Details of Admission Test Fee/ Processing Charges

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Course Name

DD/C.R. No. with date


(For Office use only)


Affix (Do not staple) Self Attested Recent Photograph of size 2.5cm. x 3 cm.

Session: 2011-12
Application Form for Admission to

(Non-Test/Departmental Test Courses Only) (For Indian Nationals Only)

(1) Course Applied For (2) Department (3) Faculty

(4) Order of Preference of Branches of Study/Specialization/Course alongwith Course Code(s) i) _______________________ iii) _______________________ iv) _______________________

ii) _______________________

(5) Status

(5a) Enrolment No.
(For candidates already enrolled or has been a student of AMU, Aligarh)

(5b) Hall/NRSC
(Code only)

(6) Name of the Candidate
(As in HS/SS Certificate)

(Mr ./Ms.)

(7) Father’s Name ___________________________________ (8) Mother’s Name ______________________________ Day (9) Date of Birth Month Year (10) Gender (M/F) (11) Gate Score / Passing year
(Applicable to M.Tech. courses only)


Claim for Nomination
(To be filled up by the candidate belonging to special categories, who in the event of not being selected, wish to be considered for nomination)


Special Category Claimed
(Attach Attested Certificate)




(iii) Domicile State
(Code only)

(ii) Order of preference of Courses/Subjects along its course code in which the candidate wishes to be nominated (a) _____________________________ (b) _____________________________

(13) Details of Qualifying Examination (*Write RA if result is not declared) Year of Board/ Examination Roll No. Passing/ Marks University Appearing

Maximum Marks


Marks Obt./Max

. the entries are found incorrect. I hereby solemnly affirm that I have gone through the Guide to Admissions 2011-12 and solemnly declare on oath that the entries made by me in the above columns are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and if at any time. ________________________________ (Father’ s/Mother’ s/Guardian’ s) (19) Information for statistical purpose (a) Religion______________ (b) SC/ST/OBC______________ (c) Rural/Urban_____________________ (d) Father’s/Guardian’s monthly income Rs..... Female (RTI) _____________________________ Signature of the candidate (For the Office of the Proctor) Nothing objectionable has been found against the candidate../B........A..... _____________________________ Date: ________________ Thumb impression of the candidate...... the admission may outrightly be cancelled and disciplinary action initiated against me..... __________________________________ District ________________________________________ State __________ Pin Code ______________________ Email _________________________________________ Tel...) Page 2of 5 Year of Passing/ Appearing Board/ University Marks Maximum Marks Roll No................ _________________________________ PROCTOR Dated_______________________ With Office Seal (For Office of the Dean...) P.(14) Details of Other Examination Passed/Appearing as on date: Examination S.Com.A...S. (M.) (17) Correspondence Address (18) Permanent Home Address ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ District _________________________________________ State _________ Pin Code _________________________ Email __________________________________________ Tel..../High School S..Sc..Com... STUDENTS’ WELFARE Dated_______________________ With Office Seal ../M......C./..Sc....S...../Mobile No.G.........../M.... (15) Is Hostel Accommodation Required....S...../Intermediate U../...) Others (. Male (LTI)... He/she may be considered for admission to _________________ Course for the academic session 2011-12../B. if admitted? (Y es/No) : ________ (16) Employed (Y es/No) : ________ (If yes..... /Mobile No.......G (B....................... Students’ Welfare) Allotted___________________________________________________ Hall _________________________________ DEAN.. No Objection Certificate from the present employer must be enclosed.C.... ____________________ (20) Declaration I SOLEMNLY UNDERTAKE to accept and abide by the rules of the Aligarh Muslim University and all the decisions of the Academic Council & other appropriate University bodies in regard to my admission.....

All documents must be self attested. 6. Original certificates/documents not to be attached with the Application Form in any case./Mobile No. ____________________________ Name ____________________________________ Address __________________________________ _________________________________________ District ________________ State _____________ Pin Code Tel./Mobile No. Name ____________________________________ Address __________________________________ _________________________________________ District ________________ State _____________ Pin Code Tel. The candidate is eligible /or not eligible for admission ______________________ 3. if rusticated/debarred/convicted by a court of law _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ For Office use 1. Note: 1./Mobile No. 2. 2. Signature & Name of Scrutiny Officer 8. 2. _________________________________ _________________________________ (________________________________) Signature of V erifying Officer Name ______________________________ Deptt. ____________________________ Name ____________________________________ Address __________________________________ _________________________________________ District ________________ State _____________ Pin Code Tel. if any Copy of Office Memo. ___________________________ . ___________________________ Name ____________________________________ Address __________________________________ _________________________________________ District ________________ State _____________ Pin Code Tel. DD/Cash Receipt in Original Self attested copy of HS/SSC Certificate or its equivalent in support of date of birth Copies of Marksheets/Grade Sheets of all previous Examinations passed/appeared including parts therein If employed.(21) List of enclosures attached with the Application Form: For Office Use 1. (22) Candidate is required to write in CAPITAL LETTERS his/her name and complete postal address for correspondence. Reason(s) for being not eligible________ 3. V erified Original Documents./Mobile No. copy of No Objection Certificate from the employer Copy of documents in support of Special Categories claimed. 4.______________________________ Date _______________________________ 5. 7.

