, this, he approached

brought before him, instead of us finding out by reading it in the newspaper. Knowing David as well as I do, I feel that there was a teacher of questionable integrity that came to the pool to

as it turned out, only one of David's swimmers during a practice, not the whole team. When David realized the teacher to ensure that that would never happen again. That is the David that I know. I feel he

would do anything to protect the rights of children, not exploit them. My own son swam for, and was captain of, one of David's teams, and I would have no qualms about either of my sons or daughter swimming for him now. These charges have not changed my opinion of David one iota - he is a fine and good human being.

James D'Addio 120 Third Avenue Extension West Haven, CT 06516

....... _:.J.. ... ;_ ~ ...

April 16. 2011 To the Connecticut Superior Court judge. My name is jennifer DiNalio. niece of David Tremblay. David has been in my life since the day I was born. He has played a significant role as my Godfather as well as speaking on my wedding day. Growing up, he was always around and I was always eager to see him. I remember Easter when he would come to visit and arrange an Easter egg hunt for my brother and I. He also was the one who pretended to be Santa every year at Christmas and hand out presents to the family. He has a kind heart and has always enjoyed making others happy. I was raised in West Haven and therefore was a student in the West Haven school system. Every year on the first day of school when my name was called, the next question was always," are you related to Dave Tremblay, the teacher?" (my maiden name is Tremblay) I would proudly nod my head and respond "yes, that is my uncle". Over the years I had come to find out that David Tremblay was a well respected member of the West Haven education system. This became more evident when I attended West Haven High School where he taught and several of my friends joined the swim team. I never heard a negative word about him. Overall. David is a caring, responsible, loving man who has always put the interests of others first. During my senior year at West Haven High School he appointed me Manager of the swim team. I doubt such a position existed but he gave me that title and even awarded me a plaque at the swim team banquet that he held for the team at the end of the season. I could write pages about the wonderful, kind things he has done for myself and others. I am aware of the seriousness of the charges brought against David Tremblay. including possession of child pornography among others. These charges do not coincide with his character as I know it. However I hope that this letter helps to show that the man you see before you with the charges filed against him Is not the man that I know. The David Tremblay that I have known for the past 29 years has put the welfare of others first, is kind, caring and gentle. He is respected and looked up to. He is my "Uncle Dave". Thank you for your time.




jennifer DiNallo 100 Neenan Rd' Orange, CT. 6477

April 11,2011 To Judge, Connecticut Superior Court I am writing to support my friend, David Tremblay, whom I have known for more than 40 years and have always considered to be decent, honorable and trustworthy. Dave and I graduated the same year, 1967, from West Haven High School, where he was a standout athlete, and though I have since moved away from our hometown I have continued to visit with him and his family regularly. I am not a trained psychologist but as a newspaper reporter and editor consider myself a reliable judge of character, and can honestly say nothing in Dave's behavior ever suggested he ever would face such charges as those now being heard in your court. That alone, of course, does not mitigate the seriousness of the accusations, including possession of child pornography, but knowing Dave's commitment to the truth, and his desire to seek help in treating a problem, I believe he is entitled to some redemption. I believe he has come to understand that contrary to some misguided beliefs, this is not a victimless crime, but I also feel Dave has shown genuine remorse and I hope you see fit to help him heal rather than simply focus on punishment. Above all, Dave has a large and supporting family, along with many friends, who are eager to help him. Please give him a chance to reclaim his reputation, embrace the support of his friends and family, and to continue as a productive member of our society. Thank you for the opportunity to support Dave and his family. Sincerely,

Steve Fagin 63 Long Pond Road Ledyard, CT 06339

Charles T. Gagel 408 Old Tavern Rd. Orange. Ct., 06477

April 13, 2011 Judge, Connecticut Superior Court


Dear Judge, I have known David Tremblay for the past 35 years. We both have taught at West Haven High School. David was a Chemistry teacher, and I taught Technology Ed. Throughout my teaching career I had many occasions to interact with David. He always commanded a great respect with his teaching peers, along with the students that he interacted with. Every student who was in David's class always spoke well of him, and his teaching ability. David was always busy with the students in his Chemistry class, a's well as the students that he coached on the swim teams. .. I am aware of the pending possession of child pornography, and other charges against him, and find it totally against what I had perceived of his character.



