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Visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford Dinner at Trinity College, Oxford Summer Gala and Reception, London Galoupet 2011

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This year we have one scholar for the Master’s programme. In the Small Grants area the projects vary from studies on the forest owlet to identifying ecological and socio − economic drivers of conflict between aquatic wild life and fisheries in river systems. We hope to introduce a formal Sports Award later this year. two for the internships’ and three for the Small Grants Programme. from community based conservation in Rwanda to a veterinary internship in the Wildlife Centre. the scholarship 2011 interviews were held in Mumbai. both at the preliminary and final interview stages. it turns out to be an annual event. For the Inlaks Research and Travel Grants Programme. 01 . The Inlaks India Foundation grows from strength to strength with the Fine Arts Awards and the Theatre Awards being the mainstays. Virginia. ‘Problems of Identity and Selfhood in Some Women Poets of the English Renaissance’ and ‘Living with Floods in Sunderbans: Disaster Management’. A total of 10 scholars have been chosen this year. The Ravi Sankaran Fellowship Programme collaboration is going well with interns doing varied internships. in the last week of May.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION FOUNDATION NEWS Another year has flown by and despite our intentions to produce this newsletter more often. Like the previous year. The subjects for research were ‘Modernity and the Autonomy of Art : French Painters at the Crossroads 1802-1848’. a greater number of candidates were called in to the interviews. This year. three candidates were chosen. Alumni continue to do us proud with Dinesh Singh becoming Vice Chancellor of Delhi University and Rajiv Kumar taking over as Secretary General of FICCI.

2010 Oxford. This was attended by the scholars-elect. Trustees and academicians at the Inlaks Summer Gala and reception. and Patricia Rozario (take-off-grantee 2009-2011). a boat cruise and the customary dinner at a Michelin star restaurant. shopping in local markets. 2011 Mumbai. November 22. scholars as well as the Trustees and several wellwishers of the Foundation came together for a splendid dinner at Trinity College. regaled the audience with an eclectic programme of music which had something to everyone’s taste. UK We had a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum. Anando Mukherjee (1999) tenor. UK The Athenaeum Club in London saw a gathering of music lovers. France As in past years. 2011 Provence. scholars descended on the Chateau du Galoupet for a weekend of great hospitality by the Shivdasani family. Dr Michael O’Hanlon. July 8 to 11. The evening was made more memorable by some impromptu singing which resounded in those hallowed precincts. Trustees and members of the selection panels. Inlaks scholars.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION ALUMNI EVENTS We’ve had our hands full with alumni events in the past 12 months. India’s finest soprano. 2010 Oxford. 2011 London. May 29. as well as the alumni. India To introduce the Inlaks Scholars 2011 and the awardees of the Ravi Sankaran Fellowship Programme (RSFP). UK The UK alumni . November 22. 02 . Oxford. June 20. give us a wonderful talk and tour of the museum. where we had the Director. a dinner was held on the 29th of May at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. alumni. This year’s entertainment included a visit to a medieval town. Oxford.

Ankit Bhargava from RV College of Architecture will study Urbanism at TU Delft. Charu has worked with the Hindustan Times as well as the Telegraph and is a passionate football player. 03 . Delhi. Mridula Mary Paul from ILS Law College University. practicing Environmental Law.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION SCHOLARS 2011 INLAKS Scholars Ananya Kotia from Hansraj College. Apart from being the President of the English Debating Society and Secretary of the Economics Society of Hansraj College. Having initially started off with a career in Law. Charu Sudan Kasturi will do an MS in Journalism at Columbia University. He is also the recipient of the Mohan Katyal Memorial Prize at St. Stephen’s College. Delhi will read Economics for Development at Oxford. He has worked with NGOs such as Triratna on community-based projects. Mumbai. Her research here formed the basis for the formulation of ecologically sustainable development initiatives among adivasis of the Nilgiris. He has also worked with the Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI). Ananya also plays the piano. Her last assignment was working with the Keystone Foundation in Kotagiri. will do an MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Oxford. and with Charles Correa Associates. Netherlands. she now wishes to be a more active participant in the debate between development and environment and people. Pune.

