Marketing Strategy for ABC Corp

By : Faiyaz Abbas Hussaini Rahul Ravi Harsh Shrivastava Yash Mehta Manish Gupta Dinesh Kumar

2) Occupational Distribution. Demographic Segmentation:1) Income Group.Either Own a Home or are Building new home.Businessmen or Industrialists. 2) Occupation. .Cities/Area with higher population of Businesses.Segmentation for the Air Conditioners:Geographic Segmentation:1) Climate.cities/Area with Bad climate should be the target area. 3) Home Status. Psychographic Segmentation:1) Lifestyle and Social Status.House Hold earning 2000 and above. Industries. Behavioral Segmentation:1) User Status .Upper Middle Class and Upper class.families owning 1 AC and more can be Target Market.

2. 3. . It was found that Consumers rated Environmental conditions as most important reason for generation of the need of purchasing an AC. Economic situations. therefore we target Upper and Upper middle class segment. It was also found the Personal reasons such as Occupation. It was also found the Social Status played important role. Lifestyle played important role in purchase decision and this helped in targeting the market.While Analysing the buying behaviour we found few aspect which were very pertinent in purchase decision of a consumer. they were such as : 1.

Targeting based on the size. Segmentation by: Buying behaviours such as 1) Social status and class. Targeting and then positioning the product. . Lifestyle and economic conditions. Occupation. they can help in segmenting. 2) Income.What Aspects of Buying Behavior will help to market the Product? Looking at the buying behaviour we found the there are certain aspects of the buying behaviour that would help us to market the product.The company can decide which segment to enter. 3) Motivations(need reason) etc.

2) Awareness and Information Process can help us in deciding where/how and frequency of the promotion to be done.Promotion and Positioning 1) Motivation for the purchase need (environmental/Social Status/Financial condition) can help in designing the promotional strategy. 3) Benefits sought can help in deciding the content of the promotion. sale/credit terms. 5) Post purchase behaviour helps in deciding factors effecting it and thus will help in designing the After sales support. (Brand differentiation) 4) Purchase decision behaviour can help in deciding the mode of sale. .