Charles T. Gagell Tech. Ed. Teacher West Haven High School


April 18, 2011
ATTN: Judge, Connecticut Superior Court

Dear Judge: I have known Dave Tremblay since 1983 when I entered West Haven High School. I knew him as a homeroom teacher each day, Chemistry teacher, and Iwas on the swim team that he coached. I have seen and talked to Dave over the time since graduation as 1 have stayed in regular contact with his brother Rocky. We also have many common friends as my business and home are near his. As a teacher, Dave was able to reach not only the bright and capable students, but even the ones who may have needed a little more motivation. His dedication and patience stand out when I reflect upon my high school experiences. As a coach, he worked with everyone, ranging from the best performers to those of us who worked hard but may not have achieved great success off of the starting blocks. This was a consistent theme carried over from the classroom. In spite of great variations in abilities, Dave never wavered from fair and equitable treatment for all. It was clear to me that he wanted to help us achieve our personal best performances and fostered a dedication to team as well as individual. I believe that Dave's ability to inspire determination and dedication has provided his students and friends with a great foundation for success. Dave's situation is very serious indeed. I am aware of the charges against him which include possession of child pornography. Yet, I know of the lasting positive influence Dave has had on me and many other people. In light of the circumstances I feel that his effectiveness as an educator, benevolence as a coach and proven strengths of character will persevere.


~~~"'~nLI.0. , ~ti ,y
Philip W. Grande, Jr. 987 Orange Center Road Orange, CT 06477








.......:.:.:.........- ...:.-

June 3, 2011

Judge Connecticut Superior Court Your Honor, My name is John Karajanis Jr. and I am writing on behalf of Mr. David Tremblay. I have known Dave for more than 30 years. My relationship with Dave began as a student, subsequently as a coworker and we have remained friends throughout the remainder of my life. David Tremblay is a dedicated, conscientious, compassionate and caring teacher, coach and friend. During his career he has impacted the lives of thousands of students, teachers and -athletes. When I graduated, Dave signed my yearbook apologizing for not having to been able to reach me and challenge my learning to its fullest potential. I never forgot those words or how it made me feel. He truly cared about me as a student, and I failed to take full advantage of my education. I have worked in West Haven for 27 years, and have met and spoke with many of David's colleagues, students, and athletes none of which ever had anything negative or derogatory to say. If anything, he was spoken ofhigbly and with great warmth and enthusiasm. David will always be remembered for his contributions to the community. All those who know him, worked with him or had the opportunity to have him as a teacher or coach, are all better for the experience. I am aware that Dave was arrested on very serious crimes including possession of child pornography and other charges but I do not believe that this should be the basis of defining a man's life. David has a life history to be weighed against and in contrast to his crime. If one simply looks at what he has done with this life, the scales clearly tip in favor of a life that has achieved great purpose and value.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


..,_,.,__ _ __ .__._~_' .






__ ... _ ,_i ~

Diane Polan The Law Offices of Diane Polan, LLC 129 Church Street, Suite 802, New Haven, CT 06510-2049

June 24, 2011 Dear Diane, My name is I have known David Tremblay for more than three decades. During the course of thirty plus years, I have known David in a variety of settings; neighbor, student, member of high school swim team and alumnus. I am not writing to state my view of the charges against David. I am acutely aware of what David has been charged with and his acknowledgement that he was in possession of child pornography. Many legal references through the years have stated, the lives of the children captured in these illegal images and videos are forever altered. And these illegal images using today's technology travel the globe in lightning speed with thundering effect. I realize the seriousness of the charges that David is faced with currently. However, I want the court to consider my thoughts carefully when contemplating the penalty phase for all the charges against David. I would like court to reflect upon several perspectives; 1.) Special circumstances do exist, 2.) The Court needs to take into consideration a holistic view of David's character versus a limited character flaw related to a potential mental illness, and 3.) David has made a consistent and positive community impact for more than three decades, before making a life altering decision. Why, should my voice be heard? I have been a victim of sexual abuse as a young adult. One of my perpetrators was a doctor that was prosecuted in New Haven County several years back. I believe my background as a victim of "trusted" professional working with youth provides exceptional experience . on the matter under review. My experience as an abused young adult involved an individual, I would classify with "dual offender" status. Dual offenders are often classified as those involved in child pornography and carrying out acts of sexual abuse. Dual offenders are often cited in research studies as potential threats to society. In my thirty years plus of knowing David, I would not classify him as a dual offender nor a threat to society. I believe a condition has developed over the years that need professional treatment and attention rather than outright incarceration. There are several studies completed in the last decade that showed personality variables, self control and other factors provide insight to whether individual's deviant behavior would lead other activities such as acting out fantasies. A relevant study regarding this point of view was published in Criminal Justice and Behavior in December 2008. "Inferring Sexually Deviant Behavior from Corresponding Fantasies: The Role of Personality and Pornography Consumption". There are other studies that concluded similar results where" ... it appears that for some respondents, pornography was used as a substitute for actual offending (Quayle/Taylor, Deviant Behavior. 