both at St. He has also been a writer and student editor of the India debate for the Wall Street Journal. Priya also is an avid debater and elocutor. Priya Rose Kochhumpali will do an MSc in Psychological Research at Oxford University. Priya is an accomplished pianist and a member of the ‘Living Voices’ choir and has accompanied the Symphony Orchestra of India in the Indian premier of ‘ADIENUS’. Malik works both as a cartoonist and an animator. He will now do an MA in Images and Communication at Goldsmiths College. His skills include photography. painting. He was also the chief coordinator of the National Science Festival and the secretary of the Bengali Literary Society. London. Stephen’s College. Srinagar. Soumyodipto Mukherjee will read Theoretical Chemistry at Oxford University. Tanima is a theatre actor and was a student coordinator of the Women’s Development Cell in college. (India). Stephen’s College. Also from St. Mumbai. Shikhar Singh will do a BA in History and Politics at the University of Oxford. From St. graphic design and web design. Shikhar has been an active debater and has edited school and college journals. Soumyodipto represented his college both in cricket and table tennis. A student of Psychology from St. animation. Stephen’s College. 04 . Stephen’s College. From St.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION INLAKS Scholars Malik Sajad Rasool did his BFA from the Institute of Music and Fine Arts. London University. Xavier’s College. Tanima Sharma will do an MA in Critical Media and Cultural Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He is also the author of two non-fiction graphic novels.

NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION INLAKS Ravi Sankaran Fellow 2011 Sumin George Thomas did an MSc in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from Pondicherry University. Trained in Veterinary Science. Nidhi works in wildlife health and management. He will now do an MPhil in Conservation Leadership at Cambridge. Radhika Timbadia will do an internship with the National Museums of Kenya on community based conservation projects. Sumin has been working at the Keystone Foundation for the past four years coordinating conservation activities across the organization. USA. 05 . INLAKS Ravi Sankaran Interns 2011 Nidhi Rajput will do an internship at the Wildlife Centre of Virginia.

Nachiket Kelkar has been awarded an Inlaks RSF grant to study ‘Identifying ecological and socio-economic drivers of conflict between aquatic wildlife and fisheries in river systems’. He is currently a senior research fellow at the Wildlife Institute of India. Dehradun. He is currently a research affiliate at the Nature Conservation Foundation. Elrika currently works with the Nature Conservation Foundation. Sutirtha Dutta has been awarded an Inlaks RSF grant to study ‘Prioritizing conservation areas for the critically endangered great Indian bustard (Ardeotis Nigriceps) from distribution. With an MSc in Forestry (Economics & Management) from the Forest Research Institute University. Mysore. With a Master’s in Marine Sciences from Goa University. 06 . Dehradun.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION INLAKS Ravi Sankaran Small Grantees 2011 Elrika D’Souza has been awarded an Inlaks RSF grant to study ‘Spatio temporal changes in dugong occurrences through a stakeholder network in the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago’. Nachiket has an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from Manipal University. Centre for Wildlife Studies and the National Centre for Biological Sciences. he is currently pursuing his PhD in Wildlife Sciences from the same institution. habitat use and extinction probabilities across India’. Mysore.

Mohan Bera is doing his PhD in Social Science from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and is conducting research in ‘Living with Floods in Sundarbans. Arpita Mitra is currently doing her PhD in History (Modern European) from Jawaharlal Nehru University. and is doing her research in ‘Problems of Identity and Selfhood in Some Women Poets of the English Renaissance’ . At JNU Arpita has been selected for the SYLFF scholarship of the Nippon and Tokyo Foundations for the academic year 2011. New Delhi. the Cambridge University Library. West Bengal’. As an IRTG Scholar 2010. Arpita was awarded an IRTG in 2010 to visit the Bibliotheque Nationale.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION INLAKS Research Travel Grantees 2010 Ms. Her topic of research is ‘ Modernity and the Autonomy of Art : French Painters at the Crossroads. 1802-1848’. Kolkata. and the Archives Nationales. Debapriya visited and worked at the British Library. Mohan will be visiting the Disaster Research Centre at the University of Delaware. to add to her research. She has also been selected to present a paper at the 10th conference of the European Sociological Association in the research network on sociology of the arts in Geneva in 2011. all in Paris. As an IRTG 2010 Scholar. USA. the Warburg Institute and the Bodleian Library. Debapriya Basu is currently doing a PhD in English (Early Modern Women’s Writing) from Jadavpur University. Archives Du Louvre. Mr. 07 . Ms.

