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Fish Biology Ecology Theory

Fish Biology Ecology Theory

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Published by: Jose Augusto Solis Benites on Nov 15, 2011
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Phosphates are typically present in the sea water as orthophosphates.
Like nitrates, large amount of phosphates are brought to the sea through
river run-off. Phosphates show much the same distribution in depth as nitrates
(Fig.13.20), and in broad outline, their seasonal and geographical variation
approaches that of nitrate. Phosphates are present in much smaller
concentration than the nitrates and appear to be an important limiting factor
in the development of phytoplankton. Surface values of phosphate are in the
range of 0 - 20mg per litre while at depths of 500 - 1500 metres it 1s40 -80


rug per litre. The ratio of nitrates of phosphates present in the sea roughly
approaches a constant value of 7 1 by weight.

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