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A Seminar on Feminist Legal Theory & Practice Course Syllabus, l'~tSemester SY 2006-2007 By Carolina S_ Rulz-Austrla" Course Description


The course is an inrrodLlctory seminsr on Femjnist Legal Theory and Ptectice. The course shaJ/ cover the besics of feminist iegoi theory, tracing the roots of early ieminis; legf:J1 theory from the 70s into the current and merging multidisciplinary explorations in post modem feminist legal theory; in relation to stElle thoory; to encmotivo conceptions of sexual morality and feminist ethical paradigms, Applications to local engagements in law by women's movements are incorporated and shall be emphasized as cases for study/analysis. (C,S-HuizAustria) Class Requirements: 10% Attendance 20% Class Parti:::ipation 30% Peper {1 required; 1 optional) 40% Final Exam

I, Early Feminist legal Theory
A. The Influence of Structural Theory & Approaches (1) Engagirlg Marxism Rubin G. 1975_ The truffle in women: notes on the political economy of sex, ln Toward an Anthropology of Women, ed. R Reiter, pp. 157-210_ New York: Mon.


Firestone.S. 197Q,The Dialectic of Sex: the case for feminist revolution (available at: W'\WI_!,!larxists.org/reference/sub jectlphilosoph yfwcrks/us/fi reston. htm)
. .

- Hartmann H, "The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism & Feminism: Towards a More. Progressive Union:, Chapter 6, The Second W;we
02006 Ca,"O§·na Ruiz Austria uol:;:Jw S. 131@vahoo cp_rT" • Senior Ledurer, Uiliversity of fhe Phtlippirles Colleqe of taw, on Gender & Law: Lecturer, Women .& De\le~opment MA Program_ College of Social Wcr~ and Corrrni.ruty Devebpment (UPC~WCD)


(2) The Role of Law in Patriarchy Paian D, 1982. Toward a theory of law and patriarchy. tn The Politics of Law, ed. D Kairys. New York: Pantheon. See Weisberg 1993, pp.419-26 Taub N, Schneider E. 1982_ Perspectives on women's subordination and the role of law. In The Pciitics of La'IN, ed. DKairys, pp. 328-55_ New York: Pantheon

3:83-95 .

Rifkin J_ 1980_ loward


a theory of iaw and patriarchy. HaN, Women's Law J

B_ Equality & D~fference Debates in Liberal Feminist Legai Theory & Practice (1) Equal Treatment for Equa~s Williams W. 1984. Equalrty's riddle: pregnane}" and the equal treatmentrspeclal treatment de-bate. NY Univ. Rev. Law Soc- Change 13: 325-80 ~Minow M_ 1987_ The Supreme Court 19[1.6term. justice engendered, HaN. Law Rev_1 01 ~10 Williams W_ 1997. The Equality Crisis: Some ReflecHons on Culture, Courts and Feminism_ Second Wave: A Reader in FE:minist Theory, eo. LNicholson, pp. 7091, Routledge, New York and London See also: Flores D_A.. Discrimination Against Women in Philippine Civil and Criminal Laws, 1992_Ateneo de Manila Law Journal, pp,196-201 (2} Equal Treatment of Unequals "Finley l.. 1986. Transcending equality theory: a way out of the maternity and workplace debate. Coiumbie Law Rev. 86: 1118---83 (3) Women's Human Rights Bunch C. 1990. Women's Rights as Human Rights: Toward a Revision of Human Rights,12 Hum Rts.O: 486-498 _ _.Wor1d1i part: Public and Private Distinctions in International Law, Hilary A Chartseworth . Reference Mater:al: Gattad E_ D. et.al. 2006 A Gender Review of Selected Economic Laws in the Philippines.C EDAW_ UN IFE M-C IDA.

A Seminiif on F~inilit l~at Theof-y & Pracbce "" CA.ROLINA S, RUkl AUSTRIA C OUf"S.!! SyiabiJo.!;, 111 S-emeste-r Sy 2'(){.'I6-2007


II. Transcending the Equality and Difference Debate A_ The Crit!caf Legal Studies Movement & Feminist Legar Theory "Menkef~Meac:low C, 1988, Feminist legal theory, critical iegaf studies, and !eg~1 education or, "the fem crits go to law school. 'r J. Legal Educ. 38:49-66 "Beron C, Munger r. 1996. Law and inequality crass, Annu. Rev. Sociot. 26: 187-212 See also: Rulz.C. and Ursua, E., Feminist lega~ Advocacy in the Philippines: Defining a Framework, Women's Lega~ Bureau, November 1998. B. The Myth of Law's Neutrality MacKinnon Press C_ 1987_ Feminism Unmodified, Cambridge, MA: Harvard Univ. race, gender: : : and, of course,

MacKinnon C. 1989_ Toward a Feminist Theory of the State. Carnbridqe, MA: HaN- Unlv.Prass MacKinnon C" Sexuality Smart C_1995_ Feminism and the Power of Law,