Powai from 3-10th November. Sarawak.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION ALUMNI SNIPPETS Career Happenings the University of Delhi in August 2010. K.contemporarywriters. Ajay Pratap (1982) is extremely busy with his project funded by the Indian Council of Historical Research to survey and document prehistoric rock paintings of the Vindhyas. ICCR. She is at the School of Liberal Studies and the School of Undergraduate Studies at the AUD. Indrapramit Roy (1990) was invited to speak on Tagore’s paintings at the Rabindranath Tagore Centre. She is also the Director of the Centre for Rising Powers in Cambridge. Porus Kaka (1990) has been conferred with the designation of Senior Advocate / Counsel in the Bombay High Court. Dr. 08 . Sukanto Chowdhury.G. Prof. He has made a project website which you may wish to visit and comment on suitably http://rockartofindia. Sudeep Sen (1988) featured on Contemporary Writers (first Indian poet to be featured) : http://www. 2010. Delhi and Kolkata. (Sukanto is an Inlaks scholar as well!) He also attended a workshop (as a resource person) called “Creating Content for Children” at the IDC (Industrial Design Centre). as Professor of Mathematics in August last year. Apart from Geetha Venkataraman (1987) joined Ambedkar University. Dinesh Singh (1977) became the Vice-Chancellor of Indraneil Das (1989) is a Professor in the Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation University.webs. based in Dhaka. ?p=auth5694A6A40alc11E78AviO1CF2D4D Ashwath Bhatt (2001) has been selected among 15 people in South Asia for the Arthink South Asia Fellowship awarded by the Goethe Institute. He was awarded this fellowship for his Theatre Garage Project. has now been appointed as the Secretary General of FICCI. R. In addition. Amrita Narlikar (1996) has been promoted in Cambridge to the position of Reader in International Political Economy. Sanjay Kathuria (1980) is now Lead Economist for the World Bank in Bangladesh. in the International Law Office (ILO) Client Choice Awards 2011. Parag Tripathi (1982) Parag has been Additional Solicitor General of India since the past few years. Mr. who till recently was Director of ICRIER. The BBC Radio 4 programme is available on the BBC i-player. regular teaching and other activities continue at full strength. Rajiv Kumar (1977). in February 2010. AUD is a new university established by the Government of Delhi. He participated in four group shows in 2010. Porus Kaka was the exclusive winner of the Corporate Tax category for India. IIT.Subramanayan. in Mumbai. Delhi (AUD).Sivakumar and Prof. The other panelists included Prof. Animesh Jha (1981) was on BBC Radio 4 ‘Costing the Earth’ programme which was related to this topic. Kolkata.