_________________________ Dealing Assistant Date ____________ DEPUTY CONTROLLER (Admissions) Pin Code . been received under R. Dated Amount (Rs. No.: ______________________ INDEX SLIP Session: 2011-12 (1) Details of Adm.: (2) Keep this card with you as a proof of submitting your Application Form. (2) R. ALIGARH Page 4 of 5 For Office Use Affix (Do not staple) Non-attested Photograph of size 2. Test Fee/Process./Mobile No.must be affixed here Your application for admission to ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP To ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ _____________________________ INSTRUCTIONS (mention course) (1) Write your complete mailing address on the Class / Course for 2011-2012 has right hand side. x 3 cm. Charges DD/Cash Receipt No. Photograph must not exceed this box. (3) IMPORTANT: For reference always quote R. in all your correspondence/queries. 6/.5cm.ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY.No. No.) Course Applied for ___________________________ (3) Name of the Candidate (4) Father’s Name ____________________________________ (5) Mother’s Name _______________________________________ (6) Correspondence Address ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ (7) Gender (M/F) ______________________ (8) Tel.________________________________________ (Father’ s/Mother’ s/Guardian’ s) __________________________ Date _______________ Signature of the Candidate Fold from here Fold from here ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY Postage of stamp(s) Rs.

2. Schedule Start :_________________ Duration :_________________ CENTRE FOR TEST Candidate’s Signature (In Examination Hall) ______________________ Fold from here Signature of the Invigilator CHAIRMAN Fold from here Instructions to Candidate 1. x 3 cm. During the T est. For instance. regarding its location is available on the official website specified below. except under exigencies. No request for re-evaluation / re-totaling will be entertained. 15. 16. The University shall not be responsible if it is compelled to make changes in the Admission T est Schedule/ T est Centre due to unforeseen circumstances. Handbag / Carry bag/ Mobile phone / pager / calculator /any other electronic gadget or any paper (other than the Admission Test Card) shall not be allowed inside the Admission Test Hall/Room and the University shall not be responsible for its safekeeping. candidates must maintain perfect silence and must not indulge in any conversation or gesticulation. Selecting more than one answer for a question. Further. 5. would result in its being treated as an incorrect answer. All questions are compulsory. Candidates will be permitted to enter into the Admission T est Hall/Room only 15 minutes before the scheduled commencement of the test. x 3 cm. the invigilators will check the Admission T est Card of candidates to satisfy themselves about their identity. 17. 11. 6.5cm. No candidate shall be permitted to leave his/her seat for the entire duration of the Admission T est. Negative Marking: Incorrect answer shall result in a negative score of 25 per cent of the marks allotted to the question. Select only one answer. However. 18.5cm. 3. if any. 3. During the T est. No candidate will be permitted to enter the Admission Test Centre/Hall/Room 15 minutes after the scheduled commencement of the test. Candidates should read carefully the instructions printed on the Question booklet and the OMR Answer Sheet before making any entry on them. 9. 2. The allotted T est Centre of the candidate is specified on the Admission T est Card. 4. Each question is followed by four alternative answers. if the correct answer to a question would get you one mark. Use only Ball Point Pen (black/blue) for making entries in the Question booklet and the OMR Answer Sheet. he / she would be deemed to have used unfair means and may lead to cancellation of his/her candidature. even if one of the selected answers is correct. Fold from here Fold from here ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY. ALIGARH Admission Test Card ____________________ D U P L I C A T E (mention course) Session: 2011-12 Name of the Candidate (For Office use only) Father’s Name_________________________________ CENTRE FOR TEST Test Date :_________________ Affix (Do not staple) Self Attested Recent Photograph of size 2. he/she may be debarred from appearing in any T est/Examination of this University. The Admission T est Card is being issued provisionally subject to the scrutiny of the eligibility. Candidate should not leave his/her seat without handing over the original OMR Answer Sheet to the Invigilator. 7.ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY. ALIGARH Admission Test Card ____________________ (mention course) Session: 2011-12 Name of the Candidate (For Office use only) Father’s Name ___________________________ Address ________________________________ Affix ______________________________________ ______________________________________ District _____________ Pin State _______________ Phone _____________ Test Date :_________________ (Do not staple) Self Attested Recent Photograph of size 2. If a candidate is found in possession of any such item during the test. Attempting Questions 1. 19.25 marks. Candidates should not use whitener/ correction fluid for making any corrections in the entries/answers on the OMR Answer Sheet. 10. the provision of Negative Marking will not be applicable in the Admission Tests of MBBS / BDS / MDS / MD / MS/ PG Diploma Courses in the Faculty of Medicine. the incorrect answer would take away 0. Use of unfair means or impersonation in Admission T est will be dealt with severely as per the law. 4. It is only after verification of the eligibility that the candidate would be considered for admission. 12. the candidates shall complete entries on the OMR Answer Sheet and the Question Booklet shall be provided to them 15 minutes after the scheduled commencement of the T est. The time (T est duration) as specified on the question booklet shall be reckoned from the moment of its distribution. Candidates are required to bring their own Stationery Items required to attempt the Admission T est. 14. Schedule Start :_________________ ______________________ Duration :_________________ Candidate’s Signature (In Examination Hall) Signature of the Invigilator CHAIRMAN . Additional information. 8. Students’ Conduct & Discipline Rules of the University are also applicable to the candidates appearing at the Admission T est. Mere appearing or qualifying in the test does not entitle a candidate for selection / admission. Shade the relevant circle against the corresponding question number on the OMR Answer Sheet. Violation of any of these instructions by the candidate or the instructions printed on Question booklet/ OMR Answer Sheet/Guide to Admissions or as announced by the Invigilators during the T est may lead to cancellation of his/ her candidature. Initially. which you consider as the most appropriate. 13.

