By Saiful Hadi Masran

1.1 DEFINITION OF AUTOMATION AUTOMATION?? • Reducing human work by using control system and information technologies .

1.1 DEFINITION OF AUTOMATION INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION?? • The use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services .

1.1 DEFINITION OF AUTOMATION …cont Automation is a technology that basically uses 3 main components Mechanical AUTOMATION Computer Electronic .

1.1 DEFINITION OF AUTOMATION …cont Example : • Automatic material handling • Automatic inspection systems • Mechanized assembly machines • Numerically controlled machine tools • Computer systems for automatically transforming designs into parts • Industrial Robot .


1.1 TYPES OF AUTOMATION Fixed TYPE OF AUTOMATION Flexible Programmable .


1.2 TYPES OF AUTOMATION …cont Resourse Flexibility vs Capital Intensity .


Job Shop Production : • Special order from customers • Generally low quantity • Skillful worker • General tools and equipments .1.3 TYPES OF PRODUCTION 1.

1.3 TYPES OF PRODUCTION …cont 2. Batch Production : • Moderate quantity • Production in stable rate but exceeded demands • General tools and equipments were design for high quantity production .

3 TYPES OF PRODUCTION …cont 3.1.Quantity production .Flow production . Mass Production : • High quantity production • Continuously. producing same/similar product • Uses Fixed Automation • Two types of Mass Production .

Handphones .produce single ‘childparts’ .eg : Screws.produce a complex product . Pens.special machine .1.needed good related operation management -eg : Cars.3 TYPES OF PRODUCTION …cont Types of Mass Production : • Quantity production . Nails • Flow production . Nuts.

3 TYPES OF PRODUCTION …cont Product Variety Vs Production Volume .1.

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