She is also resumed Dance and has performed at the Sankatmochan Festival in Benaras and with the Natya Vriksha Dance Company in France for ICCR. 09 . 2011. The film’s name is ‘Talking Heads’ [Muslim women]. Lyon 3. He will be based in Lyon from late August 2011 onwards. Neha Gupta (2008) is doing a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2010. Bangalore. Madurai Film Festival. the TED Fellows programme handpicks world-changing innovators from around the globe. Apart from that she now is a member on the board of an NGO run exclusively for women who are HIV positive and children / orphans who are a result of the epidemic. Thrissur. co-founder of the Indian design firm ‘Dplay’. Competitive Selection at Punto de Vista Film Festival. New Delhi. 2011. Amit Ranjan (IRTG . and the 9th International Filmmor Women’s Film festival in Turkey. Aswin Sai Narain Seshasayee (2005) has moved back to India and is a ‘Young Investigator’ (junior faculty) at NCBS. He will be continuing his anthropological research on French women and pudeur with a view towards comparative literature. is one of the 19 people from around the world selected in December 2010 for the prestigious TED Fellowship. assisting the Minister of State for Planning as his Research Sukriti Chauhan (2007) worked in public health and law in PATH. Founded in January 2009. 2011. she has been studying policy initiatives in the field of Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Ameya Muley (2009) has been awarded the Ely Devons prize at the LSE for top performance in MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. Over the last year Madhav has been working at the Centre for Policy Research in Delhi. From August onwards he will move to Harvard to do his PhD in Political Theory.2009) has been given the status of ‘International Fellow’ for 3 years by UNSW (University of New South Wales). She has moved on to a smaller consulting NGO called the Global Health Strategies.res. It is part of a big network called the Delhi Network for Positive People. Sharanya Chandran (2009) is working as a Young Professional at the planning commission Government of India. Madhav Khosla (2009) is currently writing a short book on the Indian Constitution (titled. The festivals this film has been featured at are: Official the Gates Cambridge Scholarship to do an MPhil in Economics at Cambridge in 2011-12. ncbs. Kaustav DeBiswas (2004).NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION Seyed Faiz Hayat (2004) is currently working at WWF India as a Senior Coordinator – Policy and Programme Development. Arjun Razdan (2009) has been awarded a French Government Scholarship by the Embassy of France in India to study at Universite Jean Moulin. VIBGYOR International Film Festival. and brings them to the TED stage− literally and figuratively − to raise international awareness of their remarkable work. Spain. For the past two years. Website: http://www. He will start his PhD in Economics at MIT this year. The Indian Constitution: A Short Introduction) which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2012. He has also been awarded the Stevenson Prize by the Faculty of Economics for the best overall performance in the Diploma Economics course. Anand Shrivastava (2010) has been selected for Fathima Nizaruddin (2009) A film made during the course of her study at Goldsmiths has been selected for screening at several film festivals.

the World Bank. is caught up in the whirlwind. his estranged half-Chinese son Ah Fatt. He has taught Economics at Oxford University and the University of Delhi. five men have disappeared Ejaz has edited a volume on The Poor Half Billion. All struggle to cope with their losses – and for some. the exact position of his centre of balance. overextend or overbalance. Among them are Bahram Modi. He is currently Economic Adviser.century Canton. the orphaned Paulette and a motley collection of others whose pursuit of romance. A small man’s body can do things that a slenderchamak-challo cannot even contemplate. he will never overreach. The memory of the ground that allows him to crawl into crevices. a sturdy two-masted brig heading East out of Cornwall? Was it the storm that altered their course or were the destinies of these passengers at the mercy of even more powerful forces? 10 . a wealthy Parsi opium merchant out of Bombay. riches and a legendary rare flower have thrown together. a ship carrying a consignment of convicts and indentured laborers from Calcutta to Mauritius. unimaginable freedoms – in the alleys and waterways of 19th. A short man knows the limits of his body. River of Smoke will soon be heralded as a masterpiece of twenty-first century literature. Unlike the tall man. River of Smoke follows its storm-tossed characters to the crowded harbours of China. despite efforts of the emperor to stop them. But Ashraf does not grudge the throw of the dice that has made him a safediwallah with a mazdoor’s body. two convicts and one of the passengers. When the seas settle. he holds no illusions regarding his abilities or his dimensions. the extent of his reach. porcelain and silver. even as he hangs along the side of a building three storeys high. Did the same storm upend the fortunes of those aboard the Anahita. A small man carries the ground close to him wherever he goes. There. On the grand scale of an historical epic. silk. As transporting and mesmerizing as an opiateinduced dream.two lascars. . South Asia Poverty Reduction and Economic Management . flexible wrists.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION ALUMNI SNIPPETS Books Aman Sethi (1978) A Free Man Mohammed Ashraf is short and stubby. with a narrow but muscular chest and small. Amitav Ghosh ( 1978) River of Smoke Ejaz Ghani (1982) In September 1838 a storm blows up on the Indian Ocean and the Ibis. perch on narrow ledges and balance on wobbly parapets. an opium carrier heading towards Canton? And what fate befell those aboard the Redruth. ships from Europe and India exchange their cargoes of opium for tea. broad hands balanced on strong.