Session: 2011-12 PROFORMA FOR OUTSTANDING DEBATER/SPORTSPERSON Instructions: 1. Candidate must read the Guide to Admissions before filling in this proforma (1) Course Applied For (3) Tick only one category SPORTSPERSON (2) Subject DEBATER (4) Tick any one of the following games (Applicable to outstanding Sportsperson only) Athletics Riding Skating Cricket V olley-ball Weight Lifting Football Basketball Hockey Badminton Tennis Table Tennis Swimming Wrestling Hiking & Mountaineering (5) Title of the Event with Highest Award won (6) Name of the Candidate (Mr . Date: Signature of the candidate (14) Candidate is required to write in CAPITAL LETTERS his/her name and complete postal address for correspondence./Mobile No./Mobile No. failing which my admission may be cancelled at any stage and I will have no claim for my admission in any Court of Law. ____________________________ Address __________________________________ _________________________________________ District ________________ State _____________ Pin Code Tel. Candidate is only considered eligible if he/she claims the special category on the main Application Form 3./Ms. Name ____________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Address __________________________________ _________________________________________ District ________________ State _____________ Pin Code Tel.) (As in HS/SS Certificate) (7) (9) Status Father’s Name (8) Date of birth _____/_____/________ _________________________________ (10) Mother’s Name _____________________________ (11) Correspondence Address District ____________________________ ____________________ (Code only) State Pin Maximum Marks Remarks (12) Qualifying Examination Roll No. This proforma is to be filled in only if the candidate desirous of consideration under special category of Debater/Sportsperson 2. ____________________________ . I also undertake that in case I am offered admission under nomination category of “Outstanding Sportsperson/Debater”. x 3 cm.Affix ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY. ALIGARH (Do not staple) Self Attested Recent Photograph of size 2. Year of Passing/ Appearing Board/ University Marks Obtained (13) Declaration I hereby solemnly affirm that the facts stated in the proforma are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and no disciplinary action has been taken against me by any University/College/Sports Authority.5cm. I shall participate in Sports/Debating activities regularly in the University.

Paste the ‘POSTAL SLIP’ given above on the A-4 size Envelope containing the Application Form and send it to the concerned Dean/Chairman/Principal/Director/Co-ordinator. Female candidates seeking admission to B. Please be a regular visitor to our website: which will provide you with necessary updates regarding the status of your Application Form/Admission Test results etc.Com./B.Com. Please ensure that you have appended Photographs. Note: Demand Draft (valid for 6 months) of the requisite amount should be drawn in favor of FINANCE OFFICER. do not merely write your name in capital letters. e./B. Note: a) Use identical good quality color photographs taken not earlier than 3 months. The photographs should be taken preferably wearing dark clothes on a white background. Aligarh 202002. Candidates applying for Non-T est courses (like B.A. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ From: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ CANDIDATE’S SLIP (Keep this slip with you for future reference) Course Applied for : ____________________ INSTRUCTIONS 1.Sc. b) Your Thumb Impression & Signature establish your identity hence. 2. 3.A.g. Y ou must ensure that all the documents alongwith Demand Draft/Cash Receipt is attached with the Application Form.POSTAL SLIP Application Form for Admission to _____________________ (mention the name of the course) T o./B. . Aligarh Muslim University. Thumb Impression and Signature at the designated places on the Application Form.Sc. payable at Aligarh./B. AMU. Y ou must NOT make any type of correction(s) / modification(s) on the Application Form else your candidature may be rejected. 6. 4. courses may write the Address as: Principal Women’s College Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh – 202002 5.amucontrollerexams. etc) need not to fill Admission T est Card proforma.

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