the story of harriet tubman - literary discussion guide the story of harriet tubman conductor of the underground railroad

by kate mcmullan literary discussion guide a. characters harriet tubman ben ross rit ross john tubmanmr. & mrs. cook edward brodas miss susan miss emily barrett's runaway slavequaker woman mr. trent charles nalle nelson davis sarah bradford 2. conflict person vs. self (inner conflicts of feelings & thoughts) person vs. person (protagonist vs. antagonist) person vs. society (larger organizations/belief systems of society) person vs. nature (battling the elements of nature) 3. themes/symbols analyze themes such as: racism, friendship, loyalty, injustice, courage, freedom, cruelty, love, betrayal, equality, good vs. evil, etc. describe the purpose of slave songs and spirituals. describe the life of a slave vs. the life of a newly-freed black american. 4. pre-reading/post-reading activities geography: underground railroad routes, mason-dixon line, canada. science: nature, astronomy, weather, etc. u.s. laws: fugitive slave law, emancipation proclamation, 13th amendment. social science: plantation life, inequality & slavery, slave songs, etc. vocabulary: abolitionists, quakers, slave hunters, the civil war, etc. art & culture: purpose & art of quiltmaking.

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