Chatarine :Good morning guys!

Michelle :Morning
Sewtrel :Why you get up me?
Betrialy :Do you now I am very tried I am go to sleep Don`t disturb me Understand Go now!
Dairylor :Is there something important
Chatarine :Yes guys!
Sewtrel :What is that?
Michelle :I now! I now! I now! Today is Christms!
Sewtrel :Realy!!! Yes today is Christmas! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Chatarine :Sewtrel, I happy! because you very happy!
Sewtrel :Yes Chatarine! I like Christmas!
Dairylor :Ok guys! Come on get ready to church!
Michelle :Lets go!
Dairylor :Go!
Betrialy :You not slow Dairylor!
Dairylor :Yes! I now Betrialy
Chatarine :Michelle, Betrialy, Dairylor, Sewtrel go!
Michelle : I Iinished
Betrialy : I Iinished
Dairylor : I Iinished
Sewtrel : I Iinished

One hour latter.

Michelle :Iinally, we arrive to church
Sewtrel :Yes Michelle! Come on we