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Jim and SuzyOlsen :

Dear Friends and Family,

the Ecuador update

November 2011

It has been 86 days since we officially accepted the call to join the Youth World team in Ecuador and it has been an exciting journey! Heres whats been happening in our lives over the last few weeks Transition to the Midwest On October 6th we loaded up the car and said goodbye to the East Coast in order to reconnect with family and friends in the Midwest. We enjoyed a non-eventful trip and were only required to cover the luggage on top of the car once during the last 30 minutes of the drive during a short bout of rain. Weve included a picture of our car so that you can better appreciate what an answer to prayer the great weather and safe travels were for us! Continued Blessings and Provision!
Our car on moving day (a look-alike of the grinchs sleigh!!)

God has continued to be faithful in providing for us during this season of travel and supportraising. Suzy continues to feel strong and healthy; she is in the 27th week of her pregnancy and our daughter continues to grow strong-- weve even been able to make out a hand or foot here and there during her daily kicking and punching exercises! Additionally, as of today we are proud to share that 83% of our monthly on-going support has been pledged! We feel incredibly honored to have such a cloud of witnesses investing in us through prayer and financial support. We wouldnt be on this journey without you-- Thank you! Our Prayer Requests: Our Official (yet tentative) Timeline to Ecuador: 1. For Gods continued provision during this season of Present - Jan 16 Support Raising in the Midwest support-raising Jan 17 - Feb 20 Mission Training in Elgin, IL February 20 Due date for our daughter! 2. Continued health as we March-April Adjust to life as parents and possibly continue to travel over the next travel around to introduce our baby! few months May - August Language Study in Costa Rica August 2012 Arrive in Ecuador! 3. For the people of Ecuador: that God would prepare the Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us! As hearts of the individuals that we approach Thanksgiving, we realize how thankful we are for we will be coming into all of you! We pray God is blessing each and every one of you. relationship with Much Love, Jim and Suzy Olsen
Contact us at: . Jim: 607.220.8878 . Suzy: 607.793.3163