C. Critiques of Liberal Legalism
Substantive Equality: Towards Equity Hoff J.1991 .Beyond Liberal LegaHsrrr From Equality to Equity. Chapter 10, pp. 350-375, in. Law, Gender an-d Injustice, A Legal History of U.S, Women, New York University Press Universalism ~est, R.__1 998, Universalism, L!beral Theory and the Problem of Gay Marriage,Florida State \Jniversity law Reyiew (available at: http://\A'WVV.law_fsu .edL..:1j9urQ&S/lawreyj~w/issuesf254/we;;'!Jltrnl) Kapur R. 2002 The Tragedy of Victimization Rhetoric: Resurrecting the "Native' Subject in lnternational/Post-Colonial Feminist Legal Politics in Harvard Human Rights Journal, Vol.15, Spring 2002
;., Seminar on F em~nist L e-gat Theory $. Prac!f.ce e CA ROUN,to.,s. RUIZ AUSTRIA
CQIUf"'ioe S riraOlJ5,



r S Y 2"006 -2007



and GeopoUticallnequalities

Barker, ~,2002_ Disenchanted Rights: The Persistence of Secularism and


In Articulations of \Nomen's Human Rights Isa n sa. be rk ef e y. ed uta Ie h ~ve/fa 112 2lba rk e r f 1 ,h"tm 00


Post Modern Legal Feminism

and some appticanons

a_ Legal Language as Constitutive Discourse RaITt F_ and Zeedyk S,M_ 2000. Rape Trauma Syndrome, Chapter 5 In The lrnpllcit Relation of Psychology & law: Women and Syndrome Evidence, Pp. 8710R Routledge london and Pblladelphla. Raitt F- and Zeedyk S,M_ 2000. Battered Woman's Syndrome, Chapter 4 in The. Implicit Relation of Psychology & Law: Women and Syndrome Evidence. Pp_ 6386_ Routledge London and Philadelpnia.
Discussion Piece! (Optional) Reaction Paper: Lasson,

"Feminism Awry: Excesses in the Pursuit of Rights and Trifles, Kenneth 42 J,Legal Education, March 1992 Supreme Court Cases (For D;scussion) Republic \IS Molina, G.R No, 108763. February 13, 1997 Santos vs CA, G. R. No. 112019 January 4, 1995 Espiritu vs CA, G,R No_115640 March 15, ~~995 People vs. Genosa
See Also:

Sex, SexuaHty and Law: The Construction of the Filipino Woman's Sexuality and Gender Roles in the PhHipptne Legal Systerr, Carolina S. Rui:z_ Austria, Vo1.No_1
Women lead Journal on Law and Culture, December 2001

lJ'oflfe Battery and Psvcholoqical Incapacity Under Article 36·of the· Family Code:
Issues in Feminrst legal Advocacy (available at: www_w~ead .0W) .

Conflicts & Interests: Trafficking in Women and the Policies on Migration and Trafficking in tne Philippines," Giobal Sex Trafficking, Edt1eo by Karen Reeks 8:1n Delia Amir, Littlefield Publishers, U.S.A. 2005. (also published 3S a liml~ed edited Monograph, Womenlead 2005_

A Se.. io:ar OIl Feminist legal "Theory & Prachce C CA.ROlINA S_ RUIZ AU STR fA n
COUfS.f! Syllabu!'.. 1" Senw.slf!r SY 2fJ1J6--2007


Review from Part II (C)
Kapur R_ 2002 .The Tragedy of VicUmization Rhetoric: Resurrecting the "Native" Subject in International/Post-Co1onial Feminist Legal Politics in Harvard Human Rights Journal, VoL 15, Sprrng 2002 (avaitable at: http://vM'w.law,.h8_rvard.-.;;;,.du_ls~\:!q_~nts/orgs/hrjliss151kt;:tQ_ur.sl:tml)

b. Explorations of Feminist Theory focusing on the legal regulation of sexualities: Engaging Legal Discourse from the abstract to the practical Ethics and Mora~jty Feminist Ethics. Hyparra vel, 13, no. 2. Spring issue. (A~so appears in the book: Sex, Truth and Power. A Feminist Theory of JaggarA.M.1998.Globalizing Moral Reason) Tan M. 2004 Suppl.Fetal Discourses and the Politics of tile V'Jomb, Reproductive Health Matters.,Ui1ited Kingdom. ed.Breer M Engaging Rights-based Discourse Reconceptualizing Human Rights

ena rights-based


Seeking Accountability on Women's Human Rights· Women Debate the UN Millenntum Development Goals, compiled by the Women's lnternational Coalition for Economic Justice, ed. Barton C, and Pendegrast L WICEJ, New York,U.S,A.2004. Correa S, and Petchesky R. Reproductive and Sexual Rights: A Feminist Perspective From Reproductive Health to Sexual Rights: Achievements and Future Challenges, Sonia Correa; available at: (hE!Q./"Nww. ~h. harv a rJieduJO rgan izations/health n_g_tlre pre ri 9 hts/doCS!.£9.~_rea .ht

