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DBA11gvol 3 Performance Tuning

DBA11gvol 3 Performance Tuning

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Published by: kiran0123456789 on Nov 15, 2011
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All Data Guard standby databases can enable up-to date read access to the standby database while redo being

received from the primary database is applied. This makes all standby databases excellent candidates for offloading

the primary database of the overhead of supporting read-only queries and reporting. All Data Guard standby

databases support online backups using RMAN. Because a physical standby database is an exact replica of the

primary database, a physical standby database can be used to offload the primary of the overhead of performing


A physical standby database (Redo Apply) can be converted into a Snapshot Standby to enable hot patch and other

testing using a true read-write replica of production data. Data Guard maintains data protection at all times by

continuing to ship redo data to the Snapshot Standby where it is archived for safe-keeping and available to rapidly

resynchronize when it is converted back to being a standby database after testing is complete.

A logical standby (SQL Apply) database has the additional flexibility of being open read-write. While data that is

being maintained by SQL Apply cannot be changed, additional local tables can be added to the database, and local

index structures can be created to optimize reporting or to utilize the standby database as a data warehouse or to

process information used to load data marts. A logical standby database can be used to perform rolling database

upgrades, minimizing downtime when upgrading to new database patchsets or full database releases. Furthermore,

a physical standby can also be temporarily converted to a transient logical standby to execute a rolling database

upgrade, and then returned to its normal operating state as a physical standby.

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