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DBA11gvol 3 Performance Tuning

DBA11gvol 3 Performance Tuning

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Published by: kiran0123456789 on Nov 15, 2011
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1. Create a new data base for testing SQL performance.

There are many ways to create a test database. For example, you can use the DUPLICATE command of Recovery

Manager (RMAN), Oracle Data Pump, or transportable tablespaces. For best results, the test database should be as

similar to the production system as possible. Oracle recommends using RMAN because it can create the test

database from pre-existing backups or from the active production datafiles. The production and test databases can

reside on the same host or on different hosts.

2. Configure the database environment.

For example, to test how changing a database initialization parameter will affect SQL performance, set the database

initialization parameter on the test system to the same value as the production system. To test a database up grade

to Oracle Database 11 g, install Oracle Database 11g on the test system and revert the

OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE initialization parameter to the database version of the production system.

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