2002). In reviewing of the studies referenced, one Can discern t~at David fits the profile of individual that ",:ould not seek to act out.

In my opinion, David is accused of a significant charge for someone involved with youth, students and athletes. Both the community and David have much to gain from his lapse of judgment and addiction. I believe his penalty needs to assist the community at large in the short term while fostering his rehabilitation for the longer term. After all, we must reconcile his fault against his body of work involving the community. He has enabled many youth to lead successful lives as contributing members of society. I am one of those exceptional stories. Regarding David's body of work, he has demonstrated a respect for youth under his care in variety of situations. Prior to his arrest, he has been an inspirational leader to students, athletes and community youth for over three decades. I want the court realize he has tirelessly worked with youth in excess of twenty thousand hours beyond his teaching commitment. He has invested considerable amount of personal time and attention to community youth programs in a variety of disciplines; academic, athletic programs and extracurricular activities. In closing, I strongly believe we need to support a healing opportunity together. I believe we need to encourage. others. tOi.~me forward for treatment by developing and fostering a society solution. Society ~iubenefit '~ore from David's rehabilitation, whereas we lose a valuable opportunity if David we.r..encarcerated. i
'r"'.. .."'"

Should you or officers of the court have questions for me, feel free to contact me at your convenience. Yours sincerely,


~ ,,--_ ......










Peter Liontas 120 Washington st. Unit E Milford, Ct 06460 (203) 215-0632

April 12,2011 Re: David Tremblay To Judge, Connecticut Superior Court I have been a personal friend of David Tremblay since 197] and consider him to be my closest friend. David was the Best Man at my wedding in 1985. His friendship has been an asset and a blessing to me. In addition to my respect for David, I admire his wife Leona for her support and dedication to him in this difficult situation. David is the most honest and direct person [ have ever met. In 40 years I've never known him to He to anyone. He has always been soft-spoken, humble and has an amiable personality. He has been a role model for me and countless other friends, associates and students over the years. David genuinely e~oys helping people and sharing his knowledge apd experience.


David is the kind of person that will do anything for his friends. He has been there for me to help in countless' emergencies over the years, aiding without hesitation. Once while .. delivering newspapers I awakened him in the middle of the night to bring a rope tow when my car lost reverse gear and I was stuck in a subscriber's narrow driveway. He has ". often, sacrificed his time to help me with back breaking yard projects, He is a gentle and ,~", caring person and has shown those qualities on many occasions. I have witnessed him pull over his car on busy roadways on numerous occasions just to rescue a slow moving tortoise crossing the street or aide an injured animal. As a week-end warrior, J have always been impressed by David's sportsmanship and integrity on the various playjng fields in which we competed together. I am aware that David is being charged with possession of child pornography and he has explained the circumstances to me. It saddens me that this proud man's zest for life has diminished, his previously unblemished reputation tamished and his accomplished career ended prematurely, This is a serious charge but I know David better than most and this will not change my most favorable opinion of him.

Peter Liontas


' ...::.. ... _ ...

Kenneth P. Metcalfe 3319 N. Kensington Street Arlington, VA 22207 Home: (703) 536-1958; Cell: (703) 568·,4239

Email: !!pmsdm@hot.ll1.?U&Qill

June 21, 2011

Dear Judge Holden: Your honorAlthough I am not certain how many similar letters you will receive or how much bearing any or of them might have on the case, I feel compelled to send this letter regarding Dave Tremblay to you and the Court. In addition, I am available to speak with you at any time concerning any of the content of this letter. And, ifit would help in any way, my family and I would be more than willing to come to Connecticut to do so in person.


I have known David Tremblay now for nearly 36 years, in multiple capacities} including:

As a student for one year (academic year 1976) when he was my (and my wife, Sandy's) chemistry teacher; As a chemistry laboratory assistant for three years (academic years 1975 through my graduation in 1978), assisting David and other chemistry teachers at West Haven High School; As the manager of the West Haven High School girls' swim team for three years (academic years 1975 through 1978), as David was coaching the team;



~ As the godfather of my (and Sandy's) first-born daughter, Cassandra, beginning in 1989;

