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COMSATS University of Sciences and Technology

SWOT Analysis

: Submitted by Waleed Abbas :Submitted to Mr Haider Ali

01st November 2011

Expand internationally 4. 3. 7. such as hotels. Threat of competitors such as Nescafe. patent) . Use of Arabic beans to preserve the taste and aroma No hard competition exist in the market Decaf Coffee machine enable the availability of coffee every where large number of retailers Providing coffee without caffeine with same taste and aroma Accordance to the new demand of healthful fare Available in powder as well as in prepared form Team of innovators and creative personals. Threat of replica products 5. 4. Brand extensions 6. Target the niches of far located northern areas Threats: 1. 2.SWOT Analysis: Strength: 1. Expansion in all markets of Pakistan 2. 6. air lines and office coffee suppliers 3. Cant target the consumers of hard coffee 2. Weaknesses: 1. Few resources of finance available 3. Low level of Law protection and enforcement ( copy rights. Difficult to maintain same standard quality among a large pool of retailers Opportunities: 1. 5. Cost of coffee bean is expected to rise in near future 3. Distribution agreements. trade mark. star bucks 2. Introduce flavors in decaffeinated coffee 5. 8. Cost of manufacturing may increase which result in rise of prices 4.