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is a process of formation and distribution of power within a society, politics may manifest itself a decision-making process, especially in a country's decision-making. politics occupies the most important role in development in Indonesia, political macro has a definition that includes the way in formulating mulasikan effort to succeed the expected goal, na But unfortunately sometimes political skills are not owned by the executive as decision and policy actors, makers and doers vulnerability weakness fisheries policy in terms of politics seen with widespread damage to water in earth allied sebalai, have not seen bargaining or political efforts taken by the perpetrators of fisheries policy to stick with the banner mengelaminir quo vadis of mining activities (isapti floating vessel) that damage the waters, yet visible concrete steps undertaken by fisheries stakeholders who have power over waters to fight and campaign for the preservation of waters from ship activities and ti floating suction. in uu no. 31 of 2004 article 12 paragraph 1 states that every person prohibited from doing acts that resulted in pollution damage to fish resources danatau danatau fisheries management environment in the region of the republic Indonesia, the penalties for violation of article 12 paragraph 1, contained in article 86 paragraph 1 uu no. 31 of 2004 which says any person who intentionally in the area of fisheries management Indonesian republic acts that resulted in pollution damage to fish resources danatau danatau environment referred to in Article 12 paragraph (1), shall be punished with imprisonment of 10 (ten) years and fine of not more Rp2.000.000.000, 00 (two billion rupiahs). refer to this uu then clearly, legally and convincingly that the activity of the ship floating suction and does pollute the waters and damaging fish resources and the environment is a violation periaran, na But in fact up to this moment the ship floating suction and does continue to operate, many causes of this them. now the eyes of the people still consider next to the fisheries sector, this occurs because there is no real evidence of success in the field of fisheries development that is able to prosper the society, hence to the then .

articles cultures
is a way of life that developed and owned jointly by a group of people and passed down from generation to generation. culture is made up of many complex elements, including religious and political systems, customs, languages, tools, clothing, buildings, and works of art, language, as well as culture, an integral part of human self so that many people tend to think of a genetically inherited , when someone commented attempted communication with people of different cultures and adjust their differences, proving that culture is learned. culture is a holistic lifestyle, culture is complex, abstract, and spacious, a lot of cultural aspects contribute to determine the behavior of co munikatif, the elements of socio-cultural spread and cover a lot of human social activities. several reasons why people experience difficulties when commented communication with people from other cultures is seen in the definition

weapons. and customers of the company • long-term goals of the company's business-level strategy: the value chain model strategy for level most u mum These are: 1. computer systems are used to change the target level of the organization. and washing machines. suppliers. the culture has several elements or components. airplanes. clothing. women do not need a high school let alone worked in one agency or company. concrete. differentiate products and services 3. or environmental relationships to help organizations achieve competitive advantage. change the scope of competition either by expanding the market to the global market and by narrowing the market. be producing products with low production costs 2. a social system which terbantuk in a country will be the basis and concepts that apply to the social order of society. but in the city . including the material culture of this invention is te-te invention resulting from a archaeological excavation: clay bowl. and songs or traditional dances. the material culture also includes items such as televisions. . for example in Indonesia in the towns and villages in some areas. and so on. according to experts atropologi cateora. decision of the company's business strategy depends on: • products and services company • dhasilkan industry where companies compete • competitors. perhisalan. folklore. image of the force it takes different forms in different cultures such as rugged individualism in America. information systems and business strategy of strategic information systems. for example in the form of fairy tales.great city it is upside down. skyscrapers. • nonmaterial culture nonmaterial culture are abstract creations passed down from generation to generation. operations. health component based on its form. sports stadiums. • social institutions social and educational institutions provide a lot of roles in the context of communication-related and commented on the nature of society. a woman choose a career fair ECONOMI This paper discusses the economic articles on information systems and business strategy.of culture: culture is a complicated device values are polarized by an image containing a view on its merits alone. services. namely: • material culture material culture refers to a creation all the people are real. products.

if it happens. the times always come up with new problems which have never thought of. for prevention. because each person will be corruption.value chain model. implementation of quality education "was the quality of education is expensive". These sentences often appear to justify the high costs of attending any public benches education. but what's the point when the nation's morals collapsed. yaituaktivitas primary activity is directly related to the production and distribution company's products or services. development has always strived marching in rhythm with the demands of the times. so it will eventually come a day when the state and the nation is destroyed. the model pays attention to the primary and support activities that add value to products and services company which is best applied information systems to gain competitive advantage. and the interrelations between tersbut principal. education must be one of the priorities in the development of the country. this chapter will examine the underlying problems of education. the economy would be problematic. . despite his physical development is good. while supporting the activity of ad Education article education has the task of transform and prepare human resources development. the factors influencing its development and actual problems and ways to overcome them. what would happen if the development in Indonesia is not accompanied by development in the field of education?. therefore. high cost of education from kindergarten (tk) to university (pt) memb.

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