And as a very dear and loyal friend over the entire time period from 1975 through the current day and, I hope, for the rest of our lives ...

After graduating from West Haven High in 1978, moved to the DC area to attend Georgetown University and, since then, have remained in the area, now residing in Arlington, VA. But with both my wife's and my extended families stilI in the New Haven area, we are frequent visitors to Connecticut, including for all major holidays. litigation consulting and, since 1982, I have testified under oath in federal and state courts) as well as in alternative dispute resolutions, in numerous matters over the past nearly 29 years. And I take my duties to the courts very seriously. In the various capacities that I have outlined above, I believe that David I have always been close friends. David and his wife, Leona, attended Sandy's and my wedding. They themselves were subsequently married our home in Virginia. They have attended the baptisms of every one of four girls. And David and Leona have joined us on multiple family vacations and are regular participants at holiday and other get-togethers my extended family in Connecticut,


Following my graduation from Georgetown, I went into the field of

and at our



Your honor, I have recited the above to let you know that I neither make my observations lightly nor do I do so as someone who does not know David Of, indeed, has not known him for a very long time. That said, my wife, my four daughters, and I have each known him to be a person of excellent character-the kind of person who would do anything to help someone (and he has done so many times of my own personal knowledge over the last quarter century, plus).

I have personally observed him very closely with students and with members of the girls) swim team over the years-both at school and at out-of-school
functions. And, in his roles as teacher and coach, I have never once observed any inappropriate (or even questionable) behavior-physical OR verbal. Nor have I ever heard of such an instance, either directly or "through the grapevine." In fact, my personal experience is that David's behavior is, if anything, exactly the opposite-going out of his way to avoid any situation that even had the appearance of impropriety. In fact, until this very serious matter at issue, I have never heard of any complaint against his ethical or moral behavior-and) to the best of my knowledge, over this








,... ,.... ,_, ...l....~~~. ~

entire time period, there has never been one such complaint made against him, in his professional capacity or any other. I believe David to be exceptionally honest (if one can be more honest than another honest person.) I do not believe he is emotionally capable of lying-it would too heavily weigh on his conscience. It is one of the reasons why I believe he has been so open and forthright in his current situation, in aILlikelihood to his own detriment (His attempt to be completely honest in this matter led to a very detailed and now, unfortunately, well-publicized statement to police officers when they first appeared at his home with a warrant.)

I also know David has earned many accolades in his professional career,
both for teaching and coaching. I have been honored to be present, along .-with my family, at some of his award ceremonies. But more importantly, J have known and continue to know him as a dear friend. He has always been a loyal, kind and gentle person and, again, I've never known him to have ill will towards, let alone intentionally hurt, anyone. All four of our daughters adore him, having known and been close to him since birth and they are all heart-broken by all that has happened and is happening. My wife and I have always trusted him with OUf girls and still do-implicitly. He has never-and I believe would never--physically emotionally harm anyone in any way.


AU of the above is not meant in any way to diminish the seriousness of the charges against David. Admittedly, as long as we have known him, we were shocked to learn that he had his computer confiscated and was ultimately being brought up on charges of having child pornography. My wife and I have both many times since hearing wished that we had had some inkling that David was obtaining photographs-and some of them wholly inappropriate. Had we had any idea, we would have intervened to focus him on what he was doing, causing him, we are sure, to stop immediately. However, since disclosure of his crime, this man's life has already been utterly destroyed. And yet, despite extensive and lengthy efforts on their part, the authorities have, to my knowledge, found no other wrongdoing than .. that related to the possession of a few dozen illegal photos. No wrongful contact with any former or current students. No wrongful communications with minors. No other complaints against him for anything. Only photos. 3

And my understanding is that of tens of thousands of pictures he had evidently accumulated over many years, a very tiny percentage was ultimately found to be illegal. For that, we have watched from afar as the press has excoriated David. He has been stripped of past honors achieved (e.g., his name has been removed from the West Haven High School pool.) and his name has been and continues to be dragged through the proverbial mud. While I well understand a crime has been committed, I have also been raised to believe and have lived believing that punishments should fit the crime. Yet, after all that has been done thus far to, for all intents and purposes, . destroy this man's life, it seems well beyond reason that David should now have to go to jail, as well. I realize that certain crimes) including the possession of child pornography, carry legislatively mandated minimum sentences. However, if there is anything in your power to do, your honor, to obviate the need for that punishment, my family and I all plead that you would pursue that path instead. I have never been a believer in mandatory sentencing laws. Having worked with many judges over the years, I have found each and everyone eminently qualified and capable of making fair decisions based upon the individual facts and circumstances brought before them in their cases. While I must, ofcourse, admit bias in this instance, I do believe that if there were ever a case that did not warrant a legislative dictate on a judicial process, this is certainly one. