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Paper Type : Candidate Experiences

Test Date : 2 June 2007
Test Location : RVR & JC, Guntur
Posted By : Rambabu Yadlapalli

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First round : Aptitude questions
50 questions in 12 minutes, try as many as possible with speed and accuracy ......they
are easy...but
10-15 questions may time taking. So make ur time to answer good number of questions
Don't think that all are objective questions, for some questions you have write answers
This is the main elimination round. Think once we have written above 700 students and
96 were selected for next round.

Second round: It was technical and english written exams for us
First technical round in C\C++ questions..........30 questions in 30 minutes ...
we have to be thorogh with C verymuch.......that is in every concept like pointers,
structures, files...
Next we have english exam it is easy...... testing in prepositions, and we have write a
small essay about a topic given by them... and an email. the test duration was 20

Group discussion: Here fulfill your part by making your contribution with quality.
Interviews: first was technical interview and HR round.
I have called for interview at begumpet office,Hyd on 7th june. For me technical
was mainly with C basics,(i am from ECE stream)
ex: program to reverse a number............
HR was cool going for me.... and i am selected for a good company.

Be confident in facing an interview...and crack it ........ALL THE BEST..
Rambabu Yadlapalli