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Ijmm Reviewer Evaluation Form

Ijmm Reviewer Evaluation Form

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Published by: Anand Agrawal on Nov 15, 2011
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IJMM REVIEWER EVALUATION FORM - FOR EDITOR’S EYES ONLY Title of the paper: Name of the reviewer: Evaluation

CATEGORY Interest to IJMM readers Contribution to marketing management domain, either in research or application or both Originality of topic/contribution to the literature Rigor (theory, methodology, argument) Thoroughness Creativity/excitement conveyed Writing quality (mechanics, clarity, organization, format, etc.) SCORE 1->5 (5=high; 1=low) 1 2 1 1 1 1 2

_____ Accept (minor revisions--no further review required) _____ Resubmit (moderate revisions--further review required) _____ Resubmit (extensive revisions/rewrite--further review required) _____ Reject Suggest author submit manuscript to: ______________________________________________ (Specify recommended journal)

REVIEWER COMMENTS FOR EDITOR’S EYES ONLY (Please enter your comments for the editor here.) .

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