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter, your honor. Rest assured that I do not submit a letter like this lightly or without a great deal of thought. I understand that my friend is guilty of a serious crime here. But still I know him to be a good and honorable man and citizen, and, at 61 years old now, one never before in trou.ble with the law. I submit this letter of appeal to you with faith that you too, knowing such a friend, would come to his or her aid to do whatever you could in such a time of need. Very truly yours,

Kenneth P. Metcal fe



April 10, 2011 To: Judge, Connecticut Superior Court Re: David Tremblay Your Honor, Even though three of my four children graduated from West Haven High School, I had never met David Tremblay until twelve years ago when Ijoined the summer staff at the Yale Golf Course where David also worked. Previous to Yale, I was employed for thirty three years at SNET in New Haven where I held various managerial positions. I retired in 1999 as Operations Manager. From the first day I met David, I found him to be friendly, cordial and an extremely hard worker. I asked him if he knew any of my kids and he said he did not. This certainly did not surprise me since my kids were involved in other team sports, but not swimming. My youngest daughter, Kara, had many girlfriends who were members of the swim team and when I told them that I was working with their coach during the summer, they couldn't say enough good things about him. During the past twelve summers, I've had the opportunity to work and talk with David almost daily. I never heard him once make any derogatory comment about any individual to me during that time. This I think is a virtue in itself considering the world we live in. I saw him rent the Yale Golf Course restaurant to hold his swim team's annual banquets. I saw him put Microsoft power point presentations together with music to make these banquets extra special for the team and especially the seniors. I saw him buy gifts for the team out of his own pocket. That is why it is so hard for me to believe the crime he is accused of. This is not the man Iknowll I have also talked on occasion with the parents of swim team members both past and present and to a person they've told me that is not the man they know. . There is no doubt that the crime David is accused of is very serious. As someone who has been on this planet for nearly sixty eight years, I've seen, read and heard a lot and nothing should surprise me. 1 also understand, based on media reports, that it would be very easy to jump on the bandwagon and crucify him. A lot of people obviously have; but I'm not one of them, nor will I be one of them. David's made a mistake, a very serious mistake, something I sure he regrets immensely. In closing, I ask your consideration in looking at the positive impact he has made during the course of his adult life versus the lapse of very bad judgement he exhibited and for which I believe he is truly sorry for.

Vincent P. Morrissey ~ 4 Martin Lane West Haven, CT 06516 ([

Kurt C. Ogren 8 Bridle Path Lane Seymour, CT 06483

April 12, 2011

Dear Judge, Connecticut Supreme Court: I have known Mr. David Tremblay as a colleague for 12-years at West Haven High School. I have served as an administrator for seven of those years. Several times I have been Mr. Tremblay'S evaluator. I have always seen Mr. Tremblay as an excellent teacher who was very enthusiastic about his job. Mr. Tremblay displayed excellent classroom management and good rapport with his students. Mr. Tremblay'S content knowledge was superior and his higher level classes would rival many college classes. Mr. Tremblay was very active as Head Coach of both the girls and as long as I can remember. The student-athletes onhis teams were citizens within our school and our community. I enjoyed attending banquets for Mr. Tremblay'S teams several times and I was always "family" atmosphere that was evident. boys swim teams for consistently good the season-ending impressed with the

I was surprised to learn that Mr. Tremblay was retiring as teacher and coach at West Haven High School just prior to the start of this school year. I found it to be very upsetting to learn that Mr. Tremblay was being charged with very serious crimes.

In the dozen years that I have known David Tremblay, I have always thought ofhim as a
gentleman, an excellent teacher and coach, and a positive force at West Haven High School.

Kurt Ogren

Judge, Connecticut

Superior Court

April 25,2011

David Tremblay has been a friend to my family and myself for about 30 years. I trusted Dave with all four of my children 3 boys and a girl in the swimming pool and out. Our family has visited Dave at his home and gone fishing in the ocean with Dave. The swimming community is a very dose knit group. Dave has always been a first class gentleman with all the groups children and adults. I understand that Dave has been caught with child pornography and other charges. J also believe that Dave has a sickness. I believe with help he could straighten has life out. There our very few of us humans that at some time hasn't committed something that we are not proud of. I Michael Pimer am a highly respected person of good character and would not right this letter in Dave's behalf if I didn't believe he was capable of change.