Combining quantitative data with analytical rigour. human development. conflict. Delhi. up to and including Sylow’s Theorems. successes. Focusing on the poor half billion of South Asia. it provides fresh perspectives on the links between economic geography. Geetha Venkataraman (1987) Geeta has co-authored a research monograph titled Enumeration of Finite Groups. a very little representation theory from the perspective of module theory. poverty. Examining the challenges. in their ‘Cambridge Tracts’ series in 2007 -2008. a little knowledge of how a group may be presented by generators and relations. UK.but most of the basics are expounded here and the book is more or less self-contained. Geetha joined Ambedkar University. It is designed to be used as a graduate text but also as a handbook for established research workers in group theory.and long-term policy solutions to overcome the limits to growth and escape poverty traps. This was published by the Cambridge University Press. this volume puts into perspective the colossal task ahead to eradicate poverty and enable inclusive growth in the region. institutions. and failures of South Asia. as Professor in their School of Undergraduate Studies and the School of Liberal Studies. 11 . and this Tract provides an exhaustive and up-to-date account of research into this question spanning almost fifty years.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION The Poor Half Billion in South Asia What is Holding Back Lagging Regions? edited by Ejaz Ghani South Asia is a land of sharp and growing contrasts. poverty. The authors presuppose an undergraduate knowledge of group theory. and a very little cohomology theory . and malnutrition. and gender divides. Through a comparative study of spatial disparities in income. the essays provide answers to why certain regions are lagging. they provide innovative short. Enumeration of Finite Groups How many groups of order are there? This is a natural question for anyone studying group theory. but is also home to the largest concentration of people living in conflict. Although it is principally devoted to a connected exposition of an agreeable theory. the book does also contain some material that has not hitherto been published. It has attracted global attention as an emerging economic powerhouse. and globalization.

Suresh B. A. Kumar Jasakiya (Inlaks Fine Arts Awardee. Manisha Parekh and Indrapramit Roy.Vasudevan. Mumbai The Marshall Albums: Photography and Archaeology. JNU An introductory talk on the exhibition was given by Akshaya Tankha.V. ‘With love from Baroda’ was a group show in Mumbai in May 2011 12 .NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION ALUMNI SNIPPETS Art BACK TO SCHOOL Priyanka Govil (Inlaks Fine Arts Awardee.K. 2010) This show at Palette Gallery in Delhi was titled ‘Back to School’. on 14th January at the Exhibition Gallery. School of Arts and Aesthetics. 2009) Akshaya Tankha (2007) “*TENTACLES*” a group show By 10 artists from Baroda Exhibition From 7th till 13th Feb 2011 Jehangir Art Gallery 161 M G Road Kalaghoda. It covers a period from 1979 to 89 of Baroda and there are five Inlaks scholars in that show − Rekha Rodwittiya. Priyanka Govil(2010) has had several shows in 2010-2011 including a solo show in Delhi in October 2010.

