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Most important type of mechanical micro-sensor is inertial sensors for measurement of linear acceleration and angular velocity

Microaccelerometer Microgyrometer

 Microaccelerometer alone have second largest sales volume after pressure sensors.  . the automotive application is 90% of overall market for airbag deployment sensing and active suspension. Today.

velocity.axis . Accelerometers: Acceleration. angle  Applications: Automobiles.displacement vectors Gyro: Rotation rate .Missile. Robotics . Aerospace.

    Consumer applications Active stabilization of picture in camcorders Head mounted displays & inertial reality Sports equipment Biomedical application for activity monitoring Industrial Applications: Robotics   .

The proof mass is used to generate an inertial force due to an acceleration or deceleration event and the elastic spring to mechanically support the proof mass and to restore the mass to its neutral position after the acceleration is removed.  . a dashpot and a method to measure the displacement of seismic mass. Any inertial sensor design normally requires a seismic mass( also called proof mass). an elastic spring.

 The dashpot is usually the volume of air or controlled ambient .  . The sense methodology converts the mechanical displacement to an electrical output.captured inside the cavity and is designed to control the motion of the seismic mass & to obtain favorable frequencyresponse characteristics.

A damping factor ( D ) affects the dynamic movement of the beam. .  Accelerometer consists of a proof mass of mass M suspended by a suspension beam with an effective spring constant K and anchored to a fixed frame ( F ).