~17~JJ~. ~
L:e::rm~r 37 Warner Avenue West Haven, Connecticut 06516


.:.... .. _._. ____._ .. _ _ .. _ _

_' i ~~. ..


_'_ i.'L~" ..

April 18, 2011 Judge; ConneG/jicut Superior Court: My wife and I are writing to you on behalf of our very dear friend, David Tremblay. is charged with very serious crimes, including possession of child pornography We understand Dave

and other charges.

We are aware of the charges being brought against him. Although the charges are very serious charges we both believe that all the good Dave has done for our family and all the students and swimmers he has known is what truly represents his character. I have known entering

nave for over 30 years. As a young, teenage swimmer in the City of West Haven and

knowing of hi!. .... oaching abilities; my friends and I could imagine swimming for no one else when High School. Once [olnlng the West Haven High School Swim Team I realized Coach Trem What I didn't know during this time was the that he would instill in and the value of family and friendships would be one of my life long friends and mentors. leadership skills, swimming achievements, me. After High School, Dave and I became closer as he worked for our family business and became like a big brother to me. We did everything Godfather from scuba diving to offshore fishing trips together. Hewas someone I could go to for advice and guidance. to qur youngest daughter. coaching our own Swim Team. We. My wife and I became so close to pave that we asked him to be

Dave also encouraged my wife and I to take on the challengeof

coached Age Group Swimmers for the West Haven Park-Rec Department still coaching at the US Swimming and High School levels and attribute alii have learned from Dave over the years. My ultimate this time.


16 years. Currently, I am to

my coaching accomplishments

dream was to coach at West Haven High upon Dave's retirement.

While this has always he could not continue at

been a goal of mine it was too soon in my opinion and feel it was unfortunate

I would like you to know that Dave's picture hangs in my parent's home along with the photos of myself and my brothers, sister, nieces, nephews and my own children. Other than our immediate family there are no other individuals that I entrusted his wife Leona. This flaw in Dave's life at this time will never undo or erase the positive role model he has been for me and many others and it will never change the positive influence he has had in my life and in the lives of my family members and his former swimmers My coach and best friend Dave Tremblay and students. ',' to care for my own two daughtersover the years than Dave and

will always be .~ear in our hearts.

<-T~~:time:. ~{(!KrY~~/

7Xa£~rftJ1JAMaria Pimer

Leona Tremblay 34 Morris Rd Woodbridge, CT. 06525 203~393 ~3031 April 4, 2011

Judge of the Connecticut Superior Court, My name is Leona Tremblay and I'm the proud wife of David A. Tremblay. I have been married to David for 20 years and I have known him for 30 years. David and I have been best friends and have done everything together for all these years. We went to work in the same car, worked at the same school, coached together and came home together. I know David and know he is being charged with possession of child pornography, which is totally out of character, for David. When Trooper McCord came to the house and wanted David and I to agree that he had taken inappropriate pictures of girls that he knew. I told her that I would bet my life that David would never do such a thing. David is an honest and caring person who does not lie, and I've never seen him do anything out of line. He has however, done everything in his power to protect the children in his care. David has made his living working with children and I have been with him by his side. He made a reputation that he has been very proud of. CIAC Outstanding Coach of the Girls Swimming 1991

The West Haven Swimming Pool was named the David A. Tremblay Pool in his honor in 2002 West Haven High School Teacher of the Year 2001 ? West Haven High School Athletic Hall of Fame 2005 American Chemical Society Teacher of the Year 2010 David has always worked long hard hours to be the very best teacher and coach. This is all gone now, as he has lost his job; teaching, coaching, referee and officiating, as well as his second job at Yale. Due to all the negative press, I have had people tum their backs, talk about me and be very rude. Any penalty to David is also a penalty to me. Never once did I ever think about leaving David. I know him and he is not the person presented in the media. The penalty he is facing is way out of line, he is not a bad person. David loves to help others, please show him some compassion, as he has done for so many, for so many years. I believe in, trust him and will be with him forever.

Sincerely yours, Leona Tremblay

. -'-'..:2.:. .. .:.:...: ......


Judge, Connecticut Superior Court

From: Robert E. Tremblay, older brother of David A Tremblay Date: April 10, 2011 .Re: Character letter for my brother Dave

Dave Tremblay is the most honest, caring person that I know. He has spent his entire life helping others. Dave has served as a role model to countless students and athletes and is loved and admired by all who know him. The charges of child pornography have left him, his family, friends and former students devastated. Although he ended up with underage pictures on his computer, Dave is not the person depicted in the press and not the type of person the laws were intended to protect us from. I trust Dave with my life as well as the life and well-being of our daughter Maddie. In the case of the untimely death of my wife Cathy and myself, Dave and his wife Leona remain listed as the legal guardians of our daughter Madeline.