Ruiz-:Austria C.·with Aeuba .A: AveUano A; Legasp1, R; Padllta·, C; Vargas F. 2001 .Frorn Mortal Sin to Human ·Right5~Redefining the PhiHppine Policy on Abortion, ,n Womenlead Journal on Law & Culture, Vot.1.No.1 Reliqious Expression Ruiz-Austria


Fan 2004. The Church, the State and Women's

Bodies in the

A. Seminar on FerniniS"l Legal Theory & PlolcOCe0 CAROLINA Cour se Syl~-3ou'S, 111: erl··cs~er SY 2000 2007 S


6 Context of Religious Fundamentalism ~nthe Philippines, Matters, United Kingdom. ed. 8reer M. Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health Politics, Health Sector Reforms and Ralig ious Conservatism in ttJe Phflippines (1964-2004) by Lalaine P. Viado with foreword by Sonia Correa, and After word by Carolina S_ Ruiz Austria. O€velopment Alternatives with Women for a New era, ed. Abesamis M. and Francisco G. copyright DAWN,
Nigeria December, 2005,

Review from Part II (C)

l .2002_ Disenchanted Rights: The Persistence of Secularism Geopolitical Inequalities in Articulations of Women's Human RIghts b tt_Q.J/ crit i C8 ls en sa. be rlseie Md u/ar<;_bjy~.lfa:120 02/bark e c!J _~tm


Supreme Court Cases: Gualberto vs Court of Appeals Estrada vs Escritor
Freedom of Speech

Abortion ar.d Free Speech Rlliz·Austria C.S, ZOOS.ln Defense of Free Expression: The Legahty of Abortion Rights Advocacy in the Philippines, Women lead Monograph. Pornography: Legal Debates in Censorship and Classification MacKinflon C. Sexuality, 1997.Second Wave: A Reader in Feminist Theory. ed. LNicholson, pp,158-180. Routledge, New York and London
Segal L.2000_Women Who Censor: Pornographic Battles in Index for Free Expression (News & Analysis).

Mobility, Agency & the Right to Travel Agust;n

L_ Migrants

in the Mistress'

House: "Other" Voices in the Trafficking

Sexual Exp'oitaf;on Prostitution: Where Racism and Sexism Intersect.
Journa I of Gender and Law. 1993, Volt :81-89 Vendita Nelson, Mfchfgan

Review from Part IH (a)
Conflicts & interests: Trafficking in Women and the Policies on Migration arid

A Seminar on Femi~1 Legal Theory & PractiCe Co CAROLINA s, RlJ tZ AUSTRIA Course Syllabus, ,. Semester SY 2006-?QOl

Trafficking in the Philippines," Global Sex Trafficking, Edited by Karen Beeks and Delia Amir, Littlefield Publishers, U_S_A 2005_ (also published as a limited edited Monograph, Womenlead 2005.

Migrant's Rights & Migranf Workers' Rights Langevin L. and BeUeau M_C_2000.Trafficking
Ana~sis of the legal Framework Governing

ln \i'Vomen in Canada: A Critical
lrnm igrant Live-in Caregivers and CIDA

Mail-Order Brides. Faculty of law Universite Laval Quebec Clty, Quebec

Engaging States

Penaf Law Focused Femin;st Legal Strategies: Reinforcing the Police Character of the State?
Ruiz-Austria C.S_ July 2005_ Women in Prison, Women~ead Journal on Law and

Cutture, Vol. 2. Rulz-Austrla, C.S. "The Tragic Tale of the Phlllpplne women's movement's engagement in law reform, After word in Reproductive Health Politics, Health Sector Reforms and Religious Conservatism in the Phil:ppines (1964-2004) by l.ataine P _ViaClo with foreword by Sonia Correa, Deve!opment Alternatives with Women for a New Era, ed. Abesamis M. and Francisco G. copyright DAWN, Niger~a December, 2005_ Feminist Charlenges

to the

Global Economic Order

Flynn D. and Koffman E. Women, Trade & Migration. Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era from the Module on GA TIS (Available at the DAWN
Website) .

Fraser N_ 1989.Women, Welfare and the Politics of Need tnterpretatlon from Unruly Practices: Power, Di::'lcourse and Gender in Contemporary Sodal Theory, University of Minnesota Press.

Fraser, Nancy and l.inda Gordon. 1994_ "Dependency Demystified: lnscriptions of Power in a Keyword of the Welfare State." Social Pofit;cs 1: 14·31
Nancy Fraser, Structuralism Politics

or Pragmatics:

On Discourse

Theory and Feminist

~Addition'ar Cases and readings may be assigned during the semester.

A Seminar on Femil'list Legaf Theory 8 Practice C CAROtJNA Couese Syllabus, 111: SeI"T"leSl~ sy 2000-2007


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