Abhishek Hazra. Tejal Shah. 2008 C-print. Sakshi Gupta. Sumakshi Singh. Sarnath Banerjee. Jitish Kallat. 2008 • •• ••• ••••• • • • • •• • • •• • • • ••• • • •• • • • • ••• •• •• • • • • •••• •• ••• • ••• • ••• •• ••• • • • • • • • • •• •• •• • ••• ••• • • •• • •• • •• •• The historic occasion of India’s first ever National Pavilion at the 54th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia− was organized by the Lalit Kala Akademi. Kiran Subbaiah. Sarnath Banerjee. Hema Upadhyay Ayishaa Abraham. One of the four artists / artist groups chosen to represent India in this pavilion is Gigi Scaria. Sheela Gowda. sculptor. Nalini Malani. Singapore 088820 | T (65) 6372 1719/38 info@indigoblueart. 100 x 100 cm Courtesy Dayanita Singh / Frith Street Gallery. Shanay Jhaveri. Desire Machine Collective. Sheela Gowda. Nikhil Chopra. Raqs Media Collective. Chembur. A solo show by MANISHA PAREKH 31st March . Thukral & Tagra. Jagannath Panda. Chembur. Hema Upadhyay Dayanita Singh Seema Shetty’s Kitchen View. Jagannath 13 . Valay Shende. Jitish Kallat. Studio Mumbai Architects & Michael Anastassiades. Sakshi Gupta. N S Harsha. London and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. Sumakshi Singh. and curated by cultural theorist and poet Ranjit Hoskote. Sudarshan Shetty. Subodh Gupta. Shanay Jhaveri. Kiran Subbaiah. Subodh Gupta. Nalini Malani. Thukral & Tagra.indigoblueart. Ravi Agarwal. Hemali Bhuta.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION Gigi Scaria (2002) Hemali Bhuta (Inlaks Fine Arts Awardee 2009) Sheela Gowda (1984) Sakshi Gupta (2007) Jaganath Panda (2000) Dayanita Singh Seema Shetty’s kitchen view.30th April 2011 amber INDIGO BLUE ART MODERN INDIAN CONTEMPORARY 33 Neil Road. Bharti Kher. Bose Krishnamachari. India’s National Academy of Art. Prajakta Potnis. Raqs Media Collective. New Delhi INDIAN HIGHWAY IV Indian Highway is curated by Julia Peyton-Jones. Ravi Agarwal. Studio Mumbai Architects & Michael Anastassiades. London / Nature Morte. Desire Machine Collective. Prajakta Potnis. Shilpa Gupta. Oslo. Abhishek Hazra. Dayanita Singh. Shilpa Gupta. Ashok Sukumaran & Shaina Anand. Bose Krishnamachari. Hans Ulrich Obrist and Gunnar | www. painter. Kvaran together with Thierry Raspail and organised in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery. Dayanita Singh. Amar Kanwar. Nikhil Chopra. Bharti Kher. Amar Kanwar. Hemali Bhuta. Ashok Sukumaran & Shaina Anand. Sudarshan Shetty.N S Harsha. Valay Shende. Manisha Parekh (1991) Ayisha Abraham. Tejal Shah. video artist.

NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION PHOTO GALLERY Visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum. Oxford 14 .

NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION Dinner at Trinity College. Oxford 15 .

NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION Summer Gala & Reception. London 16 .


College of Arts. Delhi University Karishma D’Souza MVA. M. Printmaking. Baroda 18 . Baroda Kurma Nadham. University. B.S. M. Baroda Megha Katyal MFA. University. MVA. M. Printmaking. Swetha MFA.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION INLAKS India Foundation INLAKS Fine Arts Awardees 2011 Mitali Shah MVA. University. M.S. Baroda. Painting.V.S. (PGD). University. Painting.S.

Abdul Huq will study the Nautanki form. Karishma D’Souza NEWSLETTER DESIGN: Gauri Bajaj (2008) www. Mitali Shah. Mr. Kalyan will explore the traditional Vidushka Clown. Niyati is documenting Goor Rajput Banjaras. Rajkumar will research the incorporation of the Alienation theory of Bertolt Brecht into experiments upon character expression. Abdul Huq Usmani. Rajkumar Rajak at work with his theatre group Newsletter 2011 . Ms. Niyati P. Kalyan Choudhury.CREDITS COVER IMAGES: INLAKS Fine Arts Awardees 2011. Rathod and Mr.NEWSLETTER: August 2011 INLAKS SHIVDASANI FOUNDATION INLAKS Theatre Awardees 2011 The awardees in the Theatre category in 2011 are 19 .gauribajaj. Rajkumar Rajak.

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