Dave is not sick, he does not need help and he is not a threat to society. He has lost his career as an educator, coach, mentor and his reputation. Please show Dave Tremblay the compassion that he has shown everyone that he has ever met

With love and respect for Dave, please spare him any more pain.

Sincer~~ ,


Robert E.Tremblay 27 Pease Rd. Woodbridge, CT 06525


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TO: Judge, Connecticut Superior Court DATE: 17-April-20 11 SUBJECT: Character letter for David Tremblay

Your Honor, My name is David Tropeano and I was a student of David Tremblay'S from 1981-1983. He was also my swim coach and the coach of the girl's swim team where I acted as manager. In addition to daily classes, swim practices, and swim meets I also participated in multiple school academic contests that Mr. Tremblay chaperoned and chaired. In all of these interactions he was a model teacher, coach, and adult. I was upset and saddened to learn of the charges Mr. Tremblay faces. I can also say without reservation that the Dave Tremblay I knew was an excellent educator and coach - a person who spent time to listen to students, teach students, and demonstrate how a teenager should approach the responsibilities of adult hood. To be more direct - when I think about the best and most influential teachers and adults I had in my life during my teenage years, Dave Tremblay is on that list. I know that he is being charged with serious crimes - possession of child pornography being one - but I stilI believe he is a man of good, strong character.

David C Tropeano ~ 907 Arberdeen Drive Greensburg, PA 15601



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Beth Carlson Tuohy, MSN, ANP-BC, APRN 84 Merry Meet Circle Fairfie Id,' CT 06824 Judge Superior Court Connecticut April 25, 2011 Your Honor:

have had the honor of knowing David Tremblay and his wife Leona for over 30 years now. to David as my high school swim coach of four years, the last of which I coHe also happened to become my Chemistry teacher and a respected mentor. college His support and guidance have proved pivotal in my career development. lnstllled.a senseof hard work and discipline to perform at your best, Practices.were hard and But David and Leona became my landlords and close friends after 1completed

was first introduced captained the team. most importantly,

with a nursing degree.

As a swim coach.Davld both In and out of the water.

focused, vet he made them fun for all. The girls
of swimming; but never at the.cost David

swim team was regarded I)ighly,by, students-and faculty alike, We Dad the highest grade point average for any team in the high school. of our studies. David emphasized the importance One of-the best qualities he imparted on us was the strong sense of teamwork.

never turned away a student that wanted to join the team, even if they could not swim a lap. He encouraged each and every swimmer, and by the end ofthe able to swim, could swim. friendship of my fellow swimmers. Before every swimming season those that started to year not being and meet, David would hold a strategy meeting But what 1remember of my swim team years is a sense of camaraderie

that would detail a plan for each swimmer to achieve certain times and put us in a position to win the meet. But it was during these meetings that we bonded as a team, he showed us how by working together we could accomplish anything. And during a meet, we all cheered not just for the lead He made sure that everyone felt like a part of but he also managed to driven, focused and enthusiastic swimmer, but just as loud for the last girl in the water. the team. As a coach, he was appropriately always be caring and supportive. As a teacher, he exemplified enjoyable. learn. His enthusiasm the same characteristics that made his a great coach. He

encouraged us to excel with constant challenges; but at the same time made class both fun and towards the sciences was contagious and his students actually wanted to He treated each student with respect and positive comments, which in turn caused the class to 11'1;time when fighting was common in school, David managed to provide a safe a But evenout of class, David.was also a mentor, He "Vas also there after school Most days after school, several of-the swim team

respect him greatly.' learning environment.

for questions regarding his cfass or just life in general. before practice.

members would dine in David's class room. It gave us a safe, quiet place to eat and do homework A day never went by that David did not come over to see if we needed any help with homework, even if it wasn't science. We all knew that he was always there for us. David was the












" ••••





0 •••




teacher my friends and r went too for advice and support with issues outside of class work as well. High school was a real challenge, but David made getting through it a lot easier; his classroom became a safe haven to go and chat with someone who would give you honest and appropriate trusted when you did not want to go to your parents. Besides being there through high school, David helped me focus on my career and life. After college I attempted floor apartment Those were the into friend. to move back home but that did not last long. luckily, I was able to rent the first I rented from them for almost 5 years, until I got married. I felt safe and secure in my own apartment, yet in David and leona's home. advice. Someone you

Iucklest 5 years of my life.. It was at that point that David went from teacher/mentor
Friends that I would have meals with during the week and make sure with my life, but in a loving

He and leona became my extended family.

I had friends upstairs if I needed.

that I would not drink and drive when I went out. They would actually come and pick me and my car up no matter where I was! They allowed me to grow up and take responsibility and caring environment. school. Well, that was all that was needed. the support continued!! proofreading not been for their support! My friendship with them has continued through the years. My children know them as Uncle But over the past 30 years, I have only It was over one of our dinners that I discussed possibly going back to grad Next thing I know, David was helping me study for the GRE's I got into Yale and for the next 3 years

and leona was preparing meals/snacks for me while I studied!

They kept the rent down, continued the surprise meals, and helped with

papers. They made graduate school possible for me. I never would have gone back had it

Dave and Aunt Leona. They come to family holiday parties when able. I am aware that David is being charged with very serious crimes, including child pornography. known David to be a supportive, professional, I have never seen him to be inappropriate people during my teens and twenties. towards anyone. caring, and dedicated coach, teacher, mentor and friend. In high school, David had such a positive With my life, David was one of the most influential

influence on so many swimmers and students.

I feel blessed to have David in my life.


! j



Beth Carlson Tuohy, MSN, ANP-BC, APRN

April 29, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Dave Tremblay since 1981 when I was a student in his Chemistry class at West Haven High School. He taught chemistry with an ease and enthusiasm that made a difficult subject easily understood. I enjoyed the class so much that I enrolled in Chemistry" the following year. After school his door was always open for extra help. It was a welcoming atmosphere with camaraderie, learning and laughter. Never at any time during my two years as a student, who spent many hours after school in his classroom, was there ever even a subtle indication of anything inappropriate. Mr. Tremblay was someone I looked up to as a knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic teacher. He dedicated his life to his career as a teacher of science and swim coach. I was never on the swim team, but knew many students who were, and at no time did I ever hear even so much as an offhand remark about Mr. Tremblay's conduct. When I matriculated at Boston College in 1983 I was a Biology major and kept in touch with Mr. Tremblay throughout college. It was at that time that our relationship matured from student/teacher to friend. When I went home I would stop in and visit not just him, but many of my former teachers who had had a positive influence on me throughout high school. . lam currently a certified Science Teacher in the State of Florida because of the many amazing mentors I have had in my life. I consider Dave Tremblay one of those people. I would not have the love of science that I have today if it were not for teachers like him. Most importantly I would never have had the confidence in myself to have even contemplated a future in science if it weren't for people like him who believed in me arid made me believe in myself. However, having said that, I am also the mother of four children and am horrified and disgusted and by his actions. In writing this letter} I am in no way minimizing what has taken place. I am fully aware of the seriousness of the charges and the egregiousness of his behavior. I can only speak of the man that I have known for



~.._.__ ~ ~


:..1.,~,.;...1o.. .

thirty years and that man is someone I consider a dear friend. My heart is truly broken not only for him, but for the many, many people who love and care about him. It is my wish that he is able to draw strength from those who stand by him and get the help he needs to be well again.

With the utmost sincerity,

Shawn Curren Widell


...... ~.~~.'.""




May 6, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter as a character reference for my friend and co-worker David Tremblay. I have known Dave for over 10 years as an employee of West Haven High School. I have long noted that he is an excellent and well respected science teacher. He is able to balance his skills to teach, manage his classroom, and also guide his students toward futures beyond his classroom. I have long admired those traits, and over the last decade he has continued to be the same helpful person day in and day out. I always believed that he is one of the finest teachers at our school. I am also a school bus driver of almost 20 years and my actual first introduction to Dave was driving his girl's swimming team to a competition nearly 15 years ago. I had driven a few of the teammates to school during the years before, so observing their level of respect and comfort around their coach was impressive. I was truly in awe to see Coach Tremblay not only evaluating their performance and techniques like a good coach, but tutoring and suggesting ways to help in science and also taking the time to guide the seniors through college paths choices as well. This is far more than most coaches I have seen while driving and it says a lot for Dave in my opinion. Very few are concerned with the athletes beyond their ability on the field. I believe that David Tremblay is a good man and an excellent teacher. His decision to not teach is aloss for the school and the students. I fully acknowledge the charges of possession of child pornography levied against him. but I still believe he is a good man, a great teacher, and someone I am very proud to consider a friend.


~ i






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